Hello all, I need help with creating a dynamic region in jdeveloper version

. Hello everyone, I need help with creating a dynamic region in jdeveloper version

What JDK you are using?

You are probably using an old version of the JDK, that class while compiled under JDK 1.7.0


For example, work with the correct version, and it will be fine...

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  • Need help with creating a report

    Hello world!
    I work with Oracle schema example and I need to create some kind of a report and what I have so far look as follows:
    As you can see the first column is the result of the concatenation of name and manager name.
    The second column is the function of his subordinates.
    The third column is the result of the operation COUNT on the second column (number of subordinates for each Manager)
    The fourth column is the result of the operation SUM column salary for each subordinate.

    The code is here:

    WITH superquery AS
    (SELECT m.first_name |) ' ' || m.last_name name, j.job_title, e.salary sal position
    FROM employees e JOIN used m
    ON e.manager_id = m.employee_id
    JOIN j jobs
    WE e.job_id = j.job_id)

    SELECT name, position, COUNT (position), SUM (sal)
    OF superquery
    GROUP OF ROLLUP (name, position)
    ORDER BY name;

    Now, the hardest part is that this desirable result should look like this:


    It's in the total calculation for each manager, the manager name must be moved to the right (with LPAD I guess) and in the position field, there should be the title of Manager (instead of null).
    And at the end of the day, should there have justified right 'GRAND' literal in the name field and left-justified 'TOTAL' in the area of the post office.

    I would really appreciate your answers!
    Thank you.

    you mean, you read the documentation on LPAD works?

    lpad ('*', 10, '*')||first_name||' '||last_name
  • Need help with changing PowerCLI script to get the interface driver NETWORK & firmware version?

    Hi all

    mattboren created the script below for a list of BIOS hardware version and firmware version:

    ## Script function: quickly get BIOS date, Smart Array FW version, and iLO FW version for HP hosts in a given location (folder, cluster, datacenter, etc.)
    ## Author: vNugglets.com -- Sep 2011
    ## folder in which hosts in which we are interested reside
    #$strHostsFolderName = "myFolder"
    #Get-View -ViewType HostSystem -Property Name, Runtime.HealthSystemRuntime.SystemHealthInfo.NumericSensorInfo -SearchRoot (Get-View -ViewType Folder -Property Name -Filter @{"Name" = "^$([RegEx]::escape($strHostsFolderName))$"}).MoRef | %{
    ## cluster in which hosts in which we are interested reside
    $strHostsClusterName = "Production"
    Get-View -ViewType HostSystem -Property Name, Runtime.HealthSystemRuntime.SystemHealthInfo.NumericSensorInfo -SearchRoot (Get-View -ViewType ClusterComputeResource -Property Name -Filter @{"Name" = "^$([RegEx]::escape($strHostsClusterName))$"}).MoRef | %{
        $arrNumericSensorInfo = @($_.Runtime.HealthSystemRuntime.SystemHealthInfo.NumericSensorInfo)
        # HostNumericSensorInfo for BIOS, iLO, array controller
        $nsiBIOS = $arrNumericSensorInfo | ? {$_.Name -like "*System BIOS*"}
        $nsiArrayCtrlr = $arrNumericSensorInfo | ? {$_.Name -like "HP Smart Array Controller*"}
        $nsiILO = $arrNumericSensorInfo | ? {$_.Name -like "Hewlett-Packard BMC Firmware*"}
        $nsiNXdev = $arrNumericSensorInfo | ? {$_.Name -like "nx_nic device*"}
        $nsiNXdrv = $arrNumericSensorInfo | ? {$_.Name -like "nx_nic driver*"}
      if ( $nsiNXdev.Count -gt 0 ) {
           $nsiNXdevice = $nsiNXdev[0].Name
      } else {
           $nsiNXdevice = "n/a"
      if ( $nsiNXdrv.Count -gt 0 ) {
           $nsiNXdriver = $nsiNXdrv[0].Name
      } else {
           $nsiNXdriver = "n/a"
        New-Object PSObject -Property @{
            VMHost = $_.Name
            "SystemBIOS" = $nsiBIOS.name
            "HPSmartArray" = $nsiArrayCtrlr.Name
            "iLOFirmware" = $nsiILO.Name
            "nx_nic device" = $nsiNXdevice
            "nx_nic driver" = $nsiNXdriver
        } ## end new-object
    } | Export-Csv C:\temp\Production-BLadeG7.csv  ## end Foreach-Object

    However, I would like to change the driver for the CARD and the version of the firmware but still appear.

    Any kind of help and suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you.

    Try like this

    $strHostsClusterName = 'production '.

    Get-view ViewType - HostSystem-Property Name, Runtime.HealthSystemRuntime.SystemHealthInfo.NumericSensorInfo - SearchRoot (Get-View - Name ClusterComputeResource-property - ViewType filter @{'Name' = ' ^ $([RegEx]: escape ($strHostsClusterName)) $"" "}). MoRef | %{

    $arrNumericSensorInfo = @($_.) Runtime.HealthSystemRuntime.SystemHealthInfo.NumericSensorInfo)

    # HostNumericSensorInfo for controller table of BIOS, ILO,

    $nsiBIOS = $arrNumericSensorInfo |? {$_. {Name: like "* system BIOS *"}

    $nsiArrayCtrlr = $arrNumericSensorInfo |? {$_. {Name - like "HP Smart Array Controller *"}

    $nsiILO = $arrNumericSensorInfo |? {$_. {Name - like "Hewlett-Packard BMC Firmware *"}

    $esxName = $_. Name

    $esxcli = get-EsxCli - VMHost $_. Name

    $esxcli.network.nic.list () | %{

    $esxcli.network.nic.get ($_.) Name) | %{

    $props [ordered] = @ {}

    VMHost = $esxName

    "SystemBIOS" = $nsiBIOS.name

    "HPSmartArray" = $nsiArrayCtrlr.Name

    "iLOFirmware" = $nsiILO.Name

    "nx_nic device" = $_. Name

    'nx_nic pilot' = $_. DriverInfo.Driver

    "nx_nic driver version" = $_. DriverInfo.Version

    "nx_nic firmware version" = $_. DriverInfo.FirmwareVersion

    } # end new object

    New-object PSObject-property $props



    } | Export-Csv C:\temp\Production-BLadeG7.csv # end Foreach-Object

  • Need help to create lines and regions table headers

    Hi all

    My requirement is to create a region to view the details of the table header. I then in the same page display lines in another region of the Table.
    If I click on a particular header description, it should display lines in the region of table rows.

    Also based on certain conditions should I show or hide columns in Table header region.

    Please give me your ideas to achieve this.

    Thanks in advance.

    Thank you and best regards,

    Hi Mvyizhi,

    Please follow the steps

    (1) create a new attribute in the original Version with the following and attached properties to AM

    for example: name: select, Type: String, default: is Updatable: always check - Queryable and key of the attribute

    (2) create only a single selection in the area of the table

    Make sure you enter the view instance and discovers the attribute that you created in step ins 1

    (3) define the action of fire for single selection.

    In processFormRequest of your controller to capture the event

    If (executeAttachment".equals (pageContext.getParameter (EVENT_PARAM))) {" "}

    (4) its very important to seize the line current value so that you can pass header line table table ID and run the query.

    Here's the complete code:
    The PFR controller code:

    If (executeAttachment".equals (pageContext.getParameter (EVENT_PARAM))) {" "}

    String rowRef =
    pageContext.getParameter (OAWebBeanConstants.EVENT_SOURCE_ROW_REFERENCE);
    Line OARow = (OARow) am.findRowByRef (rowRef);
    searchEmployeeVORowImpl lineRow = (searchEmployeeVORowImpl) am.findRowByRef (rowRef);
    If (lineRow! = null) {}
    If ((row.getAttribute("PersonId").toString ())! = null) {}
    String perIdValue =
    (String) row.getAttribute("PersonId").toString ();
    throw new OAException ("is" + perIdValue, OAException.INFORMATION PersonId selected);

    If (perIdValue! = null) {}
    [Serializable] parameters = {perIdValue};
    am.invokeMethod ("initAttachmentDetails", parameters);

    In AmImpl.java

    {} public void initAttachmentDetails (String personid)
    If (personid! = null) {}
    System.out.println ("Id of the person has obtained and transmitted to AM is:" + personid);
    EmpAttachmentVOImpl vo = getEmpAttachmentVO1 ();
    vo.exeattachmentQuery (personid); the definition of this method will be written in VOimpl.java of VO attached to the area of the table

    VOimpl.java (online VO attached to the area of the table)

    public void exeattachmentQuery (String personId)
    System.out.println ("-exeattachmentQuery in VoImple is called");
    If (personId! = null) {}

    Number of personIdNum = null;

    personIdNum = new Number (personId);
    System.out.println ("the coveted number of transfer value is:" + personIdNum);
    catch (System.Exception e)
    throw new OAException ("AK", "FWK_TBX_INVALID_EMP_NUMBER");
    System.out.println ("ID of the person being passed is NOT NULL");
    setWhereClauseParams (null); Always reset
    setWhereClauseParam (0, personIdNum);
    System.out.println ("the request is:" + getQuery());


    Note: Replace Pls your name VO and attribute carefully. It will work.

    Let me know if this isn't clear.


    Published by: keerthioaf on March 14, 2013 12:30 AM

  • Need help with creating Swatch palette library book

    I am an employee in a company that produces uniforms and custom clothing.  Our art Department converts and creates logos using embroidery threads and printing inks business tones.

    A major challenge that we are facing on a daily basis is to select the right thread and ink spot of the work provided by the Subscriber.

    Our embroidery in-house manufacturing operation has 300 + thread colors and our printing division has a standard range of 60 +.  Our staff has manually from each wire color in our library of PMS graphics and created an excel spreadsheet that maps all the information of the son that we carry.  From this information, we have created custom color palettes.  Pallets work very well in the creation of art from scratch, BUT they can't help us identify possible closest matching wire color of work provided by the Subscriber using the eyedropper tool.


    I have done extensive research on the creation of a custom color book and invested dozens of hours trying to modify/create one in FRANCE following the material I've seen online of programming language.  This task proved beyond my capabilities and I have received no response and I sent to each poster who has never responded to this topic on these forums private messages.

    Anyone here have experience in the creation of a book of custom colors for the purpose of the correspondence of digital art in the library?

    I may be a solution to the problem even if I tried it with only a limited number of colors. The downside is the fact that you need to create a swatch of your color library. On the side: once the graph is saved, you can reference it at any time and apply it. It seems worth your time to test this method.

    Create the color chart:

    1. open a new file, 12 "x 12" 72 dpi RGB 8 bits

    2. choose Image > Mode > indexed Color custom Palette

    3. click in the first box in the grid. The color picker opens.

    4, adjust the RGB values of the color first in your personal library of color

    5. click on the next box and repeat the procedure to add color chips

    6. when the graph to complete (or as big a levy that you choose for the test) choose Save, name the file and save it to your desktop. Close the file,

    Locate the closest color:

    1. open the client file and use the pipette to a choose a color in it.

    2. choose Image > color > Color Table. Your personal color table will be redisplayed.

    3. click on the eyedropper in the table

    4. click on the foreground color that you put in the foreground color patch

    5. the box in the graph which is closest to this color will be chosen.

    6. option click on return to the table to its State unmarked


  • Need help with creating a menu transition

    Hello I made a lot of progress on a DVD project, I am working on creating a query menu system until now, I've run into a brick wall last night and it's driving me nuts so I hope someone can help me with a few brilliant Creator here, I'll try to keep this short and understandable because it can be a challenge to transmit Please note other things are happinging with this project , but I'll try to include only relevant information to keep this pointer:

    Basically I have a background image static with a picture on it for a DVD menu I have it animate in and now I'm facilitating a transition from the "main Menu" and "Menu scenes".

    I try to have the scan everywhere (simple) from right to left, picture how the Menu title above and not behind the image is supposed to be 'deleted' as the image sweeps and the menu will then continue to clear off the screen once the image stops; during which the title of "Scènes Menu" sweep on in the reverse fassion (opposite to the clear operation) on the same horizontal plane on the right to the left.

    I first tried to use a solid and the image of the parents and then animate offshore, but my background is not a solid color, there textures so I need to keep the same consistency with the background.

    I was able to create a new comp and use the null with a solid object to allow mobile coverage on top, but I still have a solid color, how can I create a cover 'mousemat' mobile that will be selectrively cover your layers by displaying and hiding what I want.

    For this I'm trying to do a wipe in front of a screen to clear the title of annother and producing a new title using the menus time, same texture background.

    Thank you for the help I think that it is easy and I can be looking too much into it and overlooking the obvious but happens if I appreciate the clearity.

    Well they are the menus from en not just text in Ae but I see what your saying what I could do is put a new Basemap layer on and use a couple of masks that changed shape with the directional blur and added a wipe degraded; It seems to work pretty well for me.  Thank you very much for the help.

  • Need help with creating table that inserts the lines according to the amount of data


    I try to create a table for supervisors to enter their subordinates of information and inserts lines for supervisors with several of his subordinates.  This form is not be connected to a data source, the supervisors will be simply fill out the form and print.  I want it sort of look like this:

    Name Position # Ranking Hours

    I really appreciate any help.  Thank you!

    Hi Laura,

    It's very strange. I downloaded a new version on the site and it works perfectly. The script is in the right place.

    I can sugggest you right click on the download link and select "save a copy as" the alternative menu. This should save the form locally and from there, you should be able to open it in Acrobat.

    If you are a Mac, make sure that the form opens in preview from Apple.

    Also make sure that Javascript is enabled in Acrobat (in the preferences window).


  • Need help with creating a Package in the same way

    Hi all

    I have script for the file package. It's good work, but I need the package on the same path instead of on desktop with file name.

    As if the work of the file xyz.idd in D:\ Projects\Today\

    I need same location (D:\ Projects\Today\) with the name of the folder as file name (xyz)

    Can you change the code, I tried to change but it does not work.

    var to = new File ("~/Desktop/package_folder/");
    flag of the var = Folder (to) .create ();

    var copyingFonts = true;
    var copyingLinkedGraphics = true;
    var copyingProfiles = true;
    var updatingGraphics = true;
    var includingHiddenLayers = true;
    var ignorePreflightErrors = true;
    var creatingReport = true;
    var versionComments = 'comment ';
    var forceSave = true;

    If (flag = true) {}
    () app.activeDocument.packageForPrint

    Thanks in advance

    Kind regards


    myDocument var = app.activeDocument;
    var myDocName = myDocument.name;
    Temp=myDocName.replace(/\.indd/g,""); "
    var myFileNme = temp.toString ();
    var myDocument.filePath = myFolder.
    var to = new file (MyFolder + "/" + myFileNme + "/");
    flag of the var = Folder (to) .create ();
    var copyingFonts = true;
    var copyingLinkedGraphics = true;
    var copyingProfiles = true;
    var updatingGraphics = true;
    var includingHiddenLayers = true;
    var ignorePreflightErrors = true;
    var creatingReport = true;
    var versionComments = 'comment ';
    var forceSave = true;
    If (flag = true) {}
    () app.activeDocument.packageForPrint


  • Need help with creating a database connection

    Installed SQL Developer with JDK 1.6. When you try to create a database connection, I have encountered this problem.

    I/O Exception: The network adapter could not establish a connection

    Do I need to download the Oracle database?

    You can also look in installation of Oracle XE.

    It carries a much lighter than the standard (or Enterprise) edition footprint and is free (with some restrictions, that you can read).


  • Need help with creating user hr


    To perform the requested operation, an error has occurred:

    ORA-01045: user HR has no privilege CREATE SESSION; connection refused

    01045 00000 - "user %s has no privilege CREATE SESSION; connection refused '.

    * Cause: A connection was attempted to a user name that does not

    create session privilege.

    * Action: Grant the CREATE SESSION from the user privilege.

    Code provider 1045

    No output


    No output

    Finally did this:

    Again gives error


    Error report-

    SQL error: ORA-01955: DEFAULT ROLE "CONNECT" not granted to the user

    01955 00000 - 'ROLE '%s' not granted to the user by DEFAULT'

    * Cause: Modified user does not have the specified role granted

    directly to the user.  Note that the secondary roles can be used in the

    default role clause.

    * Action: Grant the role to the user.

    In fact, it's delicate. The HR schema is installed for Oracle 12 c installation of database. However, it is locked or hidden. You must unblock with instructions as below.

    Select * from v$ PDB;

    Select name from v$ active_services where con_id = '3';

    change the container set session = pdborcl;

    ALTER database connectable to open;

    ALTER user identified by HR HR account unlock;

    Tutorial is here:


  • Need help with creating a new site-problem file Spry

    I can't create a new DreamWeaver CS5 site - I get a warning message that the current Spry folder is not inside the site and select a valid file in the local directory. I tried creating a folder nothing is, so is unable to create the site. Help is appreciated.

    An option if you're a Mac: your hard disk named?


    Also try:


  • Need help with creation of legend custom pass/fail


    I need help in creating custom legends of success/failure to Quiz questions. Here, I enclose the screenshot for your reference, how I wanted to.

    Thanks for your help in advance.CustomCap.jpg

    Thank you


    The question is that whatever color of the upper-left pixel of the image, the color will be considered transparent.  If the BMP image for this custom caption can have the upper-left pixel as white, then any place in the legend that is white will appear transparent.

    I recommend that the change in developer top left pixel of the image in Photoshop to roses or bright green, a color that does not appear anywhere else in legend. Then, it should look as expected. For images with rounded corners, it's pretty easy.  For images that have square corners, you may need to add a 1 or border 2 pixels around the image and brand that border the transparent color.

  • Urgent need help with String Manipulation

    I really need help with strings.

    Let's say I have these channels:






    ABC/DEF/GHI/xyz /.

    ABC/DEF/GHI/xyz/xyz/xyz /.



    I need to convert them using a SQL statement for:
    \\ABC\DEF\GHI\xyz\ or //ABC/DEF/GHI/xyz/ according to the original management / or \. Please note that the "xyz" may be repeated zero or more times. I just need one end with a trailing / or -if she had one first.

    I'm on Oracle 11.1.6 SE. I have a bunch of attempts with instr, substr and replace, but I think that regexp_replace could be better.
    Any help would be GREAT! I have a whole team waiting on me.


    Here is a way.

    with sample_table as
         select '\\ABC\DEF\GHI\xyz\xyz\xyz\xyz' str from dual union all
         select '\\ABC\DEF\GHI\xyz\' from dual union all
         select '\\ABC\DEF\GHI\xyz\xyz\xyz\' from dual union all
         select '\\ABC\DEF\GHI' from dual union all
         select '\\ABC\DEF\GHI\' from dual union all
         select '//ABC/DEF/GHI/xyz/xyz/xyz/xyz' from dual union all
         select '//ABC/DEF/GHI/xyz/' from dual union all
         select '//ABC/DEF/GHI/xyz/xyz/xyz/' from dual union all
         select '//ABC/DEF/GHI' from dual union all
         select '//ABC/DEF/GHI/' from dual
    select str,
         regexp_replace(str,'(xyz([/\])*)+$','\1') new_str
    from  sample_table;
    STR                      NEW_STR
    ------------------------------ ------------------------------
    \\ABC\DEF\GHI\xyz\xyz\xyz\xyz  \\ABC\DEF\GHI\xyz
    \\ABC\DEF\GHI\xyz\            \\ABC\DEF\GHI\xyz\
    \\ABC\DEF\GHI\xyz\xyz\xyz\     \\ABC\DEF\GHI\xyz\
    \\ABC\DEF\GHI                 \\ABC\DEF\GHI
    \\ABC\DEF\GHI\                 \\ABC\DEF\GHI\
    //ABC/DEF/GHI/xyz/xyz/xyz/xyz  //ABC/DEF/GHI/xyz
    //ABC/DEF/GHI/xyz/            //ABC/DEF/GHI/xyz/
    //ABC/DEF/GHI/xyz/xyz/xyz/     //ABC/DEF/GHI/xyz/
    //ABC/DEF/GHI                 //ABC/DEF/GHI
    //ABC/DEF/GHI/                 //ABC/DEF/GHI/

    Kind regards.

  • Need help with auto-fill the fields


    I need help with a form that has multiple pages.  I have some areas I are duplicated in my document.  How I got these fields auto fill throughout the form/paper? For example, I'm going to fname lname, address, telephone, etc... How can I get these fields automatically on the other pages of the form?  Is this possible?  Any suggestions are welcome.

    Thank you in advance.

    If it's just a fill operation then make sure the fields have the same name. Then set the binding to the global level and all the fields with the same name will get the same value.


  • Need help with video scrolling


    I need help with a project. Subsequently, I want is that a webcam controls the position of the mouse and the mouse position

    control of a video. But I would like the part where the mouse position controls the video.

    So, if the mouse is on the left on your screen, the video will be on the first image and when you move, you're the mouse for

    the right to the video play as a result traffic. and stop when the mouse is completely right.

    Effectivly the scrolles from the mouse through the video. It must be on the x-axis.

    I'm not that formilliar with flash, so any help would be great



    what you need to do, is to designate a rectangle where users can use their mouse to scroll through the video.  If this rectangle has instance name bar, you can use:

    var m, b:Number;

    var lastSeek:int = getTimer();

    flv_pb.addEventListener (MetadataEvent.METADATA_RECEIVED, f);

    bar.addEventListener (MouseEvent.MOUSE_MOVE, moveF);

    function f(e:MetadataEvent):void {}

    paramF (0,0,stage.stageWidth,e.info.duration);


    function moveF(e:MouseEvent):void {}

    {if (getTimer () - lastSeek > 1000)}

    flv_pb. Seek(m*e.stageX+b);

    lastSeek = getTimer();

    flv_pb. Play();



    function paramF(x1:Number,y1:Number,x2:Number,y2:Number):void {}

    m = (y2 - y1) / (x 1 - x 2);

    b = y1 - m * x 1;


Maybe you are looking for