Hello everyone, I just bought a Thunderbolt Apple display to use with my 2012 15 "27" Macbook Pro, Win10/Bootcamp. Is anyone know the procedure to get the display to work with Bootcamp Windows 10?  I have connected screen but no picture. TY

Hi all

I just bought a Thunderbolt Apple display to use with my 2012 15 "27" Macbook Pro Win10/Boot Camp running. Is anyone know the procedure to get the display to work with Bootcamp/Windows 10? Is there a setting in the training Camp that must be turned on to make it work? I have connected screen but could not get a desktop display.  Any help would be really appreciated! TY


The monitor should have a TB and adapter power connector. The monitor works on both OSX. ? If so, shut down of windows, connect monitor and start Windows. Your TB 2012 monitor is not plug-and-play with Windows.

Please see ports Thunderbolt and views: frequently asked questions (FAQ) - Apple Support .

1. the "hot pluggable" Thunderbolt devices using Windows with Boot Camp?

Thunderbolt hot plugging is supported under Windows 8 or 8.1 on all Macs from 2014 and later.

For all other Mac computers, Windows 7, 8 and 8.1 scans and active them Thunderbolt devices connected to ports Thunderbolt during the Windows startup process. If your device has been plugged in not at startup, Windows detects not without a reboot.

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