Help choose the best inkjet printer?

Before buying a new inkjet printer all in one. Please, tale me making problems have computer known less than installing the printer ink jet model and more compatible with a desktop link to dell by using a Usb cable.  Answer soon?



All printers put in place the same then choose the printer you want. If you need help setting up, we have a forum for the printer to help you.

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  • HP 3050 - can't choose the BEST Option for printing

    I just bought this new printer today, I got up this set-up to work via my wireless network, and it's great, a little violin, but at the end of the day it works, but for some reason that I can't print at BEST under properties its all gray of any reason why I can't select all. I did the alignment of cartridges and everything was going good impressions are all straight and what not I print on plain paper 80 gr normally I get 100GSM but it was very expensive store, I went also, the version of the software from the CD I got with the printer is V12.3.1 is this is any help.

    I noticed that I can choose the media and choose the best quality of plain paper, but who has just basically telling the printer that I use a GSM high appreciation paper dosnt it.


    For this model, the driver settings are a little different.

    To set the print quality, select support options unter the paper/quality tab, need you to seklect the type of media and the print quality according to.


  • What is the best wireless printer, I have an ipad and the mac pro with the lions

    What is the best wireless printer, I have an ipad & mac pro with the lions


    According to your budget, any printer in this list may very well do the job:

    Kind regards.

  • Workflow to ensure the best quality print files

    I have a number of birds in flight photos that do not whole screen. I want to crop the part of the image and print it.

    I want to complete the process in Lightroom cc, however the impression that I get on the web, is that Photoshop has tools higher resampling.

    What is the optimal workflow between Lightroom and Photoshop to get the best quality print file?

    I had to rate an image for printing several years ago and made some tests using Photoshop, Lightroom and some third-party software, resize possibly perfect.

    It turned out that Lightroom has produced the best picture, followed closely by Photoshop.

    The image produced by the third-party software maybe was a bit stronger than the others, but it seemed unnatural.

    You can easily test yourself - create images in the same dimensions in pixels of Lightroom and Photoshop, then compare them to view 100%. Photoshop you give several resampling options that produce slightly different results, try bicubic and bicubic smoother.

  • Need your advice, choose the best update for first Pro CC

    Need your advice, choose the best upgrade.

    Because nobody can have a computer that runs all functions as quickly as desired, we have manage their it resources according to your needs, budget and for the money. Below is a fundamental issue related to Adobe Premiere Pro 2015 CC.

    Need for better visualization without jerky look of a stutter and overall better performance incease.

    Would I do better with? (Choose one please)

    1. Passing of an SSD to 2 SSD in RAID 0 configuration - cost about $350.
    2. Getting my video card NVIDIA GeForce GTX 560 Ti for a NVIDIA GeForce GTX 970 overclocked to 4 GB GDDR5 graphics card - $350.
    3. From Win 7 Pro 64-bit to win 10 Pro 64-bit.

    Please explain why you made your choice.

    Thanks in advance,



    At this point, you're pretty much stuck to a GPU upgrade. You see, that the GTX 560 Ti is not is properly supported in first Pro CC 2015 when it comes to acceleration GPU of MPE. As such, you may experience random program crashes and/or repeated which are fixed only when you disable acceleration GPU of MPE and run first in software mode only MPE.

    The other improvements are out of the question: the i7 990 X CPU uses the chipset Intel X 58 now-seven-year-old, whose native Intel SATA ports are limited to SATA II (3 GB/s or 300 MB/s) flow. All support 3 SATA or USB 3.0 on motherboards that use such an old chipset comes entirely from complement third-party chipsets to companies such as NEC/Renesas and Marvell. And we know how slow the Marvell SATA 3.0 ports work are compared with native Intel SATA 3 implementation on newer chipsets. Unfortunately, a CPU upgrade would have exceeded the maximum budget $ 350 because both the CPU and motherboard (and probably RAM as well) should be replaced by such upgrade. And additional SSD upgrades are out of the question because newer SATA SSD would have been restricted by the sustainable maximum rate of 270 MB/s of SATA II.

    Therefore, the only feasible upgrade would be a new GPU for your system now five-years.

    Good luck in your quest to upgrade,


  • Help me choose the best, it will be a gift T_T

    Greetings to all

    Im going to buy a camera for my husband

    I know his type is the digital SLR

    He had a long time, but sold so I don't know what model itz

    Thinking about him getting the latest version of Canon

    I read a lot of comments now I need to know the best for someone to be portrayed

    According to what I read 650 D is good D 70

    I went to amazon and I've seen a lot of options that accompanies

    So I found on the lenses and other accessories that I don't know, and now I'm lost

    like what is the difference between

    18-55mm EF-S IS STM goal vs 18-135mm EF-S IS STM lens?


    I want to give him all that he needs a complete package

    price is not bad



    so please guide me


    What is best to portray shooting

    What all that essential accessories and must have

    The body needs to be good enough to be in the height, at hand.  Example:

    Suppose I want to take a picture of a flower in a vase with excellent lighting.  The camera is on a tripod.  The subject move not (no 'action' to capture.)

    In such a situation, you basically have all the time in the world in the image up and capture this one.  This picture is not going to test the limits of what can make a camera - any body of the camera would be nice.

    If, however, you're shooting in very low light, a body that can handle high levels of penetrating ISO while keeping the image 'low noise' would certainly have an advantage.  If you're shooting photography of 'action', then a camera with a large focus of the system and high speed would certainly have an advantage an advantage.

    Since the portraits tend to be asked and are not photography of 'action', the development system and the cadence is not usually critical.  You get also usually control the lighting in portrait rather than through crafts with some light happens to be available - even if the ability to shoot at very high ISO settings is not actually very important (again... for the portrait.  For another type of photography that could be really important).

    The new 70 d will certainly be a more capable than the 650 d device.

    The 650 d is part of the Canon "rebel" series.  Here is entry level body... the T3 being the low end of the range and the T5i being the high end of the "Rebel" range.

    The 70 d is part of the mid-range Canon bodies... are bodies which are beginning to have the benefits of the pro bodies (for example the layout of the controls on the camera is much closer to the pro bodies.)

    The big news on the 70 d is the new hybrid AF of Cannon which is especially nice for shooting video.  The 70 d was also basically the same system of focus because is on the Canon 7 d (the 7 d has a lot of optimizations that make it ideal for action photography).  It has a 19-point autofocus system (vs the 9 point found on the bodies of rebels system.)

    Once again... If you are subject are not mobile, then have a more advanced development system is not a big deal.

    Which would be a big problem for portraits... is light.

  • The speeds are horrible!  need help with the best settings.

    I can't not significant with my internet speed (less than 1 Mbps in the speed test).

    These speeds are intermittent.  Sometimes - but rarely - I get much higher speeds I have pay for.

    My provider is Time Warner.  I have a time capsule tall which is 1 year old.  I also have an old flat capsule which is a wireless extension, as well as a newer airport express (flat type) and an airport express that plugs on the (old) wall as extensors as well.

    I called Time Warner repeatedly.  They have sent people twice and messed around, but the problem persists.

    I started think maybe it's time Capsule.  (I tried my old mac into the router directly - wiring because it has an ethernet port - but it would not connect).

    I don't know a lot about what do all the settings, so I have not messed with a lot (even if I tried to change the renew the DHCP lease for 1 hour instead of 1 day).

    Could give me an idea on the best settings for a time used as wireless with extensions Capsule?

    Is it possible that my older Extenders slow down things?

    Thank you.

    It is usually best to start from scratch.

    This modem do you have? Brand and model please.

    Simply run the TC... measure speeds... by wireless and ethernet and report.

    Run the TC and the new express... (much better than GEN 1 or 2... TC equal but gen3 gen4 TC is greater than the express new).

    In airport utility watch connection speeds. It shows the speed of connection, if you place your mouse over it.

    Slow links will cause worse problems on the line... Make sure that all the repeaters (wireless extensions) get at least good signal...

    Please give numbers and the screenshots as it helps no end.

  • Help with the best Wifi configuration

    I'm moving into a new home that is total 3 floors (basement 1, 2 above). I currently use an airport extreme.  I don't think just the Airport extreme will be enough for the new House.  What material you think I should add to create a strong wifi network in the new House?

    Thank you!

    At a minimum, assuming you want a decent quality signal on each floor, you'll need a total of at least 3 airports... one location per floor... or... If you do not need a cover for the entire floor, so that the airport would be located in the heart of the area on each floor where you plan to use wireless.

    Ideally, you will use the same AirPort Extreme devices on each floor.

    For the best performance by far, plan to connect all airports together using a wired Ethernet cable connection. For example, if the airport on the first floor will be your "primary" router, then airports in the basement and upstairs both would connect back to the airport of first floor using Ethernet cables.

  • Animation Adobe for e-Learning tool (was: help choose the software)

    My company looking to get training in a tool of animation for our e-learning courses. We used to use flash in some of our content, but when it comes to change old files flash 5 years ago, we run into actionscript issues. We liked the idea of the edge of adobe we read that it was quite simple and this is an advantage because we have a pretty fast turnaround with projects. I know that Adobe no longer not actively the development edge and now they have developed flash into Adobe animate, we just wanted to know your opinion, what would be the best tool for us?

    Thank you very much


    HI - have you tried Adobe Captivate 9 yet? It offers many animation possibilities. Adobe Edge animate is also a great tool. According to the types of animations that you try to create, or the other of these tools should do the trick. You can also create video animations using tools such as Adobe After Effects or Adobe Premiere. It really sums up what tool feel you more comfortable learning-to-use and what type of animation effect, you pick up. Good luck.


  • Help for the best method of production meadow with Canon XF305


    I'll make some animations based on Canon XF305 images and HDR images.

    The output will be used in a web page and displayed on a large format JWPlayer with a streaming service.

    I film with the 720 p 50 MB/s rate because I want to take advantage of the 4:2:2 color sampling (a lot of seizure will be used!). My question is: what would be the best order of production to get the best

    output at the end.

    * Is it better to convert the raw images in Premiere - Pro before its importation in Aftereffects, or is it better to keep it in the original format?

    I have a computer with 6 core 3.4 Xenon, 24 Gig memory, GTX580 and two drives Raid 0 Rapids chained together.

    CS 5.5 Adobe Production Suite.

    The compositions are no more then 6 layers at the same time and will be merged later.

    Thanks David

    Have you looked at this document? It is the first result when searching 'canon xf305 first pro workflow' with Google.

    The format will work when managed natively, but it has been my experience that the best heavy treatment is transcode codec lossless 10bits before performing the heavy entry or color correction. I always cut or rough before entry or color work. The first edit is almost always first or Final Cut with native images from the camera. I then export the best codec 10-bit available. Design of black magic has a codec 10bits good, free for Windows. On a Mac, I usually use ProRez 444.

    Once the project is completed I'm usually a codec without loss of archives before you compress it for web or final delivery. The Adobe Media encoder allows you to take After Effects projects or agency directly to a compression quality if it fits into your workflow. Direct to SOUL will win you the time if you have the means to archive the entire project. If you plan only to now the original film from the camera in the archives and the project files or the ability to compress the final Assembly for other delivery options on the road there then I would follow the Lossless coding workflow project. Compression of an original HQ is always faster than the compression of a project file.

  • How to choose the pages to print when using hp eprint

    When you use HP ePrint on my Ipad, to print on my printer wireless HP Photosmart C4580, I can choose a range of pages to print?  It doesn't seem to be an option for this.

    Of course, have only the pages you want to print all together up in the attachment.  Now send it to your printer and only will show them.

  • HPE-590uk: need help on the best card GeForce

    Well, I tried to upgrade GT 420 2 GB to

    EVGA GT 740 Superclocked 4 GB DDR3 Dual DVI HDMI PCI - E Graphics Card

    seems it's not compatible with my HPE-590UK Just wouldn't start... If anyone can help wat graphics card is compatible with my pc please... EVGA support suggested a GT 640 but can't find one anywhere that all seem to be exhausted... Help!

    Here is a link to in Britain:

    It shows they have on in stock.  I would contact them to see if it is still available.  It is the last card that does not need UEFI in the motherboard.  That's why they recommend.

    Please click on the button + Thumbs up if I helped you and click on accept as Solution If your problem is resolved.

  • I need help, choose the right diet for my HP Pavilion a1000


    I need to replace my power supply on my HP Pavilion a1000.  The vehicle currently has the original (A Bestec model: ATX-300-12Z COR.)  HP P/N is 5188-2625.

    I found one on ebay that has the same numbers, but instead of the CDR, he told RFI.  I don't really know what that means.  The list is below.  Will this work?  If this isn't the case, could you give me a link that would work?

    Thanks for your help!

    jimmycaps wrote:


    I need to replace my power supply on my HP Pavilion a1000.  The vehicle currently has the original (A Bestec model: ATX-300-12Z COR.)  HP P/N is 5188-2625.

    I found one on ebay that has the same numbers, but instead of the CDR, he told RFI.  I don't really know what that means.  The list is below.  Will this work?  If this isn't the case, could you give me a link that would work?

    Thanks for your help!


    Yes, the power supply will be ok. It is a desktop computer, so you don't have to use exactly the same power supply. It can be even more powerful, but be sure there is all compatible connectors. It seems that the version of the CDR is only 300W and the DDR 400 w. The connectors are the same...

  • Impossible to uninstall or disable the drivers wanminport and unexpected with the network adapter. Please help with the best solutions.

    Dear friends,

    Have you encountered a problem like this is Nati sp1 or sp2, currently when I get problem like that I solve (we run system restore or Startup Repair last option: reinstall the operating system)

    symptoms: System very slow and unable to boot or just freezes on the Welcome screen, or sometimes not even vista starts in safe mode or safe mode command prompt.
    I tried the next option, this has worked for me in some cases. but not many times.

    I open a command prompt terminal high, do you it by logging in as an administrator as launching the cmd.exe as an administrator (right click, run as administrator). Then type the following command that uninstalls the device said:

    netcfg EI u ms_sstpminiport

    want to know is there permanent fix or patches for this problem and why this is happening only in vista. I also had windows 7 and xp sp3. I had no problems in that.

    Kind regards

    King of the computer

    See if the following Help article:

    If this does not work, download Autoruns and go to the tab all. See if you can find the place where the device (or at least the driver) is loading and uncheck to stop to happen.  Click OK and exit, and reboot and see if the problem persists.  It cannot remove the device or the driver, but if he let them go then the problem is solved until we can find a way to remove actually - hopefully without needing a repair system/upgrade or a clean installation.

    I hope this helps.  I would like to know how it works.

    Good luck!

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  • Let the customer choose the best picture?

    I'm a Signmaker. How can I give customers evaluate Adobe Stock

    Choose an image that I will use on their sign. I'll buy the image as part of my subscription

    based on the number of image. I didn't really want to land on the front of new users page - 10 free images if they register ect.

    Sign in to your account on and go to "Creative Cloud Files.

    Select "Libraries" in the side menu...

    In the drop down menu to each library, you will see some options of the library share. E-mail or work options generally that you want to use. Simply follow the instructions after you have made your selection.

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