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I am running windows vista.  Problem is that I can not put the parental control. Children access the computer through the administrator account and the system does not allow parental controls via the administrator account. I put parental controls on the USER account, but children go around it by visiting the admin access.  What to do.

Hi flora,

1. what happens when you set parental controls?
2. do you get an error message?

I suggest you try the steps from the following links to set the parental control:

Set up Parental controls

What can I control with Parental controls?

Set up Parental controls activity reports

Hope this information is helpful and let us know if you need more assistance. We will be happy to help.

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  • How to block sites of specific discussion on mozilla firefox with flash player, for parental control

    I need to block sites internet chat specific for parental control, how?

    Thank you

    See block / unblock websites with parental control on Firefox

  • Instructions on downloading the logs for parental control on the forum

    This article explains how to collect log files for parental control that is essential to investigate the matter. The newspaper collected must be compressed and uploaded via a private message initiated by the moderators of the support session.

    Here are the instructions on how to download your logs:

    1. download the zip file of FSQuicktrace from this location by choosing the appropriate operating system and the type and architecture you use.  To determine this, press Windows key + R, (the run dialogue box should pop up) type msinfo32 , and then press ENTER.  Under System summary > Type system, it either will tell you x 86-based PC (for 32 bit), - or - x 64-based PC (64-bit).

    2 extract the zip file to see a file named FSQuickTrace.exe on your desktop.

    3. double-click on this file. On the elevation prompt that appears, click 'yes '. A small window opens in the lower right of your screen indicating the number of captured events.
    4. reproduce the problem in question.

    5. once the issue has been copied, click the button "Done" in the dialog box.

  • password for parental control! How to reset if forgotten.

    I forgot the parental control password. How can I reset?

    Microsoft can not tell you how to bypass the password. Please see their policy here:

    If you have an another administrator account on the system, you may be able to reset the parental control using this account - but I'm not sure, you can reset the parental control password (or if the other account administrator will be able to access the parental controls without a separate password if one has been created for this feature).  You'll have to maybe just disable parental control entirely if you want that the issue that you are experiencing to go further (but which will disable all other controls as well).

    Here is a good tutorial on how to use the Parental control - but he doesn't answer your question precisely

    Sorry we can not help you more, but the rules to help move beyond passwords does not allow me to provide and guide or links to something that might help.

    Good luck!

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  • How can I reset an admin password used for Parental control?

    6 months ago, I found my daughter was using his mac laptop for reasons of distracting and I decided to install parental control.  I used a password specific to do on his laptop computer.  She has since learned his lesson and now has some access to the school.  I forgot the password.  How can I reset?


    Do you mean you forgot all the passwords for administrative accounts for Mac?

    All you have to do is to go into System Preferences > Parental controls and click on the padlock in the lower left and admin user and password and then click on the device in the lower left corner and disable Parental control for the selected user

  • I want to look through the history even after it gets deleted for parental control, how to proceed?

    I wonder what are the sites my daughter runs after sitting in a corner with the laptop for hours, when asked a simple answer is not available and it's the end of the conversation. I have no doubt about it, I want to know if she is simply wasting time or seriously work and to be cool, although the question is here because the story is always empty...


    I won't say anything to try to 'spy' on your activities of girls on his device.

    If you're worried about what pages it visits and navigate too, it is easier to set up the network to run after devices in the household.

    If you chase the laptop to see the navigation history, she finds, it will change just by phone (if it has) instead and lock with pin codes and so on.
    It can also easily just be set to private Mode and avoid any local history for you to check.

    To configure the network, and the web pages that are available, you will find what your router and as an option, you may be able to use

    But a better way is to focus and guide internet works and what to stay away from and so on. If it is a matter of concern.

  • Mother cannot remember password for parental control

    original title: administrator password - parental control

    We are in a difficult place. My mother cannot rememberher. admin password and parental controls block a bit. I read on a clean reinstall of windows, but I'm not able to download anything because of the controls. To make things worse, we do not find the windows vista installation CD. We were stuck trying to crack this password. Is there something else we can do?


    I'm sorry, but the strategy of microsoft in these forums is that without assistance will be given about lost or forgotten passwords

    read the policy at the link below

    to reinstall vista:

    Contact the computer manufacturer and ask them to send you to vista recovery disks to reinstall the operating system back as it was when you bought it

    they do it for a nominal cost of $

    also ask them if you have a recovery partition on your hard drive to get back to the way you bought

    you would normally press F10 or F11 or Alt + F10, 0 at startup to start the recovery process according to the manufacturer

    Ask them of the exact key sequence

  • How can I get the ability to add additional controls for parental control

    I have windows 7 starter I also Windows live installed. In parental controls, I don't have the ability to add additional controls.  Why.



    In order to add additional controls, you must first install the additional controls through a separate service provider.

    For more information, see:

    How to add additional parents controls?


    Note: If you have installed additional controls that do not appear in the Parental controls, check with the manufacturer.

  • Help for tone control utility for Windows Vista x 64

    Hi, I have a HDX X 16-1375DX .

    I change windows and I can not find: Tone Control Utility for Windows Vista x 64 Driver (this package provides the utility of the tone (Bass/Treble) HP control.

    Please help me find that.

    Thank you

    When Vista, the software is in the Media Smart Smart Menu. This version has a fix for the bass and treble & LC = on & DLC = in & CC = US & os = 2100 & Product = 3979260 & sw_lang =

    If you upgraded to W7 so see this thread.

  • Detailed help for the controls on the front panel

    I can't help sensitive to context or detailed on the controls in the Panel before LabVIEW help. Why this does not work in LabVIEW?

    I have trying to find detailed help about the ring of text.

    In the finder of the example, search for "rings."

  • I don't remember my password for parental controls for my daughters computer


    We cannot contribute to crack or recover password:

    Keeping passwords secure - Microsoft strategy to get around password "a programmer is just a tool that converts the caffeine in code" Deputy CLIP -

  • Help for the parental control on Vista administrator account

    Computer of my son is running Vista and I set parental controls in place through the administrator account, there a nonadministrator account.

    I changed the password after that we had a few problems with the controls, and now I want to change the settings again. However, the old password allows for parental control (IE, he allows his account access websites and bypass control, etc.), but when I try to access the administrator account, it says the old password does not work. When I enter the password, account says I don't have the login procedure and kicks back me to the main screen of Vista (where I take which account to enter).

    So, I'm stuck administering the account due to a conflict in the parental control passwords. If I try to reset the password, the computer ask me a USB stick with the old password on it information. It is a step that I did not.

    Any way to disable the administrator account? Or somehow remove/reset the parental control account access restrictions that I am experiencing?

    "when I enter the parental control in the non-administrative account, the system simply ignores the password that I entered"

    I suggest you read this info below on who has access to parental controls and how it works:

    Link above has a very good tutorial on how to set up Parental controls.

    Also, read the tutorial above and the 'Related links' tutorials to

    See you soon.

    Mick Murphy - Microsoft partner

  • parental control for windows and IE8 lists

    could you tell me where to find lists allow/block for access in ie8 Manager and parental control under accounts of users and parental control?

    Hi pavilion_alex,.

    For Access Manager, see the following:

    For Parental control, see the following:  For each category, there is a tracking link that provides details on how to manage this particular aspect, including where are the lists and how block/allow access.

    Windows Live Family Safety 2011 allows you to manage remote parental control - but not really adds additional means to block or allow.  You can simply access computers remotely to do what parental controls can do this on the local PC.  Here's where to find this program:

    I hope this helps.

    Good luck!

  • Parental controls does not properly

    Parameters of OpenDNS does not.

    My wireless n300 router wnr2000 v3 does not block the sites according to the parameters of opendns more. He worked for some time then it has recently stopped working. Its value at any time so it's not a time issue. Someone at - it suggestions?

    I have wasable to find a solution. Thank you for your help. The only solution I could find was to use Netgear genius app. Instead of using OpenDNS Netgear. I have installation engineering for parental control. LinkedIn has OpenDNS. Define filtering. Activated the filter using genius. And bingo. This works.

  • Windows parental control will not sync with my computer

    I tried to leave my child to use a new Web site on the Windows parental control.  I was able to connect to my account online successfully (hotmail) parental control), but when the ToolTip for parental control is displayed on my screen, it tells me that the ID or the password is incorrect. Neither is incorrect.  I tried to uninstall the parental control of one of the computers and reinstall it to see if it would help, but it did not help.  I tried to remove the account from the child for a specific PC and reset the settings on the computer this way, but it also did not work.  It's almost as if the pop-up window is more related to the website password information.  The family safety website will allow me to change the permissions, but he won't let the connection of individual computers on the site to make changes that the child is allowed to see.  Any suggestions?

    Thank you.

    ... He told me that the ID or the password is incorrect. Neither is incorrect.

    You have probably enabled two-step verification for the account. This means that you will need to generate a unique password app to use safe family rather than the account password.

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