Help! How do you get photos from Lightroom once the trial ends?

Hi, I have been trialing the latest version of Lightroom and the trial period has expired... I've never used before Adobe products and I didn't know that I would not be able to recover the photos after the trial ended. The photos are needed for an assignment for Uni which is due tomorrow!

Is it possible to recover photos? Thank you!


As says Dorin, your photos are still there.  Lightroom does not modify your images, so they are always there in any format you've imported the.  If you do not use Lightroom, you can visit the changes to your images in Lightroom unless that, while you still have Lightroom:

  • You export the images (to TIF or JPEG)
  • In the Edit menu, settings tab's catalog metadata, you check "Write automatically changes into XMP", whereby cases, the changes are written to the XMP sidecar files, which can be read by ACR in Photoshop (or elements, I think).

For you out a fix, as c.frans says, download the RC2 LR4.1.  To do this, no number of series but I think that it expires in June, so be sure to make one of the two options, I mentioned above before this date.

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