Help installing graphics card

Hi, I recently bought a new graphics card for my computer trying to install it, with the new card, that I can't in front of the screen of the bios at startup. I don't know much about computers, but am guessing it's a compatibility issue with some of my hardware. My pc is an HPE h9-1010 has and the new graphics card is overclocked Geforce GTX 660 2 GB Gigabyte-GV-N660OC-2GD. Any help would be appreciated.


Whereas the new map replaces an NVIDIA card and the power supply meets specifications and there are two available PCIe power connectors, it would seem that the video card may be defective.

Your PC and its characteristics do not meet the own GigaByte published system requirements for the video card. Contact the vendor for a replacement under warranty.

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  • How to install graphics cards on HP Z620 and power cable

    Hello everyone I buy a brand new Hp Z620 without graphics cards. I have install graphics cards already, but I couldn't find the power supply. I have install the OEM HP Quadro SLI 5000 but I can't seem to find the power cable. Can someone tell me where is the power supply for the graphics cards. Thanks AQ


    You can get assistance on the HP Enterprise Business Forum.

  • can I install graphics card in my computer hp pavilion dm4 laptop... If yes then which 1...

    I want to install graphic card in my laptop please tell me if I can or not... and also how to use wifi miniadpter port. It is here, in my pc, which is its use please inform me


    DM4 models do not have the ability to add additional graphics card and you are not able to replace the current GPU because it is soldered to the motherboard.

  • Cannot install graphics card GeForce 210

    original title: problem install graphic card GeForce 210 in windows vista home pre. display 32 bits disabled said as instructions device driver but cannot assign pci slot in the bios also in the instructions

    no response but contacted customer service & come to find out the card was faulty thnx anywho!

    Hello diggerjim,

    1. When you install the graphics card, is detected in the BIOS?

    I suggest that you check to see if the graphics card is detected in the BIOS. However, you just contact the manufacturer of the graphics card to have a control over it.

    Since it is a hardware related issue, your best option would be to contact the manufacturer or check with the place where you bought the graphics card.

    Thank you
    Irfan H, Engineer Support Microsoft Answers. Visit our Microsoft answers feedback Forum and let us know what you think.

  • (! "I need help!) Graphics card that is right for my needs? (I need help!)

    I am planing to upgrade my graphics card Intel HD 4600 to a good graphics card for Adobe Premiere, Adobe After Effects and some games like GTA V. currently, these PC specifications: Intel Core i7 processor 4790 3.6 GHz, 16 GB of Ram (1600 MHz), 2 x 1 TB WD red HDD (I am planing to get later a 512 GB SSD)

    My needs:

    A good graphics card with which I was able to get a video edithing '4K' Workflow at 60 Hz

    He should ' t cost more than 400 $

    It must be great for Adobe After Effects and Adobe Premiere.

    It must be also very high for some games like GTA V Ultra mid-week.

    Please help me graphics card wich I should get, if you have an idea, that would be great for me, so please help me.

    For 4 k you will need a video card with at least 4 GB of ram.  In your price range, take a look at the video card GTX 770.  It should work as well with your games.


  • HP compaq dc 7900 SFF: no sound after install graphics card

    I have hp compaq dc 7900 Mini PC... After you install the graphics card ati hd 5460 there is no sound in my pc... instead of on-board "audio device high definition AMD there." I use some youtube vedios to solve this problem and there is a solution by allow edge audio in the bios Setup... then I try to enter the installation using F10 but it ask password... then I hit "enter" 3 times and I could not able to enter the bios Setup... in audio device shipped here turn off but I can not change it... I could not change any setting in the Configuration of the bios... so please help me solve this problem.

    You are the very welcome.

    There are two ways you can solve the problem.

    1. remove the rider of green password on the motherboard, following the instructions in the manual that I posted.

    And as I wrote yesterday, if remove the jumper and turn on the PC does not erase the password, then the only other thing you can do is to replace the motherboard by one with no BIOS password set.

    2. install a video card that has no hdmi on the port.  I put a Radeon HD 2400 in my dc7900 SFF.

    This card has only one S-video and DVI port, so the onboard sound is not disabled when you install a card like this.

    Then you can press the yellow button to reset CMOS to restore the integrated audio system.

  • HP envy 17 G0U21AV: can I install graphics card or eGPU

    I got my laptop about a year ago and made the terrible decision not to get the graphics card, I wonder if I can upgrade or maybe anything can I install a graphics card or do I have other options.  I hope you can help because I'm not in the budget for a new cell phone anytime soon.

    jet224 wrote:
    My friend has a Lenovo which was only $800 and tracks of gta at good pace, that I need to look for in the charts

    It will depend on if the resolution as well. Trade out of 15 "and settings means there so he could do it, but if you want all the pleasure of the eyes and then no it will not be there.

  • p6627c (ABA): install graphics card

    Can I upgrade my graphical desktop HP pavilion AMD Radeon R7240 graphics card? I followed the instructions in the manual, but it is not seen to register in the Device Manager when it is installed. Can anyone help?

    Hello @SteveCapouch,

    Welcome to the HP Forums, I hope you enjoy your experience! To help you get the most out of the Forums of HP, I would like to draw your attention to the Guide of the Forums HP first time here? Learn how to publish and more.

    I read your post about how you try to update the graphics card for your desktop computer, and I'd love to help you in this case!

    According to the specifications of the product for your desktop, your system settings can support for a new maximum grpahics card are the following:

    • PCI Express x 16 (generation 1) expansion slot
    • 250w PSU

    The card AMD Radeon R7 240 you have installed is a PCI Express x 17 (generation 3.0), which is not compatible with the PCI on the motherboard bus.

    I hope this helps!

    Best regards

  • install graphics card

    I have a hp paviilion p6203 with intregated graphics, want to install a pci graphics card, can someone tell me please how to do this... .do I have to disable the edge etc. ... If so how...

    Thanks for any help


    Buy yourself a PCIe 16 - x video card. If you do not want to upgrade the power supply (as it is the only 300w) to ensure that your new video card is only single wide slot.  Install the card into the PCIe x 16 slot more close to the processor. Do not deselect the embedded video. In most cases, the BIOS will automatically select. Plug the connector of the monitor, and turn on your PC. If it recognizes the card... great. Then simply load the driver appropriate for your operating system installed. If the card is not recognized you have to reconnect the connector from the monitor into the onboard video output and go into the BIOS at startup with the F10 key. Search video selection in the BIOS and change to the ANKLE. (PCI Express Graphics)

    Let mekonw how it works.

    Kind regards


  • Help on graphics card memory and upgrade for iMac


    I need advice on a good new graphics card for iMac 27 inch end 2012. My work is mainly in animation, Visual effects and game development soon, so I need an additional card to increase my speed.

    Currently, I have a NVIDIA GeForce GTX 680MX 2048 MB card. Do you think I should stick to a similar card? Is there something new that will offer me better performance at an affordable cost?

    I don't have much money to spend, but I can certainly use additional graphics now.

    I have also 2 remaining memory locations that accepts DDR3 1600 MHz memory module, but it seems that this module is no longer available. If I had to choose between a graphics card and RAM, which should I go with?

    Finally, can I install these myself? I don't have any Apple Store around me and I do not trust the computer guys in my area.

    First of all, the iMacs are notoriously difficult to make something with except add RAM. Here is a good site where you can get some info on the dismantling, etc.:

    Usually, graphics cards should be replaced with the same model/type of work (if any) - see above site for this kind of info. I'm quite sure that you cannot add just one - iMac is not designed for it.

    Regarding the RAM, just check out OWC for necessary RAM:

    Check that your model is listed. I don't know where you would have been told that the RAM is no longer available (FWIW, Apple does not sell RAM and uses of third party RAM in the new Macs).

    I'd go with the RAM - how many do you have now? Adding RAM is easy.

  • HP Compaq dc 7800p CMT: install graphics card GeForce G100 on HP computer


    I have an unusual question on installing a GeForce G100 graphics card on my HP Compaq dc7800p CMT. I know it's technically a work computer, but I think that the question applies to any HP computer.

    I got the video card for almost anything and it seems from my investigation that it will work on this computer. The problem is that there apparently is not a standard Nvidia GeForce configuration, but were made for Acer desktop computers. The card has VGA, DVI and HDMI ports. There are standard Nvidia configurations that include the VGA and DVI ports, but not the HDMI - at least that I've seen.

    For the most part, my question is which driver I should try to use it with her. If I download driver Nvidia directly, generic for this card, what happens with the HDMI port? It must, of course, a special driver that Acer with this card allows users who must support the HDMI port, but what will happen if I installed Acer driver for this card on a HP computer? I could live without the HDMI port, but I would be rather functional.

    It is very difficult to get a useful answer forums GeForce on legacy hardware, so much worse if it's an outside-the-box situation like this. Maybe nobody can offer anything other than a guess, but I'll take what I can get. I tell myself that an assumption of a tech-saavy person more than me is better than my own guess!

    Complete information on the map in question follow: GeForce G100 512 MB DDR2 HDMI/D-V FN: 288-50N44-A01AC

    Thank you for interest!


    Hi, grant:

    Normally, the Nvidia driver install everything, including audio/video HDMI.

    On the dc7800, install this card will disable the integrated audio system as well as the video integrated, so after installing the card and the drivers, reboot the PC, go into the BIOS, select the Advanced menu and then select the menu options of the device.

    There will be an embedded audio setting and it will be on people with disabilities.  Set to enabled, save it and then again when you exit the BIOS.

    Reboot, then you should have the on-board audio back.

    Before installing your video card, go to Device Manager, click to expand the category of display cards, right-click on the Intel graphics card, select uninstall, check the box uninstall driver too when it exists.  I forgot if it is or is not under Vista.  Windows 7 has this additional option.

    Instead of restart as you are prompted, stop and unplug the PC and install your video card.

  • A60 - 672 HELP with graphics card

    I want to upgrade my graphics card but know nothing about it here my laptop


    And this is the card that I want to buy

    it fit my laptop and it will work
    any graphics card will fit my laptop?

    any help would be great thanks craig

    Hi Craig

    First of all: you can t put all graphics cards in this book. You can't compare the laptop with desktop PC! The graphics card which is placed in the laptop looks like a small chip and is mounted on the motherboard. You will not be able to put this big monster in Notepad.

    Generally it is not possible to upgrade the components such as the processor or graphics card. Only what you can replace are the modules of memory, HARD drive, or a drive.


  • install graphics card G5070


    I just bought a new laptop model G5070 and its built-in Intel HD Graphics 4400 now.

    Now, I want to install a new graphics card than Nvidia or AMD.

    can I install it my laptop?


    Installation of a GPU dedicated in a notebook is not possible since these models include a bi - GPU GPU dedicated, soldered to the motherboard, and those who are not removable

  • no monitor after installing graphics card

    I am running XP and installed a new AGP graphics card.  I disabled the old PCI graphics card before you stop.  Now, I have no monitor. I can't download the driver. What should I do?

    I am running XP and installed a new AGP graphics card.   I disabled the old PCI graphics card before you stop.  Now, I have no monitor. I can't download the driver. What should I do?

    You should be able to get a view if you boot into Safe Mode or Safe Mode with network.

    You can download the driver on another computer and burn it to a CD or transfer it on your local network (if you have configured to share files) so that you can install it.  IIRC, USB does not work in Mode safe, so you can't possibly put the driver on a USB key.

    If you start using safe mode with networking, you can go to the Internet (carefully, because you're a / v and firewall will not be enabled) and download the driver.  Or you could remove the AGP card, start safe mode, re-enable the old PCI card and then restart in Normal mode and download the driver.

  • HP Compaq nc8230 - cannot install graphics card

    My laptop was blue-screening, so Wednesday I formatted and reinstalled Windows. I don't have the original HP restore CD, so I downloaded the drivers from the HP support site. I have downloaded and run Intel Chipset Installation Utility (sp29371) and driver ATI video and control panel (sp33162). The chipset drivers seems to have executed correctly, but Windows has not detected new hardware. The video driver installation was not completed. He ended with a message stating, 'try to configure your graphics card with the standard VGA driver before executing the Installer'. Help, please!

    Model: HP Compaq nc8230

    Material: 1.73 GHz Intel Centrino M, 1 GB of RAM, 37.2 GB HARD drive

    OS: Windows XP Pro SP3

    Thanks for any help.



    Try this driver:

    Video driver ATI and Catalyst Control Center here

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