Help! My files sent for two whole months are missing! I have looked everywhere and looked through the forum topics, without success.

At the beginning of a new month, Thunderbird normally creates a sent folder for the previous month, as in "Feel-Apr-2014." All my emails in the last two months are - missing files for March and April 2014. I looked through all my records, to see if they went to the wrong place. I also tried searching for individual emails by name, to see if they are elsewhere, but there is a gap of two months with no emails showing up during this time. I checked my master settings, to make sure that nothing is set to automatically delete. This is very serious. I'll have to stop using Thunderbird, I used for four years, if I can't solve this problem, because I can not afford to continue to lose huge chunks of important emails.


Thank you. Your account appears to be IMAP, that is, all mail is handled on the server.

Can connect you to your account via webmail and check if the mail is missing on the server?

At the beginning of a new month, Thunderbird normally creates a sent folder for the previous month, as in "Feel-Apr-2014."

Is it possible that this is done by the server?

Of after troubleshooting - profile directory - Open Directory information

Your profile folder opens in Windows Explorer. Under ImapMail, look for a folder with your domain name in the name of the folder, i.e. something like mail. [sitename] .com. What are records under?

Maybe you can post a screenshot.

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