Help! My microphone is not picking up sound.


I had no problems at all with my mic up to yesterday, when people on Skype couldn't hear me suddenly. It does not work with the microphone built into my laptop either! :(
Please help, I need my microphone for recording of the ASAP :)
Thank you.

Most often when a device is not it's because of a driver.  Try reinstalling your.

It works for win 7 & 8 ' t-work correctly? SignedIn = 1

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  • Built in microphone will not pick up sound for Windows speech recognition

    My Dell Inspiron 1545 with a built-in mic, but for some reason any it don't will pick up any sound at all for the Windows speech recognition (Windows Vista).

    Hi Matthew,
    Thank you for writing to Microsoft Windows Vista Answers.

    Have you checked to see if the correct settings have been selected for the microphone in the computer?

    Try to access the control panel > Sound > Audio. Check the recording tab if the Microphone is on and working. Click on set up and once you see the working driver (i.e., reacts to your voice), right click on it and the default value.

    Later try to put in place the program of speech recognition in all programs > Accessories > accessibility > Windows speech recognition and try settings different microphone to the edge we respond to your voice.

    You can also try to update the audio drivers. Access the link below and try to download the drivers.

    Also access the link below to troubleshoot the integrated Webcam and digital Microphone array in PC Dell laptop:
    Hope one of these AIDS.

    Kind regards
    Microsoft Answers Support Engineer
    Visit our Microsoft answers feedback Forum and let us know what you think

  • USB Microphone (headset) do not pick up sound


    I am currently using a headset (wired) Gioteck EX - 05 USB. The drivers installed perfectly (to my knowledge), and my recording devices in my PC recognizes that a microphone is there. However, from this moment, he can only play her even though the helmet itself. The microphone just not my voice, and I know that it actually works, since I've used it before, and when I listen well "Listen to this device ' I hear a kind of static electricity, but nothing else.

    My PC works on Windows 7, and to my knowledge the on-board sound is "VIA HD Audio Deck", while the majority of the solutions I've seen about Realtek seem not to apply.

    Attempts to try to correct what I've tried so far are put in different USB slots and uninstalling the drivers and allowing them to reinstall.

    I just got a new helmet tomorrow because I think we can the drivers simply do not work on W7. However, if I can get this to work I will not need to buy a new helmet. On the other hand, maybe I need a wire to the top if this new headset does not work, as at the time it could be something on my end PC and not the headphones.

    Solved the problem. Problem was in the helmet itself. Got a new helmet and now it works.

  • Active microphone but do not pick up sound on the Samsung QX411-W02UB (Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit)


    I just bought a laptop Samsung QX411-W02UB refurbished with Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit, and everything was going a lot until I've decided to try Skype and noticed that the microphone did not work. I'm starting to think that maybe since it is a used laptop, the microphone can just be pulled.
    I downloaded the RealTek HD Audio Driver, enabled in his preferences and set the volume and levels of boost to their maximum values (100% and + 36.0dB, respectively). I have all disabled devices shown, the only other being "Stereo Mix - RealTek High Definition Audio - Ready." I tested the microphone with this second 'device' on and off, inside and outside of Skype.
    Here's what he did:
    The bar on the right side of the active microphone (microphone - Realtek High Definition Audio - Default Device) has a few green flickering bars as if the microphone works for about 1 to 7 seconds, but then everything stops. I spoke directly to the microphone and nothing happens. When I do a test call on Skype with Echo/Sound Test Services, I hear no reading of my voice.
    I made an audio recording of troubleshooting, and it detects no problem (I've seen all the details and they all say "not present delivers". I've also updated everything need be updated (restarts and all).
    So it's pretty much my problem. I wouldn't want to return a laptop because the built-in microphone did not work. I hope I described it well enough. I worked on it for about 6 hours now so my brain becomes blurred and tired at all.
    Is there possible solutions to this problem or it looks like I'll have to use an external mic?
    Thank you in advance!

    Hi, thanks for the response.

    I tried to do what you suggested, without success.
    After I posted this, I discovered in fact two other problems with hardware, so it looks like I'll return it.
    Thanks again! I appreciate it.
  • Microphone is not picking up my voice correctly

    For some reason unknown, crazy, my microphone is not properly pick up my voice.

    My helmet is the Razer Carcharias
    (the link I provide is actually a newer version of what I have. Mine is not for the XBox, PC only. "The thing about node controller in the middle of the string is different, not that it makes much difference.)

    I feel that I've done all the possible troubleshooting it is possible, and I can not find the problem.

    My microphone is picked up and recognized, but when I speak, it only picks up no sound except if I set my mouth right up against the microphone.

    Here's everything that I've tried, and I'll also give you screenshots of what I can show you:

    I checked to make sure she was not silent on the thing of string rope (the little switch).

    I went to the control panel > hardware and sound > manage Audio devices > recording > and my microphone the default.

    I went to the control panel > hardware and sound > manage Audio devices > recording > properties > levels > and set it to 100, also checked to ensure that it was not set to mute.

    I tested another micro on my computer, and it gave the same results.

    I tested my microphone on another computer, and it was absolutely perfect, so the problem is not my microphone.

    I tried to update the drivers (they were already up to date), still does not work properly.

    I tried to roll back to a previous driver, and it still does not work properly.

    I tried to use the Microphone amp, but it creates just a bunch of static, making it impossible to talk to people (even if it makes it better take my voice).

    I tried to use the conference Mode feature in the RealTek HD Audio Manager, but it creates a lot of static electricity, so (although he does not pick up my voice better).

    I tried to uninstall audio programs such as Skype/Ventrilo/TeamSpeak, still no change.

    I tried to reformat and restart windows, because I'm desperate to have just it does... still no change.

    -So I tried to contact ASUS (my motherboard company), asking them what could be the problem and I told them everything I tried, and the person I was talking to told to try an external audio card, or RMA the motherboard because I've already gone through all the troubleshooting he could think, therefore...

    I bought a new external audio card, and there is not always works, so I returned it.
    (I used the right driver for the external sound card).

    In my attempt desperate to get finally just made question, I went back to MicroCenter, returned to my motherboard and made a $53 upgrade to a motherboard brand new and improved, expecting all this to finally get and more with... No.

    I put in the motherboard, windows loads and drivers, did all updates, installed blah blah blah, tested my microphone, and... still the same accurate results than before. Not one thing is different.

    I am now furious and extremely desperate for a solution. I can't take this anymore. I don't know what to do, and I spent close to two weeks now, trying to solve this problem. He put a huge dent in my work, and I have the biggest headache. I'm tired of it. I just want my mic finally works correctly.

    I am also on a station just to take my computer in a place of tech support and just hand it to them and tell them to fix this problem, knowing that they will probably not be able to.

    I actually finally discovered the issue after spending over $ 100 on troubleshooting.

    It turns out that my computer was made by a friend of my father, the person has not properly implemented the motherboard.

    There was something hip that wasn't supposed to be hip. It was one of the things single PIN in one of the corners. I forgot the one which, exactly, it was, but that's what was causing problems with my microphone.

    Problem everything is fixed now! I hope that someone later on the line who has problems find it and be able to find the solution to their problems.

  • Why my microphone does not record any sound?

    So, I try to activate the sound of material & sound-> Sound-> record, succeed in that, then try to test. And my microphone does not record anything yet (I have the latest drivers), it is a headset and it is not silent. I've reconfigured it, it didn't work.

    So I tried a new micro, it worked too.
    Can you give me an answer to what is happening and how to fix it?


    Did you change your computer before this problem?

    Try the following steps to cross check if the microphone is correct.

    a. Click Start, type mmsys.cpl in the search box and press ENTER.

    b. in the sound dialog box, click the recording tab.

    c. click Microphone, and then click Properties.

    Note: Make sure that the work appears under Microphone. If the job does not appear, click Microphone, and then click on set as default.

    d. in the properties of the Microphone dialog box, click the custom tab.

    e. turn on or off the amp Microphone check box.

    f. click the levels tab adjust the slider for the volume to the desired level and then click OK.

    g. click OK to close the sound dialog box.

    See also:

    Open the troubleshooting of Audio recording

    Connect one microphone, music player or other audio device to your computer

    Tips for solving common audio problems

  • Paviliion dv7: external Microphone not Picking Up Sound


    I recently bought a product that works better with direct external headphones. It was my first time ever using one with my laptop. When I went through the set up process, the microphone would pick up all the sounds and I couldn't hear anything through the external listener.  I tried to use the microphone and headphone port as well as the helmets of the different with the same result. Headsets work very well on other devices.

    When I use only ordinary headphones connected via the helmet, I hear very well.

    I went to control panel > hardware and sound > Sound > manage Audio devices to solve problems, but nothing has worked. I tried to update the latest drivers and I was told later are already installed.

    Is the name of the product: HP Pavilion dv7 Notebook PC

    Product # (NOT the serial number) is: B5R46UA #ABA
    The external microphone is called: IDT High Definition Audio CODEC

    Please advise,


    Hi @chriscinthed ,

    You can do a System Restore. System Restore will help if something is automatically updated and wasn't on the laptop. It will also fix the sound.

    When you perform a system restore Please note remove all USB devices and headphones. Disconnect all non-essential devices because they can cause problems.

    Speaking to Rosetta Stone said headsets for use with the software here is for Plug-and-Play technology for the connected USB headset. Other computers you've tried have the Beats Audio.  To turn on or off the Beats Audio, press the fn in combination with the b button. Decision-making has influence on the Beats Audio which may need to be turned off. Then, try the microphone.
    You guarantee that you plug the microphone headset in the selection for the helmets on the laptop.

    Thank you.

  • The microphone will not pick up my voice

    Recently, I had this problem in Skype this never happened before and if there is a solution pls tell me

    Don't worry, I found out there was something wrong with my driver

  • How to adjust my microphone. to pick up sound without YELLING?

    my microphone is not picking up sound properly

    You have set the volume level of your Microphone?

    Control Panel-> sounds and audio... then
    Voice (tab at the top)-> Volume (button in the box 'Recorder').
    Make sure that the Microphone volume is not set too low.


  • Dell Inspiron 1525 Microphone does not

    I have a Dell Inspiron 1525 with a built-in microphone. I run on vista. The microphone is not picking up my voice. I went to the control panel. I have made sure it is activated, and all volumes are rising. It is said that SigmaTel Microphone Array works, but that's not true. I also uninstalled and then reinstalled the SigmaTel driver. I did a system restore and that didn't help. The speech recognition does not pick up my voice either. All other sounds work fine, I built in Webcam which works very well, except for the record. But who is also defined on such sigma with all volumes upward. I've had this computer for over a year and the microphone used to work, I think that when I updated something she decided to not work. But I really need my microphone to work, and I am really frustrated because I can't use it. ANY advice would be appreciated thanks!


    Control Panel - SOUNDS - Audio peripheral devices configuration-manager

    Make sure you write down the description and model double click top - tab drivers - write version. Now
    Click on update drivers who cannot do anything like MS is far behind the certification of drivers. Then RIGHT
    CLICK above and UNINSTALL - REBOOT - this will rebuild the driver stack.

    If your driver shows 06 you have the default windows and part of the question.

    Go to the system manufacturer's website and get the latest Audio/Sound drivers - download - SAVE - go to the place where you
    Put them - right click on Reboot - RUN AS ADMIN -.

    Check the Version on the tab of the driver in the device as a sound Manager often restoring drivers, then install
    the current version. Restart and check after each try, not uncommon to have to run the pilot of 1 to 4 times or more.
    Just make sure that the version you have installed appears in the tab of the driver.

    Then navigate to the site of the manufacturer of the device and search for the drivers more recent and repeat the installation procedure.

    Look at the sites of the manufacturer for drivers - and the manufacturer of the device manually.

    How to install a device driver in Vista Device Manager


    After the updated driver.

    Click with the right button on the speaker near clock - recorders - right click in the box - check show disconnected devices
    and show disabled devices - check your micro - highlight them, then lower right properties. Do
    of course the appropriate injector is enabled and check that other settings - on the levels tab make sure MUTE is not checked
    and APPLY / OK changes.

    Also in the search for some Audio Manager Panel (perhaps named after the manufacturer of the sound driver). Mine
    is the RealTek Audio Manager, yours can be quite different name if you have one.

    How to activate Audio devices hidden in Vista

    Connect one microphone, music player or other audio device to your computer

    I hope this helps.

    Rob - bicycle - Mark Twain said it is good.

  • Headset Bluetooth connects but microphone does not work

    I recently bought a blue Parrott Xpressway II Bluetooth headset to use with my Windows 7 computer and a Bluetooth of Rocketfish RF-MRBTAD adapter. First installation went well, and it worked for several hours. Then it disconnected and struggled to reconnect you to the top. Once he did reconnect, the helmet would work for reading, but not for the record.

    At the present time, I have:
    • Updated Bluetooth driver to the latest version.
    • Choose the Microphone headset as default device for recording in the sound section of the control panel.
    • Choose the Microphone headset as default device for playback in the sound section of the control panel.
    • Unplugged the headphones and then reconnected it.
    • Unplug the Bluetooth adapter and reconnected.
    • Restart the computer after each of these steps.
    So far, nothing seems to work. The headset is listed as peripheral by default for recording in the sound section of the control panel. (There the green check mark next to it). However, the helmet is clearly not pick up sound. No matter how hard I speak into the microphone, not a single green bar appears next to the list for headset.
    However, the network of microphones (which is simply registered as loan, with no green tick) straightens his. I see green bars appear next to his entry, when I make the noise. That microphone works, despite not selected.
    Can anyone offer advice on what I could do to get this working microphone? In the end, I want to use with Dragon Naturally Speaking. But for now, I'd settle for just the microphone to transmit all information.

    Hi Brian,.

    What is the brand and model of the computer?

    Method 1:
    I suggest to run the troubleshooter and check if that helps.

    (a) OpentheAudio recording utility by clicking the Start button, and then click Panel.

    (b) in the Search box, type Troubleshootingand then click on troubleshooting.

    (c) under hardware and sound, click Troubleshooting audio recording.

    Method 2:
    If him persists, try plugging the headphones on another computer as suggested by Sébastien M on September 12, 2013. Check to see if the problem occurs on the other computer.

    Check out the link for more information.

    Record audio with Sound Recorder

    Hope this information helps. Answer the post with an up-to-date issue report to help you further.

  • Portege T110 - microphone does not work after instalation of Win 7

    I have the same problem. The microphone worked perfectly for more than 2 years, then I reinstalled WIn7 and since then, the microphone is not picking up all the sounds and nothing also when I plug in an external microphone. Very annoying, because it was previously accessible perfect. I have the default Windows HD audio driver - is there a driver Toshiba I have use shlould

    model is Portege T110

    Portege T110 is unknown to me, but it seems that this series has been published in Asia.
    So checked the Toshiba Asia page and found this:

    You will find the Portege T110 and drivers Win 7.
    The laptop seems to support the audio driver Conexant so download and install on the system.

  • Integrated Satellite L655 webcam microphone does not sound

    So my L655-S5150 stopped all of a sudden pick up sound. I tried to update, but it says I already have the most recent update. I went to control panel > sound > recording tab to test the microphone and it doesn't respond when I hit the back of my laptop.

    Does not meet my voice or any other sound.

    Help please?

    How do you use your cam?
    Do you use it with Skype or MSN?

    Have you checked the sound for some applications properties if you use one of them?

  • have sound but the microphone will not register

    laptop G60-235DX

    Sound and built into the microphone the microphone does not work

    Hi mrgw11,

    I understand that you have a problem with the microphone not working not properly. I was able to locate a specific document on Windows Vista. I understand that the document here> for you.

    If the document is not correct for the operating system you are using, please let me know what specific operating system you run here>, so I can help you.

    Please let me know how it works for you.

  • Headset microphone does not work on Aspire E14. Help please?

    I bought a laptop Aspire e14 and a headphone (GE Voip stereo headset 98974), but the headset microphone is not detected by my laptop.  I tried other headphones, but the microphone still does not work. I updated the driver but it still does not work.

    Device Manager does not detect the other microphone.

    Helmet has a single 4-pin socket.

    Help, please.

    Thank you



    I managed to solve the problem!

    In case you are experiencing the same, this could work:

    1. pull upward the TASK MANAGER. Under the "Startup" tab, check if the Realtek HD Audio Manager is disabled. If so, right-click on it and then click on 'enable '.

    2. search for "Realtek HD Audio Manager" and click on it.

    3. on the Microphone tab, check that the microphone is not on mute and click the icon of the folder on the right side

    4. Once you click on the folder on the right side, a pop up as will appear and you will need to make sure that the box is checked as the image below:

    5. now, plug your headset device and you should see a pop-up message like so... and check on the option button "HEADPHONES".

    Now you can test the microphone using sound recorder or Skype.

    It worked for me and I felt so helpless.

    I even tried Acer support cat and the person has not yet asked troubleshooting and just told me to bring the product to a service centre

    I hope this helps!

    Thank you


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