Help! The files do not appear on the rocket when it is connected to the computer

I brought all my library Windows Media WMA and mp3s on my rocket using auto when I got it. For some reason, the "rocket" do not place files in the music folder or elsewhere, that I can find them when it is connected to my computer. The music folder is empty. The files appear on my rocket only when it is disconnected! It's a pain to remove things quickly. I really want to sort through hundreds of songs and remove them manually one at a time to make room for the new. Can someone please?

I'm about to use my magical powers of intuition here.

Look in settings/USB Mode. Auto-Detect, right? (Please limit your applause.)

That's your problem. It detects a different USB mode for each computer.

There are two modes USB, MSC and MTP, modified through parameters. There are also automatic detection, which goes to the PSG first, then of MSC if there is no player Windows Media on the computer.

A computer can see a way or the other: just just the MTP or MSC.  The "rocket" sees all.

DPW works with Windows Media Player. This is prbably that you have configured on your PC.

MSC works as a generic flash/thumb/disc player. This is how you connect to the Mac.

Solution: Connect to the PC and move the files of the "rocket" to the PC.  Change MSC mode and put them on the "rocket" in MSC mode.  When you connect to the Mac that they will be there. And when you connect to the computer, they will be there as well - but now you will see them in MSC mode.

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    It could be the cache.

    32 GB memory cards or less, Yes, it is FAT32
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    Thank you for using the Microsoft Windows Vista Forums.

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    examples of FLE: crashdump (empty)?, funny, auction sales of goodwill, agreements of music songs,.

    NativeFus_Log (empty)? , Tango (1The, a download of a messaging application), telescope, Youcam (program)

    There is also a 'my images' and 'Public Pictures', not sure why.

    Thank you!

    Right-click in the document library, click Properties.  Choose here, whether you want the public location to not use (or you can even remove it completely).  You can also choose which location is used as the default save location.

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    See about this in the Adobe official feedback forum: 6 Lightroom exports all selected images.  This thread contains workaround solutions that have worked for others.  Please add your vote and the details of your problem to make it more likely Adobe will give priority to a solution.  And please continue discussion there so that everyone benefits.

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