Help to burn an Audio CD

When I try ry to burn an audio file using Media Player on Windows 7, I get this error on some of the songs to burn: "it is not possible to determine if this file can fit on a disc because Windows Media Player cannot detect the length of the file.  Playback of the file before burning could allow the player to detect the length of the file. "Could not resolve.  Help?


Thank you for your suggestions.  I kept repeating the process dragging my audio selections from my playlist for selection to burn and finally ones I had trouble with was shown without the small red x indicating the indeterminable length error.  Then I successfully burned the CD; hope this is the last time to the question.  Thanks again.

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  • Helps burn the audio data from the Director of windows on a real cd

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    the message.

    Is the audio file in question an audio separate
    file you have imported into Movie Maker, or is - that the
    soundtrack for a video file that you imported
    on Movie Maker?

    If it's a separate Audio file... you already
    have saved you on your hard drive.

    If it's a movie file, you can separate the audio
    and save it as follows:

    For the timeline, drag the video to the
    Track "Audio / Music. Then type... Caviggia Ctrl + P.
    Reach... File / save movie file / ect... ect...

    This will result in a file audio .wma. Do not forget
    to drag the clip all the way to the left the
    timeline or you will have no air circulation to the

    Once you have all your audio clips stored on
    your hard drive... See the following link to find out how
    to burn an audio CD:

    Windows Media Player 11 for Windows XP
    Burn your own custom CDs

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  • The difficulty to burn an Audio / or data disc using Windows Media Player on Windows Vista

    OK, so here's my question:

    I cannot burn an Audio / or disk of data using Windows Media Player. For some reason my Media Player is not finalize the discs that I do and he pops to 94% or 98%. I have a TEAC DVD +-RW DVW28SLC ATA Device. CD-ROM/DVD-ROM drives.
    Has anyone experience this problem with Windows Vista?
    Thanks in advance,
    Hi Melissa,
    Thank you for writing to Microsoft Communities. I understand that you are facing problems when burning a DVD in Windows Media Player.
    Until we start troubleshooting on this issue please provides us additional information by answering a few questions, this will help us better solutions to the problems.
    1. What is the format of the file you are trying to burn?
    2. do you have a third-party CD/DVD burning software installed on the computer?
    3 have there been recent changes to the computer before the show?
    4. are you able to burn through windows Explorer?
    Let's try the following steps:
    Method 1:
    You can take one or more of the following, and then try again:
    a. Verify that the CD burner is properly connected.
    b. clean the disc and verify that it is not damaged.
    c. try a different brand of blank discs.
    d. If another program is currently burning files on the CD, wait until the burning process is completed.
    e. Quit other programs that may be using the CD burner.
    f. restart Windows Media Player.
    g. restart your computer.
    Method 2:
    You can try the steps to solve problems in Windows Media Player
    Please return to the State of the question so that we can help you better.
  • Cannot read the CD in the CD/DVD drive after having burned the audio files in Windows Media Player

    I burned an audio cd with windows media player, it works on my computer but not on a cd player (I tried several players). Any ideas what I could do wrong?

    Original title: Windows Media Player


    Please check the format to which the disk was burned. If the drive is made to a data disc format, several readers of cd or dvd will not be able to read its contents. In order for a disc in a cd player, it must be created in a format supporting by the player, which varies according to different manufacturers.

    Please see the following link

    Burn a CD or DVD in Windows Media Player

  • cannot burn CDs or install a mild wear to help me burn cd

    I can't read soft wear in my cd player. I can't install knew

    programs into my cd player. I tried to install a program which

    help me burn discs.

    Hi pops1,

    1. When did you start to question?

    2. you receive error messages or codes?

    You can see the Microsoft KB article and try the Fixit or suggested methods to solve the problem:

    Your CD or DVD drive is missing or is not recognized by Windows or other programs

    Also check out the link:

    How to troubleshoot common problems that occur when a Windows XP-based computer cannot read a CD or DVD

    Hope this information is useful.

    Jeremy K
    Microsoft Answers Support Engineer
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  • Problems burning an audio cd by using windows 7. error message: windows media player cannot burn some files. To investigate the problem, click on the icon next to the selection to burn the files. (Nothing beside files?)

    I am trying to burn an audio cd after that installation of windows 7 upgraded with windows media player.  It will not work I get the error message. cannot burn some of the files?  very frustrating.  thanx

    For any question on Windows 7:

    Link above is Windows 7 Forum for questions on Windows 7.

    Windows 7 questions should be directed to the it.

    You are in the Vista Forums.

    See you soon. Mick Murphy - Microsoft partner



    Hi Ejbeats,

    ·         What application are you using to burn CDs?

    ·         Were you able to burn CDs before?

    ·         Recent changes on the computer?

    You can follow the step if you are using the player below.

    The button may be dimmed if you have not added the titles to the list of burn. If none of the files have been added to the list the button remains grayed out.

    To burn an audio CD to do the following:

    1. click on the burn tab, click the arrow below the burn tab, and then click Audio CD (this is the default choice).

    2. Insert a blank CD - R disc into your CD burner.

    3. If necessary, click on the button component to clear the list to remove all items from the previous burn list.

    4. find the items in your library that you want to copy to the audio CD.

    5. to create a burn list, drag items from the pane (pane in the middle of the library) information to the list (to the right of the library pane) pane.

    Bindu S - Microsoft Support
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  • I want to burn the Audio CD and have 'lists of track/name' instead of.cda extensions.

    * Original title: extension of the cda

    I asked this before, but apparently what I'm asking is impossible to do, nobody understands my question, nobody has the answer to my question, or those seeking to respond to start putting carts before horses to confuse with 'Troubleshootering,' 'Beware of 3rd party software', etc.

    Maybe it's my way of asking the question, I don't know.
    Here it is again:
    1 burn audio CDs. This is the original CD, no tears.
    2. I burn data CDs. In this sense I have archive writing, planning and designs on CD/DVD.
    3. I know the difference between burning via WinExplorer and WinMedia thing.
    4. everything I burn work fine where it is supposed to.,.
    5. my equipment is fine. Nothing is broken. IT ALL WORKS.
    What I want:
    I want to burn the Audio CD and have "lists of track/name" instead of XXX1.cda.
    I DON'T WANT the .cda extension.
    Is this possible?
    So please: don't tell me what are the .cda extensions or what they or suggest various utilities for troubleshooting hardware or software that works very well.
    "I WANT TRACK NAMES" on my music CD.
    Thank you.
    Mario in Victoria

    > snip

    "I WANT TRACK NAMES" on my music CD.
    Thank you.
    Mario in Victoria

    I understand that you want track names in the directory of
    your Audio CD (music), the same thing that you can on a data CD (MP3).

    Simple answer...

    The extension of the ADC will still be visible in the Audio directory
    (Music) CD.

    Take a look at one of your retail music CDs... and you will see that they
    are all like that. There is no way to display the track names in the directory
    CD audio (music).

    Take a look at the following article for a bit of info on the CDA files.

    How to work with the Audio CD. CDA files

  • I need help on how to audio output when I go. I ticked the box at the bottom, but when I go to view my video on quicktime, it does not play audio.

    I need help on how to audio output when I go. I ticked the box at the bottom, but when I go to view my video on quicktime, it does not play audio.

    GUYS, I GOT IT. AND THE SOLUTION IS WAYYYYY WITH JUST A RENDERING. So after countless time I spent trying to make it, I found a way that me really happy that my old rendering has not worked. All you have to do is download adobe media encoder and BAM your gold. I make it in h.264 that i couldt using the old rendering and now it works fine.

  • help cannot burn the file with audio ac-3 to dvd



    Thank you for the update from us.

    We are sorry for the inconvenience. I'll probably help you with that.

    Please provide us with more information to better understand the issue.

    1. Codec packs installed and when that you installed?
    2. Has the codec packs that is supported ac3 format?
    3. What other DVD burning software have you tried?

    For the moment, please try the steps below and check them off, it helps to solve the problem

    Step 1.

    I suggest that you try to play AVI files in Windows Media Player, check if he plays well. If so, I recommend that you try to burn from in using Windows Media Player and check if it works.

    For more information, please see the link on burn a CD or DVD in Windows Media Playerbelow.


    If the steps above does not resolve the issue please try the steps below.

    Step 2.

    I would recommend you provide through the suggestion of rhylcolinjones of the sub thread link which looks like the similar question, you are faced with.

    Hope this information can help, please post us with the State, we will be happy to help you.

    Thank you.

  • I want to burn an audio file which, in the wire, exceeds the amount on a cd

    I have records on a record ic and want to burn it on cd, but because that the records are more that what will hold a cd.
    I don't have a problem with having the recordings on cd 2 but don't know how.
    If I can do it on 1 cd, that would be great, but don't know how to do no more.

    Help, please

    try to split the original audio file into smaller parts, try something like this:

    but there are a lot of free software out there that does the same job.

    Once that his division into smaller parts, it should be OK.

    Consider buying a DVD burner, they are only about US $30 and a DVD can hold almost 5 times that of a CD.

  • Media Player does not burn the audio (wav) files on the disk, or play "" CD error ".

    Media Player was working fine until recently. Now when I hit the button "Start burn" the burn starts momentarily, the time of the audio files is displayed, but when I insert the CD in the drive, it reads 'CD error' and there is no sound. I recently installed a new security package (Webroot) but none of my other software has been affected. Tab of computability, I noticed that it is set to windows 95 (I have windows 7), but the program does not allow me to change it. I checked for driver updates, but the computer says that all drivers are current and the device works correctly. any help would be appreciated. Thank you.

    Hi Mike,.

    I suggest you to change the settings while burning the files using Windows Media player.

    Check out the link to do so:

    For troubleshooting further, you can also follow the link suggestions:

    Please let us know if the problem still persists.

  • I installed the two DOWNLOAD HELPER & YOUTUBE VIDEO AND AUDIO DOWNLOAD (they are identical) and appear as an icon or appear on the window of the YOUTUBE video.

    I pulled out and in firefox several times and also rebooted. Still no icons for the downloader (s). When I find a video on Youtube and start playing, I still see no way to summon either YOUTUBE VIDEO & AUDIO DOWNLOADER or DOWNLOAD HELPER (are they the same add-on?). I also went in the Firefox Options to see if certain configuration prevents these work packages; saw nothing of use.
    Add-ons translator and screenshots of Nimbus - offered in the same e-mail of Mozilla as additional modules for the Downloader - installed with no problem and their icons appear on the masthead.
    Thanks in advance for your ideas

    The two managers are registered and active. Are their icons on any of the

    Type of topic: customization< enter > in the address bar.
    In the new window, look for the icon. When you find it, press and hold
    the left button on it and move it to where you want it to be.
    You can move the icons you want here, but
    some icons are locked in place.

    Type of topic: addons< enter > in the address bar to open your add-ons Manager.
    Access key; < Control >(Mac: < command >)< shift > has)

    Select Extensions, locate the Add-ons. Press the Options
    push button for each one and check the settings.

  • HELP ASAP! No audio output device installed with hp pavilion dv2500

    product name: hp pavilion dv2000

    Model number: dv2710us

    Product number: 2CE75228LJ

    Windows vista edition Home premium 32-bit

    my hp goes on to say that did not install device to output audio and theres the the image of volume with a large red circle with a white cross in it.

    that's not true because I have contexant (I think that's what it's called) installed speakers.

    Lately when I would restart my computer the sound would work intermittently, but since two days I restart my computer or not the volume with a large circle in red with a white cross image is still there and says no audio output device installed. Help, please!

    Hi, you can try the steps below to solve the problem:

    Step 1: Re-install audio drivers HP Recovery Manager.
    1. Click Start, in the start search box, type of recovery. Then click on Recovery Manager.
    2. in the Recovery Manager window that appears, click Next. Software programs Reinstall accompanying your computer screen, click on no, I'd like to see other options. And then click Next.
    3. in the screen of hardware drivers reinstall, click Yes. And then click Next. On the screen to reinstall hardware driver, click Next.
    4. in the list of drivers, select the name of the card its installed on the system. And then click Next. When you are finished, resettlement is the complete screen displays. Click Finish to restart the computer. After the computer starts, test sound. If the problem persists, perform step 2.
    Step 2: Manually reinstall audio drivers
    If there is no sound, and still get this error, update the audio driver from the link below: & CC = US & DLC = in & LC = on & os = 2093 & Product = 3646848 & sw_lang =
    Step 3: Restart the Windows Audio Service.
    1. Click Start, type services.msc in the search field, and then select services.msc in the list as soon as it is available to open the Programs window.
    2. scroll down to select Windows Audio, do a right click to open the menu drop down and then click Start.
    3. right click on Windows Audio, click Properties and verify that the Startup Type is set to automatic.
    Reboot the laptop and check for the issue.

  • I can not burn an Audio disc with Media Player 11

    My system = XP (SP3), 3 GB of RAM, Intel CPU G620

    Media Player 11 will not burn a playlist.

    I dragged a list of MP3 files to a playlist for burning.  However, when I click on the button burn, WMP11 starts to burn apparently the first track on the list but then stops at 96%. I tried at different speeds, the media and even a CD - RW and the same thing happens.
    Curiously, that WMP11 is burning track 1, the progress bar indicates "finalize disc". This would seem a strange message because it is just the first piece of 10 and so has not yet reached the end of the list.
    After the burn hangs at 96% for a few seconds, I get the error message;
    "Windows media player cannot burn the files to the CD. Check that the disc is clean and not damaged. If necessary, select a slower recording speed or try a different brand of blank discs.
    HOWEVER, I also have NERO 7 and I have absolutely no problems burning the same Audio disc.
    It's extremely frustrating and I would appreciate some advice on this.

    I decided to go back to WMP 9 and then reinstalling WMP11

    Now, everything works as it should!
    However, I found an absolutely terrible navigation in WMP11 - sometimes I don't know where to go for a task. Nero - although his gripes - is a breeze in comparison.

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