Help to find the best way to interior design (Nested Loops of sliders?)

Oracle 11G

First here the table I work with, for example data

11008755360FC1053, 81-82FC105381821
21008755360XD, 3-24XD3242
31008756293FC1053, 81-82FC105381821
41008756293XD, 3-24XD3242

Each FID is a different line, these two lines are connected physically, that's why I've shown them here on the table. Each line has a 'meter', in this case, each line has 2 lines of account that are the same.


From there, we can say that FC1053, 81 and 82 are connected between the 2 cables. XD DESIGNATION means that cables are connect not really so I can't ignore those.

We have a different way to show that they connect other than only those data and I need to connect each other too much. For this I need the Info


So my first design was the hepatitis hase sliders 2 with the data in the table, as shown above. I would then have a nested loop. The first slider to select the first record, then go down to the second loop where I compare all other records the first record and then go back in the outer loop to move to the next record, then return once again to the inner loop to compare the values again.

















-Open and close done to reset the cursor to the front/top




The problem with this approach is once the outside loop moves the next value of the IDF, that logic will connect them once again, but this time with the FIDs reverse which is essentially the same thing as it does not matter the direction in which they are connected. I almost feel that once I found the link I need to remove that line from the cursor (which isn't possible).


I was able to

1. make a list of all those I have connected and check against that

2 use some kind of collection

3. use a temporary table to hold the data

4 something that I have not yet thought

I really appreciate in advance for any help I get.

If your query mapping is correct, this is the result of your query with the addition of the values of sum for the strand/down running.  Manually change the incorrect in the output bit numbers so that we can move on to find another solution.

with gc_count like)


Sum(current_high-current_low+1) on strand_high (g3e_fid seq order partition),

Sum(current_high-current_low+1) more (partition of g3e_fid order of seq).

strand_low (current_high-current_low),

t.* from b$ gc_count t



a.g3e_fid, a.current_designation, a.current_low, a.current_high, a.strand_high, a.strand_low,

b.g3e_fid, b.current_designation, b.current_low, b.current_high, b.strand_high, b.strand_low

gc_count a, gc_count b

where a.g3e_fid in (1008757155,1008757159,1009999655)

and in b.g3e_fid (1008757155,1008757159,1009999655)

and a.g3e_fid > b.g3e_fid

and ((a.count_annotation = b.count_annotation)

or (a.current_designation = b.current_designation

and a.current_low b.current_low and b.current_high and a.current_high between b.current_low and b.current_high)

order of b.seq



---------- --------------------- ----------- ------------ ----------- ---------- ---------- --------------------- ----------- ------------ ----------- ----------

GAGA GAGA 1008757159 1008757155 1 1 2 2 1 2 2 1

1008757159 3 8 8 3 1008757155 3 8 8 3 F1DM F1DM

1008757159 9 10 10 9 1008757155 9 10 10 9 F2 F2

1008757159 11 14 14 11 1008757155 11 14 14 11 F1DM F1DM

1009999655 17 18 6 5 1008757155 15 18 18 15 F2 F2

1008757159 15 16 16 15 1008757155 15 18 18 15 F2 F2

1009999655 21 24 4 1 1008757155 21 24 24 21 F2 F2

7 selected lines.

Elapsed time: 00:00:00.06

Tags: Database

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    function GetStateDate return date;

    function GetItem1 return tab01.item1%type;
    function GetItemN return tab01.itemN%type;

    end P_STATE;

    create or replace package body is P_STATE

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    StateDate: = Al;

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