Help to use ICloud photo library

I created iCloud photo library on my computer desktop Mac, 2 iPhones (mine and my husband) and iPad.   I have several questions:

1. I have 56 779 pictures in my library on my Mac.  It is has been download since last Friday and today says download 35 939 points (89,14 GB 200,61 GB).  Why is - it take so long and what I can do to speed that up?  I want access to my photos on all devices, but want the originals on my Mac as well.

2. the photos taken on my iPhone not charge other devices.  Photos of my husband takes is... two phones are put in the same place.

3. on my phone at the title 'Moments' my phone says 6 322 photos, 133 videos and under that it says download 3 929 points.  His phone said 23 974 photos, 207 videos updated 07:19 - once AGAIN the two phones are put in the same place (I changed the settings even last week when I updated our two phones for the latest operating system).

4. on my Mac why their different images in 'All the Photos' under 'Albums' in the Photos listed by Date?

5. on my iPhone - why different Albums show on my Mac?  Example: We just returned from a trip and this week I put in place several new albums.  They do not appear on other devices in the title of the Album?

6. do I need to move the picture on our iPhones to somewhere else on the Mac, so keep them forever?  I don't want pictures endangered?  I have more confidence?

I would appreciate help, can someone give me?  I'm completely lost?

My system is an Early 2008 iMac

OS X El Capitan 10.11.4

IPhone 6 - 9.3.1

Photos 1.5

I have original ICloud library checked and updated download for Mac. I also have my Photo Stream and ICloud Photo sharing checked.

Thank you very much!!!

1. the download process is very slow. Some of those who have large libraries of photos posted it took a month. There is nothing you can do to speed up the process except try to minimize access to the network on the computer.

2. try to settings/iCloud and remove the synchronization. Wait a few minutes and then resynchronize. Have you tried the signature to iCloud and then reconnect?

3 see above.

To avoid losing images make sure you have 2 backups of the computer on 2 separate drives.

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  • If I use iCloud photo library to share photos on my Mac, make the stay of the files full original size on my Mac or they stored in the cloud?

    If I use iCloud photo library to share photos on my Mac, make the stay of the files full original size on my Mac or they stored in the cloud?

    Thank you!

    The photos full size will always go to the cloud. They also remain on (or download) your Mac depends on if 'Download this Mac originals' or 'Optimize Mac storage' is ticked in Photos > Preferences > iCloud. If it is enabled, it also depends on how much storage is available on your Mac.

  • I have an iPone 6 and uses iCloud photo library - I would remove about 2.4 GB of photos from my iPhone - is there a way to do this?

    I have an iPhone 6 and currently use iCloud photo library. I have about 2.4 GB of photos on my phone I want to delete - is there a way to do this?

    AlbertaRic wrote:

    I have an iPhone 6 and currently use iCloud photo library. I have about 2.4 GB of photos on my phone I want to delete - is there a way to do this?

    It seems you want to use iCloud photo library as an archive of photos. It was not intended for this use.

    iCloud Photo library FAQ - Apple Support

    It is designed to allow you to have full access to your library without having to choose which photos and videos you store on which devices because it connects to your library using iCloud to all your devices, you registered this service. You can choose the option to Optimize Storage iPhone, which will automatically replace your photos in full resolution with optimized for your phone free storage.  Such use allows to my 64 GB iPhone store more 18 000 photos and 877 videos with fast access on my iPhone and elsewhere, while occupying only 4.8 GB on my physical device. The library full resolution resumes of more than 112 GB of storage which I can access in, on my computer, or by requesting the download of contents of high resolution on my iPhone with that I will make.

    Otherwise, if this does not work for you, you can use other services, such as Dropbox, archive your library, so you can completely remove the photos from your iPhone. If you deleted pictures from your iPhone now, they would delete the iCloud photo library so that he be kept in sync as your Contacts or Notes.

  • use iCloud photo library to dropbox mimics auto upload

    Hello world

    I recently decided to ditch dropbox (if possible) and finally the transition myself completely to iCloud.

    One of the biggest problems I encountered replicates the capabilities of automatic download of pictures of the box. I use the feature all day on the job for sending and attaching photos to technical support documents and really don't want to start to send me photos for quick access on my work PC.

    I wonder if its possible to allow to iCloud photo library on ONLY my iPhone, so my Camera Roll is sent to the library automatically, but nothing else. I have a 500 GB photo library on my Mac at home that I have in no way shape or form, would be affected by iCloud.

    I hesitate to pull the trigger and just turn on my phone, I'm not sure implications, and what will exactly happen. The online documentation is so vauge what you can and can't do with iCloud photo library, so I'm tender hand to the community for advice.

    In simple terms (TL; DR), that's what I'm trying to accomplish.

    -use iCloud photo library on my iPhone ONLY to reproduce the functionality of automatic download of Dropbox IE: access iPhone Camera roll on work PC and my Mac.

    -do NOT use on my Mac library (more than 500 GB)

    Please let me know,

    Thank you


    You can turn on iCloud photo library only on your iPhone if it's what you want. The photos will be automatically download in iCloud. Note that if you delete a photo of either on the phone or iCloud it will be automatically removed in both places.

    You can access photos of your work PC or Mac connecting to , then go on the Photos app here.

  • Should I Photostream if I use iCloud photo library

    Hi, I use iCloud library on my MBP, two iPhones and iPad and I still active Photostream.

    I'll try to find our knowledge if I need Photostream as well as use iCloud.  I have more than enough storage for the moment in the cloud then from what I can tell Photostream is not something that would fail me if I turned it off.  At the same time, I can't find a definitive answer anywhere!

    Grateful that if ever I decide to stop using the cloud, I can turn Photostream for my last few thousand photos.

    I also try to work if there is anyway that I can reduce the amount of space on my iPhone which currently takes about 13 GB of photo library.

    Any help would be welcome.

    Thank you


    If you do not use my Photo Stream, turn off all devices.

    You need my photo only, stream if you also use older devices with iOS 7 or more, which can not support iCloud photo library. But if all your devices are set to synchronize with iCloud photo library, you don't need my photo stream. It might even cause problems.

  • Photos transferred via USB use optimize the functionality for iCloud photo library?


    I recently transferred 1000 files to my mac via a flash drive.

    I want to have optimized photos and not actually be fully downloaded on my mac and I'm currently using iCloud photo library with optimization turned on.

    Does the work automatically? Or y at - it another way to make this work?

    Thank you


    When you import pictures to Photos on your Mac and they download to iCloud photo library they will be optimized on your Mac if space is needed - you cannot control what is optimized or when - it is dynamic and automatic


  • Why my photos still use 1.2 GB even if they are optimized and in iCloud photo library

    I started to use iCloud photo library several months ago, optimize pictures on my phone, but Photos uses still 1.2 GB of space

    Optimization occurs that if/when the space is needed for something else on the phone.

  • Photos on macOS Sierra: Album of peoples does not synchronize with iCloud photo library

    Using Photos has just been updated for Sierra, and we finally have it in writing:

    Note: Persons identified in the album people are not synchronized between devices.

    And as far as I know, it really does not synchronize between my libraries of Photos on the MacBook Pro and my iMac.

    It's different in the 10 user guide iOS for the iPhone and iPad:

    People are synchronized between devices where you are connected with the same Apple ID.

    I wonder how this is supposed to work, if a Mac and iPhone are synchronized with iCloud User Library.

    None of the faces that I named on my iPhone did sync it with my Mac.

    Another indication that the lack of synchronization of the people and names is deliberate:

    This document has now also been updated:

    Use iCloud photo library on several Mac - Apple Support computers and Photos

    After have connected you, these items appear in the Photos app on all your Mac computers:

    • All photos and original videos
    • All folders and albums
    • Smart albums
    • Keywords
    • Memories
    • Key photo selections

    He used to say, tags searchable faces will perform synchronization between devices, but the tags are more is mentioned. Now we have the 'memories' instead.

  • Removal of old photos of the iPhone with iCloud photo library on

    I had a 6 128 GB iPhone for a couple of years and I bought a Macbook Pro about a year ago. I've been running iCloud photo library - but not Photostream - and without really look deep into the settings exactly, when I take pictures on my phone they usefully automatically found in the Photos app on my macbook. When I remove photos from my phone, they also seem to disappear too from my mac.

    Recently, in an arrangement of happy until I started running low on space on my phone. My question is, is my library in 'mirror' between my devices? IE if I say, delete all my photos from 2012 to 2014 my phone, they are removed from my macbook too? Obviously, it would be disastrous.

    I guess my question is, what are the best settings to have a situation where my photos will be driven by my phone to my laptop, but then stored on my laptop indefinitely?

    Any help is appreciated.


    When you use iCloud photo library, deletion of a photo or a video on any device that uses the service will remove this item in all of them and also to iCloud.

    The following resources may help explain how the photos and videos are managed by iCloud photo library, including the possibility to optimize the storage on your iPhone:

    To manually import pictures to your laptop, you can follow the steps detailed here:

    Other resources:

  • Create a subset of iCloud photo library photos...

    I use iCloud photo library, which is OK but heavy.

    Is there a way to define a subset of pictures of this library to have on my iPhone instead of having everything on my iPhone?

    Several issues from my point of view;

    -I don't want to go through all my photos on my iPhone, I can easily select about 30% of all my photos I want available

    -Currently, photos on my iPhone consumes much too 11 GB of memory.

    -I know that I can create a new library system with a limited number of pictures, but find to manage several libraries a real pain

    Any suggestions are welcome

    ICloud photo library usage is purely optional. To reduce the amount of storage space used on your iPhone, set Photos to use an optimized local library.

    If you choose to not to turn on iCPL, use iTunes to select and synchronize you want to keep on the iPhone. Excited about my photo stream automatically copy new images from iPhone to your computer.

    Photos user / help guide:

  • can I switch from icloud photo library app photos without losing the photos

    I have my settings so that all my photos have been removed from iTunes and are now accessible via the iCloud library, but I don't like the way they are stored in all THE PICTURES rather than in their respective albums that I spent hours and hours of sorting.

    If I drag iCloud photo Library, everything returns to how it was (basically, my photos will appear on my iPad in their albums?)

    The images are not stored in iTunes, so I don't know what you removed and hence. Your photos and your videos are stored and organized in the Photos app, on your computer and on your iDevices. iCloud library is how they are synchronized between all of your devices. This includes your albums. If you don't see any albums on your iPad, maybe not looking in the right place? One caveat is that you have nested folders.

    You can disable iCPL on your iPad and then return to using iTunes to sync photos, but like I said, you should see your albums with iCPL.

    Photos user / help guide:

    IVous has a very detailed and well illustrated article on iCloud photo library:

  • How to remove photos from my iPhone without deleting icloud photo library?

    My iPhone is full and I wanted to remove some photo to release some spaceso I supported the up to iCloud and I started to remove photos. ***? They are endangered to iCloud! Now, they're just gone. It's crazy! Image capture you can import to everywhere, but the function "delete after importing" seems to have disappeared. I'm sure this question has been beat to death, but how you remove photos from their phone without removing them from their photo library iCloud?

    So frustrating.

    Does anyone know of a solution to this?

    iCloud is a synchronization system, not just external storage.  Once you turn on photo library all you do with a photo is on ALL of your devices (including remove them).  See the last section in this article on how to recover pictures that you inadvertently deleted:

    iCloud: use iCloud photo library on your iOS device

    It is also here:

    Get help with your photo library - Apple Support iCloud

    How to remove pictures and videos from a camera using iCloud photo library?

    If you want to delete the pictures and videos of all your iOS, Mac and iCloud.comdevices, you can delete them in the Photos app.

    When you delete a photo or video of your Photos app, also will not delete your photo library and iCloud iCloud storage. You can retrieve your photos and videos from the album recently deleted for 30 days.

  • How to remove photos from my iPhone 6 s, without deleting icloud photo library on all my devices with ios 9.2.1?

    I just updated my iPhone 6s ios 9.2.1 and whenever I try to remove photos from the iPhone library, it is said that they will remove the iCloud photo library on all devices. I don't want to do, I want to save the photos on my computer, but free up space on my phone. Help!

    If you have iCloud library enabled in the iPhone then any photo that you delete from your phone is also removed to iCloud and all devices connected to this library to iCloud. It is not a setting or an option where you can change this while continuing to use iCloud photo library. You can reduce the space required on the phone by activating the settings > iCloud > Photos > optimize iPhone storage. You can suggest that Apple offers more options via:

  • Faces of Mac OS Sierra an iOS not synchronized on icloud photo library

    You also have this problem?

    Hello alfo91,
    Thank you for using communities of Apple Support.

    If I understand your message that faces on Mac OS Sierra are not synchronized to your device iOS with iCloud photo library. Some features in Photos on macOS Sierra are available only on the Mac, they were created on. These items are listed in the article below:

    Use iCloud photo library on several Mac computers and Photos

    These items are available only on the Mac where you created the:

    • Books, cards and calendars
    • Slideshows
    • Keyword shortcuts
    • Unused keywords
    • Last album imported (this album contains photos you have imported recently on a specific Mac)
    • Names and faces in the album of the people

    Best regards.

  • Download the video in MPG format to iCloud photo library

    Is it possible to download a video file, MPG to a Mac to iCloud photo library?

    I stopped using iCloud photo library on the Mac due to low disk space, however I always use iCloud photo library on other devices and would like to have the video available here. I tried to use the web interface to iCloud by using Safari, but I get a message that the format is not supported

    I guess I could convert the file in another format, however, I do not want 3rd party applications on my Mac, and I worry about compromising video quality. Is the other way to do this? Could using Photos (1.5) on the Mac and the activation of my photo stream get the video to appear in the photo library of iCloud?

    As we told you MPG is not a format alternative for ICPL

    Types of files that you can use with iCloud photo library

    Your photos and videos are stored in iCloud, exactly as you took them. All your images are in their original format in full resolution, JPEG, RAW, PNG, GIF, TIFF, and MP4, as well as special formats capture you with your iPhone, like slo - mo, Time lapse video 4K and Live Photos.

    iCloud photo library - Apple Support


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