Help with Acrobat js created the menu button

I have to use a short javascript that creates a menu button. The js script is in the correct Acrobat JavaScripts folder. I use Acrobat Pro 8.1.2

var oButObjAddSigningPage =
{cName: "AddSignPage"}
cEnable: «event.rc = (app.doc!» (= null)",
cExec: "AddSigningPage()."
cLabel: "add a signature Page."
cTooltext: "add signature page in the current document."

app.addToolButton (oButObjAddSigningPage);
{catch (e) {console.println (e) ;}

The AddSigningPage() function"is in the same script file.

Problem: The button loads and displays correctly (dimmed) If Acrobat is launched. If a pfd file is then loaded the button comes alive and the function works OK.

But button is not displayed if Acrobat is launched by clicking on a pdf file.

Help please.

The entrance that fits the function 'app.removeToolButton' is the name of the button of the toolbar, not has been used to create.  Try this:

app.removeToolButton ("AddSignPage");

The first thing you should check is the toolbar "add-on".  After loading your document, and when the toolbar button does not appear.  Right-click on an empty part of the Acrobat toolbar to display a list of all individual toobars.  Is there a bar of modules?  Is it verified?

To determine if your folder level script has been loaded and executed, test the function created in this script.

Run it from the console window


The code for the function will be returned if it is has been defined.

To determine if your toolbar button has been loaded, run this code in the console window.

lst var = app.listToolbarButtons)
for (var i = 0; i)<>
If (.cName lst [i] is "JSAppToolBar")
Console.println (LST [i]);

the "JSAppToolBar" is the internal name of the toolbar "add-on".

However, from what you described, it seems that if you've hit a bug.  Probably a timing issue.  What are the characteristics of this file?

Thom Parker
WindJack Solutions
The source for PDF Scripting Info

The Acrobat JavaScript Reference, use it early and often

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    Create a page in the outline view, right-click on it and choose context menu 'include without hyperlink '. Then, go to your menu, select the entry menu of this page and use the Hyperlink command in the upper command band to enter the desired address.

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    Information can be found in the article Firefox Refresh - reset the settings and Add-ons .

    This solve your problems? Please report to us!

    Thank you.

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    Change the settings in your show() method.

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    If your question is resolved by this or another answer, please take a minute to let us know. Thank you.

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    This is the default feature, you don't need to do something

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    I added 2 .bmp images to my menu, but still has detected an overlap in the menu buttons. The new images are far to the left of the other menu buttons, but still draws a huge rectangle which extends far beyond the actual image and comes into conflict with the other menu buttons. How can I fix? Thank you!

    Finally, what worked was selection of background on the layers window in Photoshop before I imported the new image. I don't know why, but he no longer overlap. The thing is that the item I drag in photoshop was just work... Doesn't have to be a Jack of all trades! I don't understand enough about photoshop.

    I went back to the original version of the same project again to try to start over again - and this time I couldn't even drag the image in photoshop! He just gave me a black circle with a line through it!

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    The menu buttons appear fine in preview mode, but as soon as I download on Business Catalyst all going PEAR - buttons decrease in size and change position!

    I tried everything I can think of, including the re-doing the menu from scratch and upload whenever I make a change. Whenever I duplicate the menu on another page is when the problem occurs, but as I said that's no problem at all in preview mode browser.

    The site link is: home

    I would appreciate your help, its driving me crazy I have to show to the client as soon as possible

    Thank you very much

    I've been clicking since the menu buttons and a few times, but always without strangely shaped or placed images.

    I think you can be assured that this is just a bug in your browser, probably some old picture caching that is too persistent to get deleted automatically. Refresh your page or clear the cache of your browser manually. That could help.

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