Help with required fields please

I tried to get help with a required field and of forum aid said he's got to work for me but I can't and I have not been able to get answers more of him to help me more.

I try to have a radio box when YES is selected to demand another field to fill.  The script I got is:

getField("Location").required = (getField("Group1").value == 'Yes');

Location is the area I need to be filled if the Group 1 is Yes.  The previous programme of assistance forum said I had to have this script in the two fields in Group 1 and when I do that, nothing else happens.

What I am doing wrong?

Please, I need to fix this immediately and I'll use this java script on many other forms that I have so I need to get there soon.

Thank you in advance.

This works.  It's perfect.  Thank you very much. You're my hero!

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  • Need help with a BR - please help!


    I would ask you please to help me with your ideas on achievening the sub condition. I have some ideas on this operation, but I am not able to set up everything to make it work. Please let me know your thoughts. Will be a great help.


    The requirement is that if the user enters a data value for the Member account 'P' on the data form at any level (Top most parent, intermediate parent level 0 or level), it should work in the following way.

    (1) to check what level the user has entered a value for 'P '. We have a relationship that V = P * T. So I thought, what if I dynamically calculate the value 'V' each time for each product should I where they changed as if they change the value "P" it would change the value 'V', as both are related. So, basically I compare the stored value of 'V' with the value of 'V' calculated dynamically.

    (2) if the value of 'V' has been changed to this level (i.e. If stored V Dyn.) (V) and this condition is met, then all descendants of the current Member should get the same value of P as input by the user for the current Member.

    (3) it should work regardless of what parent level they enter and should begin to fill in the values of this level. And if they fall into the 'P' value to level 0 members, he should leave them as it is without substitution and must be used in the consolidation.

    That's what I could think of-

    Please suggest changes that does not always work according to the requirement.


    IF (@ISDESC ("LB") AND 'V'-> @PARENT (@CURRMBR (Product)) P-> @PARENT (@CURRMBR (Product)) * T-> @PARENT (@CURRMBR (Product)))
    P > @CURRMBR (Product) = @PARENTVAL (product, P);

    In the same way, IFELSE, for another condition


    But this does not work for all cases. Lets say that I have 3 levels in my hierarchy for the product and if users enter at level 2, it does not work and replace the input value including the parent value which I do not know why, because in the first place it should not enter the loop just like the custom of condition be met. Reason, the user changed to level 2 and 3 not, so it should do nothing from what I understand.

    Please let me know your thoughts.
    Thank you.

    Below should work with these assumptions:
    1. you should not be aggregating V and P on products or you should use other members who together ever.
    2. There are three generations (or 4 levels) in the dimension of your product. If you have more levels, you must change the marked spot.
    3 and as you suggest, a new account is used for the comparison. Here it is called M

    FIX (...)

    DATACOPY V and M;

    FIX (...)
    Fix (@IDESCENDANTS (Product))
    « V « = » P » * « T » ;
    Fix (@IDESCENDANTS (Product))
    / * Change below for additional generations * /.
    IF (@ANCESTVAL(Product,3,V)! [email protected](Product,3,M))
    "P"[email protected](Product,3,P);
    IF (@ANCESTVAL(Product,2,V)! [email protected](Product,2,M))
    "P"[email protected](Product,2,P);
    IF (@ANCESTVAL(Product,1,V)! [email protected](Product,1,M))
    "P"[email protected](Product,1,P);
    Fix (@IDESCENDANTS (Product))
    « V « = » P » * « T » ;

    FIX (...)
    DATACOPY V and M;

    See you soon,.

  • Need help with the composer please?

    I am very new to view and work my way through the implementation in our society. I get two different messages when the composer fails.

    "Could not perform the operation active directory. COM 2147016654 "error code

    "the partial distinguished name of the ad container specified is not valid.

    I would appreciate help with this. Thank you very much in advance!


    Please consider awarding points by scoring responses as 'correct' or 'useful '.

  • Help with button code please?

    I am a novice and have completed my first animated film. I need help with action script.

    The film is currently in a loop and I created and invisible button the size of the frame with the intention that a user can click on the picture of the movie to stop it and the second click continue the film from where it stopped.

    I used AS event handler method to stop the sequence. I tested it and it works. But I can't understand the appropriate code to restart the movie.

    Two questions;

    1. I go to the task the right way? (should I use two buttons, a stop, a tenure)?

    2. If my approach is possible, can someone give me the right to re - start the movie and put me out of my misery please?

    You can use the following after having changed 'yourbutton' and 'yourmovieclip' to use appropriate instance names:

    {yourbutton.onRelease = function ()}

    {if(!this.) Toggle)}

    yourmovieclip. Stop();

    } else {}

    yourmovieclip. Play();


    This.Toggle =! This.Toggle;


  • Help with multitasking it please?

    Since I got my phone (Moto G 8 GB), multitasking has been terrible. I love the phone, but it's his left out major. Switching between the 2 applications at the same time generally involves having to reload the entire application, even some of the lighter applications such as contacts. I looked in the settings and everything is OK, as the apos as the default background. Also, I don't seem to have any heavy applications running in the background. Facebook is the heaviest app I have on my phone. I wonder if there is anything I can do to remedy to this or if anyone else has this problem?

    When you switch between applications, they restart because the system runs on the RAM. You see the message to reboot on some of these processes because the system killed these processes in order to keep others running and to free some RAM when its need is why you always have a bit of free RAM.

    Even the Air iPad with 1 GB of RAM, even that bike G, has problems, keeping applications running in the background. I'm afraid that this problem is quite normal if you have applications that run in the background taking up RAM. The system kills just the process relatively little important, as Google play music and display of WiFi, to keep others running and have at least a little memory available when it is needed.

    So you're an Android user average above that you have several applications that won't install average consumers, so I recommend going with a phone in the future who has at least 2 GB of RAM.

    P.S. I read in places that Motorola is aggressive with background applications to help with the battery, so maybe that is why the system cannot even keep apps simple people in memory, even if you have still a few available RAM.

  • need help with 'ifs' field calculation


    I am trying to create a field in a form that adds 20% for a cost base according to which of these options is selected in a drop down list which forms the title of the form

    This is a form of new/used vehicle and requires 20% VAT to be added to the basic price if the vehicle is "new".

    If the "vehicle" then no VAT should be added

    Is this possible?

    If this can help I could use radio buttons to determine whether the vehicle is 'New' or 'Used' in the upper part of the form?

    I'm out of my depth here with java - I'm a humble designer more usually responsible to make things just look pretty on the page!

    You can you "techies" help?

    Yes, and it is even possible to do it without an 'if' statement and without writing any JavaScript.

    You need to know about domain names. Using the field names, types, and properties:

    Subtotal - amount to calculate the tax on - field digital - read-write - visible

    TaxRate - tax rate applies if taxable - digital field - read-only - hidden

    Taxable - check 2 boxes eponymous - an export value of 1 (default is checked), the other export value 0

    TaxAmount - amount of tax to be applied - field digital - read only - visible - calculation: "field is the product of the following fields: ', subtotal, TaxRate, taxable.

    -Sum of the subtotal and TaxAmount - GrandTotal numeric field, read-only, visible - calculation "field is the sum of the following fields:" TaxAmount and GrandTotal

  • Need help with windows update please!

    Tried for months now to get windows update to work properly. I still see a message pop up in my lower toolbar, that says: windows cannot verify the updates, with a red x. I'll try to update manually and it shows 0% all the time. When I go and check to see if there have been updated, it will show a little from time to time, who have downloaded successfully, but believe that is made during a unrolled task he is set to make only 1 or two from time to time will show. I don't know what else to do. It's Windows Vista. Help, please... My Windows defender seems to fine day. Help, please... Thank you...


    I guess that part of the question could be a driver which is really old or similar should not be loaded.

    This exit Windows updates on (after you have access) and stop the updates of the driver to load.

    How to disable automatic driver Installation in Windows Vista - drivers (WS.10) .aspx


    You can use the solutions in this KB - 3 methods and I listed a little help for them below

    The update is not installed successfully, you receive a message, and the computer restarts when you try to
    install an update in Windows Vista

    Method 1: Start Windows Vista with the Windows installation media and use the repair feature

    How to do a startup repair in Vista

    You can also do a safe mode startup repair to access the Recovery Options If you have them available
    or use the DVD as described above.

    This tells you how to access the System Recovery Options

    Try recovery options Startup Repair

    How to do a startup repair

    Method 2: Start the system in safe mode and then use the system restore feature

    How to make a Vista system restore

    You can also do a restore of the system of starting with a Vista disk.

    Method 3: Rename the Pending.xml file, and then change the registry (this method is part of the advanced troubleshooting)

    See article below for that.

    You can use this method on the updates that have this problem.

    Hide the update (click right - HIDE in the updates of Windows) and go to the Microsoft Download Center to download
    and install it.

    Microsoft Download Center


    Once you are in Windows I was running once again reset here as a precaution.

    How to reset the Windows Update components?

    Hope this helps sort it out for you.
    Rob - bicycle - Mark Twain said it is good.

  • Help with shared folders, please

    Running Win Vista/64, almost all folders and files under Documents are also shared, with the "two guys" icon superimposed on the icons of folders and files.  Obviously because they are 'shared', these files and folders are very difficult to remove or move, take resources from the computer for a minute or more per operation.  I tried 'break' them and even to remove the names of all listed users for the file or folder, but can't get them to the State not shared.  Can someone please?  Either way, all folders and files becomes shared when I opened Windows Movie Maker once to see what it could be used for.  Just open the program seems to be what has marked all these files and folders as 'shared '.

    Finally, I realized that for me.  With Windows Explorer, click a shared folder in the left pane so that all shared files are visible on the right.  Select (highlight) all the files, then right click on one and when the window opens, click on: "share...." ».  Then click on "Stop sharing" and to sit back and wait a few minutes.  I have no idea why, but it takes for-ev-er to run the "stop sharing".  Once the files 'no sharing', then you right click on the folder and do the same thing with her.  Be prepared to spend a lot of time to exercise, according to the number of files shared.

    Always start at the lowest level (deeper?) and backward from there.  You can not cancel sharing a folder until all the files inside are shared.

    Yet once, which required all this simply opened the program Windows Movie Maker comes with Vista.  Of course, it goes through your hard drive and share all the files that could never have no interaction with the Movie Maker program... same word .doc and .pdf files.

  • Need help with Custom Field Layout - getting wirer height value

    In the BB Simulator, I get a strange value placed in in my field layout() method custom. The width is 320, which is correct, but the height is 1073741823 and it takes 240 or less. In this test, my custom field is the only field in the Manager, so I expect to 240.

    I tried two different simulators - BB curve and the 8800. I use JDE 4.5.0 in Eclipse 3.4.1. This is the code for my method of layout:

    Protected Sub layout (int width, int height) {}
    s long = getStyle().
    If ((s & USE_ALL_WIDTH)! = USE_ALL_WIDTH) {}
    width = Math.min (width, getPreferredWidth());
    If ((s & USE_ALL_HEIGHT)! = USE_ALL_HEIGHT) {}
    height = Math.min (height, getPreferredHeight());
    setExtent (width, height);
    model.setExtent (width, height);
    Model.Scroll (0, 0);

    I expect the value of the screen height, or less, if the domain is configured correctly.

    I'm upgrading my custom field in a VerticalField Manager with the following attributes:

    Super (VerticalFieldManager.USE_ALL_WIDTH
    | VerticalFieldManager.USE_ALL_HEIGHT
    | VerticalFieldManager.FIELD_HCENTER | VerticalFieldManager.FIELD_VCENTER);

    Is this a bug in the Simulator, or I understand the API correctly? Is there a way to 'reset' the Simulator - I tried to get out of Eclipse and restart Windows, but I always get the same value.

    Thank you!


    A VerticalFieldManager comes, I think, with default VERTICAL_SCROLL.  If you do not want to scroll through this particular Manager, add VerticalFieldManager.NO_VERTICAL_SCROLL to your forests of style and it will be laid out with only the height and the actual width.

    Also, since you setExtent() by yourself, USE_ALL_HEIGHT and USE_ALL_WIDTH are redundant, I think.

    Hope that helps,


  • BlackBerry smartphones help with my bbm, please

    Broke my old style of bb, got a new and a larger memory card. I downloaded the latest version of bbm and then restored contacts back... but still not able to send and receive messages. Help please and thank you...

    Hi there and welcome to the forums,

    There are a few quick things you can try:

    1 check to make sure that your phone can receive data. Since you are the Sprint, when you look at the upper right of the screen, it should say 1XEV. If it is not capitalized (i.e. 1xev), you should probably call Sprint and let them take a look at all the settings on your account.

    2. go to Options > Advanced Options > host Routing Tables, press the BB Menu key and select Save now. This will help save your BB on the BlackBerry network.

    3. go to your e-mail settings, log in (if necessary), press the BB Menu key and select Service books. On the next screen, choose the option to send Service directories.

    4. follow steps 2 & 3 with a battery pull if it still does not work.

    That should do it, but if not, then the next step would be to contact Sprint without worrying to make sure that your BB has been implemented properly on their end.

    Good luck and we keep abreast!

  • Can anyone help with my function please?

    Hi all

    I created a function and I was wondering if someone could take a look and help me with a particular problem, that I am experiencing. The function is shown below. It works fine, but I get the following error:

    The method call failed because [System.Object []] does not contain a method named "op_Division.

    D:\SR\WindowsPowershell\Modules\SRvSphereTools\SRvSphereTools.psm1:875 char: 13

    + $VMprops = [ordered]@{'Name' = $vmview.] Name;

    +             ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

    + CategoryInfo: InvalidOperation: (op_Division:String)], RuntimeException

    + FullyQualifiedErrorId: MethodNotFound

    Now, I know when I get this error whenever I enter a virtual machine name that has a suffix. Which means that I will enter a virtual machine as a 'Server' name and it relates very well again. When I enter a name such as "server_' it relates with the above error again.» I also noticed if I go in $ server he reports again with the name shortened to the server. Is it something to do with my input variables, do not deal with the prefix. I wouldve thought that he would bring back ' the two inputs to the output.

    As usual any help would be MUCH appreciated.

    Thank you


    Function Get - xVM {}

    < #.


    Gets the IMPORTANT details for a virtual computer


    Gets the relevant information for a virtual machine

    . PARAMETER vmname

    An object 'vSphere VM' or a 'string. '


    Input object Types\\

    [VMware.VimAutomation.ViCore.Impl.V1.Inventory.VirtualMachineImpl] or



    PS > Get-SRVM - VM1, VM2 VM...


    PS > Get-Content C:\VMs.txt | Get - xVM | Export-csv c:\VMResults.csv


    PS > Get - xVM server | Export-csv c:\VMResults.csv

    You can send an a vCenter Server virtual computer object through the pipeline.

    . NOTES

    Version: 1.0 - the first project

    # >



    [Parameter (mandatory = $true,)]

    ValueFromPipeline = $true,

    ValueFromPipelineByPropertyName = $true,

    Position = 0,

    HelpMessage = "Please enter the VM name")]


    [Alias ('Name')]

    [PSObject []] $VMName.


    [switch] $ShowWindow


    BEGIN {}

    $OutputObj = @ () # output initialization object array



    {Foreach ($VM to $VMName)

    $VM Write-Verbose

    $VM Write-Verbose. GetType(). Name

    If ($VM. GetType(). Name - eq 'string') {}

    $vmview = get-View - Viewtype VirtualMachine-property name, summary, reviews, filter-Config @{'Name' = '$VM'}

    If (!) (($vmview))) {}

    Write-Warning "$VM is NOT a virtual machine.



    } # If

    ElseIf ($VM - is [VMware.VimAutomation.ViCore.Impl.V1.Inventory.VirtualMachineImpl]) {}

    $VM Write-Verbose. Name

    $vmview = get-View - Viewtype VirtualMachine-property name, summary, reviews, filter-Config @{'Name' = '$VM'}

    } else if #.

    #---Insert Get code here

    $VMprops = [ordered]@{'Name' = $vmview.] Name;

    "ToolsStatus" = $vmview.guest.ToolsStatus;

    'CTKEnabled' = ($vmview. Config.ExtraConfig | where {$_.key - eq "ctkenabled"}) .value;

    'vCPUs' = $vmview.summary.config.NumCpu;

    "vCPUsPerSkt" = $vmview.config.hardware.NumCoresPerSocket;

    'RamGB' = ($vmview.summary.config.MemorySizeMB/1kb);

    'IP' = $vmview.summary.guest.ipaddress;

    'Portgroup' = $;

    'MAC' = $;

    'UuID' = $vmview.summary.config.Uuid;


    $Obj PSObject = new-Object-property $VMProps

    $OutputObj += $Obj

    } # foreach VM

    } foreach process #.


    Write-Output $OutputObj # exit EXIT pipeline objects



    If the Get-View Filter parameter returns more 1 object in these cases?

    Remember that the filter uses a RegEx expression.

    Try the filter like that

    $vmview = get-View - Viewtype VirtualMachine-property name, summary, reviews, filter-Config @{' Name'= "^ $($VM) ' $ '"}

  • Can someone help with this request please

    I have a table something like below

    Characteristic of things float value
    Element 1 red color
    1 packaging
    Point 2 square shape
    Point 2 brand Spunk

    Now I want to reterive an element with any of its tank as Null values. Using the query 'select distinct things from things_t, where there is no char value' fetch element 1 also with point 2. I want to retrieve a record of the thing for which none of the tank, the values are Null as point 2. Can you please help me with this request.

    Try this:

    WITH t AS
    (SELECT 1 item_id, 17436 chr_id, 14225034 chr_val_id FROM dual UNION
     SELECT 1 item_id, 39 chr_id, 14276173 chr_val_id FROM dual UNION
     SELECT 1 item_id, 17774 chr_id, NULL chr_val_id FROM dual UNION
     SELECT 1 item_id, 265 chr_id, 20502978 chr_val_id FROM dual UNION
     SELECT 1 item_id, 16978 chr_id, 797233 chr_val_id FROM dual UNION
     SELECT 1 item_id, 13092 chr_id, 5666917 chr_val_id FROM dual UNION
     SELECT 1 item_id, 15228 chr_id, 1209758 chr_val_id FROM dual UNION
     SELECT 2 item_id, 112 chr_id,  12705342 chr_val_id FROM dual UNION
     SELECT 2 item_id, 6945 chr_id, NULL chr_val_id FROM dual UNION
     SELECT 2 item_id, 70 chr_id, 12597376 chr_val_id FROM dual UNION
     SELECT 2 item_id, 16832 chr_id, NULL chr_val_id FROM dual UNION
     SELECT 2 item_id, 7886 chr_id, 9588619 chr_val_id FROM dual UNION
     SELECT 2 item_id, 6986 chr_id, 2659351 chr_val_id FROM dual UNION
     SELECT 3 item_id, 9531 chr_id, 8910943 chr_val_id FROM dual UNION
     SELECT 3 item_id, 9798 chr_id, 8717531 chr_val_id FROM dual UNION
     SELECT 3 item_id, 17446 chr_id, 12266441 chr_val_id FROM dual UNION
     SELECT 3 item_id, 4830 chr_id, 13683090 chr_val_id FROM dual UNION
     SELECT 3 item_id, 9518 chr_id, 834772 chr_val_id FROM dual UNION
     SELECT 3 item_id, 11031 chr_id, 20233753 chr_val_id FROM dual UNION
     SELECT 3 item_id, 12564 chr_id, 2282478 chr_val_id FROM dual)
    FROM   t
    FROM   t
    WHERE  chr_val_id IS NULL

    Or this:

    SELECT item_id
    FROM  (SELECT   item_id,
                    MIN(NVL(chr_val_id, -1)) min_chr_val_id
           FROM     t
           GROUP BY item_id)
    WHERE  min_chr_val_id != -1

    Published by: lee200 on October 15, 2012 09:22

  • I need help with the site please.


    I downloaded a model of WWW and edited with dreamweaver, previewed it all ok so I downloaded and there was a problem.

    The site is still in construction but in FIREFOX, it shows even the design, while in IE it displays correctly (at least for me, my friend got no design on both browsers).

    Here is the site

    Please can you tell me what I did wrong, or where is a mistake?

    If it's not ' show you properly, here's the picture how it should look.


    Thank you for your help,


    The site does not display correctly because browsers cannot find the style sheet (.css file) because link you to a file on your H drive on your computer.

    You must download the file style.css on your Web server and change the link in your HTML file

    so, instead of this:

      file:///H|/Documents and Settings/Mirko/Desktop/Beauty/style.css" type="text/css" media="screen" />