Hewlett-Packard HP Pavilion dv6 Notebook PC


I have a small problem with my laptop.

My warranty has expired and my HD stopped working.
Where can I find the drivers for my laptop? When I can´t use recovery :-(

Can someone send me a link with operational pilots please? :-) Thank you very much

video cards:
ATI/AMD Mobility Radeon HD 4200 (RS880M) [Hewlett-Packard]
ATI/AMD Mobility Radeon HD 5450/5470 (PARK PRO/XT GL) [Hewlett-Packard]

Motherboard model: Hewlett-Packard 1441
Motherboard Chipset: AMD M785 (RS880M) + SB810/SB850

Name of the processor: AMD Athlon II P340


Audio adapter: ATI/AMD SB800 / Hudson - 1 - High Definition Audio Controller
Audio adapter: ATI/AMD Cedar/Park/Robson - High Definition Audio Controller



Here are the drivers for your PC

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  • Pavilion 14: Windows 7 64 bit drivers Hewlett-Packard HP Pavilion 14 Notebook Pc

    I need how I can find?

    1 PCI VEN_8086 & DEV_9C3A & SUBSYS_2280103C & REV_04

    2 PCI\VEN_10DE & DEV_1340 & SUBSYS_2280103C & REV_A2

    3 USB\VID_0A5C & PID_216C & REV_0112

    4 PCI VEN_8086 & DEV_9C22 & SUBSYS_2280103C & REV_04

    5 ACPI\INT33A0

    Can you help me? Thank you.


    You need these drivers wifi, bluetooth and ethernet...

    This package contains the Broadcom Wireless LAN driver that is required to activate the LAN adapter wireless Broadcom integrated in the laptop models running a supported operating system. This package also contains the Broadcom Wireless Utility application.

    File name: sp69014.exe

    This package contains the Broadcom Bluetooth driver and software for the notebook models that are running an operating system supported. Broadcom Bluetooth 4.0 driver is required to enable the Broadcom Bluetooth 4.0 devices and is compatible with Broadcom Bluetooth 3.0 and earlier versions.

    File name: sp69015.exe

    This package contains the Realtek driver local area network (LAN) that allows the NIC (NIC) Realtek chip in the notebook models that are running an operating system supported.

    File name: sp68947.exe

  • Pavilion dv6 Notebook PC: I can pass on my HP Pavilion dv6 Notebook PC (memory, processor, graphics)

    My dv6 became very slow. I am running Windows 10 and now it takes 15-20 minutes to wake him up from his sleep and connect. Ive done a lot of cleanup and optimization, but nothing got better on that. It get very hot very quickly and the fan always seems to be at the top. I'm looking to try to upgrade the memory and perhaps the (quad-core) processor at least if possible, to see if the performance is going to do better. I can hardly do anything on this issue now because it takes too long! I have a 1 TB of HDD installed there a few years and who works well, but everyday navigation, products microsoft office and editing photo/video light from time to time are almost impossible! What memory and processors are compatible with my device that I could look in the upgrade? Any help is greatly appreciated! I'm new to upgrades of memory and others so I had a bit of a problem of the research/understand exactly what I would like to search! I will post the form below!

    Thank you!

    Data sheet:

    Name of the OS	Microsoft Windows 10 Pro
    Version 10.0.10586 build 10586
    System manufacturer	Hewlett-Packard
    System model HP Pavilion dv6 Notebook PC
    Type of system PC x 64
    System SKU XG740UA #ABA
    Processor Intel (r) Core i3 CPU M 370 @ 2.40 GHz, 2 Lossnay, 2399 Mhz, 4 logical processors
    Version of the BIOS/Date Hewlett - Packard F.29, 07/11/2011
    SMBIOS Version 2.6
    Embedded Controller Version 101.56
    BIOS mode Legacy
    Physical memory (RAM) installed	4.00 GB
    Total physical memory GB 3.80
    Available physical memory 716 MB
    Total virtual memory 7.67 GB
    Available virtual memory 1.26 GB
    Page file space 3.86 GB

    You have a model dv6-3155dx. Here are your specs:


    Here is the Service Manual:


    See p. 23. Your laptop has the CPU i3 - 370 M and UMA (Intel HD) video so, unfortunately, the processor is not extensible because it is soldered to the motherboard. Put video updated would also require the replacement of the motherboard. CPU upgrades are very difficult and rarely justify financially, in any case, but in your case is not possible at all unless you replace the motherboard, which is even more expensive and less be justified financially. The cost of high end motherboard and CPU and work, you might as well buy a new laptop.

    But all is not lost. The best upgrade, you can do is to install an SSD. You can also switch to 8 GB of RAM. An upgrade will be useful, together, they would be a game-changer.

    You would need 2 x 4 GB modules specified thus:

    Memory module (DDR3 PC3 - 10600 1333 MHz) - 4096 MB 599092-001

    https://www.Amazon.com/HP-VH641AT-4-GB-DDR3-PC3-10600/DP/B0030L3B8E/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8 & qid = 1472066313 & SR = 8-1 & Keywords = 599092-001

    This model is very, very picky about the memory and it must have 8 black blocks on the side, not 4. Also very intolerant of memory not specified in general. Remember that I bound will work. 'How to' on the manual p.60.

    SSDS are a little harder to choose (as many options) and what I need to know is your budget. I recommend at least a concert 500 class SSD and which will cost $120-160. Since you have 10 Windows, it would be easy to download the Microsoft recovery media directly and simply reinstall, then find the drivers and applications and migrate the data. The installation will be ignited automatically the first time that the computer is connected to the internet. You can also clone the existing content of the new SSD hard drive, but I do not recommend with a facility that is malfunctioning.

    We also probably discuss blowing dust and verification of thermal management in general. A laptop that suddenly becomes very slow, as you describe may have a hard drive problem, too. You need to run diagnostics on the hard drive and also just to check to see if it is full. Drops of performance as a rock if the hard disk reaches 90 percent and more capacity.

    Let us know if you have any other questions.

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  • Pavilion dv6 Notebook PC - problem with the installation of ubuntu


    I have HP Pavilion dv6 Notebook PC.

    BIOS ver. Hewlett-Packard F.17, 02/06/2010

    X 86-based PC
    Operating system: Win7 Home Premium

    I tried to install the ubuntu 5.04 version but it shows error "Kernel Panic"

    I tried several times but is unable to come up with solutions.

    Please help me... its urgent...

    Thank you very much for the reply!
    The information provided by you is very useful...

    This problem can be solved by putting the flash drive for installing and using a more recent version of linux...

  • Increase the RAM of my laptop from Hewlett-Packard HP Pavilion g4!


    First of all, I can't find the model number of my laptop, even if I follow these steps here, http://support.hp.com/us-en/document/c00033108

    But when I check my control panel > system and security > system, I found these details:

    Manufacturer: DriverPack Solution

    Model: Hewlett-Packard HP Pavilion Notebook PC g4

    Rating: 4.7

    : Processor Intel (R) Core (TM) i3 - 2310 M 2.10 GHz, 2.10 GHz

    Installation of memory (RAM): 4.00 GB

    System type: 64-bit Operating System

    My friend told me it's HP Pavilion g4 1001tx

    Originally, the installed memory is 2,00 GB, then I upgraded to 4.00 GB. Now my question is that I can improve to 8.00 GB? Say to 4.00 GB.

    Should what kind of RAM I buy?

    Please tell me everything related to my question.

    Your help will be very appreciated.

    Thank you


    P.S. also how much is the 4 GB? The last time, it has 2 GB, for, we add an another 2 GB to 4 GB but it did not work. We have therefore decided to add 4 GB only. So, is it only 8 GB too?

    Also, how much is the 4 GB? Is it only 8 GB which can be installed right away?

    The last time, I had 2 GB and we put an another 2 GB to 4 GB but it did not work. So, we put 4 GB of RAM only. It worked.

  • Pavilion dv6 notebook pc: no drivers

    product name: pavilion dv6 notebook pc

    Hello.. I need help on this driver
    These are the hardware ID:

    (1) USB\VID_0A5C & PID_21E & REV_0112
    * USB\VID_0A5C & PID_21E3

    Ethernet controller
    (2) PCI\VEN_10EC & DEV_8168 & SUBSYS_1807103C & REV_06
    * PCI\VEN_10EC & DEV_8168 & SUBSYS_1807103C
    * PCI\VEN_10EC & DEV_8168 & CC_020000
    * PCI\VEN_10EC & DEV_8168 & CC_0200

    network controller
    (3) PCI\VEN_14E4 & DEV_4727 & SUBSYS_1795103C & REV_01
    * PCI\VEN_14E4 & DEV_4727 & SUBSYS_1795103C
    * PCI\VEN_14E4 & DEV_4727 & CC_028000
    * PCI\VEN_14E4 & DEV_4727 & CC_0280

    PCI device
    (4) PCI\VEN_10EC & DEV_5209 & SUBSYS_1807103C & REV_01
    * PCI\VEN_10EC & DEV_5209 & SUBSYS_1807103C
    * PCI\VEN_10EC & DEV_5209 & CC_FF0000
    * PCI\VEN_10EC & DEV_5209 & CC_FF00

    SM bus controller
    (5) PCI\VEN_1022 & DEV_780B & SUBSYS_358D103C & REV_13
    * PCI\VEN_1022 & DEV_780B & SUBSYS_358D103C
    * PCI\VEN_1022 & DEV_780B & CC_0C0500
    * PCI\VEN_1022 & DEV_780B & CC_0C05

    USB controller
    (6) PCI\VEN_1022 & DEV_7812 & SUBSYS_358D103C & REV_03
    * PCI\VEN_1022 & DEV_7812 & SUBSYS_358D103C
    * PCI\VEN_1022 & DEV_7812 & CC_0C0330
    * PCI\VEN_1022 & DEV_7812 & CC_0C03

    unknown device 1
    (7) ACPI\HPQ0004
    * HPQ0004

    unknown device 2
    (8) USB\VID_138A & PID_0018 & REV_0078
    * USB\VID_138A & PID_0018

    I hope you can help me with this
    Thanks in advance


    Here are links to the drivers you need.

    For the smbus and usb controllers, download and install the drivers for the chipset amd from the link below and restart the PC.

    You want the first driver on the Web page.



    This package contains the Broadcom Bluetooth driver and software for models supported that are running a supported operating system. Broadcom Bluetooth 4.0 driver is required to enable the Broadcom Bluetooth 4.0 devices and is compatible with Broadcom Bluetooth 3.0 and earlier versions.

    File name: sp61617.exe

    Ethernet controller:

    This package contains the Realtek driver local area network (LAN) that allows the NIC (NIC) Realtek chip in the notebook models that are running an operating system supported.

    File name: sp56167.exe

    network controller:

    This package contains drivers for the Broadcom Wireless LAN Server supported in models cards mobile supported and operating systems.

    File name: sp57965.exe

    PCI device:

    This package contains the driver that allows the Realtek card reader in laptop models running a supported operating system. The card reader allows users to read or write to removable storage cards supported, which are typically used in digital cameras, digital music players and cell phones.

    File name: sp56166.exe

    unknown device 1:

    This package provides the HP ProtectSmart Hard Drive Protection software (HP 3D Driveguard) for the laptop models running a supported operating system. HP (HP 3D Driveguard) ProtectSmart hard drive Protection software protects the hard drive of "parking the heads ' if the laptop fell accidentally, or is suddenly hit by another object.

    File name: sp61037.exe

    unknown device 2:

    This package contains the driver that allows the validity fingerprint sensor in the notebook models that are running a supported operating system. The fingerprint sensor analyzes fingerprints for use with biometric security applications.

    File name: sp56403.exe

  • How to reformat HP Pavilion dv6 Notebook PC

    Hello world!

    How can I reformat HP Pavilion dv6 Notebook PC?

    Thank you..

    HP Recovery Manager to start recovery to format and reinstall. You can also use Recovery Manager to burn a DVD recovery set to start from a format & reinstall.

    Recovery of Vista:

  • HP Pavilion dv6 Notebook PC: Wireless Device on HP Pavilion Dv6 does not!

    Hello! I'll start with my mobile information system (and please excuse my spelling and language because I am very frustrated at the moment and typing this on a cell phone)

    It's a HP Pavilion dv6 Notebook PC with product number - B3K21PA #ABG. Serial number is 2CE2201C96. I have a Broadcom 4313GN 1 x 1 adapter Wi - Fi 802.11b/g/n according to my device manager. I recently chanhed my ISP and the wireless router, they provided is the Linksys E1200 model.

    Now, on the problem - after the use of an extended internet (Skype call or internet games) my laptop just stops giving me access to the internet. And I say it like that because the internet connection icon shows that I have access to the network and internet connection, but none of my software or browsers are able to connect to the internet. This is the first time, she does. I tried updating the driver (both by checking the driver updates and downloading the drivers manually). I also tried system restore and everything I could think off trying to do a factory reset on the whole thing. And I should mention also - although this problem has happened several times now since I changed ISP (and Yes, I called them on this subject too), this currently seems to be permanent, because it has been hours and it still does not.

    Any advice on what may be the problem or that the methods to try to resolve this would be greatly appreciated. I agree to be only moderately enough when it comes to operating a computer that I am not tech savvy kind, but have been using computers for a while now. For now, my current solution is a fall from my window on the 16th floor and see if that fixes anything. I'm not in my own country and the laptop is old a few years for technical support is hard to find.

    I might be sounding a little passive aggressuve and I apologize for that (I have, however, do not deny these circumstances).

    Thank you for reading through my wall of text of nonsense and condescend to help a poor fellow in his time of need.

    Yours sincerely.


    See if this help... driver installation is much more recent than on taking in charge of your computer laptop and driver page.


  • Hewlett Packard HP Pavilion 23: TV Tuner & antenna

    Dose the

    Hewlett Packard HP Pavilion 23-q130na Core i3 - 4170T 8 GB 1 TB DVD - RW 23-inch Windows 10 All In One

    Have a TV Tuner and an antenna Jack.

    Can't find an answer anywhere.

    Thank you very much


    The following link shows the specifications of the computer:


    No TV tuner therfore, there is no point to have an antenna Jack.

    Kind regards

  • HP Pavilion dv6 notebook intermittent failure of keyboard

    I have a HP Pavilion dv6 notebook, 1 year old.  Windows 7 Home Premium SP1, 8 GB of Ram.  I have an external wired keyboard (Logitech K120) and a separate wireless mouse.  Frequently in the past few weeks, I noticed that the keyboard will fail once the laptop worked for a while, usually when the laptop is in "sleep".  I hear by fails, * TWO * external and the internal keyboard.  Nor will respond to any strikes at all.  Mouse control is fine, even when the keyboard has failed.

    If I rebooted the system, it works well again.

    I think that when I saw this before, I tried to disconnect the external keyboard, but that doesn't matter, because the integrated keyboard does not work or the other.

    I guess this could result from certain automatic Windows driver installation or upgrade?  Does anyone have advice for the diagnosis or verification of current drivers?

    I have just closed the lid of the laptop, to force the machine mode 'sleep'.  When I opened the lid, the system has taken over, I can log in via the scanner digital, the mouse works but the keyboard has disappeared.  I had to reboot the system, update this message.


    Try the following steps:

    Control Panel-> hardware and sound-> Power Options-> change Plan (of the current plan selected) settings-> change the advanced power settings-> parameter of selective suspension of USB-> Disable (both)

    Control Panel-> hardware and sound-> Power Options-> change Plan (of the current plan selected) settings-> change the advanced power settings-> PCI-Express-> Link State Power Management-> Disable (both)

    I read on a Microsoft page that is who can solve some problems "out of sleep."


    I'll see if I can get a model of your laptop to see if I can reproduce the problem.

  • HP pavilion DV6 Notebook - Windows 8 DvD 6 question

    Hi, I have a HP pavilion dv6 notebook PC.
    System ID - 1657
    Product Id - AB5 # LQ395PA
    I upgraded to Win 8 and since my Player DVD has stopped working. In Device Manager, I get the below error
    "Windows cannot start this hardware device because its information of configuration (in the registry) is incomplete or damaged. (Code 19).

    I tried to uninstall and update the drive but get the same error and also tried to update the driver as well, but it also did not work. Please help on how to solve this problem. Thank you.


    Try to follow the procedure at the title of the subheading "Let fix me it myself" on the link below to delete the upper and lower filters and see if that helps the issue.  Although Windows 8 is not mentioned, the registry keys must be the same.


    Kind regards

    DP - K

  • Asio low latency generic Pavilion dv6 Notebook PC XS078EA driver

    Hello! I have a Pavilion dv6 Notebook PC.  Product XS078EA number. I restored the system to its original state with restore disks. After restoring the system, my audio device doesn't have the "generic low latency asio driver" option more. I used this driver with many production music applications like FL studio and Ableton Live, with optimal performance. Now, I can only use Direct Sound drivers, very poor indeed. I already downloaded and installed the latest version of IDT High Definition Audio drivers from the site, with no result. Please, how can get this 'pilot audio generic low latency' for my audio chipset again?

    Thanks a lot for your help

    Problem solved installung Nuendo 4, actually the first audio program I installed when I bought the PC. Generic low latency asio driver has been installed by Nuendo. In my view, remains the best driver asio for integrated audio devices.

    Thank you very much for the help!

  • HP Pavilion DV6 Notebook PC: I have a noise in my HP laptop

    Hello I have a little noise in my PC

    I think that noise of the fan, but I do not know!

    I clean up & fix my pc 2 times

    but computer still the noise is like a car when it launches!

    I'm updating my bios and I re install the windows but the rest sound

    and where can I buy the replacement fan for my PC and what is the price & I can buy just the fan without processor? (I am from the Tunisia)

    My device: HP Pavilion DV6 Notebook PC

    System: Windows 8.1 Pro 64-bit

    I need a lot of help & Thankx ^^

    Hi @2JANI ,.

    Thank you for visiting the HP Forums! A place where you can find solutions for your problems with the help of the community!

    I stumbled upon your post on the laptop and wanted to help you! I looked in your question about your HP Pavilion dv6 Notebook and noisy fans.

    I recommend to restore the default BIOS settings. You could restore the BIOS withthis document by selecting the reload the default BIOS settings. I recommend not updating the BIOS because sometimes this causes noisy fans.

    I hope this helps.

    Thank you.

  • HP Pavilion dv6 Notebook PC: restore the system and drivers

    Hello. A few days ago I faced a bad experience with my laptop HP Pavilion dv6 Notebook PC. System crashed. At any time, I tried to turn it on, an error message appears and the system was blocked. The message was: FILE: \BOOT\BCD status 0xc000000f, asking for the disc of Windows 7 system running. But the system disk did not run at all. I checked the situation and found the hard drive with 6 partitions instead of 2. I found a named partition BOOT (X which was a replica of C:.)  When I tried to restore the system with the recovery disc, something has obtained control of the recovery disc, so that C: might not be formatted; nor was X:. Also, I tried to cancel the file in X: but disc was protected and does not allow changes. If only I could get my uninstalled hard drive and all partitions have been cleaned. I got my hard drive cleaned perfectly, but my recovery disk can be installed correctly. So, the system has not yet restored. My question is: what should I do to get my laptop with the system restore? any ideas?

    When you request support, please provide the number full name or product model of the HP computer in question. HP/Compaq made thousands of computer models. Without this information, it can be difficult, even impossible to help you solve your problem.

    The information requested above are at the bottom of your computer or inside the battery compartment. , Please do not include your serial number. Please enter the product/model information in the HP Online Support page for consumers , and/or post it here for our review.

    Based on the age on your computer, it could come from the factory with the scores 5 or more. It is common on newer computers that use UEFI and GPT partitions. "Windows 7 system disc", the computer asking wass is a Windows 7 repair disc or a Windows 7 installation disc. None of these discs come with your HP computer and must be downloaded or created in Windows.


    Start by using your HP recovery disk set (should be DVD 3 or more). Insert the #1 disc and restart your computer to start the process. Insert the remaining disks as requested, until the recovery is complete.


    If this does not work, and you can read the product key 25 character Microsoft Windows 7 on th COST Microsoft attached to your computer, see "How to install Windows 7 without the disc" for download Windows 7 SP1, create the Windows installation DVD and install Windows 7.  If you prefer to install Windows 7 from a USB Flash drive, please download the Windows 7 USB/DVD download tool to create a Windows 7 SP1 USB Flash Drive. After the installation of Windows by using this method, you will have is more HP or software customizations. You'll also need to identify and download the drivers for hardware devices that Windows 7 does not already provide drivers for.

    If you have any other questions, feel free to ask.

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  • HP Pavilion dv6 Notebook PC: My Synapstic SMBus TouchPad does not work.

    Please help me my product number is A6L93EA #ABD. My laptop is HP Pavilion dv6 Notebook PC

    Hello @Abdel1,

    Welcome to the HP Forums, I hope you enjoy your experience! To help you get the most out of the HP Forums, I would like to draw your attention to the HP Forums Guide first time here? Learn how to publish and more.

    I understand that you have a problem with the TouchPad and wanted to help you!

    For starters, you can check the number of the product?  I can't pull up your laptop that is expected.  Here is a link, you can use that will help you find your model and product number: How can I find my model number or product number?

    Have you started having this problem after the Windows 10 operating system upgrade?  In the meantime, try to review the following document and let me know how it goes:

    Troubleshooting when the TouchPad is not working

    Please let me know if this information helps you solve the problem by marking this message as 'accept as Solution', this will help others easily find the information they seek.  In addition, by clicking on the Thumbs up below is a great way to say thank you!

    Have a great day!

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