Hexadecimal string to HEXADECIMAL number

Hello Experts,

I just stuck in a simple problem. in fact I'm having an array of string HEX I want to convert it to HEX number format, I am looking for this conversion. It's that simple, but I can't do this job. Please see the image to join for more understanding.

Soon harry and thnaks in advance


You can do this (and many other conversions from string to a number) with analysis of the chain. %x indicates LabView input data are hexagonal. There are also a lot of string functions to a number (for example ' in hexadecimal string to the number") which could be faster if you do this 100 000 times in loop, but analysis chain will solve 99% of your problems.


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    I have a 32 bit string I need to convert a hexadecimal number, what program I can do?

    Can someone help me?

    Thank you

    Each character in a string is a BYTE.  So you tell each of these I8s are 0 or 1?  If this is the case, then why not just use Boolean values (TRUE or FALSE)?  An array of Boolean would do this very simple since you can simply use the primitive Boolean array of numbers to do the conversion for you.

  • String extract hexadecimal number

    Normal 0 I have device that returns the response of multi line where I need to extract a hexadecimal number in this f01a.ad70.db84 patten

    The hex number will be chamge, but in same patten (FFFF. FFFF. FFFF)

    Thank you.

    I tried to delete all the "pass" with a 'space' to make a line. Then I just kept passing the remaining string in a registry to offset. Don't know if its more simple, just another way to do it.

  • How can I search for hexadecimal number of 32-bit in .csv file


    How can I search for 32-bit in .csv file usinf labview 8.6.1 hexadecimal number


    This post was not really a solution.  He just ordered Sandy to post in the appropriate forum, which we now know is LabVIEW 8.6.1 LV.


    You want to read the text file, then use the search/Split String function to find the matching characters that make up your hexagonal pattern.

    What you ask is a little strange wordly since .csv files are text files, and you ask a "32-bit hexadecimal number.  Can you give an example of what you are looking for?  My response assumes you have a 8 string that consists of the characters 0-9, A - F for catch the 4 bytes.  Maybe you are dealing with just 4 bytes that present themselves as ASCII characters in a text file.  In which case you wouldn't have one. CSV file.

    If the response of research/Split String is not useful to you, you will need to provide details about what you are looking for and also an example of your. CSV file.

  • How to choose bits to a hexadecimal number?

    I have a list of hexadecimal number (a single column with "n" lines). Leave the list to be named 'A '. Each hexadecimal number, after conversion to binary, I need to 9 bits, choose the right end (d0, d1, d2... D8) and label as X. Then the 9 consecutive following bits (d9, d10,... d17) and label Y. I want to do it for all the "n" elements has and put it to separate the columns X and Y. Can someone help me to do this? Thank you very much.


    Suppose a = 11110000111100000111110000 is a binary form of the first item has. So, I want to choose the pieces that, X = 111110000 (bits from the right end of a) and Y = 111100000 (successive 9 bits). I don't like the rest of the bits to the left. A, I ' n number of elements (a1, a2, a3,... a). I want to do for all and make a list of X and Y (two columns).

    Handling a bit will get it there.  The logical shift and AND functions are essential when dealing with this kind of problem.

  • Convert the string to a number

    Hallo Zusammen,

    ICH versuch uber das dialog user reale eine Zahl appears just. Es wird aber nur als String erkannt. Wie kann ich das String in umwandern number? Ahlich wie str2num in Matlab.
    ICH habe auch versucht, in the dialog box editor die als Variable real zu compete, aber dann kommt Fehlermeldung beim Skriptaufruf

    Grüße, Andi


    in DIAdem kann man die Funktion Val use, um einen String in einen numerischen Wert zu if.

    VBS script hyva also contract dem die beiden Zeilen 18 und 19 wie folgt angepaßt werden:

    T = Val (T_Umgebung)
    p_um = Val (p_Umgebung)

    SLA second wins optionalen parameter der Funktion Val kann ein Wert angegeben werden, der im Fehlerfall back enchanted wird.

  • How to convert a string to a number?

    How to convert a numeric string to a number of TestStand?

    Use Val().

    Example Val (Locals.myString)

  • How String concat and number?

    This is my code:

    PMString strLabel is 'TXT-' + 1;.

    But result = 'TXT '.

    How String concat and number?

    Hi daitranthanhoa,

    PMString has an AppendNumber function.


  • Converting a string to a number


    I have a problem to send a string to a number...

    I have a field of text called score0: -.

    var score = score0.text;

    Chain (score0.text) will be an 's' at the end time in seconds and tenths, so I will receive something in the sense of "8.1" s as the value...

    I would like to take score0.text, remove the 's' then * 1000 the amount that a certain number before using...

    Is this possible? Thanks for any help in advance...

    score: var number = parseFloat (score0.text) * 1000;

  • How do the secret string to the number value


    I want to convert the string to a number value

    ex: -.

    Select col from t1 where p1 = '232';

    the query above returns as a value below


    I have to pass the value in another query where condition as below

    Select * from t2 where in p2 (123,343,534,433);

    P2 is here the number data type,
    and I want to take each coma has a distinct value

    Thanks in advance...

    Another way

    SQL> select *
      2  from  emp
      3  where INSTR(','||'7900,7902'||',' , ','||empno||',' ) > 0
      4  /
         EMPNO ENAME      JOB              MGR HIREDATE         SAL       COMM     DEPTNO
    ---------- ---------- --------- ---------- --------- ---------- ---------- ----------
          7900 JAMES      CLERK           7698 03-DEC-81        950                    30
          7902 FORD       ANALYST         7566 03-DEC-81       3000                    20


  • Hexadecimal number to hex string

    Dear moderators of Labview and experts.

    I'm looking for a simple tool, but could not know.

    Could you help me?

    I want to convert a hexadecimal string, Hex number unchanged.

    I mean digital Hex display shows E8 and I convert it to a string and I have Open indicator string Hex window and get the same answer E8.

    Someone knows how to do?

    I thank very you much in advance!

    cast will do what you want.

    (Make sure that digital is U8 and the string is defined to display hex.)

  • Convert a hexadecimal number to a string of hexadecimal numbers.

    Hi all

    I have receive 1036 bytes of data from a device through VISA, and I would like to insert the data in hex form into a Word report document what happened. When I use the text of the report append VI, I have the ascii representation of my hexadecimal numbers. I wish that the numbers hexadecimal to insert in the Word document.

    Any suggestions?

    Thank you!


    Then use the table to a string of spreadsheet with a space as a separator.

    Note: He puts a return trolley/line that you may or may not need.  If you do not need, then strip the last characters of the string.

  • Re: Converts a hexadecimal string to a number

    Good afternoon;

    I'm doing the same thing.  I read 8 bytes of data from a modbus gateway.

    I take the substring that I'm interested in... if I put normal playback display is not printable... the value hexadecimal display reading is 3098 should be decimal 12440 I think?

    It feels like I am close but not quite...

    MNED wrote:

    I can't get the conversion...

    Have you tried our suggestions (font Type) or string Unflatten yet?

  • Converts a hexadecimal string to a number

    As the attached vi, I am tring to convert to string (hex) number (U8), but doesn't seem to work.

    Any suggestion, thank you.

    Now, you have 2 solutions:

  • How to recover the BB PIN (8-digit hexadecimal number)

    Hi, thanks in advance

    Help unravel how to recover PIN (number 8 hexadecimal digits) that is available in the Options/status/pine can-> a particular device on which my application is running via java.

    and I want to add these data to external URLS and even in my DB.

    presenty, I use DeviceInfo.getDeviceId () which returns to something like this "553648138" but this isn't what I need I need '210000 A' something like that.

    Integer.toHexString (DeviceInfo.getDeviceId)

Maybe you are looking for

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