HFR during timecode synchronization

Hello world

yesterday, I tried to synchronize an audio device in the HFR-Mode via timecode (BNC OUT) connector. Isn't this possible? Without HFR, all right. Any idea?




Sounds good! Nice support!


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    I get the following error message: 'Sync has encountered an error during the synchronization. Unknown error. Synchronize automatically retrying this action. "In addition, currently, my favorites are useless: I lost all my favorites and I can't add any new.

    Problems with bookmarks and history does not properly can be caused by a corrupted database places.sqlite file.

    You can check for problems with the database places.sqlite file in the Firefox profile folder.

  • During the synchronization of photos of the iPad to the computer of the pictures already on the computer from other sources to get deleted?

    during the synchronization of photos from iPad to computer, the pictures already saved on the computer from other sources get deleted?

    N ° you import pictures from iPad to your computer. You're ot their synchronization. Already on your computer the photos should not affect at all.

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    Whenever I try to download songs on my mps I do not sync my songs. Whenever I click on the button of synk sart on Windows Media Player little pop box saying "Windows Media Player has encountered a problem during the synchronization of the file to the device. For additional assistance, click Web Help. "and when I click web help it does not at all help me please someone help me!

    1. with the device that you are trying to synchronize?
    2 - is the first time you try to sync Windows media player?
    Windows Media Player has encountered a problem during the synchronization of the file to the portable device. Because this error can occur for various reasons, there is no single solution.
    To resolve the problem, try to disconnect and reset. See your device manual for specific instructions on performing this procedure.
    In some cases, this error may occur if you try to synchronize a file hidden on a device. To resolve this problem, delete the file in the sync list or change the properties of the file so that the file is not hidden.
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    During the synchronization of the contacts first time from Outlook to my Xperia Z3 Compact I get only the e-mail addresses in the contacts list. No phone number. Using PC Companion. What's wrong? How to solve it?

    Problem solved! After some sleep and after reading the manual in detail, I found the title of help, I found the place to the right setting. Thank you Jean-Claude and Gary!

  • unknown error during the synchronization of large amount of bookmarks

    I have thousands of bookmarks, but has not been able to sync. I always get the error message: ' Sync has encountered an error during synchronization: unknown error. " Synchronize automatically retrying this action. »

    In order to solve the problem several times I reset the remote data, but always the same error after a retry.

    I also export bookmarks and re-imported (which replaced the existing bookmarks). Still the same problem.

    Any ideas how to fix?

    Hi Christophe,

    It may be a bug corrupting your data. Please, fill a bug by following these instructions: https://philikon.wordpress.com/2011/06/13/how-to-file-a-good-sync-bug/

    Generally the bookmarks are not the majority of the data synchronized (story takes a big piece of storage).

  • BlackBerry Smartphones Intellisync - error specific connector - during the synchronization process

    Hi all

    I went to sync my bb 9000 with my laptop Windows using the BB Desktop Manager (done so many times before)

    Now during synchronization, on the screen you can see the treatment device address book. but every time anyone in the past 10 ish records a box appears:


    (X) connector specific error


    you click ok and the synchronization has not occurred.

    Everyone knows about this problem?

    What it means?

    How can I resolve, so that I can synchronize and update my address books (outlook - bb9000)

    Can't wait to hear a BB genius out there!

    Please read and try to help in advance!

    At soon muchly

    Hi and welcome to the Forums!

    Here's a knockout who deals with this error:

    • KB15294 "Connector specific error" when syncing with BlackBerry Desktop Software

    I hope that it contains something useful!

    Good luck and let us know!

  • Contacts are combined with others during the synchronization of google

    I'm having a problem where some of my contacts are getting merged during synchronization of google.

    For example, I have 3 contacts:

    Shipping of 1 company that owns two phone numbers

    2 transmission, which has two business phone numbers

    Shipping of 3 company that owns two phone numbers

    On my pre, I see two entries of contacts:

    Shipping of 1 company that owns two phone numbers

    2 transmission, which has four telephone numbers of the company

    I can't get 3 company, but their phone number appears under the company 2.

    Ideas, suggestions, etc.

    Hi rjoffe,

    Welcome to the forums of Palm! In your specific example, open the contact for shipping of 2 company, then tap the header at the top. A list appears showing all sources of data for this contact. Tap the 3 company shipping option, then select Remove the link profile. This will separate 3 company so that it is a separate contact.

  • Character dialogue in Action, not recognized, in particular during the synchronization of calendar

    Hello personal and community

    I really like the features of automation of history. The one concern I have is on the script for calendar synchronization. If I were to have a scene that includes only stocks with the mention of a character (or two or three), during synchronization with a calendar, it does not appear as characters in this specific scene. It is a real headache for producers who need to know what characters appear in every scene, precisely the thing for which a calendar is desired.

    Yes, you have the option of choice deselect a scene, or in a more advanced framework, deciding not to update the characters, but an option whereby you can LOCK the synchronization stage would be most beneficial?

    And to do this, every scene should be identified by an ID (not the scene number), since the addition of the extra scenes in a revision would then KNOCK OUT the scene number and all screw up again.

    This issue has been addressed in 2010 and I could not find any more information on this issue through research. If there is a way to do what I'm talking about, let me know. Otherwise, this should be a fairly high priority on team history, because it affects every, single user program somewhere along the lines. A LOCKING function would be the best option and would, I think, be fairly easy to implement.

    Thanks for your time and assistance. Have a great holiday!

    Well, I feel like an absolute heel...

    Apparently this has been already integrated in the program by the PROPERTIES of the individual scenes SCENE. You can add them or just to detect them and save them in the metadata of the script itself, which will allow to import on the calendar.

    Sorry for the absurd question. Guess I have to keep playing with this software.

    Thank you very much.

  • My photo app has disappeared during the synchronization... I have now no camera on my Iphone 6

    I had all kinds of trouble sync my apps with Itunes so I took up to bare bones and finally got my phone to synchronize. Somewhere in the process, I lost of the Apple device that comes standard on all Iphones now and have no idea how to do to get it back.  Also, when you push and hold an icon/app, it shakes for allows you to delete or move, but there is no X for you actually delete.  So weird!  I just I have to return this camera..., tomorrow we leave for vacation!

    Hello davisdavis04,

    If you do not (x) to remove an application, then you're probably using an integrated application that can not be removed as added apps.

    Find apps - iPhone

    Delete an app, Touch and hold the icon of the application on the home screen until the icons wiggle, and then tap on . You cannot delete the built-in apps.

    This brings us to the missing camera application.  Because it is integrated, it cannot be deleted, but it can be hidden.

    Get help with the camera on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch - Apple Support

    You do not see the camera application

    You should see the camera on your home screen app.

    If it is not there, use search to find it. If the camera does not appear in the search, check to see if it is blocked.

    Go to settings > general > Restrictions and look under allow. Make sure that the camera is on.

    Have an unforgettable experience.

  • Sansa e280: multiple paths to the devices during the synchronization and no MUSIC file

    Feature: Sandisk Sansa e280 8G

    version: 01.02.24A

    I had a problem with my e280. A month ago, I started getting an error message during playback of my music files. The error says "Syncronize to continue music subscription" I have synced to my computer, nothing helps. Soon ALL my music files were giving me this error message. I went on the Sansa website, where I was directed to download and run the device Sansa Recovery Console. I did as instructed, and now when I join my e280, I get TWO paths of devices (E: / and F: /). I am only able to access one of them (E: /). F: / is noted as removable drive and not going anywhere. When I enter in E: / I can not find my music files. When I remove my camera, he did a restart of automatic system, as soon as the restart was successful, it updates the database for about 10 minutes. I synced the device and my computer prompted me to format the device. I formatted and I still no MUSIC file. The device has been wiped and I thought it would be best to seek professional help until I made the situation worse.

    If there is any other information needed to tell me what it is and, in the worst case scenario, how to find and I'll post it as soon as POSSIBLE. I know it's a lot of problems for a single device, but any help at all would be greatly appreciated!

    Thank you for your time,


    Unless you are dealing with the Rhapsody subscription service, the error message "sync" is probably due to problems, DRM , Windows Media Player created without your knowledge. It is turned on by default in WMP, & unless you know about it from the start, you can do it yourself untold headaches.

    If you are ripping from CD to the .wma format, uncheck the option 'Copy protect' in the rip settings tab. It's the guy causing the problem. If you do not rip your own CD and downloading these songs instead, they have a DRM encryption. Try a different and/or source format. MP3 files don't have any crippling DRM.

    You must delete the files on the drive and start over with new, best non - DRM. If RIP you to .mp3 format, it won't be a problem, more there are other benefits on the Microsoft/WMP .wma format.

    When connected in MSC mode, your computer will detect your drive as just another flash storage device; actually 2 separate devices. 1 will be your drive (internal memory). In your case, E:. F: received the external memory card slot, if there is a card in it or not. If you have no card in the slot, that's why he 'not going anywhere '. Perfectly natural and nothing bad here.

    The MUSIC folder (and others) are hidden by default. You have to display .

    Formatting will erase all content, so this is only necessary performed as a last resort. It's a PITA to re - load it all so that you do not want to unless it is absolutely necessary. But now that yours is formatted, you can start over w/o of the DRM BS and your problems should go away.

  • BlackBerry smartphones loss Curve 8330 to appts during the synchronization of calendar Outlook via Desktop Manager 4.5

    Whenever I sync my calendar here are some nominations (and/or changes of the appt) on my BB that do not move to Outlook and Outlook that do not move in my BB calendar.  It doesn't seem to be a model for those who don't synchronize.

    I use:

    Outlook 2002 SP3

    Desktop Manager 4.5

    BB Curve 8330

    MS Windows Prof 5.1 SP

    I tried:

    -disable filters

    -Rotation of the filters (to limit the number of items that are above)

    -Closing on the calendar (to remove items older than 30 days)


    -Re-install Desktop Manager

    All other synchronizations (tasks, notes, address book) seem to work well.

    Any ideas?

    Check out the thread entitled "synchronization with Outlook delete old calendar entries.  Good information in there (2nd page) on how to to clear the calendar on the device.  Seemed to work for them...

  • Smartphones from blackBerry Desktop Manager falls down during the synchronization of outlook calendar

    Today only has what is going on has begun - BB8320 synchronizes very well until the moment of synchronization of calendar (outlook 2003) I get this error message

    AppName: desktopmgr.exe AppVer: ModName: ilxolk.fil

    ModVer: Offset: 00060c 03

    have you tried re - start (laptop and phone), have the modified sync settings, but always crashes at the same point - form 23 of the 35 records.  Someone at - it ideas?

    Well, if the sync has gone well, you must have in your blackberry 22 items. Maybe they are stored in chronological order?
    Anyway, 22 out of 35, which means that there are more than 7 events that can cause the problem. just wipe everything and re-create them then!

    For the reason for the bug... here is maybe something at the event? an attachment, a special category...

  • BlackBerry Smartphones BlackBerry Desktop Software 7 shows "Sync error" during the synchronization of Contact data with outlook

    I use bold9790. after update 7.1 I am facing a problem when I synchronize my contacts with outlook. When it reaches about 250 stopped sound and show me the error as application not valid.

    My version of software for device 7.1Bundle1647 (v platform

    UT mate thank you had no resolution

  • Smartphones from blackBerry Desktop Manager stops during the synchronization of Outlook 2007 calendar


    I got my curve for about 6 months, and now the Office Manager stops when synchronizing the calendar.  He gets through the address book and then I get an error message and you must stop it.  I synchronize with an Outlook 2003/XP on my work computer and have no problem, but my computer is running Outlook 2007/Vista.  I'd love some help on this issue.  Thank you!

    the next thing to try is to start-run-msconfig

    Click the STARTUP tab and disable all

    Restart the PC and try again

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