Hi, I bought a brand new 6 s iPhone known most 16 GB from a local retailer. He convinced me to buy the demo not selling iPhone that was attached packed and said his new never used but only after opening updated iOS... Is this phone is normal?

Hi, I recently bought a new model of more than 16 gb iPhone 6s from a known retailer. The phone wasn't demo for sale but he convinced me saying his seal all packed and quite simply not been used and do not have the phone to the ear, but that he provided separately. But now, after opening the seal that he had to upgrade the iOS and I was skeptical since, but he said its normal to update for all the phone manufacturer before the new iOS. the phone feels very well and works normally, but I feel fuzzy and would like to know if the phone is like nine normal phone or not because I paid him the money together without discount. Also the logo behind apple not incorporated that fine and feels separately. Help, please

Is this retailer authorized Apple dealer?

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