Hi, I have a problem with FF, when I click on a google site, opening in a new tab and I don't want to, can you help me?

Hi, I have a problem with FF, when I click on a google site, opening in a new tab and I don't want to, can you help me?

Hello, this may be a preference in your google search parameters. go to google.com/preferences and disable the option to search results open in a new browser window.

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    Hello Jdnewtofirefox, this looks like a problem maybe caused by adware on your pc.

    Please go to firefox > addons > extensions and remove any suspicious entries (toolbars, the things that you have not installed intentionally, I don't know what purpose they serve, etc.).

    also go to Control Panel / programs and remove all toolbars or potentially unwanted software from there.

    Finally, run a full scan of your system with security tools like the free version of malwarebytes & adwcleaner.

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    ·         You did changes to the computer very recently before that this problem occurred?

    Try the steps in the following methods and check the status of the issue.

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    Problem solved after the removal of Yahoo Messenger that I've updated today.

  • Open in a new tab and open in a new window have been inverted, how to restore?

    I was pleased to see that I have connected today that Firefox has a update is ready. I was even more excited when I heard that the browser itself has been updated. And while all these new and exciting things make a surprising choice for a Firefox browser, im at my wits end on this little change which is annoying the hell out of me.

    Apparently between 3.6 and the new Firefox, when you right click on a link, you will see open in a new window to the place where has been opened in a new tab. This may not seem like a big deal, but a person who has been opening the windows to tabs for the tabbed browsing came out, I hate having multiple windows open.

    When I right click on a link, its an automatic reflex for me to open it in a new tab, but now I can't. Whenever I end up opening a window instead. Y at - it an easy solution to this little problem that drives me crazy?

    You can use the editor to Add Menu on to change the order of menu items - https://addons.mozilla.org/firefox/addon/menu-editor

  • I use google search. When I click on a suggestion contained in the results tab of the search, I want it to open in a new tab and keep the search results in the original tab. How?

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    Google offers a framework for this. What it does, it adds a HTML (target = "blank") statement to every result link, which causes Firefox to open in a new tab. If you uncheck the preference to divert new windows in new tabs, Firefox will then open the result in a new separate window.

    This preference is stored in a cookie, if you clear your Google cookies often, so you'll need to reset every time. You can do so here:


    (On this page, Google refers to a new window.)

  • When I click on a link to open in a new window the window appears in white with the exception of "Search bookmarks and historical." What can I do?

    This has happened for a while. I don't remember adding or changing my Firefox settings. When this happens and I need this extra window I'll and open Explorer.

    Start Firefox in Firefox to solve the issues in Safe Mode to check if one of the Add-ons is the cause of the problem (switch to the DEFAULT theme: Tools > Modules > themes).

    • Makes no changes on the start safe mode window.


    If this does not work in mode without failure, then disable all extensions and then try to find out who is the cause by allowing both the problem reappears.

    • Choose "Disable all add-ons" on issues to troubleshoot Firefox in Safe Mode to set window to disable all extensions.
    • Close and restart Firefox after each change through "file > exit ' (Mac: ' Firefox > leave";) Linux: "file > exit ')
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    Please check if this occurs in Safe Mode

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  • At startup, My Documents opens without be clicked. I heard that there is a registry problem. I tried the fix in the registry and it has not worked. Can you help me?

    A few days ago, I noticed my Documents open when running on my Windows Vista computer. I did a few Google searches hoping to find some sort of answer. I saw that XP had the same problem and noticed that the solution for XP was the same thing as Vista, I found the answer for my system.

    I tried two fixes registry and again, in vain. Now my Documents appears more than ever. I tried to scan for viruses and malware, and nothing came. I have read that I need to do a system restore, and I would try to avoid that if possible.

    Even as I type this, My Documents is popping up on the taskbar. It's really starting to annoy me and I want a solution for this.



    This looks like some third-party software or service that runs in the background is causing this problem. Try to perform the clean boot and check if there is no application of third party behind this question.

    To perform a clean boot on a computer that is running Windows Vista, follow these steps.

    1. click on start, type msconfig in the search box and press ENTER.

    If you are prompted for an administrator password or a confirmation, type the password, or click on continue.

    2. in the general tab, click Selective startup.

    3. under Selective startup, clear the check box load startup items.

    4. click on the Services tab, select the hide all Microsoft Services check box, and then click Disable all.

    5. click on OK.

    6. When you are prompted, click on restart.

    7. after starting the computer, reinstall and run the program and see if the problem is resolved.

    Check if you have the same problem... If your issue is resolved, follow the how to determine what is causing the problem section in KB article to narrow down the exact source.


    To restore your computer to a Normal startup mode, follow these steps.

    1. click on start in the box start the search.

    2. type msconfig and press ENTER.

    If you are prompted for an administrator password or a confirmation, type the password, or click on continue.

    3. click on the general tab.

    4. click on Normal Startup - load all device drivers and services and then click OK.

    5. When you are prompted, click on restart to restart the computer.

    Also run a Virus scan using a live care online utility.



    Follow the steps mentioned in the link below

    How to get rid of malware.


    Let us know if this helps


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    Now, since this last update, you bird has been going crazy! One, it opens a new message in a new tab. When I select more than one message in order to move them into a subfolder, I get asked: ' opening (number of) X messages can be slow. " Do you want to continue? "Of course I didn't--I just want to move the messages!

    The "Delete" button provided above the message pane is much too sensitive. I want only to delete a SINGLE message at a time - not two or three unless I actually select more than one. Yet these two or three, often with lines of different disciplines, disappear from the window of the object.

    I don't quite know how to describe the latest issue: when I managed to get a message or group of messages, or change files, too often my playback window flashes of full screen to 'Restore down' and vice versa. It's very confusing!

    Yet once again, the question is NOT in my mouse! I think it is in the Thunderbird last "update". Too many "chiefs" (read "developers")?

    Found! Idle speed double-click radically. We'll see if it works. Thanks _much! _

  • I used to be able to open a new tab by clicking on the + tab at the far right. Now, when I click on the sign +, nothing happens. No new tab appears. What could be wrong?

    Open a new tab for it (the sign on the far right of the tabs +) does not. How to fix this?

    Uninstall the toolbar Ask and it should work again. There is a compatibility issue with the Ask and Firefox toolbar that prevents the opening of new tabs.

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    We have formulas for holidays where the Manager and team member both sign on several lines at different times.  Once the first line was signed to save the form as something different or it won't save it.  We tried that allows the user extended features, unlock the fields, which makes new forms.  Can anyone help?


    Make sure that the preview option is disabled in Windows Explorer.

  • When I click on light effects, it simply creates a new layer, and I can't really change/tweak the enlightenment... help

    Photoshop lighting effect filter does not work. A new layer called just the effects of light appears, why?

    Under help > system info, copy and paste the first two lines identifying the exact version of your OS and Photoshop.

    In Photoshop, the command is the menu Filter > render > lighting effects

    Don't use "Last filter" or it runs the command without bring to the top of the dialog box.

  • I have a problem with the computer is slow and does not file.

    1 of my pc and 1 another laptop, both with same OS - win 7 starter, atom and same ram and Ghz processor.

    The the Task Manager on the two of them performing at about 50%
    I use wifi and same place,
    always pages on my pc are load too late, manyatimes same gmail takes more than an hour to load or load never at all.
    Live TV on my pc crashes a lot and the clarity of the video is too bad, although the same graphics card, wifi, etc. are used.
    Any recommendation to get rid of these problems?
    2. some viruses had infected my pc,
    I tried to scan my pc and the USB with 2 antivirus free and pay different and even contacted the companies and sent them files. But I got no solution.
    On my pc, the files opens, show that a few errors before you open it then on my cell it do not open at all. Only shortcuts are displayed, while the USB is to have 4 GB of data.
    The companies had scanned all files that are intended for them and had recommended some solutions, but none of them worked and I was faced with the same problems.
    It was queries that I had sent to the antivirus company-
    10-20-bitdefender files that are
    > infected. They were initially on my USB, then I connected to another
    > pc. After that, when I connected to my pc, I scanned and that she was
    > no virus. Then the ameliiecouturiaux and the files whatever i seclect opened in a
    > new window and took that wasannoying time. So I copied all the files to my
    > pc, yet once scanned, formatted my USB and then comes the againNow copiedit the
    > problem - all the icons or folders remain the same with the name of the folders but
    > the files inside this foldergot automatically changed and I lost all my
    > data. Now, I can't find any of my files on my pc or my USB. PL send me
    > an email so that I canattach the files and send them to bitdefender. Dungeon of pl
    > secure these files. Some files have an another new error that I had
    > downloaded. More files will be downloaded once I have bitdefender recieveemail to

    > that I can answer. PL copy this message in its entirety and add this to your answer.
    According to my knowledge, 2 of my PC are infected and the virus are not getting detected by bitdefender on my PC1 but 4 threats have been detected on the laptop...
    The same files are include the other way on my other pc.
    Whenever I open the files, save option opens and a new file is saved with the file tha but they never get to open in word or powerpoint, only the backup option is displayed.
    The original files are protected by copyright and are lost. PL help me if possible to retrieve and delete all the files once the inspection is completed. You can forward this message to any authorized person.
    Attached files have changed to 1 or 2 k, but there was initially datas in a few MBs.
    201310131003535. I mentioned that somewhere I had formatted the USB key. Just before that, I had copied all files by selecting CTRL A and cut all the files in a directory on my PC. Then I opened the USB and no files were there. But always around 4 GB has been shown as being busy on the USB stick before formatting.
    My pc takes too long to restart, I tried a few 3 - 4 times and no updates have been installed or waiting to install after the 2nd time but when even he took more time than usual to restart and is compared to the other pc taking 2 X the time to restart, but two of them have installed bitdefender. Problem in my laptop toshiba, not pc lenovo, space time with more than 50 percent on the disk processor and Atom c.
    The files on my USB key are automatically replaced by shortcuts and so files open in a new tab and new cases opened are not those of origin who have been saved by me in this matter. Yet once I formatted and scanned, files, pc and USB but still facing the same USB key.
    1. all files are automatically displayed as shortcuts, even if I had pasted the original file
    2. once I click on open, I get an error and then after clicking on ok, some files get opened
    Before sending the email, I had formatted the USB scanned files on my HARD drive and then copied on the USB. The same problem persists. I think that when the files are displayed or open, the virus does something and change his behavior wrongly.
    1 bitdefender watch as new bitdefender is available, I click ok and repair wire starts and then it tells the system to restart.this cycle continues on the race

    2. 2 files are missing (attachment)
    3. could you send me the file by e-mail?  You can also download the link below.


    because the webste or browsers (chrome, firefox) are not respongding.
    4. I could get these 2 points. Browse your computer to locate the removable storage device and right click
    its icon.
    3. in the shortcut menu, point to Bitdefender and select immunize it

    I am able to open my pendrive ffrom on 1 pc but on my laptop, all the files don't appear as shortcuts 1-2 KB and can not access.

    zwhwenever, I click the icon, the window save under opens for all files.
    on this pci usingbitdefender antivirus am more 2013 downloaded from download.com and the antivirus from bitdefender 60 seconds.
    my pc shows the USB key as safe, but laptop with 2 antivirus mentioned above are showing 2 virus - worm.vbs.ch (bitdefender 2013)
    using bitdefendr 2013 more on laptop, I tried to immunize the file but an error was encountered.
    the error is in German-
    Der process nicht auf die Datei zugreifen kann, da sie von einem other process verwendet wird. I closed all the files and tried to immunize the USB of the my computer without having to open the USB by clicking on it.
    Itried to remoe and atach the pendriveagain and even restarted the laptop, but the same error message appeared.
    Properties - 5.10 GB ref 7.89 GB, but when the USB wasopened, all files were only 2 or 3 KB of size.
    1 more problem-i tried to delete the files in quarantine but bitdefender stopped working and went off automatically.
    I copied all the files from USB to pc, they were 2.22 GB, then again, I copied them back after scannig and formatting of topendrive and it was only 1.44 GB
    BitDefender Antivirus 2013 never works and always displays the message to restart the laptop so that it can start working, but it neverstarts. But bitdefendeer 60 seconds work.

    LOL - install software Registry Cleaner to fix damaged or broken registry entries.

    More likely to worsen the situation.

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