Hi I have avg 2011 free add. Some components are on but the antivirus and a bit more does not illuminate. I click on update, this is the error I clicked fix says it all, but also failure update?

I, m Bob a ball came saying that the firewall is disabled, I went in ave and tutned it then I am I at risk because the antvirous is disabled and I did everything I could do to try to turn it on but can't find anywhere that it says to turn under. all this happened when I turned on wall of fire and all the fix get faild. ???


Hello Bobtopper,

What is the error message when you try to market the AVG antivirus?
You turn on the AVG firewall or Windows Firewall?

If you are having problems with AVG antivirus and you want to uninstall, you can download the Microsoft Security Essentials, which is downloadable for free. Security Essentials provides anti-virus, anti-spyware, anti-malware, etc..
You can activate the automatic updates if you do not have to worry about updating the software.
Click here for a link to download Microsoft Security Essentials.

It is not recommended to have more than one antivirus installed because it could cause conflicts in the operating system. If you decide to use Microsoft Security Essentials, you will need to uninstall AVG Antivirus and remove all previous AntiVirus software before installing Security Essentials.

Please reply back and let us know if we can help you further.

Thank you


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