HI, Siri would not speak in Italian Luca voice after update for Sierra

HI, why Siri not talk in Italian Luca voice after update to Sierra?


Open (Apple menu) > System Preferences > accessibility > speech.

Next to the system voice menu, select Customize...

Scroll down to Italian, and then select Luca, and then click OK.

It will take a few moments to download the new voice.

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    Hey there Scotchman2926,

    I understand that you are experiencing some problems with Apple music on Sierra. I have a few suggestions to help you solve this problem. First of all, if you are unable to access the iTunes Store as well as music from Apple, use the information in this article to help resolve this problem:

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    If this does not resolve the problem, you might try signing out of your Apple ID in iTunes and then connect again.

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    Go to System Preferences > Trackpad and turn off and then on the ' shot between apps full screen» It should then work.

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    Please solve this problem as soon as POSSIBLE

    Hello guatamshah,

    If your USB to ethernet adapter does not work now that you have upgraded to Mac OS Sierra, there are a number of things we can try to get it working again.

    The first thing we want to do is to reset the SMC and the NVRAM on your Mac.
    Reset the management system (SCM) controller on your Mac.


    How to reset the NVRAM on your Mac.

    If the adapter is not still work after only two resets check to see if your Mac recognizes the device properly in the information system. In the Apple Menu, choose about this Mac, and then click the button 'system report... '. ». Once you have the window open system information, see the USB category on the left.
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    If it does not appear in the network, please let us know what you see on the right when you select the service, and the name of the service as it appears and we can go from there!

    Kind regards.

  • Notes for the drawing feature does not appear in my Mini iPad after update 9.3

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    Post edited by: jesternrb1

    Yes, it is, or the first generation iPad Mini: https://help.apple.com/ipad/9/#/iPada9fb7c64

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    or the fifth generation iPod Touch: https://help.apple.com/ipod-touch/9/#/iph1e1d28202

    Note: The drawing feature is available with upgrade on iPod touch notes (6th generation) and later versions.

    Support it

  • Windows 7 does not load and cannot be retrieved after update.

    It occurs first, about 2-3 months ago. Update my Windows 7, he said: "Step 5 of 5", then reloaded, and... I saw a BIOS screen, when I chose Windows startup, he tries just to start and return to the BIOS screen as there is not any OS.

    So, then I guess not that the problem lies in the update; I tried to recover Windows from my drive, but he says that the windows are different to my computer and my drive. So, reinstall Windows, the disk and after a few updates (I think that when it came to the last of them) all repeated. So I just reinstall Windows again and turn off the auto updates, since I don't have the time to fix the problem.

    Everything works fine, until a few days ago I turn on automatic updates for it, and now I had the same problem. Fortunately, I have installed Linux on another hard drive, so I am currently using.

    What technical information I give to get any help? It's a pretty annoing because the computer is less than 3 years.

    Do not use Windows Update before installing the latest version of the Windows Update Client, KB3161647.


    Best regards, VZ

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    Not if you find-my-iPhone enabled on the phone.  Which allows the Lock Activation.


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    Hey bud,

    ·         Don't open the game fine but looks different?

    ·         If so, what difference do you see?

    Respond with more information so we can help you best. You can also post your request on the forums of Streets & Trips.

    Highway, Streets & Trips, MapPoint Forum

  • After update to Sierra, Mac does not connect to the ReadyNAS device

    I have two Macs at home - an iMac and a MacBook Pro.  I also have a ReadyNAS device, which acts as a time for both Machine.

    I've updated the iMac to macOS Sierra.  The upgrade went smoothly, no error reported.  However, once it was up, I found that the iMac has questions is authenticating with the ReadyNAS via AFP (and / or he would authenticate, then delete the connection) and also not able to connect to the service of Time Machine on the ReadyNAS device.

    To be sure it wasn't the ReadyNAS, I went to my MBP - it still works under OS X 10.11 and shows all the problems.  AFP shares are accessible without problem, and Time Machine works as expected.

    Has nothing changed with Time Machine or AFP protocols under macOS Sierra, which could cause this?

    The ReadyNAS is a ReadyNAS Pro 4, running 4.2.28. firmware, if it is useful.

    Thank you very much for your help!

    AFP is not used by Sierra. Try using SMB instead, if your NAS supports. Or contact the technical support of the manufacturer for assistance.

  • ColorSync does not export png or jpg tiff after update to iOS 10.11.3

    Using ColorSync:

    Completed the update to iOS 10.11.3 yesterday, but acknowledged that, after the update, I have one more no *.tiff export *.jpg or *.png files.

    Many options for export has disappeared, that shouldn't be a problem, because the format png and jpg still appear in the list of options. But once I chose one of them I get an error if the name of the original file and the name of the export file are the same.


    Open hearst.tiff in ColorSync and choose Save as.

    In the menu next, I clicked on "hearst" to use the name, but now I said "could not export the document.

    Looks like it was already possible to choose a file name by clicking on a file without actually replacing the existing, if the file type has been changed.

    What do you mean "using ColorSync"? Do you mean "color synchronization utility?

    Why would you use to convert an image file to another format? Preview is the default application for this.

    Utility color synchronization is not an image editor; It is intended to manage color profiles to ensure accurate reproduction of colors on different screens.

    Overview of the use.

  • BlackBerry 9530 smartphones will not be in mass storage mode after update to

    I installed my OS to the latest leak (v4.7.0.90).  I tried to restore my settings, but found that the device will not enter mass storage mode.  DM gives me just a communication error, and the process stops.

    Any suggestions?

    Play with the settings, I found that the error will be displayed if "Auto enable mass Storage Mode when connected ' is set to 'No '.  Set to Yes, save options, then try again restore allows the device enter mass storage Mode.

    This behavior is not present in older versions I used (.75 et.86.  Each would have put the camera in Mode mass storage "on demand."

    I'll start a restore and update accordingly.

  • System does not boot, get the white screen after preparation for auto repair


    I have a Toshiba Satellite with Windows 8 and yesterday there were some ongoing update and must restart.  When the computer reboots, it took some time and then I got a blue screen (very quickly) who said something as she encountered a problem and needs to fix (it is really fast and I can't see the whole text).  Then goes and comes back as it is booting (with the toshiba logo) and he says prepare auto repair.  Then it goes to a white screen. I tried to get into the HARD drive recovery (power with F12) and when I select HDD Recovery and confirm Yes, it just goes to a blank screen.  I went into the Setup utility (powering now F2 while) and has chosen default install and who does not either (although it has fixed the problem with my keyboard backlight does not). Support of Toshiba said that it is the operating system, not the hard drive.  But I need a drive recovery media that will scan all.  Anyone know other options?  I have a disc of recovery of a Microsoft coming 8 Pro (dell).  Would it be an option, to use it (I got it on a flash drive) and start-up of that?  Thanks for the help.

    Hi John,.

    Thank you for the update.

    Given that you want to use the Windows 8.1 recovery disk, you won't perhaps able to start Windows 8 using Windows 8.1 because the computer may not be able to find the files of Windows 8 start to recover.

    Yes, you pouvez install 8.1 Windows using the recovery disk. However, you may not be able to perform the upgrade option when installing Windows 8.1. When you click install now and follow the instructions, you must choose the Custom Advanced option to continue installation. Choose Advanced custom options will create a folder in the C: drive (or any other partition when you do not want to install) named the Windows.old folder which expected to have all of your files and documents of previous installation and are accessible.

    Make sure you have the drivers available for the devices installed on the computer as network card, drivers etc. of video card you install Windows 8.1.

    Hope the information is useful. Please feel free to answer in the case where you are facing in the future other problems with Windows.

    Thank you.

  • I would like to know WHAT WTF Firefox automatically updated for the new POS 31 worm?

    I did NOT authorize this, FF is set on alert me on a more recent version, NOT UPDATED AUTO - magically!

    I specifically use an older version of maintaining a set of plug-ins and Add-ons that are more compatible with your flavor of worm #7653 the frickin ' week!

    Now, I have to waste an hour of my life this ugly POS UNINSTALLING designed for mobile phones and tablets and re - INSTALL my old favorite version that is compatible with my plug-ins.

    Thank you very much! NOT!

    The feedback option did not work, needless to say that FF has made me sad...

    What are the plugins and extensions that do not work with Firefox 31? Not that I can correct necessarily, but maybe I can get something to the top.

    When it comes to appearance, you've probably seen: How to make the new look of Firefox as the old Firefox.

  • Could not open the new photos app after update

    I just updated my MacBook Pro (late 2011) from Yosemite to El Capitan, I am now unable to open the Photos app. I don't have iPhoto as he took in the update. Whenever I try to open the Pictures dialog box pops up saying "an unexpected error has occurred please exit and restart the application. I tried to not reopen several times, no change. I reinstalled the update of El Capitan - still unable to open the photos.
    I tried now Option + Cmde pressed at the launch of the app to fix the library - it gave me the option to repair once but could not find a library, now I can't get this option again.
    Does anyone else have this problem or help? Thank you.

    a. you have iPhoto in your list of apps in the Mac App Store - purchased I El Capitan and iPhoto 9.6.1

    b. you have a backup before you upgrade the operating system?

  • Motorola Milestone does not connect to the corporate network after updating to Froyo...

    I've updated my Milestone that is the version of Froyo UNITED Arab Emirates yesterday after a long delay, was really excited all night until I've discovered two problems with my wifi.

    The device does not connect to the corporate network, as my office uses EAP 802.1 x and there is no place to enter proxy where my friends using samsung galaxy s (Froyo 2.2) connect to the network and navigate using the wifi settings advanced to enter the proxy in their device.

    Any help? Please, I beg you.

    Hey Ronald, I've updated by upper about the update saying that UNITED Arab Emirates and EGYPT got last week. Don't know if the Saudi version has achieved, you have the Saudi Version or is it the same in the UNITED Arab Emirates. If his UNITED Arab Emirates you can do it via the PC using Software updater by Motorola...

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