Hi, so I'm having a problem with Adobe Acrobat 10


So I'm having a problem with Adobe Acrobat 10. I backed up the files adobe acrobat and them stored on an external hard drive. When I move the external hard drive to a laptop I can open the acrobat files fine but when I try to open the files of the other laptop I get "Acrobat cannot open"file.pdf"because it is not a type of file supported or because the file has been damaged (for example. He was sent as an attachment to e-mail and has not been correctly decoded). To create an Adobe PDF document, go to the source application. Then print the document in Adobe PDF format.

Both computers are laptops Toshiba Portege and both computers have Adobe Acrobat Pro 10 installed. I can open the files very well from one, but cannot open the exact same files on the other. I find it very strange. Also, I can plug the external drive into my iMac and open the files well out there and other different Windows computers. It seems that the question is just happening on the computer a laptop. Any ideas for a fix? Thank you.

For specific laptop - consider making a "repair" (under Acrobat help).

If that does not then that it would consider uninstall--disable-reinstall-active.

Still no go? Try:

Download Adobe Reader and Acrobat cleaning tool - Adobe Labs

Be well...

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  • Problems with Adobe Acrobat in Windows XP VM

    I use Parallels 3 for quite some time and try Fusion 2.0.1 today to see if I wanted to spend (on Mac OS X 10.5.5).) I converted my current Windows XP Parallels 3 VM, which seemed to work great, except that I'm having some strange problems with Adobe Acrobat (7.1.0 Professional):

    -First, I opened the VMware Shared Folders folder, and the first time I open any Microsoft Office program, Windows launches the installer of Windows, says "Please wait while Windows configures Adobe Acrobat Professional 7.1.0," spans about 10-15 seconds, then closes. Again, this happens whenever I start the virtual machine.

    -J' have the VM ready to open Web pages in my Mac browser by default (Camino) - and it seems to work for all programs EXCEPT Acrobat, which opens you click links in Firefox Windows.

    I tried to uninstall and reinstall Acrobat, but of no use and these problems are deal-killers at the moment. (Needless to say that it is not that I see in Parallels, it seems to be specific to the VMware VM behavior.) Someone has an idea of what's happening, or how I might solve this problem?

    Sorry for the inconvenience. The problem with Thinprint/Acrobat has been resolved internally and should be available in the next version of the Fusion (before ask you, I'm not allowed to say exactly when it will be).

    On the question of the link, some programs do not obey the default mechanism for opening URLS and do their own thing. For example, Office is one, if we work around it. This version of Acrobat may be another, I'll ask someone to look at it.

  • Problem with Adobe Acrobat Reader

    Could not get in any of my billing statements to view and pay bills online as I used to before 1 July 2016.  Just get a message that says...! There is a problem with Adobe Acrobat/Reader. If this is the case, please exit and try again - 15:3.  I did it several times and I still can't get in the display instructions to print!

    Hi christinam1427686,

    Could you please tell the operating system that you have-Windows/Mac?

    What version of drive do you have?

    Perform the steps that are given below:

    1. try to deactivate the Mode protected, open Acrobat Reader > Edit > Preferences > Security (Enhanced) > uncheck enable protected at Startup Mode > OK > restart Acrobat

    2. If disabling protected mode does not resolve the problem, try to repair the installation go to help > Repair Installation.

    Let us know if you face any problem.

    Thank you!


  • "Error while interacting with the scanner: the selected scanner was not found." Called brother and my MFC 7360N works very well with other programs to scan - only problem with Adobe Acrobat Pro 11.

    "Error while interacting with the scanner: the selected scanner was not found." Called brother and my MFC 7360N works very well with other programs to scan - only problem with Adobe Acrobat Pro 11.

    Hi davidd67669685,

    Please provide the exact point of the software & OS installed on your system. Also check if it is there any update available for the software after going through "help > check updates.

    Follow this thread to reset the Acrobat preferences:- How to reset preference settings in format Acrobat.

    You can check after connecting this scanner locally to the system if asked its connected on network & then look for the same thing.

    Please refer to this article:- of the troubleshooting tips for scanning questions when using Acrobat

    If the problem persists ask please check with another user account.

    Kind regards


  • There is a problem with Adobe Acrobat/Reader. If this is the case, please exit and try again. (0:104)

    There is a problem with Adobe Acrobat/Reader. If this is the case, please exit and try again. (0:104)

    I get this message when I try to open a PDF from a Web page link. When I open the task on the Applications tab Manager, I don't see that adobe Acrobat/Reader listed at all.

    How can I solve this problem?

    I can answer my own question.

    After typing "patch" and read a few threads, I found out how to fix it.


  • There is a problem with Adobe Acrobat/Reader. If it is running, please exit and try again. (0:521)

    There is a problem with Adobe Acrobat/Reader. If it is running, please exit and try again. (0:521)

    Although I found other discussions in this forum regarding this error - none of the fixes seem to work. I have not found exactly the same error number (0:521), I might need a different fix for this? Has anyone else had the same error?

    Just to note, this seems to be a problem with Internet Explorer 8 on Windows 7 when displaying PDF files 'in the browser"which is using the plugin. Other versions of IE on other machines and FF on the same machine work very well on the same PDF files. It also works if you right-click on the pdf file, download and view it in Acrobat Reader 'locally '.

    Any help greatly appreciated, I'm stumped.

    'Open' Adobe Reader X

    Go to "EDIT".

    Open "Preferences" Ctrl + K

    Open "General".

    Select default PDF Manager

    Select the product of the WAA

    in this case WAA Reader X (10.1.1)


    You want to enable blah blah blah YES

    Restart your system blah blah blah YES

    and he worked it at least he did

    a 0:521 on IE9, Windows 7 error

  • Having several problems with Adobe Premiere elements 13.  Now my worst is that when I add text to a clip, it comes out "Auto color" so that the text is in place.  Help?

    I'm having some trouble with 13 elements.  One is that, in mode 'play', the sound stops just happening.  I have to click 'pause' and then 'go' again and the sound returns.  It stops also play on its own, I have to hit 'play' on several occasions.  Just got the software, used intensively for a week or two and it just started happening.dor

    Today, when I add text to a clip, it deletes now on "Auto color" so that the text is visible in the clip, then automatic color when the text is missing.  Any suggestiosn?


    If we look at the same thing, you called the attention a strange first elements 13 titration AutoColor/module interaction. This can be reproduced to the Expert or

    fast working space. I will be this demo within work fast since it's where you worked.

    1. import a still in fast work/film space.

    2. with the still selected, go in Panel of Palette/Color tab/settings setting expanded and just click the close the route of the tab Auto color tab adjust.

    3. go into Menu/New text/default text to open the module of titration of the project. When you do this, you see the following and not the still on which the text title must go.

    And when you close the titration module, you will see the title of text "Add text" in nature.

    The only solution I can think of right now is to create the title of text and then apply the Auto color to the still.

    It is interesting that this happens only with the color of the car in the color Panel. If you do not click

    Color Panel and to use more options for color adjustments, this behavior does not occur.

    Deleting the Adobe Premiere elements Prefs file does not correct this situation.


    I'm having some trouble with 13 elements.  One is that, in mode 'play', the sound stops just happening.  I have to click 'pause' and then 'go' again and the sound returns.  It stops also play on its own, I have to hit 'play' on several occasions.  Just got the software, used intensively for a week or two and it just started happening.dor

    I think that here we have to explore the parameters of the project (presets), rendered the source and chronology of media properties and non-rendusent contained prior to export.

    Please read the foregoing

    a. check if the Auto title text color glitch I've seen what you describe in your situation

    b. give the details of your project so that we can explore cause and effect for irregularities in reading content of chronology, as seen in the edit box monitor.

    Thank you.


  • Problem with Adobe Acrobat Pro XI break with a PDF to fill several pages

    I'm working on a project at work, on a Dell E6420 (Windows 7 Pro, 8 GB of Ram, Adobe Acrobat Pro XI), involving files PDF fillable. This means that a program takes excel data and converts it into several pages of information of fillable PDF to the screen used to auto fill in other servers. The problem is that when we convert about 10,000 rows of data (1000 + pages) the file will convert, but not open. The CPU fan turns, but nothing appears in the Task Manager, no errors are produced, nothing. The cpu hits 100% treatment, the fan turns and then winds down and the file never opens. I know that is not the corruption of data that I can take the same excel file, split in two, convert the two files, and I can open each created PDF file (about 790 pages each) separately. It will not now then, open both files at the same time. We tried this on multiple computers, with more than enough processing power, so we do not think that it is a matter of systems, but a limitation of the Adobe program.

    I researched that Adobe has a 2 GB limit on the size of the file? These files are spell to 790KB - 1000KB in size, but are filled with fields to fill in, so I think it is misleading. Any ideas? I am desperately looking for help on this.

    Here's a solution, and if anyone can explain why, I would like to know if its something Adobe can update/fix.

    By unchecking "Enable Adobe JavaScript" I was able to get the files to open. So, apparently it is a resource or a similar limitation when using Adobe's JavaScript on the forms to fill out? Is turned off, it opens without a problem. Can someone help explain this?

  • Problems with Adobe Acrobat Pro serial number

    I downloaded Adobe Acrobat Pro on my computer (mac) and it has been installed successfully. However, when I try to open the program, it requires a serial number. I have not received e-mails containing a serial number and my Adobe account does not list Acrobat Pro as being affiliated with me. I'm quite confused, someone knows what to do?

    Lost serial number http://helpx.adobe.com/x-productkb/global/find-serial-number.html

  • There is a problem with Adobe Acrobat/Reader. If this is the case, please exit and try again. (523:523) I get this!



    Hi Valerie,

    Please let me know the version of Adobe Acrobat/Reader & operating system installed on your computer?

    Also, try this: -.

    1. Launch Adobe Reader/Acrobat.
    2. In the menu, choose Edition-> Preferences-> General
    3. Uncheck 'Enable protected at Startup Mode'
    4. Restart the web browser and Adobe Reader.

    Kind regards


  • We have problems with Adobe Acrobat DC - document cloud services and how it relates to the HIPAA.  Everyone is working through these issues?

    We have the Cloud of Document with Acrobat DC services issues.  We are considering turning off the cloud feature to stay in compliance with HIPAA.  Everyone is working through these issues?

    Hi mikem82897618,

    You can view the following link to see what can be done with Adobe Document Services cloud when you work in Acrobat DC:

    Store files online, share & access wherever you are. Adobe Acrobat.com

    Also, visit this link to learn more about how Adobe Document Cloud services comply with HIPAA security standards:

    Signatures digital signatures electronic vs. services of Adobe eSign

    Please specify the same details why you should turn off the cloud feature.

    What and where exactly are you facing trouble?

    Let me know.

    Kind regards

    Ana Maria

  • This is a comment about a problem with Adobe Acrobat Reader DC

    I just uninstall Adobe Acrobat Reader DC.  I opened a previously published pdf document in which I had highlighted text.  Highlight the text is unreadable in DC.  After you have uninstalled DC, I then reinstalled Adobe Acrobat Reader XI.  Even highlighted the text is readable.  It's a quirk in DC, I guess, but I don't not be reinstall DC anytime soon.

    It is a known problem. Refer to the thread: Re: problem regarding the content previously highlighted when you view the file in Acrobat DC. to work around the problem.


  • I use Yosemite 10.10.2 and have problems with Adobe Acrobat Pro XI, it keeps saying it seems to be corrupted and I need to reinstall. How can I fix it permanently?

    Note, I've seen this problem since 10.10.0 and tried to follow the permissions situation where he'd just leave. I have reinstalled twice. There are no permanent solution?

    Hi Robert,.

    The Acrobat installer is built on a different technology than the rest of the apps and so the difference of update.

    Now that Acrobat is updated to v 11.0.07 you still get the original error "installation corrupted... reinstall?

    Regarding the update error, try to download the update manually from: Adobe - Acrobat: for Macintosh

    and install and check.

    Kind regards


  • There is a problem with Adobe Acrobat/Reader. If its working out, then try again (6:6)


    When I try to view a PDF document from within a Web site, I get the above error message.

    If I navigate to the folder location where the PDF file is stored and run it from there, it will open without any problems. If I go to other PC and try to run the same files on the same site, then they will be OK. It just seems to be this PC.

    Adobe Acrobat 9.1

    Internet explore 8

    Windows 7 (32 bit)

    I think the problem is that someone tried to install Adobe Reader 10 on the same PC, and he failed and left something behind (I'm sure I read somewhere that Adobe Reader and Acrobat may not be on the same PC, because it causes problems).

    I checked C:\Program Files\Adobe and deleted all references to the reader. Did the same thing in the registry. Could he have installed anything anywhere else? Is it possible to make sure that an installation has failed has been removed completely?

    Thank you


    Hi Bruce33,

    You can use the Acrobat cleaning tool to remove Acrobat / Reade completely from the machine.

    You can download the tool from: http://labs.adobe.com/downloads/acrobatcleaner.html

    Also, make sure that you update Acrobat 9 for the latest patch that is 9.5.5 and check.

    Kind regards


  • Problems with Adobe Acrobat Pro download

    When I download Adobe Acrobat Pro, I get a message of "Shut down SafariNotifi. Without this the Adobe Acrobat Pro will not finish installing. I have close Safari, tuned out everything in the center of Norification and still get the message. If there is a work around for this problem?

    Hi ball man

    Please download from: http://prodesigntools.com/adobe-acrobat-xi-pro-standard-reader-direct-download-links.html

    Follow the IMP. Instructions on the page to start your download.

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