Hi speed USB via a Port Replicator advanced for a Tecra 9100?

I have the same problem with a Tecra 9100 and upgrade to hi speed USB as a previous post where the proposed solution was to use a PCMCIA card.

(see link: http://forums.computers.toshiba-europe.com/forums/thread.jspa?threadID=24103)

I had an idea, but I don't know if it will work and need some advice?

Can you buy an Advanced Port Replicator that has Hi Speed USB 2.0 ports on it (like the PA3082U APR II that works with the Tecra 9100) instead of the PCMCIA card.

If the docks of Port Replicator in the motherboard will it give you Hi Speed USB 2.0, or is the Tecra 9100 forced to USB 1.1 via hardware in the laptop itself and the Replicator will not help?

Also if I go down the road of Port Replicator I need drivers for speed ports Hi of the Replicator to work on the Tecra 9100?

Or to ask the question – what is the PCMIA USB 2.0 card in that advanced with HI Port Replicator speeed USB is not?

Thanks in advance


the Tecra 9100 has NO usb 2.0 and it's a fact. Given that the Replicator has these USB ports 2.0 does not mean that your machine when it is docked to the Portrep, is able to manage USB 2.0 devices. The portrep, it's like a usb hub and behaves like. So if your machine doesn´t have it then that's it.

And the explanation on the PCMCIA/Cardbus solution:
The pcmcia card USB 2.0 Chipset, this is the reason why it IS a USB 2.0 device (roothub).

I hope this was clear to you :)

Just buy this card and you will have USB 2.0

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    If the device has win 10 OS:

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  • Satellite Pro M70: What USB 2.0 Port Replicator is compatible?

    Would be grateful if someone could advise me on the purchase of a USB 2.0 port replicator.

    I think the 3 USB 2.0 ports on my laptop Pro M70 are not enough, and that's why I want to buy a USB 2.0 Port Replicator.

    The site of the Toshiba shop specifies USB 2.0 Port Replicator II (UK) with port network, part number: PX1173U-1PRP, price: 49,93 GBP.

    It has 4 USB ports 2.0, which would give me a total of 6 USB 2.0 ports, which would be the absolute minimum I want. (It also has 2 PS/2 ports, 1 serial port RS232 and 1 USB 2.0 port network that takes in charge rates of 10 / 100 Mbps).

    Can anyone tell if it is powered by the laptop, or by it's own adapter?

    Unfortunately, the Web of Toshiba site has advised that it is currently out of stock and are difficult to get in on all the time, as they are the subject of a sort of "green manufacturing" test.

    This prompted me to consider buying a replicator USB 2.0 ports alternative and all I would prefer one with more than 4 USB 2.0 ports, and in fact 6 or more USB 2.0 ports would be preferable. I'm not really interested in other types of ports that are often provided with the replicators of USB 2.0 ports.

    I would be grateful if someone could recommend/Advisor at a replicator USB 2.0 ports alternative that would be compatible with my laptop Pro M70.

    One of my concerns is how the port replicator USB 2.0 Port is powered. I think I would have preferred that the unit is powered by its own adapter, I understand is 5 Volts with 500 milliamps for each port, rather than to the laptop (probably would be less tax on the laptop, with less heating).

    Thank you

    I can't comment on the question whether the Replicator you mention has its own power source, although I suspect, he does

    However, I have a satellite Pro M70 too and with a similar problem and wanting a hub to connect to all my external printers, Sandy etc using just one connection, I buy PA3390E-1MPM - a hub of Toshiba, Audio/USB multimedia center, which goes a step further and provides a hub not only for USB sources , but also for the speakers etc.

    It has its own power supply to the unit and connects via USB 2.0 to my laptop. It is also stackable with the Toshiba Gigastore 250 GB USB 2.0 external hard drive (PA3392E-1MPS) which I also use for backups, storing external data etc.

    Had the two units for 3 months now and everything works fine. I got headr of some problems with people in loss of access to the hard drive, but it seems that it was never if it has been disconnected by pulling the cord out usb, rather than make a ' Safely Remove Hardware to disconnect the USB device and so far have had no probs at all

    It has 4 ports, more port network and connections from the speakers for the configurations 2/2.1/4/4.1/5.1 full, more Creative software like drivers, more remote control useful to control audio devices. Oh, and also a Surround sound, and EAX

    Maybe a little more of your option, but worth it in my opinion. If you can't find it on the Toshiba site I have purchased from www.insight.com

    Hope that helps

  • LT2323z - connect to the USB 3.0 Port Replicator

    I just bought the LT2323z monitor to go with a X carbon 1 and connect via the USB 3.0 port replicator.
    However the LT2323z has displayport digital connections and the DVI-d port replicator. Any ideas how to connect to their place? Here are the flagship of Lenovo products, bought directly with Lenovo, but they do not seem to be compatible. I'm missing something until I send them all back for my money!

    The LT2323z, take the VGA connection, which takes care of your USB docking station 3.0 with the adapter DVI to VGA, which is included in the box. But the quality of the video connection is not terrible.

    There is no solution from docking station USB supported displayport. If you need to connect to the screen, you must use a direct miniDP to DP cable connector (which is unfortunate).

  • Tecra S5 - slow ethernet with USB 2.0 Port Replicator


    I have a Tecra S5 with USB 2.0 Port replicator II. I have 3 ethernet connections all together on my PC: LAN on motherboard, WiFi and the other on the USB port replicator.

    At home, I use WiFi for internet connection and USB to Ethernet to a wired connection to devices with built-in web server.

    My problem is that when the WiFi and USB to Etherenet is active the internet and the connection to the web server works but vey slow.
    If I turn off the WiFi and connect to the web server works properly.
    If I disable USB for Ethernet internet connection works correctly.

    Anyone has same problem and suggestion how to solve?
    I downloaded the latest drivers from the Toshiba support page.
    My OS is XPSP2.



    It looks like a network configuration problem. Check the network addresses and configuration in command line with the command ipconfig/all.

    Try using static IP addresses. I think that the DHCP server takes a long time to go send an IP address to each laptop.

    Good bye

  • Toshiba PX1173E - 1PRP USB 2.0 Port Replicator II windows 7 drivers

    Hello, I can, t find windows7x64 drivers for my Toshiba PX1173E - 1PRP USB 2.0 Port Replicator II. I find the driver for win vistax32, but it's not work.

    Hi Michel,.

    The point is that 32-bit drivers will not work on a 64 bit OS and you can get all the drivers on the Toshiba page:

    But it seems that there is no 64-bit available driver and you can use t Port Replicator II with 64-bit so far :(
    Maybe Toshiba going 64-bit in the near future

  • Portege M200: big screen via the port replicator

    I have a Portege M200 with APR III. I realized that the DVI Jack does not work with it, even if for some reason any, even though they are not supposed to all other ports don't. EACH of them!

    What I'm asking today is how the hell can I get the laptop out on the big screen through the APR? I tried everything, it has the chipset nVidia go 5200 FX (which is able to output DVI according to nVidia)

    I just got a Philips 20 "widescreen TFT and got tired of watching her in the stretched standard resolutions.

    One of my friends has also Tosh lappy, but it's a Tecra 9100, which will be released on the big screen without any questions whatever it is standard, it appears as an option in the Billboard settins. In addition, nVidia say that this chipset is capable of custom resolutions, but I can't find it in the updated anywhere driver.

    Can anyone help?


    Well the Tecra9100 is not a Portege M200. Are completely different books.
    The M200 protected does not support these interfaces.
    This is a technical limitation, that the port of mouse PS/2 keyboard PS/2 port, serial port, I Link (Firewire) port and DVI port
    will be not supported on the Advanced Port Replicator III, if a protected M200 is moored.

    The following ports are supported and can be used:
    Line-in Jack, taken Line-out, USB port, port external monitor, parallel port, taken Modem, LAN jack, DC IN 15V, housing for security lock, locking the computer.
    In the documentation for the Advanced Port Replicator III is a 'fact sheet for III Advanced Port Replicator"sheet where this limitation is descripted.

  • Compatibility issue on Satellite Pro A60-129 and USB 2.0 Port Replicator II

    It is: are they compatible? I bought the Port Replicator, loaded drivers and plugged.
    All the lights come on as it should on the 4 USB ports, and the device manager says its working properly. But if I plug the router in there (instead of directly into the USB port of the laptop), or if I try to plug in the mouse inside (once again, instead of directly into the laptop) or work.
    He also seems to have some effect on Windows - where when I try to stop the machine, it "hangs" in the section "Logging Off", until I physically unplug the duplicator.

    Any guidance appreciated.


    I don't know what the problem is here, but you should try to download and install the latest available driver from Toshiba support page Package. You can find it under http://eu.computers.toshiba-europe.com > support & downloads.

    Product type OPTIONS
    Series of products DOCKS & DUPLICATORS

    You will find driver Package for Windows XP Home edition.

    By the way: perhaps some additional software for mouse blocks or a modem. Who knows

  • Unable to connect 2 external monitors via the Port Replicator using Portege Z30 - 16U

    Hi all

    I need hell, I just moved from another laptop for Portege Z30 - 16U, I spent hours trying to connect my 2 external monitors to my Replicator Port Hi-Speed III 120W, but my laptop will see a monitor.

    I used 2 external monitors with my laptop for years because I do a lot or reading and I don't want to use the one and the laptop screen.

    I tried the mixture of a VGA and a HDMI and VGA cables, but nothing works.

    Can anyone tell me how I can connect and discover 2 external monitors with this laptop and port replicator, I can't believe that this is not possible, it makes no sense that Toshiba would then technilogically behind other laptop manufacturers.

    Thank you



    I'm not familiar with the Z30 Portreplicator, but the general behavior of the replicators of the double-displayconnector, is that 1 can be used.
    Not 2 simultaneously.

    I could be wrong, and you should easily be able to check it out - use only 1 at a time.
    First, then the other.
    If the two works when used alone, then my suspicion is right.

    I hope this helps!

    TOm BR

  • Need drivers for USB 2.0 Port Replicator

    I just bought a Satellite Pro laptop computer with the Windows Vista operating system. I would use my replicator USB ports, but you need to download the driver for this? Can someone tell where I can find a site for me?


    I Don t understand why you need the drivers for a usb port replicator? Usually you don t need drivers because windows automatically installs the port replicator.
    Would be interesting (and useful) to know that you have materials. Tell me what portreplicator and mobile you have.

    Would appreciate some comments.
    Welcome them

  • USB 2.0 Port Replicator II - need drivers Vista

    You have the drivers windows vista for usb port replicator?
    Thank you.

    I don't know who you mean with you, but it will be interesting to know what model of laptop you have.

    Is your model of laptop that Vista supported?

    As far as I know that it is not necessary to install drivers for PRII. I use the same with my Tecra (WXP).

  • Microsoft Natural ergonomic 4000 keyboard don't work via KVM / port replicator

    I currently have a keyboard, mouse, two monitors and speakers attached to a KVM / port replicator that allows me to easily switch between a desktop and laptop.  I recently bought a Microsoft Natural ergonomic 4000 keyboard.  When it is plugged directly into the office, the keyboard works fine, but when connected by the KVM / Replicator port, it is not recognized and does not work.  I did bother to try it with the laptop but, given that I don't keep it if it won't work with my desktop configuration.

    All the drivers for the keyboard are loaded on the PC (Win7).

    What gives?  Any ideas?  I don't want to trash, but will be in the blink of an eye (more will probably say something not nice about material that is not work and play well with-the others on a review).

    Thanks in advance for your suggestions.


    Please keep us informed of the issue and I appreciate your efforts to resolve the issue.

    I suggest you to update the latest drivers for the KVM.

    Click on the links below and download the latest drivers.



    Steps to download drivers.

    1. Select the model number (GCS932UB) of the KVW
    2. Select the driver for the GCS932UB
    3. click on download

    Try to download the latest drivers and check if that helps. Let us know the results, we will be happy to help you further.

    Thank you

  • USB 2.0 Port Replicator II PX1173E-1PRP-Vista drviver

    Sorry, I found that this problem has been resolved in 22.6.07:


    but this time, I have a similar problem and I have not found drivers cited in "driver page. I have the Toshiba U400-14Z notebook, but this port replicator only work with the XP system. Thank you.

    Did you follow Chad s instruction how to find?
    I found there Vista Driver Package 4.94.071106 version

  • No audio output speakers Z50 - A Port Replicator PA5116A - PRI or Tecra

    I just got a new Tecra Z50A Toshiba with a port replicator Port-PRI PA5116A, when I first put it in the doc, he began to load the drivers.
    But during this process, the connection to the local network of abandonment and an error came stating that only four of the eight drivers have been installed.

    Now, the problem I have is that no sound / music out laptop speakers when in the RFSO or replicators offline to the speakers.
    I checked the playback settings that seem to be corrected.
    No mute setting.

    Any suggestions?

    I just got a new Tecra Z50A Toshiba with a PA5116A-PRI port replicator, when I first put it in the doc, he began to load the drivers.
    But during this process, the connection to the local network of abandonment and an error came showing that only four of the eight drivers have been installed.

    Now, the problem I have is that no sound / music out laptop speakers when in the RFSO or replicators offline to the speakers.
    I checked the playback settings that seem to be corrected.

    No mute setting.

    Any suggestions?


    you have tested an update of the audio driver and install displaylink?

  • Tecra 8100: Don't know if the Network Port Replicator II is working properly

    I had a PA3017E-1PRP, i.e. a Network Port Replicator II, for my Tecra 8100. The fact is: I don't know if it works. I plug the computer in and no new material appears. At least the 3Com NETWORK adapter should be recognized, but no sign of life is presented at all.

    In addition, the USB ports does not work, but at least, the leds of the watch of the computer there is come from there because they show that battery is charging and the power comes from the DC.

    So, how can I check that everything works correctly? The computer is Windows XP SP2 installed, and I installed all the drivers and the support of the utilities (common modules, mobile and other extensions) util Toshiba USA and Toshiba Configfree of Toshiba Asia...

    Hi Toka

    I really put t know why you install software mix on your device. In my opinion, you should install European tools and utilities if you live in Europe. But if everything works it is also OK. I just want to make this comment because I don't know if all tools can consort with each other.

    As much I know this unit only is not supported for Windows XP Home in Europe. If the US page has mobile extensions for Windows XP Home edition, I assume that it has been tested.

    You can use a ports from there or all of them are dead?

Maybe you are looking for

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