Hi, yesterday I uploded Firefox to version 12. Now every time I start a serch I receive answers via the browser "Ask". "." How can I remove it.

Hi all
someone could tell me, please if Firefox is now linked with the 'request' - browser and how do I disconnect them?
Yesterday, I downloaded Firefox and now my search results are displayed through 'Ask '. But I hate it and I want Firefox back.
I already tried all the possibilities I knew, without success.
Plese, help!

First of all, if you have Firefox, you were downloading, do not download. Second, Firefox does not come with Ask as the default search. Where do you have Firefox? You should get the source Firefox: Mozilla. Thirdly, there are a lot of Windows programs that will try to implement the search engine toolbars in browsers when install you it if you don't pay close attention to each step of the installation.

Here, there are tools that should work:

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