Hide the * other * family sharing iCloud in-app music iOS purchases?


I ask this in the name of someone else so I can't test, so I ask if anyone has had this experience:

The problem:

iCloud family sharing is implemented.  Application of MOM on the iPhone music on Shuffle and continues to play music of Dad - MOM does not like the music of my father and he does not want in his list.

Is there a way to hide family purchases shares in other iCloud in music iPhone app?

Or is it a case of Daddy asking to hide his music buy other members of the family sharing?

Any thoughts much appreciated!

Has your mother and your father separated Apple ID?

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    See you soon,.


  • Family sharing ate my apps

    I have an iPad, retina, iPhone 5 and two pounds of Mac, which used to be under an Apple ID. This ID is shared by my wife and me. More recently, we ran into issues with content going to too many places, so I decided to make a new ID I have spent my iPad and iPhone more to my new ID and family sharing... so I thought. At some point I had to clear in addition to space on my iPad, so I deleted some of the largest applications knowing that they would not be gone forever. Well, I'm not sure now.

    The iTunes of my wife, I see some of the apps that I used to use on my iPad, but not all of them. Some of the apps I bought as part of this first ID disappeared from everything, including the app store. The app store to buy me some of these applications. It turns out that the creation of a new ID and going to family sharing has been more devastating than what we had before.

    I went through a lot of step by step tutorials, and nothing has helped. My country codes are up to date, and I rechecked all my payment info.

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    All purchases are always related to the Apple that was used to buy and download ID the. If your woman "inherited" this Apple ID, then she is the one who needs to set up the family sharing and grant you access. (Or change account)

    You don't need to pay again for your applications. Simply log in to the store with this original Apple ID. All your app, from those who have been abandoned, appear on the purchases tab.

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    It seems have solved the problem by installing "Classic" theme restaurateur; which allows to combine the tabs and the address field of 1 bar (screenshot).

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  • Evolution of the iPhone, backup and icloud

    Hi all, I'll soon change my iPhone, and I want to back up only certain content such as messages and photos, without applications or settings, put them in the new phone. Also I do not quite understand some option in icloud in my phone.

    1. What is the difference between the Safari option in iCloud and the other located in icloud drive? Also, what is the content the other application downloaded from the store sync in icloud drive if the option is enabled? This is something I will never understand

    2. If you want to back up my photos and my messages to put in the new iphone, I have to do a full backup using iTunes or icloud, or there is a way to save only the 2 things? Or possibly make a full backup and then restore only photos and messages, but I don't know if there is an option to do so. For the pictures on that I think activate "icloud library" and then re - download on my new iphone, but for messages?

    3. now I have ios 9.3.1 on my iPhone 5, I won't be able to restore the backup if the new iphone ios 9.3.2?

    Thank you very much!


    Hello Matteo,.

    1 - you don't need to so much backup data of safari at all. If you use your password will be that there anyway, if you're not, having own Safari in a new device could be a good idea to keychain. iCloud drive is another application, you can use it to store any desired data, whereas iCloud parameters in app use their own space, you can see it in settings > general > software & use of iCloud.

    More about this

    The backup of your iPhone, iPad and iPod touch - Apple Support

    iCloud: overview of backup and storage iCloud

    iCloud Drive FAQ - Apple Support

    2 - when you save, you cannot back up a few apps or elements, you back up your device all or nothing. If you have the space available, use iCloud music library and photo library iCloud, so all your media go. Anyway, there is no harm in doing a full backup locally in your computer using iTunes, you can remove it once you have restored your device and will be likely to recover more quickly.

    More about this

    iCloud Photo library FAQ - Apple Support

    Get help with your photo library - Apple Support iCloud

    Music Apple Sync on your iPhone, iPad, iPod touch and your computer - Apple Support

    3. - you will be able to restore your files. Files and OS go separate ways, and if your machine is new, it will prompt you to update as soon as you connect it to your computer, but you will be able to get all your files, photos and films it.

    Enjoy your new device!

  • Family sharing - child accounts are adults

    We have four adults Apple ID all related to the same family sharing.  I created the ID Apple before family sharing the existence when I created two accounts for my children so I did the adult accounts (if I remember correctly, when I tried specifying their actual birthdates he told me that the miners could not have Apple ID...).  In any case, this is the current configuration, the family shares with everyone as an adult ID.

    I have two specific questions.

    1. How can I force all purchases to devour the credit on my ID?  My account is the "Organizer" and I have a credit of $30 on my account, but the other day my son (who is an adult Apple ID) bought a game and he charge my credit card $1.06 instead of take it from my account credit (his account has no credit balance).  I guess it has something to do with the fact that his ID is an adult instead of the child...  No indication as to how I should proceed?

    2. the two children just got several gift cards so that they will be adding credit balances to their identity papers.  According to me, this means that whenever they purchase something it will use up to their credits before it charges my card.  Is this correct?  And if so, it brings back me to question 1, once they use their entire balance how can I force it to use my credit on my account before it charges my card?

    Thank you!

    You are right #2.  If they have in-store credit, which will be used for purchases before going to the credit card of the Organizer.

    There is no way to get their purchases to use your store credit.

  • Is it possible to favorite lockmy of the other users of my cpu

    I have personal files and information of the Bank in my favorites. My daughter and son inlaw move home so expect they use my cpu. IWant those things stay private IE block them on my favorites that your help would be appreciated thanks.

    Protect your Windows account with a password and create the separate Windows account for the other family members who use the computer.

  • Billing for family sharing

    is it possible to use family sharing, but continue to make our purchases separately, as before, we used part of family? We use all individual Apple ID and the password associated with them and they charge the same credit card, we would like to be able to use family sharing, but continue to do and the authorization of our own purchases

    You would nee to each purchase iTunes gift card and keep your individual accounts apiquées to avoid the unified card payment which will take place.

  • Show/hide the image with audio (audio does not if necessary)

    Then, I ran some tests to see what was going on so I could better explain my problem.

    I have a slide with a picture that has four clickable areas. First of all, the student listen tell me for a few seconds and then is invited to click on the image areas that are highlighted.

    When the user clicks on one of the fields, an image appears and I taped audio on this 'object '. Note: I didn't use the slidelets substitution as the clickable area is hidden by the new image when the image appears on a click. The user will press a close button that is on the image, set with another clickable button to hide the image then select another pop up box. (See image below... you can see the image of forklift under the transparent image gray... This is where the user clicks the highlighted area).


    I tried two ways:

    having the image plays on the whole timeline from beginning to end of blade (be hidden with the show/hide button function)... when I do it, the sound will not play at all (I'm guessing that this is because the audio went silently on the first few seconds of being on the screen, so by the time the student clicked the button finished audio).


    Drag the beginning of the image to close the timeline when the user is asked to click on areas of the screen... when I do that, the sound play a bit, but gets cut off after a few seconds.

    If I click on the areas as soon as the blade begins to play (since i KNOW where the buttons will be activated), the audio plays very well which makes me believe my theory that the audio runs just at the moment where the user gets to click on it.

    There is no break on one of the buttons around this period, so I know this isn't that.

    What I am doing wrong?

    Thank you! :-)

    I'm happy to say after hours of frustration, I finally got to work.

    I went and read your blog Lieve on micro navigation and managed to keep the images at the point of the slide where the user is asked to click on them and define the action of tip:

    to display the image,

    hide the other images and

    Use the assign with 705 rdcmdgotoframe

    and added a line to continue so it wouldn't break (if I do this, it seemed only allows only not the last his image clicked / or show the function works because I have an action secondard on the second tab to display the button 'next' once all are clicked).

    I had to do the math, but thanks to your info on your blog, I was able to understand this. I just tested it and it works... so I'm not going to save and close and breathe until Monday when I can run my final tests on the entire project!

    Thank you!!

    ~ Gina

  • Hide the ebs command line password

    Hi all

    is there a way to hide the command-line password for user apps.
    When start or stop applications ebs command line, I have to type
    $adstrtal.sh apps/apps

    is there a way to hide the password.

    Thanks in advance.


    I don't think there is a direct way to do it. However, look at this document and see if it helps.

    Note: 377858.1 - use encrypt to prevent Apps Pwd appears in the journal/Sql Script

    Another option would be to call "adstrtal.sh apps /"to another script. "

    Kind regards

  • Can a family sharing in the iCloud backup (only apple ID which is at the head of the family action plan)?

    Can a family sharing in the iCloud backup (only apple ID which is at the head of the family action plan)?

    I just set up our family sharing and separated all out of our apple ID.  They are both on the sharing of my family, but my daughters phone shows only 5 GB of storage on the backup to iCloud.  How do she shares my 200 GB?

    Thank you


  • Family sharing and iCloud iOS 10?


    I'm after some tips on iCloud and sharing of the family. (devices have been upgraded to iOS 10)

    I used to have several devices (2 iPhones and iPads 2) 1 Apple ID.

    Because of mixed text, etc. messages and cross the composition, I enabled sharing of family.

    The original Apple ID (now used to connect iCloud as well) is on my iPhone and has the credit card for App store purchases related.

    My wife has her own Apple ID / iCloud login & "procurement families" are related to the "original" ID

    2 questions:

    1. I want to be able to share contacts through synchronization iCloud (currently syncs OTA to Outlook on a Windows PC) - I know that this could not be done directly under iOS8/9, but I was wondering if this can now be done under iOS10?
    (I know there was a way to have the 2nd iCloud account on each of the devices for synchronization of contacts, but want to avoid if possible workarounds).

    Maybe there is a way to have the "original" as the master Apple ID / organizer represent (Sync contact, purchases, etc.) and introduced myself as a member of the family, as I did for my wife? (ie. so we have 3 apple ID for 2 devices) - is it possible?

    2. Similarly, was it an easy Save photos of each device to this single account iCloud "original"?  (he has 50 GB storage, barely used so much space to save the photos on the other phone).

    Thank you

    1 iCloud contacts cannot be shared.

    2. in order to save photos to each device, as you say, each device must be connected to the same ID of Apple/iCloud.  Why not consider sharing photos via the sharing of the family?

  • iCloud family sharing Question

    Dear Apple,

    My name is Noah Gilbert, and I happen to be the Expert IT with our family.

    Unfortunately, for these past years, our family of 4 shared an Apple ID and somethings happened.

    When one of us call each other, that the contacts of the things up, and also when you go in recent, there are people that I didn't call, but have called others in our family, and it's something that are not nice and also very scary.

    I read upward on your iCloud, sharing of family and are generally fascinated on this subject, but when diving into the details, it's when it gets a bit murky.

    If all 4 of us was to create an Apple ID and had to get the sharing of the family, what would happen to all of our data.

    The main question is:

    What would happen to all our Contacts, Mail, calendar, iTunes purchases and also the App Store purchases?

    Also, when it would be and current execution, will be our contacts and the stuff of colander, be separated into different lists of info.

    I would really appreciate it if someone from this community come back to me, please.

    Thank you

    Gilbert of Noah,

    Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

    Blockblue47 wrote:

    The main question is:

    What would happen to all our Contacts, Mail, calendar, iTunes purchases and also the App Store purchases?

    Also, when it would be and current execution, will be our contacts and the stuff of colander, be separated into different lists of info.

    I would really appreciate it if someone from this community come back to me, please.

    Thank you

    Gilbert of Noah,

    Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

    First, everyone should have their Apple ID individual to avoid confusion you describe above.  If that were the case, then all the Contacts, calendar, e-mail, purchases of App Store and iTunes purchases will be remained connected to these accounts; under family sharing, however, there are some things that can and cannot be shared.  You can have a read more about it here - What are the types of content can I share with sharing family?-Apple Support

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