High-resolution Audio

How and where we can download Audio Hi-Res?

Hi SanRavRC,

High resolution which build-in the phone allows you to improve the audio quality with normal MP3 music we have.

However, to take full advantage of the high resolution audio is even better if you have some high resolution audio files.

Where to find it? It can be an audio CD of high resolution that you buy in a retail store and tear with some software that supports that.

High resolution is 24-bit and above all, you can also buy the example digital track of this Web page: http://www.hdtracks.com/

Other info on this, you can refer to the link below and there is an online store that allow you to buy a digital copy of high resolution audio.


Hope this answer your question.

Kind regards.

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  • Final Cut Pro has a higher resolution audio and video to iMovie?

    Final Cut Pro has a higher resolution audio and video to iMovie?

    IT can have. If you put in higher resolution to begin with.

  • When apple's music service will offer high-resolution audio in 2016

    When apple's music service will offer its high-resolution in 2016 she has refined more listener?

    Anyone who knows is not allowed to speak. Anyone who speaks doesn't know what they are talking about or are breaking their NDA.

  • Audio iPhone 7 and high resolution


    Thinking of buying iPhone 7.  I notice that the DAC is now external to the phone for headphones cable good lightning and even lightning to the 3.5 mm adapter contains a small DAC inside.

    What this means that iPhone 7 accepts high resolution audio files? (I'm talking about 24 bits, files of 192,000 kHz with flow rates up to about 9 216 kbps, like the ones you can buy Pono music or other titles HD).

    The Apple store now sells items such as the helmet Planar Audeze with high quality converters.

    Has anyone tried this yet?  It may convince me to upgrade my iPhone 6.  (I currently use one of those Toblerone shaped players Pono for hi res music).

    Hi there, Phlac!

    Thank you for joining the communities Support from Apple! It's a big question about the audio formats supported by iPhone 7. See this link which has the Technical Specifications for iPhone 7.

    Audio playback

    • Audio formats supported: AAC (8 to 320 Kbps), AAC protected (from iTunes Store), HE - AAC, MP3 (8 to 320 Kbps), MP3 VBR, Dolby Digital (AC-3), Dolby Digital Plus (E-AC-3), Audible (formats 2, 3, 4, Audible Enhanced Audio, AAX, and AAX +), Apple Lossless, AIFF, and WAV
    • The user configurable maximum volume limit

    Any audio that works perfectly with the iPhone 7 falls in these formats! Have a great day!

  • Realtek High definition audio not working not

    My realtek high definition audio slowly stopped working and now does not at all, on my Levovo ThinkPad laptop.  I made the resolution of the problems, and he could not find the problem.  The computer tells me that everything works well, but it's not.  I am running Windows 7.  What can I do?


    Thanks for posting your query on the Microsoft Community.

    According to the description, I understand that high definition audio realtek has stopped working.

    I would like to know some information.

    1. You get no matter what error code or error message?

    2. Did you change the settings on your computer before this problem?

    I suggest you to refer to the suggestions of Shinmila H responded on 10 December 2009 and check if that helps.


    Hope this information helps. Please let us know if you need any other help with Windows in the future. We will be happy to help you.

  • Monitors high-resolution produce unreadably small fonts in software from third-party manufacturers with Windows 7 Professional.

    Operating system
    Windows 7 Professional 64-bit SP1
    Intel Xeon E3 1226 v3 3.30 GHz 33 ° C
    Technology 22nm Haswell-WS
    16.0 GB Single-Channel DDR3 @ 798 MHz (11-11-11-28)
    LEN E2323swA ([email protected])
    LEN E2323swA ([email protected])
    2047 MB NVIDIA Quadro K620 (NVIDIA) 40 ° C
    931GB Western Digital WDC WD10EZEX-08M2NA0 SCSI Disk Device (SATA) 34 ° C
    931GB TOSHIBA external USB 3.0 Flash DRIVE (USB (SATA)) 33 ° C
    29GB SanDisk Cruzer Glide peripheral USB (USB)
    Optical drives
    Realtek High Definition Audio

    The default resolution and "recommended" for my two monitors lenovo is 1920 x 1080. I have a new system and I tried for a few weeks now to something to work with screen resolution and third-party apps. I am under W7 Pro right now, but will soon be getting to 10.

    The high resolution is not a problem in 7 with any Microsoft stuff. With the help of a custom of the DPI setting takes care of all the native stuff. Some third-party applications can be set as well. For example, Corel Photo Paint X 7 has bars of detachable command with command icons that can be set to small, medium or large. When the size of the icon is changed, the size of the font adjusts accordingly and it is perfectly feasible, acknowledging the icons or by reading the text. It is perfect for this dual screen system and works like a charm.

    However, most of other software companies are not quite as respectful of their clients. Bryce, formerly owned by Corel, but now DAZ despicable, is not removable toolbars and there is no options available to adjust the sizes of icons in order. Even if preferences to provide an engaging, multiple monitor option not to release the toolbars or increase the font size. It only opens the Bryce "Labs" in the second monitor in a position at the end of the dialog box, half of the Cup.

    It also applies even in a top of the range of applications such as VIEW and Smith Micro, Poser Pro. They present menus and toolbar icons that are so tiny, it is necessary to use the Magnifier Microsoft to make and which isn't real solution when your work with graphics programs. It's incredibly awkward.

    My old system, running XP Pro, SP3, which I always put in place and operational, has a screen resolution of 1280 X 768, and it displays all the software of third party very well. If I try to use this resolution with W7 and these monitors high resolution, I get a crushed image down and half on the screen which is useless. I can read everything very well, but all images are short and fat! If it was possible to type values for the height and width, using an infinite scale rather than the fixed scale that is provided by the slider over, nicked in W7, it would be possible to find a combination that worked. Then, once the wreck was set for third party stuff, the custom DPI settings Windows could take care of the native stuff.

    I had an Oracle VirtualBox running for awhile and loaded the third of things out there and it worked for awhile but it did not offer the ability double screen and, in any case, after awhile it started to get really uptight and I finally just had to get rid of.

    Really, I would be much happier if I could just load XP Pro on this machine and do run as quickly as things that made to run on it. The only reason why I got a new system was the need for more speed and muscle. But if I can't use my favorite, applications worth it?

    Is there no workaround solution that will make it possible to adjust the resolution so that the third-party applications are fully functional using all the space on the screen?

    Thank you to everyone who takes the time to read and respond.

    Since no one answered I'll provide the solution myself. Doing right thing 'upgrade' to Windows 10 has this problem of resolution.

    Other than that, getting W10 to work even at halfway was a nightmare.

  • Unable to save my movie in high resolution using Movie Maker 2.6 (Win 7)


    I spent a ton of time and produced a slide show of wedding for the wedding of my daughter with overlay of music and various transitions. After all that work, I can't save my project in the movies high resolution using Movie Maker 2.6. I tried to go up to 512K Broadband (except option). But anything on this resolution, the film becomes black at some point. But you can still here the music. Why? Is it possible to go to resolutions higher for a slide show of bin? It is a powerful laptop with plenty of memory.

    I have closed all other applications. Uncontrolled codec / file type compatibility etc. No difference. BTW, the file does not transfer or open to the latest Live Movie Maker help. That might have been a solution.

    Any help would be appreciated.

    Kind regards
    Kevin K.


    My friend John Papa - MVP - is the expert on Windows Movie Maker.


    PapaJohn - online tutorials

    Windows Movie Maker Tutorials - see the menu on the left and others on the main screen.

    Windows Live Movie Maker help & how-to and Forums are good sources of information:

    Windows Live Movie Maker that works in Vista and Windows 7

    Official Support of responses - Movie Maker Forums site-


    These might help:

    Getting started with Windows Movie Maker

    Import video, photos and audio on Windows Movie Maker

    Import video from a videotape

    Get a movie in Windows Movie Maker

    Make a movie quickly in Windows Movie Maker (AutoMovie)

    Publish a movie in Windows Movie Maker

    I hope this helps.

    Rob Brown - Microsoft MVP<- profile="" -="" windows="" expert="" -="" consumer="" :="" bicycle=""><- mark="" twain="" said="" it="">

  • Does anyone else have bad WiFi reception on 15 mid-2012 "MBP with screen high resolution?"

    Tried a new card from the airport, no difference. The WiFi reception is half, at best, of any other Mac. Get my wife of twice the reception of mid-2010. Like the hundreds of other Apple devices I have my mini iPhone and iPad Pro service.

    Is there something on the antennas in this screen? It's in this way that I bought it. Madding simply as a tech. At least I know if my laptop can connect to WiFi, just about anything can.

    I7 2.7 mid-2012 with 1 GB of VRAM and view high resolution.

    Hold down the Option key while you click on the wireless icon in the menu bar. This will display a number of important parameters on the performance of a Wi - Fi connection. a little, it will look like this:

    What values show you for Mode PHY and channel?

    What CISOS or the signal strength? How far from your router when you measure this?

    What tx rate or rate of transmit?

    very important and how many other networks do you see listed?

  • How to set on ipad 9.7 "pro to take higher resolution pictures?

    the default resolution is x 320px 240px, how to adjust the setting where I can take higher resolution pictures?

    Where do you see the resolution 240 x 320? Camera Pro 9.7 "is 12/5 megapixel (front/rear). This resolution does not look good.

  • still image from the video in high resolution


    How can I get a fixed high resolution image of my video on final cut pro x?


    FFrom print? You can not. Video only has a dpi of resolution. You need an app like Photo Zoom Pro for uprez the image.

  • 12 "MB vs 15" 2010 MBP (version high resolution)

    I have just taken delivery of my new 12 "MB and I'm confused. It has significantly higher resolution than my MBP but yet I have less screen estate. I expect more real estate but with things being smaller. Please can someone put me out of my stupidity?

    A friend answered it for me and I'm extremely relieved!    Resolution of the system of preferences - poster - scale - more than space.  Now that I have a lot of real estate funds and my Macbook not surprisingly is just about perfect!  Perhaps a part of the text is a bit small, but I don't know I'll get used to it because I am almost back my MBP initially because I thought that the text was too low and too high screen resolution.

  • Can I use still images high resolution in Keynote?

    Prepare a presentation in Keynote that requires a lot of photos/movies - it is to be broadcast from an international conference in the world.  So I don't want to spoil.

    I have some high resolution photos (the originals were RAW, I converted them to PNG).  I want to build my speech with the high-resolution PNG, or what I want to batch convert to JPEG before their insertion in the speech?  What would be an optimal size by peak.  There are probably about 100 stills or so, more than a dozen of short films (that's an hour and a half presentation I think).

    Or, if I don't use a high-resolution PNG (15-20 megs), is there a function in Keynote, which reduces the size of the files?

    And, if so, I'm better batch convert PNG to JPEG, or simply use the PNG and let Keynote optimization?

    For movies I'll all convert H264 (same resolution - 1920 x 1080 - Keynote presentation using the same optimal data rate that you would use for Vimeo).

    All ears,


    Size of the images to match the slide size in Keynote;   in this case, they should be 1920 x 1080 pixels

    because they are PNG files keep than

    Convert a batch of images as follows:

    Open all of the batch of images in preview

    Select all the thumbnails in the sidebar - click on an image in the sidebar then (Command-A)

    on the Tools menu, choose Adjust size

    use the custom size and enter 1929 x 1080


    Place the images in Keynote, as follows: drag all the images in the browser (the sidebar on the left) and a new slide will be created for each image, centered and scaled to full screen

    If images are larger than the size of slide, they look better, they simply more space

    If the images are smaller than the size of slide, they will reduce in quality

  • Download individual images from high-resolution iCloud on iPhone 6

    Hi all

    I chose "optimize storage iPhone on my iPhone" to save space. However, I understand that the iCloud stores the images original high resolution? If I want to print a photo in format high resolution, how I do without selecting "download and keep the originals" all my photos? I'm not all in high resolution, just a photo.

    Thank you!

    When you select a photo in the Photos on your iPhone and enlarge for editing, the iPhone will download the high-resolution original and keep it for a while. When print, will serve it you the original full version.

    The sharing and editing are possible if you have an internet connection to download the originals in iCloud.

  • The photos in photo looks blurry, with large pixels. Recorded images were of high resolution, why what is happening?

    I used the migration assistant to transfer all the data from my old macbook pro to my new iMac, now the images in the Photos seem to be blurred, with large pixels. Recorded images were of high resolution, why what is happening? Is it possible to fix it. In the old macbook pro, the image looks ok.

    Migration assistant has a really bad experience with iPhoto and Photos

    If you still your old MB of available space, connect it to your new Mac (network, mode target firewire or use an external to the Mac OS extended (journaled) format hard drive and drag the iPhoto library folder images on the new Mac and heck the iPhoto library to icon in the Dock to migrate Photos)

    I hope this will work better


  • AMD high definition Audio Device not Plugged In (HP Pavilion dv6-6b09sa)

    I just started my laptop HP Pavilion dv6-6b09sa (running on Windows 7) to find that the sound icon is a red cross next to him and he claims that "no speakers or headphones are connected. In Control Panel, it says that the AMD high definition Audio Device is not plugged in.

    As far as I know, I did nothing to cause this.

    I have already tried:

    Restore the system to yesterday at 22:00.

    Instalation of a TDI driver on the HP website, but I don't know how to disable/change/remove the old driver. I am completely ignorant of these things.

    Please help, I am at a total loss.


    You are welcome

    Try the following.

    Download IDT Audio Installer on the link below and save it in your downloads folder.


    One time finished, open windows control panel, open Device Manager and open sound, video and game controllers.  Right click on the IDT device and select uninstall - also, you should get a command prompt to delete the current driver, check the box allow this and then proceed to uninstall.

    When finished, restart the computer and let Windows load completely.  Open your download folder, right-click on the IDT Installer and select "Run as Administrator" to launch the installation.  Once this done, do a right-click the speaker icon in the taskbar and select playback devices.  'Speakers and headphones' left click once to highlight, and then click the Set Default button - check if you now audio.

    Kind regards

    DP - K

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