Hing broke

Hing broke



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  • Satellite S50t - B008 a hinge broke

    I wonder what to do - I regularly use this laptop and now a hinge broke. It has not yet been completely, but I'm afraid that it will be soon. It is still covered by the warranty? I didn't fall or something, it just happened one day a few weeks ago. How can I solve this problem? My laptop is still under warranty.

    Same problem here, the right hinge is broken. He broke some time ago, but now it is getting worse. I guess because it is a matter of construction, I see a lot of people have the same problem (under warranty) and Toshiba does not.

  • HP envy 6 - 1010sv: left hinge broke, about to break


    I have the 6-1010sv envy and the left hinge broke. From what I've read in the forums, this is a very common problem.

    Right now I'm looking for my repair options.

    I called the phone number, I found in the forums and they said since it is a guarantee out product I could not send to Hp (?) and suggested to visit a store (Bestbuy) for technical support. (BTW Best buy does not offer this kind of support...)

    In addition, my laptop was bought from the Greece and they suggested to contact hp Greece for more options (!). The thing is that I live in the USA and I don't understand why I can't have tech support here in the United States.

    Does anyone know how can I fix my laptop? Centres of local authorized repair maybe?

    A local authorized maintainer should be exactly what need you. Use the following web page to find one near you.


  • HP Dm4-1065dx left hinge broke!


    Left hinge of my laptop broke up recently. I am able to open and close the lid, the screen is OK, but I am worried if I'm damaging more everytime I open and close it. I am still under warranty. I tried calling HP but no response. Pointers?

    Thank you

    Hi Gaurang_YNWA,

    I would say that HP by calling again.
    Support phone # s - http://goo.gl/n2Qb1

    If you are out of warranty, you can fix it yourself like hmmmmmm, pay an another repair shop or person to solve this problem, or call HP and send it to repair.

    Kind regards

  • Want to m6: left hinge broke

    The left hinge of my desire m6 laptop is broken and I need a repair as soon as possible.

    As I saw that it is a very common problem (e.g. http://h30434.www3.hp.com/t5/Notebook-Hardware-and-Upgrade-Questions/HP-Envy-m6-Broken-hinge/m-p/343...), what solutions do you offer?

    I look forward to hearing back from you,


    I brought your question to the attention of a team within HP. They are likely to ask for information from you to get your information or product serial number. Please search for a private message from a contact HP identified. Also, remember not to publicly display personal information (serial numbers and information).

    Thank you for visiting the Forum from HP Support.

  • HP Envy 15: HP Envy hinge broke open

    I had my laptop for almost a year and a half and it has been working perfectly. Then, when I tried to open my laptop this morning, at the corner of the laptop above the broken hinge open cover. Since then, the other corner has also burst open and now the screen is very loose. Help!


    I brought your question to the attention of a team within HP. They are likely to ask for information from you to get your information or product serial number. Please search for a private message from a contact HP identified. Also, remember not to publicly post information and series numbers.

    If you are unfamiliar with the operation of the function of private messages of the Forum, this post has instructions.

  • L412 left hinge broke

    [Model: Lenovo L412]

    Left hinge of my laptop has been broken... I know its common problem in this series... Just Wanted to know what price it would take to repair of the RIN... And if I can get this fixed in Kolkata, India. Thank you..

    Hello sin2akshay and welcome to the community.

    You must contact the support center to get the details of the service center and then visit them and get this fix.

    Country or region Language Phone number Opening hours
    India English 1800 425-2666
    1800 102-3692
    E-mail: [email protected]
    09:00 - 18:00
    Monday - Friday
    Except holidays

    Best regards


  • Left hinge broke

    I have a HP envy laptop and the left hinge is broken.

    It's just more under warranty and I just spoke with HP and they told me there is nothing they can do because it is not an error known on their system.

    I looked in the forums of HP and he doesn't seem to be a problem with these models

    Can you please indicate if there is something I can do because I don't seem to be getting anywhere with the team of customer service by phone

    Thank you

    I'll contact my internal contacts and ask your question to be raised.

    Help us help you by displaying the following information.

    1. the complete model number and the laptop Nr - see web document this HP if you do not know how to locate the product number or model number.

    2. is your laptop still under warranty?  Check the status of your warranty here.

  • HP Pavilion DV6-3052TX left hinge broke


    I have purchaced HP DV6-3052TX, Jun 2010. During the warranty period, I heard "thuck" sound crackling while opening & closing the lid near the left hinge. I went to HP Service Center to get it repaired, but they do not have to set properly. But now the top panel is detached from the base Panel when I just opened the cover and the left hinge seems to be dislocated. This problem occurs again and again, for most users that clearly indicates the manufacturing defect. I have found so many cases on the Internet (some of them are on the Web site of the consumer forum and some are here on the website of HP support forum) who explained the same hinge broken with pattern are also the same problem. I have invested 60K /-for my laptop, but now there is a defect in the design and there is no point in fixing the problem reappears again. Its really frustrating after having invested so what you get is a machine of defection. It is very annoying and not according to the standard of HP. As a customer of HP, we expect better quality.

    I ask you please review and do what is necessary.

    Hello Saiprashanth92,

    I saw your post and sent him to the right people for their review. You should hear from someone bit via private message on this Forum.

    Thank you

  • My daughter has a laptop HP Pavilion G6 and the hinges broke-

    as she's in College, living away from home, it is difficult to see exactly what is wrong, but I have photographs, she sent me. Please could advise you on the measures to be taken that the machine is essential to his success at the University.

    I hope you can help?


    Discovered that the AC will work in the United States and the United Kingdom.

    Sent one with the laptop AC adapter.

    It takes just the cord with UK plug.

    The only other thing that can be a problem is there a USA keyboard. "' No English no Pound Sign."

    You can US ASCII code but it's a few key strokes.

    Or buy one and replace.


    Very easy to replace.

    Let me know what you decide on that.

    I'm going to PM the USPS tracking number.

    The last laptop that I sent to the r - u took about 10 days.


  • Replacement of the frame and hinges - HP Pavilion dm4 laptop

    I have a HP Pavilion dm4 laptop of 2.5 years. The first hinged on both sides broke that makes it harder for the laptop to close properly and now the frame is breaking apart. Is there a way I can get/buy replacements before other parts are screwed up.

    Thank you

    Yes, I also have this problem (dm4-1050ea).

    It all started on February 2015, when my aunt noticedv that my laptop was nt close properly.  It could be be made to do by pressing half upper (screen cut) to the front to the rear of the closure.

    The hinges then becomes deective that the screen don't would not SOUPLESE nd would not sit just to the place (angle) you open to.

    Following the hinges too stiff beame to exploit, came shortly after the left of the screen/lid and the window broke near the LH hinge (rather than though the bezel as shown in the image above). Then the right hinge broke off, then the screen become deective (mainly a band along the LHS - worked with detached hinges OK))

    So, I find myself with computer work, not 100% functional & broken and needs special care to use. the screen does not work in all areas (a replacement looks like £30-$50), with the virtually hanging screen, need to rplace lying hinges (£10-$15) and also nees any other bits (?) and the knowledge to fix it.  HP say they can't stand any more of this model and have no theparts (from end of 2015).

    It may be beyond the capacity of an almighty ccompany such as HP to find parts, but it does not seem beyond the my ability to get parts of - maybe-2nd hand - other HP broke! - But what I lak is kno detailed ho a skill to perform any repair.





    I hope some find these useful - they're just a small selection of procedures available for repair (probably none authorized by HP that want you to throw in and buy a new model idir HP)



  • HP Envy Leap Motion TS SE NB P: HP 17 "on the left want Leap Motion hinge pops out of casing.

    I have a HP Envy, model 17 - J171ea, product F9U15EA ~ ABU, I was using my PC but the last two days my left side hinge broke off and now everytime I raise the bottom of the housing to the top of the screen opens, I think that the case and the hinge becomes more damaged, that I see on the forum it seems to be a problem with this laptop.

    I need to know how I can get this repaired or is it a reminder of the product with this bad design of the hinge.

    I expect an early response or if someone could direct me on where I can get the part to replace the upper case?

    My laptop is out of warranty.

    I brought your question to the attention of a team within HP. They are likely to ask for information from you to get your information or product serial number. Please search for a private message from a contact HP identified. Also, remember not to publicly display personal information (serial numbers and information).

    Thank you for visiting the Forum from HP Support.

  • TouchSmart HP Envy 15: hinges

    I had my HP Envy for two years. I am the only user of this laptop. The left hinge broke after a few months. He was motionless - a desktop and never carried, so never interrupted and obviously defective. I was told that the hinges are not covered by warranty, so I made the decision to tolerate because I didn't want to be without him for a duration indefinite and also felt that the estimated $ 250 for repair was not reasonable.

    A few weeks later, the right hinge broke out causing a significant separation in the case. This past weekend, the keyboard started to fail. Some letters do not register and be copied and pasted (you can appreciate how long it takes me to write this!). I took in a repair shop today in hopes to have a replacement installed keyboard and told him that they would not be able to help me because according to them, they wouldn't be able to put it back together as a result of the damage caused faulty hinges. According to them, the best option, all things considered, would be to buy a wireless keyboard and resign myself to the idea that what I have here is a desktop computer.

    HP... responsibility for these hinges failed without your normal rate. You have created a less DEFECTIVE with a quality design product, a portable otherwise fantastic rendering useless. It is a widespread problem that does not have to be accepted clients who invest more than $1,000 in this product.

    I sent emails and left a phone message.  Nor were returned.  I hope that I can anticipate a resolution soon?

  • Right satellite M305 broken hinge?

    Part # s4907

    The metal hinge on my laptop is exposed and two sons are also exposed. The small cover that covers the hinge broke a while back and I have no idea when or where it is, just noticed once. The hinge is now coming out and the right side of my laptop is very spontaneous and I fear that the wire will get released and the ruin of my laptop.

    What should I do?

    My warranty is up, BTW.

    What you can do?
    Well, you can get in touch with a local ASP from Toshiba and can ask for help.

    It seems that you have never changed/replaced these parts and didn t disassemble such portable in the past he s really complicated to disassemble the unit and replace these parts each book is different and I think that it s the best to ask a professional for help and to pay small fees as risk damage to laptop You know

    The guys would be able to order right parts of Toshiba and would be able to replace it.

    Good luck

  • HP Envy 17: HP Envy 17 left hinge broken

    Today, I opened my laptop and the left hinge broke. I posted elsewhere in these forums.

    Not a happy camper right now.

    I had with HP customer support with the help of mods/admins here. Because my laptop is out of warranty, I had to pay for repair.

    I didn't have to pay because this seems to be a major problem, but also I didn't take it to anyone. In addition, everyone wanted to double that asked the HP.

    They charged me $178 give or take a few changes. I was surprised when I came back. Not only have they replace the hinge, they also replaced the upper and lower the machine sections. They also found another problem at the level of the material and that fixed too, it is nothing to do with my problem. Basically, they checked the entire machine even though it was just a hinge.

    I was very angry when it happened, but am quite happy with the results. Of what I was said, since HP went completely through it I can actually restored coverage, for a price of course.

    The laptop looks great and works great.

    Thanks for the support of the HP team.

    This issue, therefore, and must thus be recognised as SOLVED!

    EDIT: When CS calls you, let know them to look in the forums for this issue. Some there is not aware that it is a recurring problem.

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