Holding Down key shift key while playing WoW on Vista crashes my keyboard, requiring a restart until I can do anything.

Maybe this is associated with intellitype. The problem has changed for the worse:

OLD PROBLEM: I hold down the SHIFT key and automatically be alt-tabs of WoW to any dialogue you wanted to know about my now shift. I would have to alt - tab in WoW, which is a problem when you are healing during a raid.

SO: The dialog box had a link with some options as to when to do something special in the SHIFT key. I unchecked all. I don't remember the details of the dialog box, but I thought it was IntelliSomething. I don't know how to take revenge on this dialog box.

NEW PROBLEM: Now when I hold the SHIFT key for a long time in WoW, my keyboard doesn't work. I hear a 'click' when using any key, but nothing works. ALT-tab will not work, because those keys. When I close WoW via the mouse, the keyboard is always watered, I can't use any program. Restart resolves the issue until the next time.

BTW: In World of Warcraft, hold down the SHIFT key during the inspection of a piece of equipment compared to the equipment you are wearing at the time. If you do this a lot.


Here's a How-to article that covers the different keyboard options available.
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    Hi Sam,

    Please visit the following link, create a Page/screen Enter

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    Kind regards


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    Check your regional settings in the control panel.

    Looks like you have the implemented keyboard in place.

    (e.g. US rather than UK or vice versa)

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    Yes, just to go to the accessibility settings and disable the option.

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    Looks like your laptop is a numeric keypad incorporated in the standard keyboard.  So, probably, you have NumLock to be able to use this feature.  Find a way to turn off Num Lock.

    It would be better to a question in a forum of Acer...
    Or simply look in your manual...  (page 19); }
    (BING search engine for)
    pad digital NumLock aspire notebook site: acer.com
    Robert Aldwinckle
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    It's a scam.  I'm glad you don't fall for it.  All other calls suggest that tell you the caller you brought calls to the police who should dissuade continue to harass you.

    See the following links for more information:






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    What are the specifications of your clips you want to change? Try to create a new user and see if FCPX is behaving.

  • my keyboard strokes are not made, unless you type very slowly and hold down the key until the particular letter is displayed

    my keyboard strokes are not made, unless you type very slowly and hold down the key until the particular letter is displayed

    Hi Kdooley,

    Are a. When you facing this problem?

    B. using a laptop or a desktop computer?

    C. is - what happens with specific applications?

    D. don't you plug a different keyboard to check?

    Method 1

    I suggest you to connect this keyboard on another computer and see if it even. If the problem persists, try Method 2

    Method 2

    Try to change the rate of repeat on the keyboard and check if it helps.

    1. Open keyboard by clicking the Start button, clicking on Control Panel, hardware and sound, tap keyboard.
    2. Under character repeat, move the repeat rate slider to the left to keyboard characters repeat more slowly, or to the right to make them repeat faster.


    If the problem persists, then it might be a problem with the keyboard itself.

    Kind regards
    Bindu S - Microsoft Support
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  • Sampling of colors with the brush by holding down the ALT key does not work

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    Thank you


    Select the eyedropper tool, check in options. "All layers" is selected?

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    There was a problem with the integration of my mouse. All fixed.

  • I get no option restore when I hold down the cmd key

    I have a mac mini with a 2.53 GHz with 4 GB of RAM and 500 GB two HD (a server) end of 2009. I bought the mac mini 2nd hand and restored with a copy of my mac book pro 2010 running El Capitan. I restored it by pressing the command and r after that restart and select the external hard drive with time machine copy of my macbook pro.

    I noticed that the mac mini is extremely slow compared to my macbook pro, which has similar features.  I also noticed that there is no network preferences panel and there are other subwindows preferences (icloud, internet accounts and startup disk) that does not open.

    For these reasons, I tried to restore the mini with copy cloned my MacBook when it was running Yosemite, but when I restart and hold down command & r, I don't get food options and it goes directly to the login screen. I tried with the time machine, a cloned HD backup but I don't get any restore option for either.

    When I try to open the startup disk, which does not either. I seem to be stuck now with a very slow machine and no option to restore to factory settings or my older OS of Yosemite.

    My apologies for the long post, but I am confused as to how to proceed and would appreciate any help.

    Erase the hard drive then install Snow Leopard from the DVD retail. The update 10.6.8 download installer of El Capitan of the App Store, click the install button after the download is complete and the installation program is started on your computer.

  • Don't hold down the key and click on gradient to select the paint bucket tool?

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    Thank you!

    This is not Photoshop. What is InDesign?

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    The foreground color is the active color in the color chart.

    Manually select the eyedropper tool and click on the option, updates the foreground color. Simply clicking, updates the background color

    Look in the color Panel. The shade with the Untied border shift around it is one that will be changed by Opt/Alt-click when you use the Brush tool. Click on the one you want.

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