Horizontal line in Word text won't go away.

I have a three inch horizonatal line in my Word text. I tried going to borders and by choosing the No Border and it is still there. Help!


I have a three inch horizonatal line in my Word text. I tried going to borders and by choosing the No Border and it is still there. Help!

Ask a question about word in a Windows Vista forum. Not only this is off topic here, but you'd probably much better to get the help you need if you ask in a word forum or discussion group, since that is where the word experts hang out.

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  • Printer giving horizontal lines through the text in the print quality report.

    I ran through the troubleshooting steps.  Use all of the HP ink (and always have) I cleaned the printheads through the steps.  The color blocks out now clear - also received streaks before the troubleshooting steps.  The black bloc also lacks a section in each of the blocks of color.  The text at the top is still missing some parts.  I also replaced the black cartridge with a brand new.

    Can it be fixed or I am looking at a new printer?

    Of two things happening. The printer just needs to be aligned, or the print heads are gone.  You can find the alignment in the same place, you can find the print head cleaning.  If the alignment fails or does not solve the problem, the print heads went out and must be replaced.  The print heads have their own warranty, so be sure to check the date of warranty before look you at buying new print heads.  If the print heads are under warranty and need replaced, HP should replace it for free.  If the printer and print heads are more under warranty, it would be cheaper to buy a new printer, it would be to replace the two print heads.  Let me know what happens.

  • Additional page created through conditional text won't go away

    I created a page with conditional text in Framemaker 11.  Whenever I have my terms, a blank page is created.  This page doesn't go away when I save or update the file.
    It gets deleted only if I delete the extra page.  Could be the cause of this page to stick around?

    This weekend I sent my problem Arnis file to look at.  Here is his answer:

    Arnis Gubins wrote:

    The reason why the extra page appeared when the Conditions have been used was due to having the text block high set to autologin as well as using the position of frame anchored to the "Below the line" for the two graphics of the logo. The text block is too small to hold the two graphs at once, so with the activated automatic connection, FM creates another copy of this block of text on a new page to hold the other graphic of the logo. When you enable or change conditions, FM must all show and then hide the (s) appropriate, he would always add this block of additional text on the new page to display two graphs (because that's what autoconnect).

    There are remedies.

    1. simply disable the automatic connection setting.

    2. place the graphics of the logo using the parameter "outside the text" for the had. This allows you to overlay the graphs one atop the other as you would not trigger a "automatic formatting" to create a new text frame, if the two should be made.

    3. you could also do both, to be sure that a new page is not triggered.

    Disable the automatic connection setting not fix the issue of the extra page being created and not removed.  I need a little more work to do on moving the frame and keep my layout the same.

    Thanks for all the help Arnis Gubins

  • the Golden text won't go away

    OK, here's the problem I have. I wanted the phone number appears in the thank you message ONLY when the FORM. Phone is filled, while fundamentally, it would look like this.

    = With the phone number in the format =.
    Thank you 'user name' to complete the form.
    We'll contact with you by [email protected] or 123-123-4567.

    = Without full phone number =.

    Thank you 'user name' to complete the form.
    We'll contact with you either by [email protected]


    No matter what code I used GOLD appears.

    Thank you 'user name' to complete the form.
    We'll contact with you either by [email protected] or.

    I used the following code to try to solve this problem.

    FORM. Phone will be defined even if it is not completed, you want to check if it is a string that is empty or not. Do it like this: -.

  • Lately when I use the mouse the words text scrolling and copy on top of itself a million times. This happens when I am on line reading something to say on the MSN homepage.

    Lately when I use the mouse the words text scrolling and copy on top of itself a million times. This happens when I am on line reading something to say on the MSN homepage. Sometimes I can click off on the side and separates the text and I can read it but when I use the scroll of the mouse or even the scroll bar on the sideit happens again and again.

    Hi Jaynebasye,

    1. This only happens when you are on the MSN Web site?

    2. did you of recent changes on the system?

    Method 1:

    You can try to change the scroll settings and check.

    For more information, see the following article

    Change the settings of the mouse

    Method 2:

    Step 1:

    You can also check if the problem occurs in safe mode with network.

    Startup options (including safe mode)

    Start your computer in safe mode

    Step 2:

    If you do not experience the problem in safe mode with network, then perform a clean boot.

    A clean boot to check if startup item or services to third-party application is causing this issue.

    You can read the following article to put the computer in a clean boot:

    How to troubleshoot a problem by performing a clean boot in Windows Vista or in Windows 7

    Note: Make sure that you put the computer to a Normal startup once you are finished.

    Hope this information is useful.

  • Type text stopped working: only get a horizontal line

    In Photoshop elements 13, the text now does not produce a horizontal line. What should I do?

    Confirm that the color of the type is not the same as its background

  • How can I create a horizontal line on a line of text?


    I have FM

    Does anyone know how to create a horizontal line under the title text that matches the width of the page?  Similar to creating a border, but without the top and sides.

    Is it still possible?

    Thank you in advance!

    Use the downstairs 'Frame' attribute on the Advanced tab of the designer for your title of paragraph tag to use a framework named since your reference page. If you use the default templates for your documents, you might try the selection of single line (or create your own).

  • Text 3D CC + postcard problem! horizontal line after rendering!


    I tried to do a text in 3D, using a 3D text with a postcard background layer. I merge the two layers and it will then restore. But during the rendering process, I get a horizontal line of light and shadow in the center of the layer of finish.

    like this http://oi61.tinypic.com/5wl35x.jpg

    A friend send a PS file and told me to check it out. I played a little with it and I found that when I use his layer of the postcard (so that in the file it send me) and it has merged with a 3-d object, it turns out that the fine. Without the line. But as soon as I do my own postcard layer and use that one, I've got the bug again.

    The line is always in the Center and the horizontal, no matter where my 3D object.

    I checked on the settings basic 3D of the layer of the postcard, compared him to mine and could not find any differences. My PC is new and very powerful, he can also be my GPU, since it turns out fine when I use its postcard layer.

    I also tried to reset the settings by deleting this file in the appdata folder, but it does not solve my problem.

    Please someone help me! I bought a PC just to learn the 3D work and it's very frustrating and discouraging to be stuck at the beginning like this.

    Hi Alex,

    I noticed the difference in the lighting too, while playing around the scene. I need to talk with the developers to see what is happening because the directionality you point out (bright on top, darker on bottom) is meaningless to me, given the IBL all-white. I think there may be a bug in the rendering (even without the line), which has been fixed in the version of 2014 (15.2.2).

    I see that you have the version 14.2, so you should get at least the 14.2.1 updated because it has fixed major bugs in this document, including the 3D layers Merger Treaty.

    Kind regards


  • Watermark 'text' appears as a horizontal line

    I am trying to create my first watermark for legal deposit of the images. Following the instructions of the elements every day (recommended on this forum), I got regarding the creation of a file, activation of the text tool and choosing my fonts (Bradley Hand). When I click on the file and you start typing, all I see is a straight horizontal line. Thanks in advance for your advice!

    You should use a high resolution image. Increase the font size. The drop down menu to end at 72, but you can enter a value manually. Try 100 or 150 to start.

  • can I add horizontal lines on muse? to separate the text

    One can tell me how to add horizontal lines

    Try here:

    How to insert a line dotted with Muse?

  • Satellite Pro 6000 - horizontal line on top

    I have a problem with my toshiba Pro 6000 1.2 Ghz, since I installed the new bios or new drivers windows Toshiba video.

    In fact only 6000 has a screen of 15-inch (and not the 14-inch), and when I start it up I see everything, but with a horizontal line at the top of the screen (which change color, can be white with text mode, being black or blue under windows, etc.). The text screen is pressed by about 2 cm from the edge in text mode (during booting, for example.) Red logo Toshiba at the beginning).

    It seems that the Bios (or pilots, but I do not think because that's also how during startup) does not correctly handle screen 15 inch laptop computer. I installed the version 1.60 of the Bios. I don't remember the version I was using before.

    If I install a 14 inch screen, I don't have the line and I don't have the text squeezed by 2 cm from the top screen.

    According to me, but I'm not sure that the problem is not hardware, but more by a software problem (I hope).

    Thank you in advance.


    I don't know if it will help, but in the BIOS, you will find an option called «stretch LCD Display»
    Try to disable or enable this setting

  • Horizontal lines after turning on my Satellite

    Sometimes when I turn on the laptop, it happens with a lot of horizontal lines and worsens. If I press the specific keys on the left side of the keyboard, the lines disappear and may disappear completely and no return, but most of the time they come back when I remove my finger from the key.

    I did restore of the system a day ago and lines temporarily disappeared but now they are back and would not go. Now, they have disappeared randomly. Is it a hardware fault?

    If Yes, can someone help me contact Toshiba in Spain I've tried to communicate with them and AI? I had no answer. AI? ve only had my laptop a month and I feel unlucky that each computer AI? ve got, won't. But this time, we have 3 years warranty snack.

    Thank you

    Hello Sam

    Try please connect external monitor to your laptop. FN + F5 key combination to switch to the external display only. Please watch carefully if the problem persists and let us know. We will continue our discussion after your next assignment.

  • Horizontal lines white L7680 black only

    HP OfficeJet Pro L7680, Windows 7
    White horizontal lines alert the graphics and text black or gray.
    The print quality Diagnostics Page results:
    Target 1 seems
    Focus 2 has white horizontal lines on the black and gray blocks. Blocks of color look good.
    The test pattern 3 has white horizontal lines spaced of 0.87 inches apart. They do not align with the arrows.
    I ran the printer align, head of own impression (three times) and functions to calibrate the line break and the problem remains the same.
    This particular case does not appear in the page of 'Problems of print quality of fixation for the HP Officejet Pro L7500 and L7600 L7700 all-in - One Printer Series' to

    Cleaning the contacts has not solved the problem. The links provided by Gemini02 did not have instructions to manually clean the print head. Found cleaning tips at http://www.fixyourownprinter.com/forums/inkjet/66927. Removed print head and whistled down head in a shallow bowl of nearly boiling water for 20 seconds. Ink out of head when you do. Buvardages print head dry lint (if the ink drops on electrical contacts, clean it with damp cloth before you put the head in printer). Replaced the head on the print page print quality and printer. Problem solved!

  • Dv6 7246us horizontal line on the screen

    Hi all

    I have a DESIRE DV6-7246us, just updated to upgrade to 8.1 WIndows, yesterday, display fell asleep and trampled, I now have a flickering horizontal line at the top of page 1/3 of the screen. It is a single horizontal line that appears to wrap the text what ever he is going through, around the other side of the screen.  windows 8.1 upgrade was completed Monday, and the line began yesterday.  The computer is stock, with a genuine copy of Windows.  Please help I have runa small business, and this computer is invoked daily.

    Thank you

    Hello again,

    I could solve the problem with an updated graphics AMD HD SP60282 driver.  The only horizontal line has disappeared since I updated the driver.  Previously, it did not matter if I rebooted or the monitor kept awake, it never disappeared.  Now everything works as it should.  The driver can be found by searching SP60282 on the HP site.

    Thank you!

  • Horizontal lines in printing of OJ J3680 A-I-O.

    Get to many, thick horizontal lines when printed on a set of forms of TurboTax. The Turbo form impression is correct. Text files are okay. Don't think it was the priner, but cleaned, re-aligned and changed the cartridge just in case. No use. Now what?

    No matter if you save them to your computer before printing?  You can try to save in a different format.

    You try to print in draft mode.

    If those who do not work, you can try to install the printer using a different driver.  It sometimes helps.  If you want to try it, let me know and I can help you.

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