Horrible 'Songs' setting in the newest update

I've updated to the latest version of iOS, and now in the service of ipod music songs are not classified in alphabetical order as they were before.  When you click on the songs, you get the artist in alphabetical order with each of their songs in order.  Is nothing more than a list of artist, expanded to every artist.  This is not an alphabetical list of all the songs in the library.  Attach it to the way it was, which was a good list of songs!

Easy fix. Go to settings > music > songs of sorting & Albums and select by title.

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    Restore point:

    Try typing F8 at startup and in the list of Boot selections, select Mode safe using ARROW top to go there > and then press ENTER.

    Try a restore of the system once, to choose a Restore Point prior to your problem...

    Click Start > programs > Accessories > system tools > system restore > choose another time > next > etc.



    If restore work not and you do not have a Vista DVD from Microsoft, do a repair disc to do a Startup Repair:

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    ISO Burner: http://www.snapfiles.com/get/active-isoburner.html

    It's a very good Vista startup repair disk.

    You can do a system restart tool, system, etc it restore.

    It is NOT a disc of resettlement.

    And the 32-bit is what normally comes on a computer, unless 64-bit.


    If the above does not resolve the problem:

    Windows Update Forum:

    It comes with Vista, upgrade install and activate Forum.

    You will get the best help for any problem of Update/Service Pack in the Windows Update Forum; the link below:


    When you repost here, kindly include the Error Codes, and exactly what is happening when you try to update.

    In this way, you will receive the best help.

    See you soon.

    Mick Murphy - Microsoft partner

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    You can reload webpages and ignore the cache to refresh potentially stale or corrupt.

    • Hold down the SHIFT key and click the Reload button
    • Press 'Ctrl + F5' or 'Ctrl + Shift + R' (Windows, Linux)
    • Press 'Command + shift + R' (Mac)
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    I could use help to identify what I can do to prevent this from happening in the future.  TIA

    Well we have not seen the question back at all since we changed the system of "Performance per Watt" profile to 'Performance '.  I would start there first.  It is three months and none of our T320 do more.  We are sure, it's the 90 percent solution.

  • Why my iPod is unchecked music and why he plays an entire album when it is supposed to play songs randomly? This happened some time now. Since the last update? It's really annoying.

    Why my iPod is unchecked music and why he plays an entire album when it is supposed to play songs randomly? This happened some time now. Since the last update? It's really annoying.

    Why my iPod is unchecked music synchronization

    In iTunes, select iPod (click on its button on the device on the horizontal bar) to show his summary of the settings screen.  Make sure that the sync only checked songs and videos is checked.  If this is not checked and click apply.

    why he plays an entire album when it is supposed to play songs randomly?

    On the screen of the settings on the iPod, there is a setting for Shuffle.  It's probably on Albums.  Set it to shuffle songs.

  • Sort my songs a to z, since the 10 update it does by the artist?

    Since the update when I go into my songs, it changed title of the song from a to z to the artist from a to z. I do not know if someone has it but o does not know how to change this back?

    and yes I returned to the page from the main menu thingy and selected sort by song, not by the artist (who is an artist from a to z).

    Thank you

    Hi NAL_asking,

    Welcome to the communities of Apple Support!  It seems that your settings are correct, but I'd suggest to force out the music application, restart your iPhone and try again.

    Force a nearby application on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch

    Choose how to sort songs
    Tap Settings > music > sort the songs and Albums > by title

    Then touch the music, tap library app, tap songs - and you should see all your music alphabetically by song title.

    Take a look at the section music to iPhone user Guide for iOS 10 update.
    (Click on the Table of contents, and then click Apps).

    Take care.

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    Some Firefox problems can be solved by performing a clean reinstall. This means that you remove Firefox program files, and then reinstall Firefox. Please follow these steps:

    Note: You can print these steps or consult them in another browser.

    1. Download the latest version of Firefox from mozilla.org office (or choose the download for your operating system and language on this page) and save the file to install it on your computer.
    2. Once the download is complete, close all Firefox Windows (or open the Firefox menu

      Click the close button


    3. Remove the Firefox installation folder, which is located in one of these locations, by default:
      • Windows:

        • C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox
        • C:\Program Files (x 86) \Mozilla Firefox
      • Mac: Delete Firefox in the Applications folder.
      • Linux: If you have installed Firefox with the distribution-based package manager, you must use the same way to uninstall: see Install Firefox on Linux. If you have downloaded and installed the binary package from the Firefox download page, simply remove the folder firefox in your home directory.
    4. Now, go ahead and reinstall Firefox:
      1. Double-click on the downloaded Setup file and go through the steps in the installation wizard.
      2. Once the wizard is completed, click to open Firefox directly after clicking the Finish button.

    More information on the resettlement of Firefox can be found here.

    WARNING: Do not use an uninstaller to third parties as part of this process. This could permanently delete your Firefox profile data, including but not limited to, extensions, cache, cookies, bookmarks, personal settings and passwords saved. They can be retrieved easily unless they have been backed up on an external device! See back up and restore the information contained in the profiles of Firefox.

    Please report to say if this helped you!

    Thank you.

  • I accepted the last update. Now, I can not display to the right of the main Itunes store, where top songs, etc would be. As the screen does not. Only on the HOMEPAGE of ITUNES STORE! Help!

    I accepted the last update. Now, I can not display to the right of the main Itunes store, where top songs, etc would be. As the screen does not. Only on the HOMEPAGE of ITUNES STORE! Help! I've tried everything. Google it. Searched through itunes, etc. It MUST be a bug, because it started right after I accepted the 12.3.3 update on my laptop running Windows 7 32.

    I count on the part of the main screen, which is not. Its strange. PLEASE HELP ME! In addition to the main page of the Itunes Store, everything else works fine as before. Music from my library work screens, etc.

    I also have exactly the same problem since the last update. Tried to find a way to solve the problem but no luck. Someone please help!

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    I have a 3.1, with OS X 10.6.8 MacbookPro installed - what is the newest operating system that I can update?

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    I've updated my Sansa Clip 8 GB mothers today via Autoupdater. Everything works fine, except that the root folder is different now and music disappeared somehow. Well, the music is still there (it's GiB 4.2 of 8 complete), you can even hear it. He just disappeared under windows (XP, Vista, and 7). How can I 'save' music?


    If you reset your USB mode under settings back to what it was set to before, the music must be visible again. When you update the firmware, USB mode gets reset auto.

    When the drive is connected to your computer using the USB MSC (the value of the player in settings/USB mode), your computer only sees the files that had been moved to the drive when the drive is connected in MSC mode.  Similarly with regard to the MTP mode.  However, all the files appear and can be played on your player, under some USB mode setting.

    A reason why some people prefer to set the USB Mode on their player to MSC or MTP: setting Auto, the Player tries to connect in MTP mode but then you will return in MSC mode if the connection of the MTP does not; as a result, you can have a mixture of MSC and MTP mode transferred the files to your drive, making some of them isn't visible on your computer without going to the other USB mode.

    Because MSC mode is more universal (playing with a wide range of operating systems, including Linux and on Mac, and without the need for Windows Media Player on the computer), some people prefer MSC mode.  However, note that the DRM (digital rights management) files need MTP mode - they will not transfer enough (the DRM license will not transfer) in MSC mode.

  • The Firmware update deleted my songs!

    I've updated my Fuze (version 01. ([something].11) to version 01. [something]. 22A.  After the update of the firmware, my music list has been reduced by approximately 350 to 50 dish.  Do I have to re - transfer all songs to the device again?  That's happened?

    That line.  Just stupid firmware update made sure the "Recently added" list has been reduced to 50, rather than including all of the songs.  I found (belatedly) all my songs still in the 'Play All' section.

    In my panic, I used WMP (per the suggestion of ConversionBox about my previous question) and * synchronized near my entire library * the "rocket".  Now I have double songs everywhere (more than 350, actually) to remove.

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