HotSpot repeatedly disconnects.

Original title: hotspot problem

I use the LAN connection on my knees and I use mhotspot to share my internet in wifi to my laptop... I works fine before, but now there's a problem... it's my mobile is connected with wifi and get internet active connection for a few minutes and then is not internet connection unless I unplugged and then I connected with wifi... I have to do it several times to get the active internet connection in my mobile... somobody help with this issue...

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Hi gael.

Thanks for the reply.

I suggest you follow the steps below to uninstall and reinstall the network driver.

Step 1:


Follow these steps to uninstall the network drivers.

  1. Press the Windows key + X , and then select Device Manager.

  2. You can search the network card and expand it.

  3. Right-click on network card and choose Uninstall.

  4. Follow the instructions on the screen. Do not restart your computer before you install the fresh driver.

Step 2: Reinstall the drivers from the link below.

Write us with the asked details and the status of the issue. We will help you.

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  • iPhone repeatedly disconnected from Capture of Image


    I had huge problems with my iPhone (9.2 race 6) repeatedly disconnected Image Capture (6.6) on my iMac (27 "end 2012 running 10.10.5) while trying to import my photos. I tried to find a solution and a little, but had no luck. It usually takes an hour very frustrating, or to disconnect and reconnect my phone until I'm finally able to download all the images selected from my phone. This has happened with my previous iPhone as well. Essentially, I connect my phone and the photos appear in the Image Capture, I select the photos I want to download turn off my phone, Image Capture tricks for about a minute and then I get an alert telling me that my phone has been disconnected. Again and again and again and again and again and again until it finally works. It might help to know that I also had problems with my phone being disconnected in itunes while trying to save (even if not actually disconnected as it still appears there). A possible clue is that I have a huge amount of photos on my phone (over 20,000) but that shouldn't stop an application to function properly.

    Everyone knows this, and you have any ideas? It gets pretty frustrating when something that should take 3 minutes takes well over an hour each time. Thank you very much!

    Try a different cable.

  • iCloud email account repeatedly disconnects in the mail

    During the day, my iCloud email account doesn't work 4 or 5 times, with a triangle next to the error of Inbox and 'account' at the top right of the main window

    By turning the wifi off and on again solves it. But I can't solve the problem:

    -stop smoking and restarting Mail do not work

    -choose to put online account does not work

    so far, I have:

    -improved 10.10 to 10.11 - same cause in both versions

    -disconnected iCloud in System Preferences, and then signed in

    -deleted the Mac HD and performed a clean installation of 10.11, and Resigna in iCloud

    NO change

    When disconnects in the iCloud account, my other email accounts and Web pages work fine.

    Any ideas? Thank you!

    This article may or may not be applicable If you cannot send or receive e-mails on your Mac - Apple Support

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  • Repeated disconnections

    I'm using Network Magic version 5.1.9055.0Pure0 platform 11.1.9051.0 updated on 13/05/2009. I have two computers on my network home both using Network Magic. My lap top is wireless while my office is connect the router to the NIC directly.  The router is a D-Link WBR-1310. Since I updated Network Magic desk top loses his connection on every 30 seconds. It resets only to lose him again. The lap top has no problem. I checked the connections cable and replaced by a new, but no change. It was never a problem before the upgrade. With the new version of Network Magic could be the cause of this problem.

    Hi, please update at 5.5 NM to and see if that helps with disconnect it.  If you still experience the problem of disconnection after the update, please post to the support community can help you more.

  • Lightroom CC repeatedly disconnects the card SD/CF. reader

    I have a STEEL Hoodman UDMA reader, and when Lightroom turns the SD or CF card gets ejected after about 1 minute.  Once I stop Lightroom, stops to eject.

    Running Mac OS x El Capitan - last Lightroom CC.

    What is the USB3 card that is plugged into the drive?

    I had get a better card USB3 as the first one I got was crap (I knew the reviews when I bought it).

  • Could not update iWork - "approval is required.

    There are 3 updates in the app store for iWork (Pages, Numbers and Keynote). I'm under El Capitan. Attempts failed repeated and persistent to get them to install with red text "an error has occurred." It appears in the console:

    13/05/16 6:49:48.103 AM storedownloadd [463]: error error Domain = PKInstallErrorDomain Code = 100 "the installation could not be started." UserInfo = {NSLocalizedDescription = the installation could not be started., NSUnderlyingError = 0x7fbba39aa7f0 {error Domain = PKInstallErrorDomain Code = 100 "permission is needed to install the packages." {{UserInfo = {NSLocalizedDescription = no permission is required to install the packages.}}}

    I have repeatedly disconnected and connected to my Apple ID in both the App store and iTunes, and none of that is worked.


    Start Safe Mode removes the system caches that can help.

    Upper left corner of your screen, click on the Apple  > Shut Down.

    After your Mac stops, wait 10 seconds, then press the power button.

    As soon as you hear the startup tone, hold down the SHIFT key. You must press the SHIFT key as soon as possible once you hear the startup tone, but not before.

    Release the SHIFT key when you see the gray Apple logo and progress indicator.

    Once you are in Mode without failure, return to the menu Apple . In the drop-down list, click: reboot

    If you still cannot update your applications, restore OS X using OS X Recovery.

    Then update your iWork applications.

  • Photon q: cannot save the device w / Motorola

    I tried to register my new Photon Q repeatedly, disconnect, connection back and addressed from different angles using the "Register" links on different pages and trying to MEID and IMEI.

    When you use MEID HEX server checks the S/N and response than my IMEI S/N is in warranty, then a few seconds later it will overlap on the screen with a complaint filed by the server:

    "There was a problem with the serial number entered or it was empty. Please try again. »

    We can dismiss this complaint and continue recording attempt, selecting door-MFN and primary device, adding the purchase date and clicking on submit, but who take only a dismal failure:

    "There was an error with your request."

    Maybe it's because the Photon Q is so new? Maybe it's because your registration page has a problem.

    Help please...

  • "Windows could not search for new updates" error Code 80041054

    Almost SIX months to find a solution to this problem.  Countless emails, phone calls, try this and try that.  I bought this laptop in May and was NEVER able to perform an update.  I tried everything I can think of and everything that has been proposed in e-mail from Microsoft.  I gave up any type of phone support - repeated "disconnection".  I can't reinstall Windows Vista because it came pre-installed.  I'm really just fed up.  I bought Office and Outlook - or work correctly.  I bought some software today (Roxio VHS to DVD) and I am unable to use it because it requires an update of Windows!  I did some research on this and found others with the same problem that dates back to 2007 - not answers on the Microsoft forums!

    Any ideas?  I tried Mr. Fix - it.  I downloaded the standalone installer - took about 45 minutes of so-called 'install' - and then nothing!  He never did any kind of scan and now I can't even find it on my computer.  I'm ready to make the leap to a Mac.

    It comes with Vista, upgrade install and activate Forum.

    You will get the best help for any problem of Update/Service Pack update Vista Forum; the link below:

    When you repost here, kindly include this error Code, and exactly what is happening when you try to update.

    In this way, you will receive the correct help it.

    See you soon.

    Mick Murphy - Microsoft partner

  • USB blocking and guard dog! WdUpdateRecoveryState: Recovery permitted

    Hello everyone. We have a customer who claims that if they repeatedly disconnect and reconnect our USB device, which eventually the machine crashes and they must unload and reload the device driver manually. We have never been able to reproduce this internal behavior and have not all the reports of the other customers.

    I had the customer DebugView collection trace for me to show when the problem arises. The only thing I see in the debug output that looks the least bit unusual for me is the following:

    guard dog! WdUpdateRecoveryState: Recovery of permit.

    Can someone tell me what it is, and whether or not it might have something to do with the problem that is reported? Or it's just a diversion?

    Thank you so much everyone,


    See the Knowledge Base article:

    USB port may stop working after you remove or insert a USB device ,
    KB817900 to

    Please, vote if it is useful.  Also, click on mark or propose as answer if your
    question is answered.  This will help others find the answer in the future...

  • Just installed MS Security essentials and I'm getting a repeat look like I just disconnected a perephrial device. "DA-DA da da."

    The title says it all. I tried disconecting all my USB connected devices and it still makes noise. I don't have an idea of what connects and disconecting. An update: use CPU/task manager / when I hear the .wav connect my CPU usage goes up to 19%/when I hear the .wav disconnection it comes down to 1%. I went to the event viewer and looked at the system logs to see if something jumped out of home but there is so much information in there I found myself just looking at random with no response. I'm running Vista 64 with a intel i7 920. I've updated my chipset graphic driver/pilot and uninstalled/reinstalled MSSE. Still hear the disconnection reconnection .wav, happening every 15 seconds or so, even when all of my USB devices are disconnected. Vista is updated as well.

    Day two: I've updated everything. Now the ba-bonk noise can't randomly. Whenever I close a window, for example. I think it's a problem of windows Explorer. Guru of the rainforest

    So I'm busy and did not do a good job of troubleshooting of what exactly the fixed proccedure. It's there were three or four shots from me then to a re start and the noise stopped. So I'm not sure exactly at what stage did. Thank you very much for your support and your skills.

    Just a note of humility to me... The noise ceased, but the device plugged into the wave began to activate whenever I closed a window. What the hell I said. Train repeatedly closing and on the files of two waves (this kind of made me mad, I know I know just turn down the volume.) I must have inadvertently selected the sound bustled when I closed a window. Scrolling mouse operator error.

    Thank you for your help,

    Rangertech rainforest Guru

  • in case of power save/hibernation - theater sound system "device disconnected" repeatedly

    When my desktop PC goes into hibernation system sound for 'disconnect device' begins to play repeatedly.

    So I changed the setting of the sound to 'none '. Now, he's playing the system "connected audio device" several times.

    At first, I thought it had something to do with the addition of a second monitor.

    Then I disabled the 2nd monitor power when the use not. Is still healthy.

    So, I disconnected the VGA cable for 2nd monitor. Even the sound repeatedly.

    I could probably just change 'None' system for device disconnected but I want to fix the problem, not hide it.

    Hi David,

    Thank you for the update on the issue.

    If the problem persists, I you suggest to update the display drivers and then check the status of your question. You can see the steps in the article mentioned below to update the drivers.

    Drivers are updated occasionally. Windows can update automatically, or you can install the drivers updated yourself. It is important for you to have confidence in the updated drivers that you install. Windows warns you if it detects a suspicious or dangerous driver, you should not install.

    Download and install the drivers

    If steps above could not help try updating the drivers from the manufacturer's website. If you do not find drivers please give me the brand and model of your computer and we will try to find the proper drivers.

    Keep us updated on the status of your issue and we will be happy to help you.

    Kind regards

  • Computer behaves as I am repeatedly connect and disconnect a usb cable or external device

    He repeated the beep you hear when you plug or unplug a usb cable or HDMI cable. When I look at the menu device it flashes right after each beep or ' bump ' sound. It is not random and continuous, like clockwork, every two seconds.

    Hi thanks for the reply. I found that I had an SD card in the SD port. After having disconnected and blow the USB drives, the problem has been resolved.

    Thank you

  • When I registered in cloud creative adobe, he repeats "you have been disconnected. What should I do?

    When I registered in cloud creative adobe, he repeats "you have been disconnected. What should I do?


    Please check the help below document:

    You can also view the nets below where the issue has been addressed:

    Kind regards


  • Aspire Switch 10: Keep connect-disconnect keyboard-HARD drive repeatedly while using the usb port

    Hi all
    IAM facing this problem months ago
    It is very disturbing especially iam fan of mouse normal (I hate the touchpad), last week he keeps disconnection/connection too.
    I think that there is a software bug that connect the usb port with usb 3 connecting the keyboard/HDD

    Please help me.

    update BIOS to the latest version if you have not already:

    Update Firmware on keyboard too if you have not already:

  • PSC C4780 - connects to the wireless router, then disconnects, repeat...

    So I have a C4780 who knows a problem similar to what other people know about with different models.

    It seems that the printer cannot be connected to the router for more than 30 seconds.  I look at the screen of the printer and the intensity of the signal will be full one minute and gone the next minute.  Although full shell, I am able to connect to the Web site of the printer from my computer and print from my computer.  Whenever the signal goes, is my ability to communicate with him.  I use a Linksys WRK54G wireless router.   Also connected to it are my HP Pavilion dv7-1132nr laptop and my laptop Dell Inspiron 1545.  None of them lose connectivity to the router or the internet during this time.

    When I installed the printer, he gave me three errors.  He told me to unblock the following ports from my PC to my printer:

    UDP 427 @

    TCP 9220 @

    UDP 161 @

    I tried in my firewall opening completely disabling the firewall.  No approach has worked.  I do believe however, that the problem is between my PC and the printer, but rather the router and the printer.  The printer doesn't keep in touch with the router or the router is not that the printer is connected to it.

    It's late and I have worked on throughout the day, including an hour and forty minutes on the phone with technical support.  If anyone can think of any I've left out (I know there are a lot), I will be happy to provide it.

    Thank you


    I've seen similar problems.  I have not found this problem completely, yet do not give you the "shotgun" perscription, but it is better than losing the use of the printer.

    The 169.254.x.y address is problematic for the driver software.  The following three things helped a lot other people.

    (1) give the printer a address static IP - one that sits on the right subnet (192.168.1.x)

    * You must enter your router AND the printer's IP address, if the router gives to someone else, and so the printer knows what it is.

    * I do not have the printer in front of me, model if you cannot figure it out, let me know and I'll find the instructions.  If you can not understand how to configure your router, I'll try to find a reference in the manual.

    (2) make sure that your computers have only a connection to your router.  If you're wired AND wireless to your router, it can be confusing network of driver code.

    3) go to your firewall and unlock things like Setup has loaded, but replace all references 169.254.x.y (assuming that you give the printer the number 102 to step #1 above)

    That said, you may be right in your assertion that the problem is between the printer and the router.  Your description of the signal strength indicator is strange.  To what extent is your printer from the router?  How is that distance compares to other devices on your network?  There the walls or shelves between the router and the printer?

Maybe you are looking for

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