Housewife of Dreamweaver as file/Assembly in Indesign or illustrator?

Year after year, my media directory is bigger and bigger. A lot of pictures is ghosts of my site but I have not really time to do housework again ;-)
InDesign or Illustrator have a very useful script that create a directory of the assembly for the only useful files.
I don't find such a command in Dreamweaver.

Does anyone know the home an excellent Dreamweaver?

I'm sure they are looking for a function similar to the InDesign file > package option.


Dreamweaver does not offer this feature. If it's important for you, you can try to start a Feature Request for something similar in the field of ideas: support for Dreamweaver forum

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  • Cannot print files have since Indesign and Illustrator


    I tried to find my answer on other posts here, but couldn't.

    Background: we have CS4 and place a variety of vector maps directly from HERE into our InDesign documents that they are related. We use the similar card formats in other files and have not had any problems in past years, or until this InDesign file. This particular ID file is 290 pages and 12 492 kb, which is not much different then our other documents) they are long text documents, our 8 cards are the only graphics.

    It's only the cards in this file will not print from InDesign, Illustrator or Adobe Acrobat (9 Pro). our copier or our regular printer. Everything prints then when our map section rises, the printer stops. (All cards fine print for our other InDesign documents that were created using the same templates) We have had no problems printing to date.

    We tried without success:

    Export to PDF (cards still wont ' print from the PDF file)

    Export the Indesign document as in the Exchange and re-registration.

    Re-create the Illustrator file

    Copy and paste the file in a new document Illustrator.

    Are there preferences of the user or memory problems that could be the cause? Another way to check the file do to possible corruption?

    We do not get the message error from illustrator or InDesign guests.  The programs aren't break not just the printer does not print the cards. I wonder if split this 290 page Indesign file can help, but the strange thing is that our other files like this all very well.

    I'm puzzled. Thanks for your help!

    creusche wrote:

    will not print from InDesign, Illustrator

    That tells me a lot and narrow your problem down to be in the illustrator file. When you recreated it, did you copy and paste elements from the original?

    Your file could not be printing because:

    • You have a corrupt font, you use
    • A very large amount of vector point and you are overflowing limitcheck
    • Some points are confusing interpreting postscript (for example: 10 points of vector not connected directly on top of the other)

    Try to select > object > stray points and remove them, if they are not needed.

    Otherewise, I recommend the ILLUSTRATOR CHOP SHOP TECHNIQUE

    1. In illustrator, save a copy of the file
    2. Select items in half
    3. Remove them and try to print
    4. Keep doing this until the document print
    5. Once it prints undo your last deletion and try to find the exact faulty component.
    6. If you deleted everything and the document does not print, your problem would have probably been set by selecting all and paste into a fresh illustrator document.

    The chop shop has set several files for me over the years, hope it solves your problem unprintable.

  • InDesign and Illustrator CC 2015 does not show old eps correctly - files but through CS6. Solutions?


    I'm working on a 3. Edition of a book and during playback, it has been noted that I had misrepresented a number of formulas. I was a little scared and surprised, there are many formulas in the book, and I had not touched them when editing - changes have been made elsewhere in the book.

    I checked my InDesign document and was surprised to see the next note that the first image is an image in 'normal' mode, the second is a view "HQ" to the formula as in InDesign CC 2015 and the third is a dump of the pdf of the previous edition of the book, with InDesign update in may 2014.

    The eps with the forms file has not been changed in the meantime. This is an eps file (attached) described. When opening in Illustrator CC 2015, it looks like the view from HQ below, in Illustrator CS6, it looks like at the lower part one - that's the way it is supposed to look like.

    In normal view.jpg

    The issue has been resolved as such, I reinstalled an oldie, InDesign CS6, and then the files eps and formulas all looked at as they were supposed to, but its sad that I have to have both the new and old version of InDesign and Illustrator installed. Can anyone tell med why this problem occurs?

    Sincerely, Mikkel

    You may not use EPS in modern times. Convert them to PDF or leave them in PDF format.

    If someone has a problem with EPS it is now very probably due to fonts not embedded, so I recommend you to convert them to PDF via Distiller and embed fonts.

    Be aware that more and more problems appear when someone uses T1 fonts. So, it is also best to avoid.

  • I can't open a file because my InDesign in not later. How is that possible? I thought that CC me automatically?

    I can't open a file because my InDesign in not the latest version. How is that possible? I thought that CC automatically updated me so that I always had the latest version and should not treat being obsolete.

    Please see this link for more information on how to update the applications at CC2015:

    Using creative cloud | Update creative applications Cloud 2015


  • The inDesign CS5.5 start niet meer. Error: The file is damaged "InDesign SavedData" (error code: 6).

    Some good dagen Sinds we Indesign CS5.5 niet meer starten. We will merge: the file is damaged "InDesign SavedData" (error code: 6). Wie kan mij helpen?

    Problem solved by renaming the folder SavedData. He created autmaitcally one again and error message missing.

  • How can I go on the Dreamweaver CS4 Dreamweaver CC file transfer?

    How can I go on the transfer

    Dreamweaver CS4 Dreamweaver CC files?

    If the two versions are on the same hard disk, simply say DW CC where the files of your site on your hard drive.  Go to Site > new Site and describe your site.

    Nancy O.

  • File located in InDesign CC not found in Illustrator

    Lately, when I chose a .ai or .eps file for editing in InDesign CC (links Panel > pencil icon), the file does not open in Illustrator CC. Illustrator CC opens and then says that the "file not found", which requires me to go to file > open... in Illustrator CC to put this file in editing. (He is silent but effective workaround).

    I have no problem with the Photoshop files. InDesign CC opens in Photoshop CC.

    The links in InDesign Panel does not indicate a broken link. (Yellow! triangle or red? circle.)

    What is broken?

    Solved. He was a network against the local file system problem. I'll talk to our IT guys.

  • With InDesign CS6, I can't rework table to a file created in InDesign CS5.5.

    With InDesign CS6, I can't rework a table in a file created with InDesign CS5.5. Half of the table disappears when I try. No idea why?

    A screenshot would be useful, but it seems that the post will in excess.

    When you open a file in a version newer than the text not redial using the new text engine until you interact with it, somehow, but then recomposes it using the rules of text of the current version and reflow is normal, but often the results of changes for purposes of line that can cause oversets in tables or at end of chapter.

  • Preserve spot colors when you import the InDesign file into another InDesign file

    Work in InDesign CC.

    I often import InDesign files into other InDesign files and find it very useful for my workflow. Often it is a file that acts like a piece of the library that is used in the other files and I love being able to just change it and automatically update the other files.

    However I just came up with a work that is CMYK + spot and spot colors are not preserved import - they seem to import as CMYK. Can I export a PDF file and do it this way, but I prefer to skip the intermediate step.

    Any advice?

    Have you checked? It really looks like that process tasks is enabled in the file of reception, but I expect that to affect the PDF as well.

    I tested on CS6 and it works correctly, but I have on thei smachine CC, and no time this morning to start it, then maybe someone else will test for you to see if they get the same results.

  • INDD CS6 error: "InDesign can't open files in format 'InDesign CS5.5 Document'.

    Working in CS6 on Mac OS X 10.7.5: when I double click on an INDD file in the Finder, I get the following error in InDesign:

    "The 'name of the doc' document could not be opened. InDesign can't open files in format 'InDesign CS5.5 Document '. »

    It started recently and I was not able to understand why. I've not updated INDD or OS X. I can't think of anything that has changed, except perhaps an update to Java. Have not updated the latest OS yet.

    The I'm opening the files are files that I created with CS6 - only a few minutes ago.  I can open fine using the file > open command in InDesign, so I can open them, but I can't open them by double clicking it in the Finder or by dragging the INDD icon in the dock.

    The info in the said Finder's "Get Info" window is configurΘ for dΘmarrer in CS6 CS6 files and I have permissions to read and write. They are not locked.

    It is not disabling, but rather annoying and slows me down since it is one of the most common ways I open files.

    Any suggestsion would be appreciated.

    Probably will not work because this looks like a problem of operating system of some sort, but you can try trashing the prefs see replace your preferences

  • CS6 Crash inDesign on placing a file on the indesign document, Crash report is attached.


    InDesign CS 6 works very well for Mac mini in MacBookPro it always crash on placing a file on the InDesign Document.

    Crash report:

    I tried:

    (1) to uninstall and reinstall CS 6

    (2) using different accounts including admin

    Troubleshooting 3) as following:

    ' a) Trash preferences (cmd-opt-shift-control keys for InDesign starting).

    Corrupt preferences (see above), or maybe the permissions on the folders that contain the preferences are such that InDesign cannot write correctly for them. (it sometimes happen).

    (b) by deleting sub folders: before you remove the sub directories/files, please make a backup (just to the trunk).  Exit design and try to delete the following files/directories (InDesign recreates them initially to the top):

    ~/Library/application support/Adobe/Adobe InDesign CS5.5

    InDesign ~/library/caches/Adobe


    InDesign ~/Library/preferences/Adobe



    ~/Library/saved application State/com.adobe.InDesign.savedState

    Note: The user library directory hides under MacPro/Lion. You can get there in the Finder by pressing Option and then go to the menu (other ways are too thin).

    Please let me know if I'm missing something.

    Thanks in advance,

    It hangs in the plugin simple catalog...

  • How to fill a field of electronic signature in the form of interactive PDF file (created in Indesign)?

    How to fill a field of electronic signature in the form of interactive PDF file (created in Indesign)? This form will serve as an application on a Web site. The goal is to have access to anyone (interested to apply for a job via Internet), fill out and electronically sign the form on presentation.

    Please follow the steps and let me know if this helps

    1. Open the PDF in Acrobat
    2. Click on tools in the upper right > select Forms > click on edit
    3. It would ask you if you want to make changes, select Yes
    4. Then it will give you options to add a Signature field on the right side of Acrobat
    5. Add the field and save the form
  • printing from CS3 on El Capitan always blocks InDesign and Illustrator, but not Photoshop

    I recently bought a new iMac and am now under ElCapitan.
    CS3 seems to work fine except that I can't print from InDesign or Illustrator - Photoshop is ok.

    Can anyone offer me please suggestions on how can I fix?

    Any help is very appreciated! :-)

    Nothing more early CC is supported under El Capitan. Printing is your only way out is something that you should be grateful.

    Export a PDF file and print from Acrobat.

  • Conversion of degraded since Adobe indesign into Illustrator, object makes rasterised gradient of CMYK

    I have a layout that contains the text and gradient in indesign objects

    now I want this layout software Indesign Illustrator software has

    but I am facing problem in gradient objects. When I copy paste from Indesign into illustrator

    gradient is converted to an image in CMYK mode and I use lying Pantone colors.

    Please see image for a better understanding of the suite. I copy pasted this arc two InDesign (Panton color) to illustrator, as shown in the picture 1

    but now this got colors converted to CMYK and also in JPEG format, as shown in Image 2 in illustrator

    Image 1

    Image 2

    Please let me know a solution.

    Copy and past would do that.

    One method: Add this item to a library of CC and go from there.

    Another method: exports the INDD, PDF/X-4 and place it in Illustrator (if possible as a linked file).

  • Adobe Creative Suite Design CS6 - PhotoShop, InDesign and Illustrator immediately stops after start

    I am troubleshooting for a customer with Adobe Creative Suite Design CS6.

    Its programs do not start all of a sudden, they launched and begins to read the plug-ins and opening a workspace, but then without warning and error it stops. no newspaper, error message or anything like that...

    It's the same thing for PhotoShop, InDesign, and Illustrator in 32 bit and 64.

    He runs the clothing on an Hp EliteBook 8560p with Windows 7 Pro x 64 sp1.

    It would also have a Wacom Bamboo CTE 650 installed penpad before.

    That's what I've done so far:

    * Uninstall the whole and reinstalled again suit (made it 3 - 4 times, manually deleted regestry files, used CNettoyez and other cleaning tools)

    * Deleted the drivers wacom with controlpanel tool, driver Windows Clean tool, CNettoyez and manually remove the keys from the registry and files.

    * Uninstall the antivirus software and replaced by another, inactivated AV and Windows Firewall.

    * Delete the registry files for the costumes and "re-register" them once again.

    * Full patch for windows and adobe software.

    * Restart between each stage

    Any suggestions?

    I should add that adobe for this $2000 software support really sucks...

    Thank you!


    Problem solved!

    I went through all records related to adobe cs6 and renamed their (one), then they would be be recreated.

    I've done this before, but it looks like I missed this specific.

    In any case, when I renamed the file "SLCache" in C:\Program Files (x 86) \Common Files\Adobe\ and then ran the applications one by one as administrator, I was prompted for a serial again key and log my Adobe ID.

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