How always to send later

I prefer NOT to send eMails immediately I touched the button 'SEND', but having to drop a menu down to 'send later' is a pain

Can I configure Thunderbird to always send later or add a button "Send later" to my toolbar?

Thank you


If you don't need to the sending application to send later, but always regular, automatic, emptying the Outbox, BlunderDelay mentioned previously. I have no reason to believe that it's incompatible with MagicSLR.

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  • How do I put a time to "Send later"?

    I clicked 'send later' and my email disappeared!

    After 15 minutes of searching I found in my (hidden) Outbox folder, but I still don't see how to choose a time to send it later... By right-clicking on the Outbox I can "send emails sent or not", but it's a bit like simply wait as I click the button 'send '.

    Anyone know how I can do something NOW to send an email... LATER?



    When you select Send later when a popup with choice to send (see photo)
    Do NOT select set in the Outbox , but use send around...
    Mail will NOT be in the Outbox, but in the project until you send it

  • How can I change the send later affecting a shipment now?

    Has tried to send an email, but what should be the button send is that send later. Could not find a way to change this. CTRL-SHIFT-return does not change this setting. The choice of menu to find/send and Find/send later are gray. I don't know how he got the value send later.


    I'm confused. Did you file an issue for Thunderbird? In Thunderbird, 'Send later' is displayed when you lack Internet if Thunderbird is in offline mode. There is a small icon in the status bar in the lower left corner of the window where you can enable or disable the Offline/Online mode.

    I hope this helps. Thank you!


  • How can I walk to "Send later"? It comes up all the time and then I never find where the email is gone. I never write an email that I do ' t want to send

    I never want to "Send later"! For the moment, I have email waiting and fall down 'send now' is grey and won't let me change that. Someone tell me how to recover and keep on 'Send now'.

    The Send button now turns to a send later when Thunderbird is offline. It disconnects when you order him or you lose your network connection.
    In the lower left cornet of the screen, there is an icon online/offline. It looks like 2 monitors. You can change States by clicking on this icon.

    As to where the mail goes when you click on send later, they go to the Outbox. The Outbox is under local folders.

  • Why 'write' appears 'send later' and the message is not sent

    When you write a message to the 'send' support 'send later' and when I click on tn that the message is not to send.
    How to force the program to immediately send my message?

    Probably your Thunderbird is in offline mode. Switch to online mode.

  • I clicked 'Send later' and missing email

    If I don't want to send an email now, I normally click "Save draft". This works.

    But this time, I clicked on "Send later". He closed the email I was composing and seems to have deleted. It is not in the air currents. It is not in sent items. I have opportunity to when I tried to send it. How can I recover this project by e-mail?

    Look in the shipping box under local folders.

  • button to send later

    Recently switched to Thunderbird of Pmail as I am now running Linux Mint 17 instead of windows. Thunderbird is generally excellent, but surprisingly odd in some important respects. And a this is I just spent an hour trying to understand your FAQ and failed. In my job application I, like several other people I guess that answered my emails first thing in the morning and store my answers (whether they are online or not) then send all in a go when I finish all.

    Looks like there will be a ' send later' button in the toolbar next to the ' send' button during the composition that puts email in the Outbox ready to send to my choice, like most other e-mail clients, but it does not exist. Instead, I double double click on 'File' - send later (a loss of function and irritation so simple and frequently used command).

    All that is necessary is to place a "Send later" on the toolbar icon, but there is no icon shipment later in the section Customize who make up the toolbar! Thunderbird can be very adept at sensing when it is online and change the toolbar as a result but I don't need this ability. What I need is a later delivery button that works when I want it.

    The FAQ and the help files that all insist to install me a new button later delivery of unnecessary complexity which requires more clicks because it requires that I specify a time to send later, requiring additional entries!

    I've checked on the icon installation packs and though there's plenty of icons there, they still don't appear to have a send-later icon which can appear on the toolbar. Obviously this is some Thunderbird peculiarity.

    (1) how can I get a send more late my toolbar icon to compose?

    This really should be a standard feature.

    I did a little more searching for you and found this Addon extension:
    MagicSLR 4.0.1
    MagicSLR extends functions and buttons to get and send messages. Many users missed a button ' Get/Send' handset in Thunderbird. MagicSLR provides this button and much more.
    You can then add a button "Send later" in the customization window.

    More info about an alternative way to install Addons:

    • 'Tools' > 'Modules' or "Icon of the Menu" > "Modules".
    • In the type of research: MagicSLR
    • It will be installed and there will be a button "install now".
    • ClickON that to make a quick easy install.
    • You have to restart Thunderbird.

    To add the ' send later' button on the Composition toolbar.

    • Open a new message 'write '.
    • 'View' > 'Toolbars' > select 'Customize' to open customize window.
    • Drag the icon 'Send later' on the toolbar next to the button 'send '.
    • Click 'Finish' to close the customization window.
  • How can I send a group of addresses of recipients to someone else?

    I regularly send messages to groups of recipients (5 to 50 in size). Someone supports a part of my work; How can I send a group of addresses without having to type all of them again?
    I tried watching a group of addresses in "address", highlighting its content and by pressing Ctrl-C; but by pressing Ctrl-V in the body of an email to him does not.

    You can export books complete addresses or mailing lists.

    If these groups are already in you mailing lists the address book opens the address book and click on the folder in the list to highlight. Then go to Tools-Export.

    Then name the file, choose where to save it and decide what file format can use the new person.

    The LDIF format is best if they are a user of Thunderbird. Separated by commas works with most, and can be opened in Excel to view or change.

    And then send the file.

    Export your address book is a good way to save problems later.

  • What happens to an e-mail message when you click on ' send later? I can't find anywhere.

    I shot an email "Sent" folder and click on "transfer". I changed the email at length and then decided to not yet has sent. I have a click right and select 'send later '. The email has completely disappeared. I can't he finds zero-share, not in any folder. Where can it be? How can I get it back?

    It goes to the Outbox. You will find the Outbox under local folders.

  • We had a problem with the sending of an email, he said to send later. My boss began pressing the buttons, and there is now no button send in the window to compose a. Help

    Send no button when composing an email

    When the Send button changes to send later, he indicates that Thunderbird is in offline mode.
    It is taken offline for several reasons. You said that he or she has detected a loss of network connection. Happens frequently on a laptop because the NICs tend to shut down when the laptop goes to sleep.
    There is an indicator online / offline in the lower left corner of the window of Thunderbird. It looks like 2 computer screens. When there is a red cross on Thunderbird is in offline mode.
    You can click on this icon to change state. I suggest you do this next time instead of blindly clicking on buttons that you don't remember.

    The Send button is the Composition toolbar in the window of writing.
    Open a window of writing.
    If you've managed to disable the also menu bar press the alt key to bring up.
    The menu bar, select View-Toolbars and relight the toolbars.

  • When I send a text message and mobile data are off, it is not given, but I do not see this message for a few minutes. I can then refer using "send as a text message. How can I 'send as a text message' in the first place?

    When I send a text message and mobile data are off, it is not given, but I do not see this message for a few minutes. I can then refer using "send as a text message. How can I 'send as a text message' in the first place?

    Disable the iMessage?

  • How can I send a message in my Outbox?

    How can I send a message from my Outbox? I do not see a 'send '.

    any where

    Usually, when you open the message there is a submit button. If not try to move the message to the drafts and try again, or copy and paste the content into a new message.


  • How can I send outgoing messages from tbird lot not immediately

    TBird sends emails when I press the button send, this may take a few seconds while I'm waiting
    can I not send in real time, but as every 10 minutes saying get incoming emails?

    There is an add-on called 'send later '.
    Haven't tried, but it sounds like this is what your after

    Otherwise, offline can delay until you go online.

  • Can't seem to 'offline' good change 'send' to 'send later '.

    My email somehow page changed the button 'Send' to 'send later', and I can't change it back. You said to go to 'file' and then 'offline', but there is no 'offline' entry in the file folder.

    The best way to change from online to offline and back is to use the Online/Offline icon in the lower left of the window. The icon looks like 2 computer screens. By clicking on this icon changes state. There is a red cross on it offline.

    I'll make a wild guess that you are in a window of writing when you click on file. You are right. There is no choice out of line there.
    You use the file menu in the main window.

    It must also be in the main window to see the above icon.

  • can I schedule an email "Send later" to be sent at a later date?

    I know that I can mark an email to send later, but it seems to be just throwing in a "pending" file that I could then convey myself.

    I want to say tbird 'send this email to midnight tonight' or some other date and time of my choice, and have tbird do without my intervention

    I can't find this feature in help or in the forum, just a lot of help to put in place an email so I can send it later myself.

    many other senders of emails have this feature so if Tbird does not, please consider asking the developers to add if possible

    Go to the Add-ons page add and search for send later. Who says only what you want.

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