How are added as a drop-down list in the printer options to create a file PDF Adobe Acrobat?

How can I add adobe acrobat in the drop down menu the option to printer on my win7 system?

Original title: create PDF files

Also: Free Office, Open Office, Microsoft Word (versions), and Word Perfect will save in the form of pdf files. For example, you can create a document save as a pdf or open an existing document, change if you wish and save as PDF.

Tom Ferguson

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  • How to fill out a drop-down list on the selection of items in another drop-down list using adf 12.1.3


    I have a page that has the load drop-down lists and a "submit" button. The first drop down menu got filled using query based VO (IE read only VO) for LOV. The requirement is as below

    -on the selection of an element any in the first drop-down list, the user must fill the second dropdown.

    -Once the second dropdown is completed, the user can select element in the second drop-down list.

    -capture the second drop down menu items value selected in the method of action of the click on the submit button.

    Any help in this scenario will be useful.



    Sameh salvation,

    Thanks for the reply. Your code

    1. DCIteratorBinding iter is BindingContext.getCurrent () .getCurrentBindingsEntry () .get ("iteratorNameInPageDef") (DCIteratorBinding);.
    2. Object secondDropdownValue = iter.getCurrentRow () .getAttribute ("AttributeName");  has been really helpful to get the selected value.

    Thank you very much.



  • Selections from drop-down list in the text box is not saved when PDF is saved/sent

    I have a drop-down selection list and items can be added from the drop-down list in a textbox as multiple items. (this work all fine)

    When I send the form as a PDF and then all the other field values is saved, except the values entered into the text selected in the dropdownlist control box.

    How can I get these values to be saved in the PDF file so that these values disappear.

    Thank you so much for everything tips to get this working so that when the form is sent by e-mail the selected values go with the form

    .. run only in the file > Properties > tab by default , that the changes of Script preserve is set to Automatic.


  • How can I sort alphabetically in the drop-down list in the Tools menu of Firefox?

    The Tools menu has a drop-down list, but the entries are not in alphabetical order. Options and a few individual add-ons/extensions appear in the list, but not in alphabetical order. It would be useful to them in alphabetical order in the list, however, I can't find any option to sort. Did I miss a hidden, built-in option for sorting? Is there an add-on may be providing a way to sort? Someone has an idea? I have not found anything this either in my research on the subject... just what is the sorting of bookmarks. But it's the combo of Tools menu I want to be able to twist. Anyone?

    There is no built-in opportunities to change the menus of the application. The easiest way to do this is by using the editor from Menu Add-on.

    Advanced users familiar with CSS can create a custom style sheet and apply it with Stylish.

  • How does one increase the number of entries in the drop-down list of the address bar?

    It seems that the number of entries in the drop-down list of the address bar is limited to twelve URLS. I would find it convenient that more than twelve years can be shown, but do not know how to increase the number.

    Increase or decrease browser.urlbar.maxRichResults using Subject: config

    NOTE: The FasterFox extension may affect the number of items displayed if you have it installed (addons > Extensions).

    If this answer solved your problem, please click 'Solved It' next to this response when connected to the forum.

  • 2 values can be added to a drop-down list item?

    I probably need to explain what it is I'm doing first. It could even impossible the way I'm doing it. So if there's a better way, please do help. But I try to have items listed in a drop-down list. More precisely the elements that are of different lengths with different numbers. I have been using the value of the elements to do simple calculations to work. But I also want it so that once an item is selected the item to a list of material later in the form printed. I'm sure I can set the value of the element as the item number and I the number displayed next to the item (in another column) later in the order form. But I want to be able to always perform the calculations in the subform where is the original drop-down list. Is it possible to assign 2 values (one for use with calculations) and one for use as an item number? Or is there a better way to do what I'm doing? I know I could just name the list drop-down list item and contain the number of point in the name using addItem. But I don't want to confuse the user with numbers, they did not need to see. Only the person who sells the materials needs to know the number of points, not the user.

    Back again...

    Think - the behavior is expected because the values specified in the binding tab lead the overall binding for the drop down menus.

    So if the first dropdown the text resulting from elements such as the display values AND the second dropdown has numbers of items like display settings - then it will work. As long as the two drop-down lists have the same number of elements and sequence in the specified values is the same.

    This means that you must keep two drop-down lists.

    It may be a good idea to have the second dropdown (numbers) configured to read only so that the user cannot interact with it.

    Good luck


  • How to trigger a refresh of a drop-down list when the selection is changed


    This is a general question of ExtendScript, but since I work with FM, I'll ask here first. I have a bit of a paradox here and I'm not sure of the best way to manage it.

    I have a dialog box with a drop-down list, where I want to refresh some controls when the user changes the selection in the list (dropdownList.onChange). This includes them refresh the content of the list itself. However, the problem is, whenever I try to update the content of the list, onChange triggers again. So, if I put the call to update box in the onChange handler, it will result an infinite loop, because my upgrade function fires onChange when it refreshes the list.

    Does anyone know a better methodology, where I can safely triggers a refresh of a drop-down list in the list's onChange event handler? I really wish that onChange was reserved for an action of the user only, or at least there is a property for this purpose.


    Hi Fabio,.

    You can't "Refresh" a menu drop-down.

    But you can rebuild.

    You must do it "manually".

    As I do:

    1. I have a picture I want to show in the dropdownlist control.

    2. I have delete all children: myList.removeAll ();

    3 I have rebuild the list via mylist.add ("item", "myArray [index] in a for - loop.

    But if you know the exact position of the elements to remove or add, you can do so via splice()

  • How the auto fill a field based on the drop-down list unless the specific item is selected

    Hi all

    My apologies if I posted this in in the wrong place, but I am new to these forums, JavaScript and Adobe LiveCycle.

    I am trying to build a form using LiveCycle Acrobat but have problems with the drop-down lists.

    Inititaly I just wanted to fill in the fields in a table based on a matching menu selection dropdown in another table.

    I used the following code and it worked fine:

    Workbook.Content.Table1.Row3.AppropriationDetails.Row4.Cell1::change - (JavaScript, client)

    fFrom var = xfa.resolveNodes ("Workbook.Content.Table1.Row3.AppropriationDetails [*]. Row4.cell1');

    OTF var = xfa.resolveNodes ("Workbook.Content.Table2.Row3.AppropriationDetails [*]. Row4.cell1");

    for (var i = 0; i < = fFrom.length - 1; i ++) {}

    fTo.item (i) .rawValue = fFrom.item (i) .boundItem (xfa.event.newText);


    The problem is that now I want the code above works UNLESS one of the items in the drop-down list is enabled specifically in this case, I want the text box in the other table to display a message such as "Details of the entry in the field below.

    I tried to create an If Else statement using the following code:

    Workbook.Content.Table1.Row3.AppropriationDetails.Row4.Cell1::change - (JavaScript, client)

    fFrom var = xfa.resolveNodes ("Workbook.Content.Table1.Row3.AppropriationDetails [*]. Row4.cell1');

    OTF var = xfa.resolveNodes ("Workbook.Content.Table2.Row3.AppropriationDetails [*]. Row4.cell1");

    for (var i = 0; i < = fFrom.length - 1; i ++) {}

    If (fFrom.item (i) .rawvalue = "Option 3") {}

    fTo.item (i) .rawValue = "enter the details in the field below.


    else {}

    fTo.item (i) .rawValue = fFrom.item (i) .boundItem (xfa.event.newText);



    The code now filled the field with "Enter the details in the field below" any item I select in the drop-down list.

    Your help is greatly appreciated.

    See you soon,.



    You use .rawValue in the change event. This will cause problems because the selection of the users has not received .rawValue from the drop-down list at the time when the change event is triggered.

    Move your script as it should to the output of the dropdown event.

    Hope that helps,


  • Fill the drop-down list in the SQL data source

    I have a data source that retrieves data from an sqlite database. How do I pass two areas of this query to a drop-down list on the page. I want to create a drop down list with the value and the text of this data source


    To extract the values you need to wait for onDataLoaded. "data" parameter is a list of cards.

    An example of code for data access :

    To add an option to the menu drop-down:

    attachedObjects: [
      ComponentDefinition {
        id: optionFactory
        Option {
    ... to add an option:
    var newOption = optionFactory.createObject()
    newOption.text = 'Text to add' // or a variable fetched from data source//newOption.otherfields = ...
  • Width of drop-down list and the number of drop-down list values

    How to increase / decrease the width of a drop-down list on the screen of your interview? In addition, how you increase the number of menu options drop-down user, some of my options in drop-down list don't show up. This shows only 3 points:...

    For OPM 10.4:

    Increase the number of visible items in a drop-down list

    There are two options:

    1. make a regular drop-down list instead of a list of drop-down list box. Regular drop-down lists always display all items, regardless of the length of the list. To do this, set "enable-search-comboboxes = false" in the file. "

    2. increase in the search results max for the combo box in the file, for example 'search max-results = 20' (or another number as appropriate)

    See article OPM the User Guide for more details:

    I have a vague memory that the increase in the width of the drop-down lists is a bit more tedious. I'll take a look and post here...

    See you soon,.


  • Hide drop-down list in the Section of Pages in Pivot mode


    I have a condition of report where I need to use columns in the section of Pages in Pivot mode, but I need to hide the display so that it cannot be displayed to the user.
    Is there a way we can achieve this. I am able to hide the values inside the hidden option or by giving the white police and in color, but the drop still exists. I want to hide even the drop-down list also, the user does not know that there is no drop-down list. I can't remove the pivot as my report depends on these columns showing rolling months of data. There are a lot of customization in this report, can you get it someone please let me know no work around for this problem.

    Thank you

    Hi Karthik,

    You can hide the fall down by adding the css code.

    In responses, add a static text / narrative view and Add (enable html) code below

    otherwise in the dashboard add text and enter the code above it...
    This will hide the drop down.

    Thank you

  • What happened to the drop-down list of the previous pages on the back button? I see it in 'history', but it is slower to get to.

    There used to be a drop-down list on the back button, and I think that the forward stop button, too, so that I could jump to the previous page without paging a descendant both. Find my story now and clicking on a page are much slower.

    Use one of them to open the tab history list:

    • Right-click on the back or next button
    • Press and hold the left button of the mouse on the active back or forward button until the list opens

    You can watch this extension:

  • in the 'history' drop-down list, there is an option to "restore the previous session. I want to remove this option completely.

    I speak no crashes or my home page. I'm talking about the option in the history drop-down that allows anyone who comes behind me to restore my session, after I'm gone.

    COR - el, I read several threads with this question, and you always seem to post these links. I don't think you understand the question properly. I read the first link you posted, and the most relevant element has been 'store session completely disabling. so I went in: config, and did what I was told. I set the preferences browser.sessionstore.max_tabs_undo and browser.sessionstore.max_windows_undo to 0. it does not work. After that, I close firefox and reopen. in the drop-down list in the history, there's always an option to restore previous session, I click on it and it restores session.

    Diego, your response is not what I was hoping. I want to stay signed in the pages I frequent. like gmail, youtube, ect. your solution sign me out of everything every time. Thus, although technically it works, this is not the option I want to use. but after tinkering with the options in this section I figured it for everyone with my same worries:

    go to: Tools > options > privacy, in the 'history' pane, select 'clear history of firefox closing', click on settings for this option, select "Browse and download history.

  • Impossible to delete previously selected items from the drop-down lists at the click of the button Reset on a page of the screen.


    I'm unable to clear previously selected items from the drop-down lists at the click of the button Reset on a page of the screen. The code I did to clear the previous value when the click on the button Reset is as below.

    {} public void onReinitialize (ActionEvent actionEvent)

    System.out.println ("onReinitialize is called ::");

    UIComponent uiComp = actionEvent.getComponent ();

    If (uiComp is nothing)


    otherwise we use the button that we linked to that bean

    uiComp = getButtonResetByBean (); ("reset fields: buttonID =" + uiComp.getId ());


    on the other

    { ("reset fields: CompID =" + uiComp.getId ());


    Pass the component inside the uniforms, UIXForm, UIXSubform, UIXRegion, UIXPopup, RichCarousel

    or RichPanelCollection that contains the components to reset

    getTextIDLOV () .setValue (null);

    ResetUtils.reset (uiComp);



    Using this code Iam able to clear the entrance to the text box but can not clear previously selected items from the drop-down lists when the reset button is clicked

    Can anyone please help on this issue.

    It's simple, you can set GenerateIsNullClauseForBindVars = "false" in the viewCriteria who created in EmployeeView

    After doing that it will fill the list of employees only after the Department selection

    Again check the enclosed application


  • CC App drop-down list in the menu bar (Mac) completely blank!

    CC App drop-down list in the menu bar (Mac) completely blank! I tried to delete the opm.db file, logging in via the browser and change my password. Nothing works! By making the two above, I get a login screen in the fall to the bottom of the window, but at the time wherever I am connected, it becomes totally empty. I am running an iMac and OS 10.9.5 3.4Ghz i7. Can not work of the CC function without the content of this window, so the only way I can close the app is by restarting the computer. CC wants me Uninstaller uninstall ALL my applications from Adobe, which is not practical. All of the other CC users on the site here do not have this problem, so it does not appear to be linked to the firewall. Help would be appreciated!


    Hi Matt,

    Please refer to the threads below where this issue has been addressed:

    Creative cloud is empty window why?

    Cloud Desktop App is empty?

    New application Cloud Creative unusable: it is empty!

    Re: Empty opening creative cloud app

    Kind regards


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