How blink Boolean indicator I gave the color in function of


How to Flash the Boolean indicator, I gave of color I have attached my program. I'll given green and blue, but when I run the present it flashes red and blue and red and green.i want to blink blue and green.

Hi madhanskm,

Here's what I came with. The value of the Boolean value changes from true to false with each iteration of the loop. You can change the timing of the loop to change the rate at which the led blinks.

It will be useful,


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  • Is there an easy way to add text to a chain control / indicator and keep the colors


    Bassically I want to add text to a chain control / indicator without losing the formatting of the previous text.

    For a part of a program that I create, data will be transmitted to and from a serial device. I want to display this data in a chain control / indicator and change the color of the text of certain strings depending on data type (sent, received). Basically as a nice log window.

    At the moment, I update the chain control / indicator by reading the text and concatenated with the new string. However, this method removes the colors of previous text :-(

    Is it possible to add data to the control of the chain / indicator without losing the text previous formatting?

    I started to create a sub vi who reads a text both character and adds a new element in an array (offset color and text), if the color is distinguished by the previous character. Only problem is it seems to be quite time CPU.

    Thanks in advance,


    MattB-5906 wrote:

    Is it possible to add data to the control of the chain / indicator without losing the text previous formatting?

    Actually, no. This means that you will have to use workarounds. Your workaround solution seems a bit involved. Basically, all you need to do is just to keep track of the pairs of end start/selection selection that must be colored in a table. Then just you loop in this table to color the text marked by the power positions.

    An alternative is to use a different indicator. Rather than an indicator of the string, you can use a table with a column. You can then set the foreground color on a cell by cell basis, and add a new line (row) will not affect the coloration of the previous lines.

  • How to make that pixelated to the color gradient effect

    I work with a project of pixel and I love how this chart looks like. The quality is horrible and I wish I could find the original HD, I'd be more than happy to pay for it. Unfortunately, I can't.

    Also, in my position, it would be more logical to actually learn to do this with Illustrator so that I can make variations for different projects.

    I tried to play with the function 'create photo mosaic' and he me 60% of my goal. I'd create a rectangle with a gradient, then would have raster and create photo mosaic.

    Unfortunately things seem too perfect. Colors are perfectly aligned and nothing doesn't come off or "explodes" the average pole.


    Advice on the creation of exactly this from scratch in Illustrator?

    Open to pay for a detailed explanation

    Thank you!

    0 choose a cell format. In this example, I used a cell size of 12 pixels. In Photoshop, create a file that is a multiple of this size of cell (e.g. 792 x 192).

    1. create a gradient

    2. add some noise if you wish, for a color variation

    3 filter > Pixelate > mosaic. Use the size of the cell that you chose in step 0. Make a note of the number of cells horizontally and vertically.

    4. save the image. In Illustrator, place the image and add it. Select object > create object mosaic. Enter the number of cells horizontal and vertical in step 3.

    5 separate the grid of cells. Use the object > path > offset of getting 1 pixel cells (or even if you want). Cut to the Clipboard and delete the rest. Then glue in place.

    6 remove cells to taste.

    More noise around the steps 2 and 3 would probably have worked.

  • How can I replace or modify the colors in this image, to preserve transparency (resulting in different colors, where the colors meet)?

    Screen Shot 2015-12-13 at 9.14.44 AM.png

    It is a series of using channels to make choices and requires that each color you want to select a slightly different way to select colors. for example, to select, I illustrate how to get red of this image:

    I just realized that you don't have turn off the layers.

    Cmd/Ctrl-clicking on the icon of the Green chain to get this catalog it will be reversed of what you want, but don't worry about this now.

    CTRL/cmd-shift click on the blue channel:

    At this point, press ctrl/cmd-shift-i to invert the selection. Ctrl/cmd-alt/opt-SHIFT-click the icon of the red chanel will:

    You now have a selection of just the Red areas. Make new layer and who fill it with the color you want. Do this for all the other colors you want to isolate. you have to play to see what combinations of selections will work with each.

  • How can I request correction of the color of a clip to multiple clips?

    Hey everybody,

    I have come to discover that I would like to request correction of the color of a clip to the multiple without clicking, the glide and punching in each frame by the clip. Does anyone know how? It would be a total time saver! Thanks in advance.

    Mike Diaz

    Select the item that has effects.

    right mouse button, click on "copy".

    Highlight all the other videos.

    right mouse button, click on 'Paste attributes' and Voila!

  • How to make a Transition of the colors?

    Maybe it's more a matter of graphics just about photo editing, but it seems that something that could be done in Photoshop Elements.  Please let me know if this is out of the scope of the EP.

    I am creating a seamless transition of say a dark blue type color to a lighter blue.  I inserted a part of an image that shows what I'm trying to explain it further.  You can see how pink more dark gradually but smoothly turns to a lighter pink.  I tried to do this with a blue band that I work on, but when I do, you can see a point clear and defined, where the colors start to change, and I don't want that effect.  I want to create this harmonious and gradual relief or darkening (no matter how you want to watch) color although it seems be a separate line where the colors all change suddenly.  I have tried the option melted brush, blending modes and simply cannot get anywhere quickly.  I hope that I can learn how to get an effect like this, but if it's some kind of complex real graphics ability, so I don't know.

    Any useful thoughts would be greatly appreciated.


    RTE Pink Stripe.jpg

    You mean like this?

    Use a gradient.

  • How can smartphones blackBerry I change the color of the font of the messages?

    Hello all,.

    I'm severely lost when it Blackberry Storm to my CEO so please bear with me.

    When he sends e-mail messages to the people, the text appears in blue.  So far I've seen emails in an Outlook 2003 client interface, so I'm not sure if what is happening in other e-mail clients.

    I read virtually all "options" or "settings" category, I have found (and there is more than I can shake a stick at) and could not find anything related to e-mail fonts or font colors.

    Any help is greatly appreciated, as I'm seriously out of my League with this device.  Also, if there is additional information, I could add to help you help me please ask.

    Best, Jack

    All BlackBerry ONLY send messages in plain text, no HTML formatting (unless your fowarding an HTML previously received by e-mail). Blue is the color that BlackBerry use ON the response of type to indicate that you are in a response to the e-mail.

    And what you see in Outlook can be affected by your own Outlook settings, but has no importance.

    The email sent was the plain text, with no formatting.

  • How to fill a layer with the color?

    I know that I can draw a rectangle the size of the layer and then fill the rectangle, but can I just set the color of a layer "background"?

    If you want this color "background" to print or export, you need to draw the rectangle.

    If you don't want to print or export, you can use the option simulate a colored paper in the transparency in all documents options upward. Set just two boxes of opacity of the same color grid.

  • How to get a list of the methods and functions to use in the Transformation

    I am developing a transformation to apply the schema of a table in the relational model according to its type of classification. I was able to do this, but I have a doubt, in other words, how get the name of the first additional classification type, listed in the dropdown list of "Selected" of the "additional part" of the section "Types of Classification" of the table "Properties".

    This is the code that I'm working on:

    tables = model.getTableSet () .toArray ();

    for (var t = 0; t < tables.length; t ++) {}

    table = table [t];

    rating = table.getAdditionalClassificationTypes () .toArray ();

    SchemaName = ";

    {if (rating. Length = 0)}

    SchemaName = table.getClassificationType ();

    } else {}

    for (var s = 0; s < classif.length; s + +) {}

    {if (rating [s]! = table.getClassificationType ())}

    SchemaName = rating [s];




    table.setSchema (schemaname);


    The problem lies on the fact that I am able to get the ID of the Type of ranking, but not it's name...

    I was wondering if there is some document that lists the methods, functions, and namespaces that I could use in Data Modeler?

    Thanks in advance

    Wolf Goebel

    Wolf Hello,

    You can find the description of the API in the following directory:


    Best regards


  • How to change the color of the Outline tab

    How to change the color of the Outline tab?  I want to use a black style on my test program but the functionality of the tab have a white edge on the top and left sides in an attempt to give a 3d look.  I tried to play in the windows style but had no success.  Does anyone know how to remove it or change the color?  The closest I got so far is to put a basic theme of windows 7, which removes the 3d aspect.  However, this gives a white background on the tab pages that I just can't find a way to change CVI or windows.  Any suggestions?

    Thank you

    Ok.  Thanks for the help.

  • How to change the color of edges of decoration

    Hi I have a doubt simple and stupid,

    How to change the color of edges of decoration. Follow this edges decoration VI for clarity.

    How do like that and change the colors.

    Please let me know.

    Kind regards


    Use the Brush tool and set the bg/fg color

  • How can I change the color of an onClick of the link 'a href '?

    I just wanted to ask, how would I go about changing the color of the < a href > link on click using javascript for the id is highlighted in bold, maybe "addClass" syntax would do the trick?

    I also want the original link to return to its original color when or the other highlighted links are clicked. In other words, a single link shows color is selected at a time.

    < head >

    " < link href =" "rel ="stylesheet"type =" text/css"> "

    " < script src =" "> < / script > .

    < / head >

    < body >

    < div id = 'bar Tools-Center' >

    < ul >

    "< id = li 'registry-top" > < a title = "Register online" style = "padding-left: 5px;" "href =" # "> save < /a > < /li >

    "< id = li"customer account"> < a title ="Login to your account"href =" # "> my account < /a > < /li >".

    "< id = li"top-support-launch"> < a title ="Ask for help"href =" # "> support < /a > < /li >".

    < li > < a href = "#" > Accessability < /a > < /li >

    < li > < a href = "#" > careers < /a > < /li >

    < li > < a href = "#" > region change < /a > < /li >

    "" "< img title ="go to our homepage"onMouseOver =" homeMouseRollover (this) "onMouseOut =" homeMouseOut (this) "src ="... / Icons/Icons/home153white.png Options Page "alt =" "/ >

    "" < img title = "search our site" id = "search-site Internet-toggle" onMouseOver = "searchMouseRollover (this)" onMouseOut = "searchMouseOut (this)" src = "... Largeur/icons/Icons/magglasswhite.png Options Page' = "15px;" height = '15px'; alt = "" / >

    < /ul >

    < / div >

    < / body >




    An unordered list (UL) is made up of sequences of list items defined by the LI element.

    In other words, the AMT must not contain anything that is not contained in an LI element. This means that it is illegal to an image in the OL element which is not contained in an LI element.

    With respect to the highlighting of an item (LI) in the list, is to compare the href attribute of the element with the URL of the page. That is the href attribute is "register.html" then the URL is similar to, then turn on the highest point. This can be achieved by using a bit of JavaScript.

    I use jQuery to make the JS. The script looks like

    {jQuery (document) .ready (function ($)}

    var url = window.location.href;
    $('_ul.nav_a').map (function () {}
    $(this) .parent () .toggleClass ('active' this.href = url | this.href == url.split("?")) ([0].split("#") [0]);


    The above script compares the values and assigns a class active in a game, although the game contains a hash (#) or an anchor. The style of the current class can be created using CSS as

    .the {}

    color: pink;


    There are two required libraries, namely

    2. jQuery - queryParser.js of GitHub - mattsnider/jquery-plugin-query-parser: Simple plugin for jQuery to parse query strings.
  • Paint on the layer in Photoshop with lighter color makes the color paint more light go under the darker colors? How can I fix it?

    I have Photoshop CC

    When I use paint tool to paint on lighter colors on a layer, it always goes under the colors darker on the same layer. Even if I paint the darker color first and the lighter color, second, the lightest color continues to go under the darker color. And it's all happening on the same layer too! It's like photoshop is to order the colors based on what color goes on top and what colors light up and down in the order how dark the color is.

    How can I do so that the color that I finally painted goes on top?

    See the blending mode in the Toolbar Options paint is set to Normal.  There is a parameter 'Behind' who will actually do what you describe.

    Also check your layers panel blend modes and settings for each layer.  Maybe not relevant in the present case, but recommended when the strange behavior happens in the layers.


  • Change the color of the points plotted on a linear graph

    I was wondering if anyone knows how to change the color of the points plotted on my line graph (1e) to make it look like the 2nd. I want to emphasize the points plotted on top like the other online. Also, how to make tick marks on the x - axis as the second chart?  If someone could help me that would be great


    JavaScript:;Screen Shot 2016-01-26 at 10.03.12 PM.pngScreen Shot 2016-01-26 at 10.03.22 PM.png

    You need to copy segments of track of the chart, and then paste in place. Then the color what he read.

    With regard to the tick marks: find out how to enter your data for the Illustrator graphic function.

  • Can not change the color of the image of pix 4 x 9

    I worked on this all day, it's my 3rd day ever using Photoshop.  I have the books of class, been Googling this, does everything in the books/videos/online help and I cannot get this picture to change.  I have already made a few images and even managed to use the gradient tool, so I know that I'm not retarded.

    The image is a gray arrow, 4 pix by 9 pix, there on this website (, on the blog page, you can see a few small grey arrows.

    4 hours invested in an arrow thin color change is not good.  I have the arrow enlarged in photoshop, but I can't get the color to change.

    Why isn't the color replace option work?  I managed to do it working earlier today on the other stuff, but not this stupid arrow, am I not getting something?

    Thank you, once again, I have looked "photoshop for Dummies", but found no one, any help I found said the same thing that did not work.


    Exactly how do you try to change the color?

    What is a grayscale image?

    The layer is locked?

Maybe you are looking for

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