How bypass/disable FF when downloading.

Have FF on Linux/Ubuntu 10.04. To disable the download via et seq. very soon, I will be upgrading to XBuntu 12.04.2, do I need to repeat turn it off?

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  • How to disable series when your computer does not work?

    How to disable series when your computer does not work?

    and also how to use for computer B that you recently purchased?

    Thank you


    You can install and activate the perpetual software (purchased) two computers of the same type (mac or pc), as long as you use it on one at a time. (lightroom is the exception because it is a product of multi platform, so it can be installed on the pc and mac platforms)

    It is advisable to disable the software on a computer on which it will be is most used, especially before giving away or selling the computer or reformat the hard disk. Please see this link: How to disable the software.  This frees an activation if you have the option to install the software on another computer at any time.

    If you do not have access to your old computer because you have replaced a hard drive, upgraded your operating system to format your computer before you deactivate your software or your computer is dead, you can ask Adobe Support to help you disable from a machine, you cannot access. Have your serial number or Adobe ID ready, then contact us.

    To load the software on another computer, download and install it as you did on the first computer. Then enter your serial number to activate it.


  • I want to know how to disable the automatic download of the documents in my player. I used to get a dialog that ask me if I wanted to view or download. I click an option that says always perform this action to download and now they still download. I want

    I want to know how to disable the automatic download of the documents in my player. I used to get a dialog that ask me if I wanted to view or download. I click an option that says always perform this action to download and now they still download. I want to return it to where to get the dialog box that will give me the opportunity to view or download.

    Review the settings of your browser.

  • Satellite U500: How to disable bell when sound level changing


    I have a Satellite U500.

    Anyone know how to disable the Bell whenever I change the sound level using the sound button in the "notification area" (I don't know if it's the right name for it, in any case, the bottom right part of the window).

    I've been looking for a good time and have not yet found how to do this.

    I thank very you much.



    Do you mean the taskbar?
    It is the area on the right that shows you which applications are running and loaded.

    What operating system do you use? What is Vista?
    If you have Vista OS and that you want to disable sound notifications then you can do this do the following:

    -Click on an empty part of your desktop and select Customize
    -Choose in the program window, the task (in your case, change the audio level), which must be changed and as a model of sound, choose No sounds.
    -Apply the changes

    See you soon

  • How to disable Lov when the value of the attribute is NULL at the level line

    Hi all


    I have a view as a table ADF jsff page object. Value of the attribute in a row may have null values.
    And I want that Lov must be disabled when the value of the attribute in the row is null or not.
    So please suggest me how can I implement this.

    Kind regards

    Set to the disabled for LOV attribute property

    disabled="#{bindings.YourAttribute.inputValue eq null}
  • How to disable MO when he moving to an adjacent button with text"the container"?

    I have three main buttons that once rolled on activate a submenu text below them using 'set the text in the container. My problem is, to keep the relationship with the home button and the submenu it is, we want to keep it to the mouseover state when browsing by menu of the text. The problem is, how can I disable it (make the button back to the original image) when the user moves to one of the main other buttons or even away from the menu SUP area (which is something that we live with, if necessary, but it would be nice to make it disappear when moved to a different area of the page)? I want it to appear like a passage of the mouse when you move in the SUP menu (let active for the "container" can be covered), but it is very important to return to the original state once the other main buttons are moved to the course. Can you assign other images that leaves an area of container/button?

    Here is the url for the online reference site (especially since I am probably more described...)

    Thank you very much for your help!


  • How to fix UTF8 when download in csv or excel format

    Download when in IR function to export as csv or excel, how to keep the characters utf8 properly?
    Thanks and greetings


    If you want to always be encoded in utf - 8 CSV download then set the "Automatic encoding of CSV" application-level attribute to no.


  • How to disable LR6 when my old PC has been deleted...

    I put my laptop computer and in the process level, I uninstalled LR6 of my old laptop (and then wipe the drive before elimination), but when I installed on the new, told me the old version of the laptop must be turned off.  Well, it's too late to make the old machine, and I don't see a way inside my Adobe sign - on to turn it off so that I can activate a new.  How can I accomplish this?  Thank you!

    Duane C.


    You can install the 6 Lightroom on your new computer and enter the serial number to activate the product. If in case you face any questions doing this, reply to the post and we will help you with that.

    I sent you a private message.

    Thank you

  • How to disable the Photo Downloader in 13 elements on Windows 8.1?

    Whenever I connect my GPS unit I have to wait the Photo Downloader comes in.  I can't find the setting to disable.  Can anyone help.   Thank you.

    Try going to control panel command-> hardware and sound-> Autoplay

    You should be able to change the settings there.


  • How to disable speakers when headphones unplugged

    I have a Windows 7 and I find that my helmet always come out when I'm in the library and the speakers begin to shout to the world all of a sudden everybody is looking at me or give my dirty looks like. Since then, I stopped going to the library, but it's the only place where I can concentrate and actually do the studies. I searched on google but never really found a solution. Please help me my embarrassment. Thank you


    There is a hardware mute button somewhere on your laptop. What brand and model of the computer number you have?

    Besides the hardware button, you can cut your headphones / speakers at any time by a left click on the speaker icon on the right side of the taskbar. When the volume control opens, click on the speaker icon at the bottom of the volume slider, which will cut everything.

    Let me know if this solves the problem for you.

    Kind regards


  • BlackBerry smartphone how to disable email automatic download?

    I'm new to BB. Just got a Sprint Tour 9630. I have 5 email accounts; and I want to choose those who and when to receive mail on their part.  With the BB I would like to set up my e-mail account, and then choose not that it is active, unless I have indicate that I want it to be active.  Is there a way I make reading email on an account inactive without deleting the account?    I don't want to go through the work of repeated configuration and deletion of accounts.

    The reason that I address email accounts active and inactive when I'm home, I want to read emails only about this and not go to BB.  However, when I'm on vacation, I would coming emails for BB. I get anywhere from 15 to 65 emails a day and you want to avoid additional costs for their management in two places.

    nanci21 wrote:
    because I frequently out of town.

    Yes, me too.

    There is not a good solution for this. You are on a personal account of BIS, and your BlackBerry does what it was intended to do, and what made famous RIM-'push e-mail '.

    Your options are to delete the account and reset each time, or at all least in BIS email setup, check and uncheck the section "transfer the messages on the device.

  • How to disable ToolTips when you save 6 Captivate?

    I don't want to have ToolTips captured as part of the record. Y at - it a setting I can use to turn off the ToolTips appear in the captured project?

    Not as simple as that. A workflow is to wait until the ToolTip disappears and use PrintScreen to add an extra slide (removal of slides is a difficult step). Another possibility to avoid having the ToolTip 'taken' in the background image is to choose the option to convert to rollover captions (which are easier to remove) in preferences, check.


  • How to disable a checkbox when the other is checked

    Hi, I'm a first time user.

    I am doing dissapaer and strips of text fields when the boxes are checked. but only alow a box to be active at the same time.

    I do a simple form in Acrobat 9 pro.

    I have two checkboxes Checkbox1 and Checkbox2.

    I have two text Textfield1 and Textfield2 fields

    I added shares to checkbox1 and checkbox2 to "hide or show" text fields.

    Action-> on focus (checkbox1) show/hide field (textfield1) is hide

    Action-> on focus (checkbox1) show/hide field (textfield2) is to Show


    Action-> on focus (checkbox2) show/hide field (textfield2) is hide

    Action-> on focus (checkbox2) show/hide field (textfield1) is to Show

    problem 1 - how to disable checkbox1 when the 2 checkbox is checked.

    or disable checkbox2 when checkbox1 is checked.

    my other problem is that this action has the same effect for checking or unchecking the box.

    Thanks in advance to anyone who can help you.

    can you please write your answer in simple terms. Basically, it's the first time I've used acrobat pro so please do not assume that no matter what knowledge at all. Thank you very much.

    First of all, I experience a few boxes to tick, and learn their properties and how they interact.

    Have you tried to use the same name for 2 checkboxes and assign one other "export value" for each checkbox.

    Have you looked at the values a check box or boxes have when checked or unchecked?

    Have you looked at how to work the various actions for a field?

  • I have installed BitComet in my PC (Win 7). How can I disable it when I want to use Windows download instead?

    I have installed BitComet in my PC (Win 7). How can I disable it when I want to use Windows download instead? Thank you. Pete

    To turn off BitComet:


    Output file

    - or - the right mouse click on the icon in the system tray and choose exit in the conext menu.

    - or - the right mouse click on the icon in the system tray and select stop all tasks from the context menu.


    Go to control Panel\Programs and features and select uninstall.

    It might be convenient to change the option and not BitComet starts automatically at Windows startup. With BitComet running, go to Tools Options integrations and uncheck automatically start...


    Just out of curiosity: How does BitComet interferes with the simple download of Windows?

    Tom Ferguson

  • When I create a new tab and enter the URL for a site already called on another tab, instead of download the new site in the new tab Firefox switches to the tab with the site already called up. How to disable "switch to tab"?

    How to disable "switch to tab"? Why? The site that I want to turn a Java program, and I want the program to run several times. I looked in tools > Options > tabs and found no way to disable the switch 'tabs '. I looked through the Options together and found nothing. I thought tools > Options > advanced could hold the key to a solution, but I found nada.

    You can turn it off by using the switch to tab no Add on more -

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