How can I accept terms of use Live when you try to use the Windows 7 parental control features?

* I have already connected to and This solution does not remedy the issue.* *.

When you try to use the Windows 7 parental control features, it first asks you to connect to Live.  When I do, I get the 8004B3E9 error Code and it asks me to "connect to and accept the terms of use.  However, in doing so, there are no terms of use for me to accept.  I also go to and and no option for the conditions of use is available to accept.  In addition, I tried different browsers.

I can connect on and view my account easily, but without conditions of use prompt appears for me to accept, so my attempts to use the parental controls are stuck in this cycle, where it won't let me past without accepting conditions that do not seem to exist.

How can I make sure I am set up as the account 'Parent '.

Help, please

3 hours later I'm finally able to access Family Safety. Thank you!

The correct link to solve the "Terms of use" requirement is:

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