How can I access the log files of the application of a ThinApp on the virtual drive?

I thinstalled an application using the v4.6 and I am able to launch and run the captured application.

But the application creates log files to:

c:\Program files\ensembleProAgent\LOGS\

So I can access them on of ThinApp virtual drive?

If so, any help is appreciated, I don't know where is the virtual drive or how I can access / read it.

Thank you




A virtual drive in the world of ThinApp means a disk that you have virtualized so he will be present for the virtualized application. If you mean by the word virtual drive where we keep the changes not applied to the physical environment are you talking about what we call the sandbox. Default location would be users with roaming profiles in a folder called Thinstall (ThinApp used to be called Thinstall until VMware has acquired the product)... Method of pomp for the sandbox would be to hit start - run on your client and enter %APPDATA%\microsoft\windows\sendto and click OK...

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