How can I add a shortcut icon on my desktop from a Web page

just upgraded from windows xp.     I want to add icons of some of the Web pages I regularly use... IE MétéoMédia, clock radio.   In windows ex I just right click and press send shortcut on my desktop...  Help

Right-click anywhere on the web page and select Create shortcut.

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    How can I add a shortcut to a file, video or music to my pages. When I try to drag or select the file in the files there is no way to add to the home screen. I try to copy and paste, which does not work. The only options are to be sent by bluetooth, email, drop box, etc.

    Thanks for the help

    I suggest you to install this free file Explorer to add folder shortcuts to the House:

    Then you just do a long click on the files to add to the home screen, select "More" and "Addo on the desktop.

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    You must create a custom button. See extract of 24 on the site of Peter:

    Take a bow


  • How can I put the IE icon on my desktop

    How can I put the IE icon on my desktop?


    Create a shortcut to

    %ProgramFiles% (x 86) %\Internet Explorer\iexplore.exe


    %ProgramFiles%\Internet Explorer\iexplore.exe


    Click on start, click on and hold the Internet Explorer icon with the right mouse button, drag it to the desktop, release the button and click Create shortcuts here.


    MSKB: The Internet Explorer icon is missing from your desktop

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    Why don't you google for it like this:

    Select the one you want > click > right click on the Web site > click on create a shortcut

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    The start screen is up to you to customize however desired.  You can right click on any icon to unpin it from the splash screen, but does not remove the program.  Right click on a box empty and select "All Apps" to see the complete list.  From there you can right click the app and 'Pin to Start' people again to put it back on the splash screen or move.

  • How can I get the "Outlook" icon on my desktop/task bar

    All I want to do Iela able to get the "Outlook" icon on my desktop/task bar.

    All I want to do Iela able to get the "Outlook" icon on my desktop/task bar.

  • can I use Firefox to receive and send emails from my web page? If so, how do I configure this?

    How to receive e-mails from my web page? Can I implement this using Firefox or I need something like Internet Explorer?

    Firefox is a browser. Internet Explorer is a browser, even Opera, Google Chrome or any other browser. They don't normally have an e-mail client.

    So what you need to do is to open an account with a Web freebie like or email provider and then use Firefox to open it with. The emails that you receive or send remain on the e-mail server of the provider. You must use a browser to access only with.

    It is not all browsers that can act as a storage system for e-mails. In this respect the browsers like Firefox, Opera, Internet Explorer etc., is only spectators.

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    Add the icon of Internet Explorer for Windows XP / Vista Desktop

    On the Start button, then the start menu, drag the shortcut.

  • How can I add the weather icon to the taskbar to be next to the time?

    Try as I might, I can't figure this out.  I would like to add the weather icon to the taskbar.  I want it to be next to the time, so it is always displayed.  How can I do this?  I also want to remove some of the icons that appear in the part of the notification of the taskbar.  Yet once, I can't do it.

    To add items to the taskbar in Windows XP, do one click right, choose Properties, select "Show quick launch", then OK. Now you can add existing shortcuts to the quick launch area (which is pretty much a location allows you to customize your own shortcuts), or you can right click on the quick launch are to open its 'file', then create new shortcuts to here (right click-> new-> shortcut).

    To remove the part of the taskbar notification icons: If you are indeed referring to the notification area near the clock, try right-clicking on the icon and look for an option to delete/remove/disable. Not all icons will have such an option. Additional details on the notification in Windows XP bar can be found here. If you are actually referring to quick launch (next), and then activate it as I've described in the paragraph above, then you should be able with the right button and then remove them.

  • How can I add an outlook icon in my task bar 8 windows?

    Please someone told me how I can add the outlook icon on my task bar 8 windows. I can't access the full outlook account via the mail application. It looks completely different when connect you to the internet, so I would like to add the link to my taskbar. I managed a shortcut on my desktop. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    I'll assume you want to say rather , Microsoft Office Outlook here.   :)

    1. Open Desktop IE10.

    2. connect you & go in your Inbox .

    3. left-click on the tab and (while keeping the left mouse button) drag the tab down on your taskbar, and then release the mouse button.

    (originally the icon as a standard Internet Explore 'e', but after a few seconds should change the icon of .)

    Note the useful task choices available when you right click on your new icon in the taskbar too.

    See also the video here (it says Windows 7, but the same methods):

    Pin a website to your taskbar .

  • Download gTranslate extension. How can I place a shortcut icon on the taskbar module at the bottom of the page so that I can use it?

    I added the gTranslate for Firefox extension. It is clearly shown in the list of current extensions that I have. I tried to place a shortcut icon on the toolbar at the bottom of the page module (back side where the page zoom-in/zoom icons are displayed).

    Procedure, I used: right click on the empty space on the toolbar at the bottom of page module. Click "Customize". Opens the square shape of the icons, but I don't see anything for the extension of gTranslate, I could "drag / drop" on the toolbar of the add-on.

    Ask for help with this issue.

    gTranslate not icons. You must select the text, right-click and hover the mouse over the menu item translate... and wait that the translated text to appear. You can also change languages in the submenu, or alternatively via Firefox Tools (Alt + T) > Addons > Extensions, gTranslate Options.


    Customization of Firefox

  • How can I put a shortcut icon on my site using Firefox? With IE8, I right click and click on "create shortcut".

    I know very little about PCs and could use some guidance on this. I'm sure that it's really easy, but I can't find out how to do it.

                     Thank you

    See how to create a shortcut on the desktop to a Web site.

    There are a few modules that can help you with this, either the Creation of a shortened or deskCut add-on can add an option to create a shortcut for the context menu.

  • How can I delete a shortcut icon

    My laptop screen is too small for the size of the shortcut icons.  I have a few icons that I no longer use and useful to remove them.  I don't know if removing them, I can access the information.  For example, I want to keep my security information, I just the icon always on my screen - or do I?

    A shortcut is just a pointer to the program or file in question - this is not the program or the file itself.  You can safely remove them without damaging what they are 'in view '. Just be sure that you always know how to view the file or the program later if you need it and it's certainly a shortcut.

    In addition, if you right-click on an empty area of your desktop, and select view, then you can change the size of your icons. This may mean that you don't need to remove your shortcuts.

  • How can I change the shortcut icons?

    I tried to do a .ico file for a bunch of shortcuts on my desktop... it keeps rejecting.  Why it does not work? How can I make it work?

    asmcelwee wrote:

    I tried to do a .ico file for a bunch of shortcuts on my desktop... it keeps rejecting.  Why it does not work? How can I make it work?

    How you go about it?

    Here there is a guide if you continue Windows

    How to make icons for Windows 7 high resolution of any Image

    Or a plugin for Photoshop Telegraph .ico

    Use the download links on the right side of the page, which is going to be Windows 64-bit for most people (I'm still assuming that you're a Windows user).  Open the zip file that contains a


    file and the readme.html file that tells you where to look for the file ICOFormat64.8bi.  Note: I think you need to make hidden files visible to do this.  I'm not also sure if the Readme file contains information as authorized image for icons, but 256 x 256 sizes will be bigger, if my memory is.

    Good luck and have fun.

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