How can I adjust the brightness and contrast of an object that is part of a vector?

I have edited one (text & symbols of color, brightness, contrast, etc.) file, generated from its original file, LOGO.eps LOGO.tif, . Now, I am trying to edit the EPS to match the TIFF. I got regarding the extraction of the color of the text in the TIFF file and applying it to the text in the EPS file. My problem is that I can not change the brightness and contrast of the symbol in the logo. Is it possible to adjust the brightness and contrast of an object that is part of a vector? I need make a darker symbol and I tried change > change colors > saturate and adjusting the intensity to 100, but it does not darken. And I can't really spend extra money on plug-ins like Phantasm cs. Help, please.


I may be as simple as adding a transparent overlay with some gradients.

It can be incredibly complex and be better done in photoshop.

without seeing it, it is very difficult to help more.

even a clipped sample can help.

Choose the logo...

(comment out) What is the point of a Logo, no one is allowed to see?

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