How can I animate in sync with an audio file? Flash CS6

I need to create an animation in flash which is placed in Captivate as a swf file. The animation should be in harmony with the slide audio in Captivate. I imported my audio file into Flash and placed on its own layer in my animation.

Screen Shot 2013-05-15 at 9.04.26 AM.png

When I press Enter to play my animated film, everything seems to work properly. the audio plays in sync with my animated film. However, when I press Enter to stop plackback, the playhead stops, but the audio continues to play and will not stop until I have close Flash. What is the proper way to animate in sync with an audio file? Or should I do this another way?

Click on frame 1, layer 2.  in the properties panel, assign the stream sync property.  Repeat the test.

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    Is it so that you can not use Google Reader for collaborative work using Dreamweaver? You must work on your desktop and then sync to the cloud?

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    I understand that, at the time of CS3 (im using CS6), it would be autonatically generate them when you imported the library, y at - it a setting that I can turn to have this happen?

    Thank you for your time,


    1. Select the directory with your inside png.
    2. Right click > go with Adobe Bridge
    3. Select your pngs
    4. Tools > Photoshop > load photoshop layers (not sure how many layers it can handle - you can wind up having to do this in batches)
    5. Save your new psd
    6. In Flash, create a new symbol with a blank calendar
    7. CTRL-R, access the psd that you made earlier
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    You will have video Clips, no graphic symbols, but maybe you can write or find a JSFL to convert and then you can block select them, click on the properties button and modify the MovieClip to Graphc type.

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    First of all, you probably want to touch the background around the plane. Focus on the Key Chorma, or one of the other effects of chroma pre, depending on how the plane was shot, or created. If you created it, you can probably cover any background and Save_As a format that supports transparency, like with a mask Alpha channel.

    Then, with the plane on a video track higher than your tree, use the fixed effect > Motion > position keyframe to the Position of the aircraft, its movement on the frame. Steve Grisetti has a great series of learning Basic Keyframing and Advanced Keyframing, available at

    Good luck


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    Hi all
    I run a Linux desktop and use 3.3 TB with a Flash of the extension. I would like to open files *.ics with lightning (to define an event) and not with TB (to create a mail). But when I download a *.ics Internet my FF browser offers only "Thunderbird" to open the file with. But the *.ics with TB opening creates a new mail with attachment the *.ics file. How can I default to open with lightning calendar?

    Thanks in advance.

    You need to import the .ics file into lightning.
    In the Schedule tab:
    "Import events and tasks (Alt - N)-

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