How can I associate with a particular build in a slide stage?

I have a slide with 78 Animation build stadiums.  I have links to other slides provide more information with LINK to a SLIDE. However, I can't find a way to post a link to a particular stage of build in the slide, I just left. Is there a way to "LINK TO SLIDE 7 BUILD 48" for example? This would allow me to return to the same stage of the construction of the animation I just left with the LINK on.


Keynote doesn't have the ability to link to a build. Keynote cannot bind to a specific slide in a presentation.

The workaround is to bind to another slide that contains objects you need displayed, with others together to animate.  Which of course isn't possible for a small number of related slides, the permutations to cover each generation on a slide is unmanageable.

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    Hi Tom,

    Add this back here to share my wire with the community.

    Brought together a quick .fxp based on the section "product" of your project.

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    With the link tool you can add links to these attachments.

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    Hey Grant.

    Delete this custom field.

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    Just use the construction of filename:linkname of gotolink , where the linkname is what is inserted using the marker NewsLink .

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    I have two columns; The first lists all links, i.e. delivery information, how to measure, rates, etc.

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    Here is a text at the top of a page


    This is a link that allows to scroll the page to the above paragraph

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    See the call Webhelp for WebHelp call options. Although it is not said explicitly, WebHelp Pro has the same options. I can't speak for HTML5. Regarding the call for a search term, you might well be good that you call programmatically one but I don't know about it.

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    Try this tutorial...

    Linking to iframe with Adobe Muse - YouTube

  • How can I associate with a certain scene in another project?


    I would like to make an addition, emit a tip action to a button that links to a scene in another project.

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    On the last stage of the project B, I want to put a link back to project a scene 3. This is where the initial selection to open the project B was performed.

    I would be very grateful for your help!

    Thanks in advance,


    You're used to plot? This is because you use the word 'scene '.

    Take a look at Jim Leichliter article:


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    You will need to create a new account on the computer by using the Microsoft Account associated with the other SkyDrive.

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