How can I block a unknown user to access my home network on windows 7?

I discovered an access device to my network which does not belong there. I can't access, so I can't really do anything to the extent of the see who it is. I thought it was just someone leeches off my wifi hotspot, but when I turned off wifi, they log. When I try to access this unknown, my computer tells me that, basically, the unit is not there. How can I put an end to unwanted access to my network guests? I think it would be not possible, given that the network requires a password to gain access. I did not the password to anyone except those authorized, and yet, here I have a device owned by a person named "Griff" connected to my network.

I have already been burned by leechers unauthorized hiding behind my IP and downloading illegal or pirated content. I don't want this headache yet. How can I stop this?


Here's my view of what has been published. Disabling the SSID broadcast will stop that casual leechers. #2 will not accomplish all that it's someone who connect to your network. #3 is a given... you need to change your password and #4 is probably your best choice, but I would like to change it, so that only the mac addresses you specify can connect to the network.

I hope this helps.

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    If you do not have a 'Security' tab, then it is because you have XP Home Edition, or if you have XP Pro with active Simple file sharing.  For XP Home, you must boot mode safe (repeatedly tap F8 at startup key) and login as an administrator to access this tab.  For XP Pro, follow the instructions in the following article:

    "How to disable the file sharing simple and how to set permissions on a shared folder in Windows XP"
      <> >


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    Hi Gabe,

    I appreciate the efforts that you put to publish the query on this forum.

    It would be better if you can provide additional information related to this query:

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    Please get back to us with more information to help you better.

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    Hi jackelbon,

    · What mail client do you use?

    You can block messages from specific ID, marking them as spam in the e-mail client or by creating a filter so that messages skip the Inbox and are deleted or sent to the trash.

    If you use outlook express to work with emails, then user or by creating passwords for the user account that cannot be restricted by creating another account. Check out the link that gives you information about the types of accounts of user below:

    You can also check out the link below: use Windows Live OneCare Family Safety to help protect your family online:

    Online safety and privacy education:

    With regard to:

    Samhrutha G S - Microsoft technical support.

    Visit our Microsoft answers feedback Forum and let us know what you think.

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    Quote: "How can I block others access to my wireless router?

    By setting up the wireless router security encryption.

    Of the weaker for wireless security, more strong capacity is.

    No security
    Switch Off SSID (even has No Security. SSID can be sniffed easily even if it is turned off)
    MAC Filtering___ (Band Aid if nothing else is available, MAC number can be easily Spoofed).
    WEP64___ (Easy, "Break" by knowledgeable people).
    WEP128___ (a little more difficult to activate, but "Piraté" too).

    The three above are not considered safe.
    Safe starts here at WPA.

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    Note 1: WPA - AES the current interpretation level entry of WPA2.

    Note 2: If you use WinXP SP3 bellows and not updated, you need to download
    the WPA2 Microsoft's fix.

    Documentation of your devices (router wireless and computer wireless card) must indicate the type of security that is available with your wireless hardware.

    All devices MUST be set to the same level of security using the same password.
    Therefore, security must be set according to what is the best possible one of the wireless devices.

    I.e. even if most of your system may be able to be configured to the maximum with WPA2, but a device is able to be configured for maximum of the WEP Protocol, to the whole system must be configured to WEP.

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    Junk e-mail is automatically deleted after 30 days > iCloud: manage junk e-mail

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    How can you transfer favorites among users. My original user no longer works?
    I had to create another profile.

    Firefox made regular bookmark backups, so that you can restore the backup from your old profile to the new. Although, I suppose that the user is unable to connect, you always have access to its files.

    First of all, make sure that Windows allows you to see the hidden files and folders. This article has the steps if necessary:

    Then, down the old profile and copy out a few last backups to a more convenient location. You'll look here:


    File names include a data and County bookmark as well as random characters. I suggest you copy the last two at your new desktop or documents folder.

    In Firefox, you can restore the backup file by following the steps in this article: restore bookmarks from a backup or move them to another computer. Use the option "Choose file" to find backups in your office or documents, as appropriate.

    Note: You could bookmark that something already in Firefox, but those that are not merged, they are replaced, so if they are essential, you can export your current bookmarks to HTML format, which can be imported from non-destructively after restoring. See:


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    If it is enabled.

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    /bin/mkdir disabled_shell_files

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    History Shell and former initialization files will be saved in a directory named "disabled_shell_files" at the top level of your home directory. It is normal that some of these files do not exist, and therefore, you will get error "no file".

    Close the window and open a new test.

    You may already know that files with name starting in '. ' are not visible in the Finder by default. So, if you open the folder that you created in the Finder, it will appear as empty, even if it is not. If you need to recover a portion of the data in the files of the shell, use a shell such as nano-based text editor (1). Make sure that you're not recreating the problem. Otherwise, you can delete the folder.

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