How can I boot from the Windows 7 Installation CD so that I can reformat the hard drive before reinstalling Windows 7?

How can I boot from the Windows 7 Installation CD so that I can reformat the hard drive before reinstalling Windows 7?  I have already reinstalled Windows 7 from the CD, but that has not solved my problems.  When I put the factory CD in my CD player, it won't always boot from the CD.  When I put my Windows 7 Ultimate CD in the CD drive, it doesn't always start from the CD.         I realize that the reformatting is not always necessary, but I caught a few viruses (despite anti-virus running) and I need to start with a clean hard drive.


On Friday, January 9, 2015 14:30:32 + 0000, BlueKodak wrote:

How can I boot from the Windows 7 Installation CD so that I can reformat the hard drive before reinstalling Windows 7?  I have already reinstalled Windows 7 from the CD, but that has not solved my problems.  When I put the factory CD in my CD player, it won't always boot from the CD.  When I put my Windows 7 Ultimate CD in the CD drive, it doesn't always start from the CD.

You must go into the BIOS and change the boot on CD order
first push.

How to get into your BIOS? It is not dependent on Windows, but on what he
motherboard/BIOS card that you have. In fact, you need access to the
BIOS before Windows begins to start. A common method is to press
the key delete when you turn on first, but this is not necessarily true
for your computer. Watch the display carefully when you start first;
There is often a message here to tell you what to do. If this is not the case, check
your system documentation or check with your provider.

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    I have my old dell n5010 (15R Inspiron) with SSD (Samsung EVO 840 120 G) installed on the main drive Bay and the HDD (Samsung HJJ 500 G) on the optical drive Bay.

    It is a typical way to add an SSD on such an old laptop (bought from in 2011).

    My Windows 10 operating system has been installed on the SSD using Samsung Data Migration software, so the previous C drive was pointless. So I formatted and installed an operating system Ubuntu 14.04 on it, hoping the grub OSs double beginning located on the HARD disk.

    However, I find no the Dell bios boot option to boot from the HARD drive installed in my optical drive Bay. All the choices are 'Hard Drive', 'Network' and 'Diagnostic '.

    But I was definitely sure that my bios program has detected the SSD and HDD with information on the main menu of the bios.

    And the LED on the optical drive Bay was immediately once I pressed the Start button on my laptop.

    As a general rule, all things were right except for options of the bios boot.

    Is there a way I can boot from HDD (with installed Ubuntu) while remaining has my SSD on the main drive Bay? I don't want to swap their positions, because the SSD is super fast on the main drive Bay.

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  • Cannot boot from the HARD drive in AHCI on Satellite C mode

    I tried to get this satellite working for these past two weeks. I think I've tried all of the suggestions I found on this forum and others.

    My problem: I can not boot from drive c: in AHCI, only in compatibility mode. I can boot from the D: (recovery partition) in AHCI mode. When the recovery is complete, and when it gets to the first reboot, try to boot from the system newly created on the C:, I return the compatibility mode.

    I replaced the drivers on the C: drive.

    I extracted the AHCI drivers and copied in the root of a USB bootable. I try to do a clean install of windows 7, I get to where it shows the partitions. He tells me that it can not load the system on any of the partitions, I the AHCI mode (if the mode is set to compatibility it will load the system in one partition).
    I select "load drivers" and select the driver in the root directory, it loads the driver and then reports that it can not load the system on any of the partitions.

    I'm puzzled. I acquired pilots everywhere, the last set of drivers I used to try to do a clean install, I have acquired the Canadian official Toshiba site.

    Does anyone have any suggestions?


    BTW, this is Windows 7, I'm trying to get back to.

    Can someone help me with this?


  • 8000 elite: try to boot from the hard drive

    After placing a ssd, I get this notification. nothing else happens.

    I checked the bios, but I noticed that I can not change the boot sequence (ssd hard drive first, the other second place) so I changed the sata cables too the ssd is the startup disk.

    someone who can help?

    the ssd already has an operating system installed

    Sorry, from your description, I thought you might have "migrated" Win10 from the HARD disk to the SDS, and when people do this by copying partitions, they almost always forget migrate partition, including the bootloader files.

    So you did a clean install of Win10 for the SSD?

    If this is the case, you might be able to fix it by running the win10 installation media startup repair.

    To do this, you will need to use the link to the installation media to download Win10 and burn a DVD or create a USB key:

    Note that when you download and build install media, the default tool corresponding to what is already installed on your PC (as in home for the House, and 64-bit to 64 - bit).  While you CAN change these settings, are NOT.  If you do, the media that results will be different and will force you to enter a NEW product code.

    Then, follow these instructions to run the Startup Repair tool: Doing - Startup Repair

    You may need to do this same series of steps three times.

    Good luck

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  • Z575 will not boot from the hard drive or restore DVD

    Need help on a laptop Z575 age of 2 years that immediately after an automatic update of windows, will not start either from the hard disk or restore DVDs (blue screen). Does not start in safe mode, not booting from a rescue of third party DVD. Attempt to start, it will show you the ability to start the Startup Repair tool. Repair shows that it is unable to fix with the detail following problem error messages:
    Signature of the problem 1: 6.1.7600.16385
    Signature of problem 2: 6.1.7600.16385
    Signature of the problem 3: unknown
    Signature of the 4:21200196 problem
    Signature problem 5: auto failover
    Signature of the problem 6:7
    Signature of the 7 problem: bad driver
    OS version: 6.1.7601.

    Normally think that the hard drive has failed or that windows update caused a software problem, but the inability to boot from any restore disk that makes me think that there is another serious problem with the hardware of the laptop.

    Any help would be appreciated. THX

    Additional note: when you try to boot from a restore disc, blue screen, error message:
    Stop: 0x0000007B (0xF78DA640, 0xC0000034, 0x00000000, 0x00000000)
    It is a hardware failure that cannot be restarted soft.

    I also removed the hard drive and RAM, reinstalled and rebooted, no change.

    Additional note: I was able to access the hard drive with a recovery of old program, focused on the (SpaceFM) ram charged through the DVD player. Hard drive data appears intact. Still does not start from the hard disk or a DVD of windows system.

    Thank you. Rather than buying a 4 GB or more large key USB comes from put this into hard drive replacement. Installed correctly, boots very well now. No other error of the optical drive... and no explanation I can see, but that's it.

    Unless something else pops up we'll just call cela a HARD drive failed after 2 years of common use. Thanks again.

  • Portege M400 - how to remove protection from the HARD drive?

    I'm trying to upgrade to windows 7, but I keep coming with remove the Toshiba HDD protection control panel but I can't locate it in the control panel.

    Another form, I checked and he gave ideas but they do not work but they were for a laptop Toshiba differnet. I tried to install different HDD as well and it does not get recoginized and the same thing when I try to upgrade to windows 7 with original hard drive, that he cannot see the hard drive. Just telling me to uninstall the hard drive protection.
    Please help me and tell me how to disable and remove

    Thank you

    > I am trying to upgrade to windows 7, but I keep coming with remove the Toshiba HDD protection control panel but I can't locate it in the control panel.

    You should look in the control panel-> programs and features

    Here you will find all the programs that are installed in Windows Vista. To remove an any of them click the program you want to uninstall and then click Uninstall/change, and follow the prompts.

    After Toshiba HDD protection has been uninstalled, you can try to keep up with the upgrade to Windows 7.

  • Portege R100 boots from the HARD drive - lack of operating system


    I have a Portege R100 which won't the HD boot, I get the message "missing operating system".
    I don't have a compatible CD or floppy, I just about 1.8 inches for the hd, it works and I also have norton ghost 2003 is installed in another computer (a toshiba satellite A45).

    I tried to recover the drive with the help of norton and the image of the Ghost in the recovery CD, but it keep asking for a password.

    I would like to know if there is a way to use the restore with norton CD and usb driver and password screen (or where I can get the password?).

    Thank you!

    What password do you mean?

    and what recovery CD do you use? The image on the Toshiba Recovery CD is locked and cannot be extracted.

    It turns out that you cannot start or install the OS on the USB key!
    You must boot from the CD/DVD compatible player that can be connected to the PC card slot.

  • Satellite T130 - 10G - how do I boot from the USB drive?


    How can I start a USB PEN in my satellite T130 without a cd/dvd player?
    I want to install Ubuntu in my laptop.

    Can someone help me?


    You must use a USB bootable flash key.
    Then you could try to choose the USB key as device, press F12 when applying power in the start unit. Then a menu with bootable devices should appear.
    Then, you can use the arrow keys to choose the USB as a source of start-up.

  • can not boot from the hard drive

    On an iMac 21.5 ", OS 10.10.5 Yosemite:

    Deleted and a 500 GB external hard drive well prepared for use as a bootable hard drive. Installed OS 10.10.4 Download Yosemite on the Apple Store. When you select it as the drive hard start, it only offers itself as a restore for Time Machine option. Cannot start it up like a normal hard drive for other purposes. You want to use as a test drive for the software.

    During the installation of Yosemite, the installation by a loop repeatedly to infinity in 24 minutes each iteration to complete. I finally chose to leave the Setup process.

    What is going on?

    Have you created a USB Installer to install Yosemite? Or, have you tried to install after it finished downloading?

    Create an installer for OS X - Apple support bootable

  • Satellite L505-13U and "quick start" - boot from the hard drive bbs appears


    I just bought this laptop
    When I changed the startup on "quick start" method
    now the laptop will not boot
    I have the stack screen see just "bbs-hard disk... boot. »
    I can't enter to the bios f12 f2 does not work
    tried the keyboard and remove the hard disk without result

    Someone help me please


    Read this thread, the Andrusito guy explained how he has disabled it:

  • How do I completely erase the hard drive and reinstall everything for Windows 7?

    I want to completely erase a hard drive on a laptop, that I intend to use when traveling.

    Then I install windows 7 (which I bought) and my other programs

    Can I get step by step please

    Thank you

    Wanda Gill

    Some read to you... Installation of Windows 7

    But before you begin, make sure that your computer and the applications and the current programs are Windows 7 friendly...

    And check your programs here too...

  • Satellite 5100 503: unable to boot from the CD drive

    Hey all,.

    I have a HUGE problem with my 5100-503 Satellite.

    Windows XP connects and then it disconnects right away.

    I found a fix for this at: [url] {/ url}

    The problem is that I can not boot from a cd, because the BIOS is configured to boot from the hard drive first.

    I get into the BIOS. I read on a few websites on the net than on machines 5xxx Satellite, you can only enter the bios through windows! ..., BUT windows does not work so I can't enter the bios. I can't even use the Windows installation CD when I boot, because once again the HD is set to boot first.

    When I press ESC while turning on the laptop and then press F1, I have the option load default BIOS values. I did, but the HD is still set to start first!

    What I can do... I can't reinstall windows or get into regedit to fix the paper / log problem!


    Hi Jamie,

    Normally, you can select a boot device selection menu when you turn on your laptop. You can do this by holding down the F12 key when you turn on. Hold it down until the phone beeps or the device selection menu appears.

    If this does not work then you can try the shortened Toshiba habit that is to hold the 'C' button in the power that would then cause the laptop to boot from the CD drive. Of course, there must be a bootable CD inserted first.

    Kind regards

  • Boot from the 2nd drive HARD modular bay adapter (satellite P20)


    I have a SP20-102 and I replaced the stock model with a 120 GB Seagate HDD and moved the original disc in a Module Bay HDD adapter.

    Is it possible to configure things so I can choose which HARD drive to boot from at the start, i.e. it is by default on the internal HARD drive but I can't choose to boot from the HARD drive in the modular Bay?

    I tried pressing F12 to boot device selection screen, but am unable to choose the 2nd HARD drive.

    Any ideas?


    Hello Robin

    As far as I know that it is not possible to boot from the external HARD drive. It is not supported.

    Good bye

  • Boot from the DVD drive on a compaq evo N610C

    Hello everyone, I try to start my computer from the CD/DVD with success.

    I use a win98 boot CD, is this OK? Or do I need another type of boot cd?

    I checked the CD on other computers, and there it works fine.

    Hoping for help

    P.S. This thread was moved from the business PCs - Compaq, Elite, Pro for PC - portable Omnibooks, EVO. -Forum moderator hp

    WL37 wrote:

    It's one of the problems, the bios, the parameter does not have the ability to boot from the CD/DVD.

    There are only three choices:

    start from laptop, multibay

    boot from the hard drive to laptop or computer ethernet startup.

    I also have uppdated the bios, but nothing changes.

    'Notebook multibay shoes' should work - the CD is installed in the multi-baies slot.

  • XP does not start from the hard drive

    I have an old pc under win xp. It does not drive start hard when it starts. I always have a cd/dvd in master dvd for it to start windows players. Can anyone help?


    Hi herikhi,
    Change the start of the base system (Input Output) BIOS setting to boot from the hard drive.
    Consult the manual of the manufacturer, to do the same thing.

    NOTE: BIOS change / semiconductor (CMOS) to complementary metal oxide settings can cause serious problems that may prevent your computer from starting properly. Microsoft cannot guarantee that problems resulting from configuration can resolved BIOS/CMOS settings. Changes to settings are at your own risk.

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