How can I burn multiple files on the same DVD project.

I: Pic2010, Pics2011, Pics2012 and I would put them all on one DVD.

If I playridebikehike Pics2010 then I canoe burn anyting else on the same DVD. It seems that it it shall terminate once the complete combustion?

Thank you

Could hold you your CTRL key and select more than one collection three photo?

Maybe the following link would provide a few ideas:

Windows Vista - Burn pictures or videos to a CD or DVD

Or... Windows DVD Maker might be worth a try:

Windows Vista disk - burning a DVD - video

Windows Vista - DVD - video burning - frequently asked questions

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    I have a question. I send a customer a link to a location in my cloud. There are several pictures inside and I don't want him to download each of them separately. Is there a way download them all at the same time? I sent a feature request on this subject for more than a year, but it seems that there is still no solution for this. Or have I missed?

    Thanks in advance!


    Currently the only way is to zip file and the client download this way until something changes.

  • Can I download multiple files at the same time? How?

    Can I download multiple files at the same time? How?

    Hi sday706,

    If you're referring to, you can certainly.

    1. Sign in to your account on with your Adobe ID and password.
    2. Click the icon of the file download (the cloud and arrow icon) at the top right.
    3. Select the files you want to download. Shift-click to select contiguous files. Or Ctrl + click (Windows) or command-click (Mac OS) to click on non-contiguous files.
    4. Click on choose.

    Please let us know how it goes.



  • How can I burn multiple files on a disc of SMEs without substitution of files?

    I want to burn small video files on the same disc without replacing each other.


    1. with the help of what program are you burning the disc?
    2. When you burned at the beginning of the disc, have you turned on multisession?
    Method 1:
    If you had enabled multisession then you can resume the session by adding data to the drive and data that are present on the disk will be safe.
    Method 2:
    If you did not select multisession,
    a. copy all data on the drive to the computer
    b. Format of the CD/DVD.
    c. burn a new disc by enabling multisession this time.
    I hope this helps.
  • How can I select multiple messages at the same time for archiving

    I want to archive multiple messages in a folder from archive. How can I select multiple messages at once?

    To select a block of eg: 10 emails.

    • Click on the first email
    • Hold down the SHIFT key and click the last email.
    • This will highlight all in the interval

    To hightlight all the emails in a folder.

    • Click on the first email to focus.
    • Press on and hold down the 'Ctrl' key and press 'A '.
    • This will highlight all emails.

    To select several emails:

    • Press and hold down the 'Ctrl' key and then use the mouse to select multiple e-mails
    • they will appear as "conversations in the messages pane.
    • Click on archives.

    Info on setting up your archive' Options ': '.

  • How can I select multiple files in the grid to import view in LR4?

    So far, the only way I found out is laboriously click on the box on every image I want to import. It seems we should be able to select a range with one click (for example holding SHIFT and clicking the last image in the range) or by using a menu popup (right click). No dice. What gives?

    I think two groups of developers on two different planets designed differeng library vs import views - they are of course different.

    I can answer your question because I had the same issue and has spent weeks by clicking on each one individually.

    First ignore the checkboxes.  Then click on use, ctrl + click, shift + click to select thumbnails (NOT the check boxes, that's why I said to forget for the moment!)

    Once you have selected what you want, find one of the selected photos, and then click its box one way or another, each click selects or deslects all 'selected '.

  • How can I distinguish multiple tabs of the same site in the tab bar?


    I did some massive open courses online (MOOCs) and its been necessary to have several tabs open at the same time for the same site. I would like to be able to distinguish these tabs by being able to put a tag instead of the url of the site ('instructions', 'template', 'code', 'scratch', 'docs' etc. etc.) and/or a color code.

    Does anyone know if and how this can be done?

    Thank you very much

    Tabs of colors, but the author warns that it does not work with other tab-related extensions, you will probably need to continue to look for one that does everything you want:

    If you can't find an extension of do-it-all, you can change the titles of tab with a userscript specific to this Web site. This is because the tab displays the text designated as its title page.

    You could "hard-code" the list of words for each page, or you might have a script to extract information from the page, for example, the first main star or some other kind of predictable data. The script then insert your favorite as the title of the page and Firefox text displayed on the tab.

    To see how that appears, to see if it would help, you could do this experiment:

    On a web page that contains text of the pointless tab, open the Web Console using Ctrl + alt + k (Windows: Ctrl + Shift + k). Paste the following code in the line at the bottom next to the caret, and press ENTER:


    If you opt for a script written for it, you can try the forum calls on userscripts. org:

    Ideas and script requests -

    Although some people are proposing small payments, that is not usually necessary to motivate people to help.

    Let me give you a brief warning on this site, however: last year, many popular scripts have been duplicated and reposted extra code that hijacks your Facebook account. Be careful when installing scripts, check the comments, make sure that there is no reference to Facebook.

  • How can I rename multiple versions of the same song at the same time in iTunes?

    I know how to change the other columns for several numbers at once using Get Info - but is it possible to change the column name to several items at once? that is several versions of Adeste faithful in my Christmas iTunes library that are not always spelled and I want to standardize the spelling. If you use Get Info for several pieces at the same time, the column name is not one of the listed areas.  Thank you!

    Unfortunately, the ability to update the value of name for two or more items in iTunes has been removed there are several versions (ISTR that it disappeared between 12.1 and 12.2).  I report it via the Apple iTunes comments page, but I suspect that it is considered a feature - which prevents users to rename accidentally several tracks - rather than a bug preventing legitimate usage.

  • How can I delete multiple emails at the same time?

    Is there a way to check and remove e-mails without opening them? I can just look at the e-mails and decide I want to remove open each and remove.

    There is no check box to select the messages as you can see in Thunderbird. Standard selection on the computer methods that existed for years of work.
    Here's how it works.

  • How can I delete multiple substitutions at the same time?

    I have hundreds of text items that are related to a paragraph style. Somehow, I accidentally changed the font on most of the objects (style always sets the correct font). Now, most of the text objects that use this style have an asterisk in the paragraph Styles Panel. I know how to clear the substitution on one object by object (i.e., reapply the paragraph style or choose clear overrides), but is it possible to do hundreds of objects (which are spread over different layers)? I thought that Select | Even | Appearance would work, but it selects objects with different paragraph styles. I was hoping that I could select all the objects and choose clear overrides, but the command is active only when an object is selected. I hope that now I don't have to go through each object one at a time...

    Thank you!

    It would be beneficial that it worked that way, but it's not. As soon as several text items or different paragraphs are selected, the command replace clear is not available. In addition, the shortcut Ctrl-Alt comply here.

    However, there is a somewhat hidden flaw:

    1. turn highlighted a paragraph which contains at least a substitution.

    2. in the actions palette, start to register a new action.

    3. go to the paragraph Styles palette menu, and run the command erase replacements.

    4. stop recording the action.

    Now select any number of text objects involving some replacements of different style and apply action. All replacements will be deleted.

    Is no consistent behaviour, of course.

  • How can I add multiple tabs at the same time?

    In Firefox 3, there is a submenu "bookmark all tabs" under the main "bookmarks" menu This disappeared in Firefox 4. Is it possible to restore this functionality?
    Thank you

    Right-click on a tab, choose "to bookmark all tabs.

  • How can I print multiple files 'no MS Office suite' at the same time?

    I try to print multiple files .print simultaneously.  They really are .txt files, but the extension must be .print of certain processes downstream to our factory.  I tried highlighting them all and then right click, but there is no available printing options.  Is there a way to batch print multiple files at the same time?  It would be nice if the print dialog box would open and can be changed for printing at the beginning of this process and keep the same settings for each selected file.  Is it possible to write a macro or vbs code?

    Hi bdaely,

    What application you use to print multiple files sometimes?

    What is the number and model of the printer?

    We will be able to print multiple Word document files.

    You may need to communicate with the application through which you print. If they have suggestions on changing the configuration of the file to print multiple files.

    With regard to:

    Samhrutha G S - Microsoft technical support.

    Visit our Microsoft answers feedback Forum and let us know what you think.

  • How can I burn a copy of the software that I purchased by download, so I have a backup on file copy?

    How can I burn a copy of the software I have a copy of the product on a DVD so I just download purchaded

    Simply drag your folder to "Burn" or create a new.


  • How read datalog multiple files at the same time?

    Hello friends...

    can someone help me to show how read datalog multiple files at the same time?

    Here is the example of my case.

    I have 500 files in a folder. each file contains a waveform and its setting.

    and then I want to do a card spectral these files, because these files have been saved in the order.

    the point is to know how to read these 500 files at once? I made a program to read these files, but the program can read these files in one by one. So it is very uncomfortable to read 500 files one by one. can someone help me solve this problem? Thank you. I hope you can show me the program. Thank you again...

    Hi jojo,

    Well, in the range of functions daughter, you will find a function to list the contents of the folder. This allows to get the names of all the files datalog, and then use a loop FOR to read.

    No one is obliged to provide 500 names of files manually - that's why we use a programming language to let the computer do the stupid work

  • How can I burn a file of e-mail on a disc?

    How can I burn a file of e-mail on a disc? Using Windows Vista 64 and Windows Mail.

    It is as a backup, or do you want the emails to be readable on the disk? If the latter, create a folder of Windows on the desktop or elsewhere. Open the WinMail folder and highlight all messages and drag them to the Windows folder. Burn this folder on the disc. You will still need Winmail view, but they will be out of the machine.

Maybe you are looking for