How can I buy an iPhone AT & T using the upgrade program and replace it with T-mobile?

I intend to buy the iPhone, which will be released this morning, and I heard that the next iPhone will run out quickly, the configuration I wanted, as 6s and 6 s iPhone more runs so quickly, but this time, I want to start from the beginning because I don't want to miss a day of work, or otherwise I won't get it that $5000 per day , so if I don't have a number to AT & T, what do I do because I am on T-mobile, and I can't go to the Apple Store Friday on time to conduct a review of YouTube and get views and re-read soon on my site. I am currently on AT & T, but I heard that the iPhone is going to be better with the upgrade program, and I wanted to sign up. So, why do you need an AT & T number, and why should I go to the Apple Store if I want a T-mobile and last year, I had to wait until October 9 to get my 2nd iPhone 6 s more of Apple and a back of pre-orders unlocked without AppleCare.

Nothing is still announced by Apple, but wait like everyone else.

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    Configure all devices to the same Apple ID and allow Contacts in iCloud of all devices settings.

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    Go to settings-> Icloud, scroll down and you will see account delete, it will ask you to enter the password and removed icloud, to open a new apple id or icloud account, simply go to, or you can do with itunes if you now how to use. All the best from Kosovo.

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    You cannot unlock the device without erasing it first (relocation of iOS).

  • My verse ATT modem (non apple devices to use this modem} is connected to the ATT line, Time Capsule (iPhones, Macs Time Capsule use) via ethernet Uverse.) Non apple devices can collect data from iPhones or Mac using the time Capsule?

    My verse ATT modem ({use of devices not apple wifi of this modem} is connected to the ATT line, Time Capsule (iPhones, Macs use the wifi of the time Capsule) and connect to the Uverse modem via ethernet.)

    Both devices are set to the highest security and each uses separate passwords.

    Non apple devices can collect data from iPhones or Mac using the time Capsule?

    With a bit of work by someone who knows how to do such things, not Apple computers could read some files on the Mac if file sharing is configured on the network... devices non-Apple and... He knew the device passwords or administrator for Macs.

    Mac could also play the files on other Macs if file sharing has been implemented and the device password or admin was known.

    If you ask if a PC can read the files on the Time Capsule, the answer is Yes, without doubt, assuming that the PC knew the password of device for the time Capsule.

  • I try to use windows excel for windows vista and am asked for a product key. How can I find out what order to use the product?

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    Did you pay for Office (including Excel) in a packaging separated when you bought your computer?

    Office is not included with your purchase of computer for free.

    Most new computers come with a trial version of Office that lets 'x' number of days usuage.

    After this test times out, you will have to buy Office.

    And the product key on the computer case or laptop for the operating system, not for the desktop Suite.

    Here is the link for the Microsoft Store to Office products:

    And you might be interested in the free Open Office Suite of Office Applications.

    For any other question about Office, please repost in the Office Forums:

    See you soon.

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    The question you posted would be better suited in the TechNet Forums. I would recommend posting your query in the TechNet Forums:

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    To create a password for the account:


    If you have lost your password:

    "Microsoft's strategy concerning lost or forgotten passwords"

    Microsoft cannot help you recover the passwords of the files and Microsoft who are lost or forgotten product features.

    Read theBANNING of cracking of passwords information tools information provided in these forums in the thread above posted byBill fill MSFT, moderator

    See you soon.

    Mick Murphy - Microsoft partner

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    In Adobe fill & sign you can add text, checkmarks, an X, a point and a circle and sign documents.  It does not "change" the existing content of the document.  Here is a tutorial: Tutorial: Introduction to Adobe fill & sign

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    See my response to your other thread and provide more information. Adobe does not propose to hold your hand, especially on weekends, but you can always try to chat with one of the guys Indian support via the support pages...


  • How can I update my iphone 6 s to the ios10, it is now in recovery mode

    When I want to update via itunes that arising out of the message that is updated to ios 9.3.5 but I want ios 10

    If you are unable to update or restore your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch - Apple supports

    In these situations, you may need to use recovery mode to restore your device:

    • iTunes does not recognize your device or says that it is in recovery mode.
    • You see the Apple logo on your screen for several minutes with no progress bar.
    • You see the connect to iTunes screen.

    Use the link above and see if your problem is solved :)

    If there is an error during the update process:- If you find an error when you update or restore your iPad, iPhone or iPod - Apple Support

    If there is an error and the problem code:- assistance with iOS update and restore errors - Apple Support

  • How can I start my XP desktop PC using the original CD of the Windows XP operating system, but I don't remember my password?

    The last time I asked a question like that, someone made it is perfectly clear that they would not help me to crack a password..., three times. If you have any suggestions that may help me in fact, I'd be in your debt. Otherwise, save your time and ignore all this.

    I am trying to perform a repair to the XP operating system. When I try to boot from the CD drive using the original Windows XP disc, I can not connect. It's a dead-end.

    When I try to boot from the hard drive, the system reaches a certain point, and then it re-boots. If I just sit and watch, it keeps re-initialization. Strange thing is that recently, I changed the password. I simply do not remember what it is. And, seriously, I have experienced repeated amnesia episodes. The obvious thing to do is to keep my own hand written records..., I only using computers since 1982, before IBM introduced its first PC.

    The BIOS provides a way to clean up all the stored passwords? This is where I'm going next.

    I apologize for being a little rough. Part of that comes with age.


    Hello, Jeffrey. I just read one of your other threads. Brian Tillman brings a great point that you missed. The BIOS password (if it still exists) has absolutely NOTHING to do with the other passwords, including those for things like a Windows XP profile.

    Unless you have created passwords, while they do not exist. So, if you need to boot from the Windows CD using the Recovery Console, and you are prompted for a password, then chances are that just by pressing the Enter key (indicating an 'empty' or empty password) is all you need to do.

    So, if I were you, I would not at all concerned about your BIOS.

    In addition, I think you mentioned that you couldn't even see the administrator account. Assuming you have Windows XP Home Edition, this is how it is supposed to be. If you want to see it, you will need boot mode safe. Then you will see. :-)

    If you DID create a password and have no idea of what it is, there are tools to reset your password. But I think that people don't post links to these programs in these forums Microsoft (not very well why). But they are easy to find if you use a search engine.

    You say that you have recently changed a password, but you did not indicate what it was for. It is important to understand that the built-in Administrator account is NOT the same as another account that you are using happens to have administrator privileges. And assuming that you never set a password for the built-in Administrator account, so if you are using the Recovery Console, everything you need to do is press the Enter key.


  • How can you choose insread iphone ipad app from the DPS app generator?

    Hi guys

    When I select Create from Indesign to create my application iPhone app, it goes to the app DPS constructor and then set to default iPad. How can I change to create an app instead of the iPad app? On the left side on DPS App Builder, I see the iPad and the details of the App. According to the guide of the Adobe, there is another screen that you select the type of application (iPhone and IPad).

    Screen Shot 2013-03-30 at 5.51.15 PM.png

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you

    Do not use the command Create App. DPS App Builder from the Applications folder. Then log in with an account that has the role of DPS App Builder. You need a Pro or Enterprise subscription to create an application that works on iPhone and iPad. Create an application for both, not separate apps.

  • How can I configure my ipad to print using the router

    How to print and set up the ipad for printing


    Welcome to the HP Forum!

    Start with this:

    How to print with an iPad, iPhone or iPod touch

    HP ePrint Mobile App FAQ

    Click on the star of congratulations !

    It's a nice way of saying 'Thank you' for help.

    Although I strive to reflect best practices of HP, I do not work for HP.

  • How can I bitlock a device without going through the appropriate menus and related software to lock and unlock a device?

    Original title: ILO-locked usb device

    I have a 64 GB... new USB key... and put music on it. After a while, I decided to use it for another use, but could not remove the files because the device is write-protected. I never write protect anything.

    I had an individual look of microsoft cert to the USB and he said it was not locked.

    I did some research on bit locker and Win 7 Pro and discovered that I can't find the Group Policy Editor where all bit locker said tech data is located.

    So, how can I lock bit, a device without going through the appropriate menus and associated software application necessary to lock and unlock a device?


    When you turn off BitLocker, you can either disable BitLocker temporarily or to decrypt the volume. Disable BitLocker allows TPM and other minor changes module changes the system. Decrypt the volume means that the volume will be entirely decrypted, and that all the keys are ignored. You must decrypt a computer before the operating system upgrade. Once a volume is decrypted, you must generate new keys through the encryption process again once, if you want to enable BitLocker.

    Before you start

    > You must be logged in as an administrator.

    > The volume must be encrypted.

    To turn off BitLocker Drive encryption

    (a) click Start, click Control Panel, click Security, and then click BitLocker Drive Encryption.

    (b) from the BitLocker Drive Encryption page, find the volume on which you want BitLocker Drive Encryption goes off, and click turn off BitLocker Drive Encryption.

    (c) what level of decryption do you want the dialog box, click disable BitLocker Drive Encryption or decrypt the volume as required.

    (d) by performing this procedure, you have disabled BitLocker or decrypted the operating system volume.

    For more information, see the articles:

    Turning off BitLocker Drive encryption

    How to use the unlock options in BitLocker Drive encryption?

    Protect your files using BitLocker Drive encryption

    Hope the helps of information.

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