How can I change my artists contributing and the title of my music files

Hello, some of my music has incorrect artists and titles in its properties, I was wondering how I could change them by typing in the most appropriate? Thank you

HI - regarding the Michel which is not the best way to do it, especially if you use Windows Media Player. Change the information in the Windows Media Library as shown in the screenshot below - highlight and right click and you should get the option 'Edit' for the relevant column. (Modification of information in the library 'explorer' can break the bond of WMP so the change should be made in the library of WMP or alternatively to the location of the original file)

You can highlight the right click and change in the fields in yellow... (and also change the album art if necessary, by selecting a new jpeg image, by clicking on "copy" and you will then get the option "Paste" when you click on the existing image... Note, you will not see 'stick' after clicking 'copy'!) Hope this helps - R

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