How can I change my background color?

This should be an easy thing to do, but I can't recreate what the book says.

My manual says "to make a background behind the graphic and the text, instead of on top which covers everything, you must create a new layer in Illustrator." You can do this, what else, the window layers. Click the button to create a new layer. By default, the layer will be placed on top, but you want it on the bottom, then click and drag the new layer under Layer 1, as shown in Figure 4-45. Then draw a rectangle by using the Rectangle tool. Click on draw to make it the size that you want, and then change the color via the color window. »

I can create the new layer, but when I try to draw the rectangle and change color, nothing is actually happening. It creates the layer but the layer doesn't change color.

you are not changing the color of the layer (which is not really something), you make an object with a filling that will serve as your background. So what's going wrong here? the rectangle tool does nothing? or you can create a rectangle but can not change its fill?

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  • How can I change the background color for the bar 'help file edit view history bookmark tools' in Firefox 29,0

    How can I change the background color for the bar 'help file edit view history bookmark tools' in Firefox 29,0

    You can add a theme of solid color to change the color of the top of the browser window, which contains the Menu bar.

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    You can change the wallpaper via settings > brightness and wallpaper

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    [Original title: Welcome to the page]

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    Please try the suggestion of Mark L. Ferguson in the thread below.

    Thank you


  • How can I change the background color of Lightbox?

    How can I change the background color of Lightbox?  The default white is the worst possible choice for the images of the IMO.

    There seems to be no way to change this.

    Hi Pierre!

    You can!  Head to the main parameters (on the left side of the editor) and then go to the Site Options.  There should be a tab that says "SOFTBOX for Images and you can change the style here.

  • How can I change the background colors on my homepage - within the css?

    How can I change the background colors on my homepage - within the css?

    Change the properties of the background color or background-image of the body in your CSS code.

    At the level of the site styles go in an external stylesheet to which all your HTML pages (or model DW) is bound.

    Incorporated or page specific styles appear inside your document

    Nancy O.

  • How can I change the background color of a block of text?

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    Select the text block with the selection tool black. Activate (click on) the button fill to the bottom of the Toolbox. Then, go in the swatches Panel and click on a color swatch.

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    Hi tessarobbins,

    I suggest you follow the steps below

    a. click the Start button

    b. open Control Panel

    c. Select appearance and personalization

    d. then select change the theme and change the theme you want.

    See the following article for more information.

    Change the colors on your computer

    This article applies to Windows 7.

  • How can I change the background color of a button in .qml

    Hello, everyone! I have a problem now.

    When I define a componnet in QML button, it has a white background color by default. While I want to change the background color, for example red.

       Container {
            layout: StackLayout {}
            background: backgroundPaint.imagePaint
            attachedObjects: [
                ImagePaintDefinition {
                    id: backgroundPaint
                    imageSource: "asset:///images/background.png"
                text: "button"
                verticalAlignment: VerticalAlignment.Center
                horizontalAlignment: HorizontalAlignment.Center

    I read the reference that write it a clickable button with a height fixed and the visual aspect of the button is predefined and cannot be changed and so forth... look here

    I tried this way to change the theme of the application. But I failed! See more details here

    How can I achieve this? Please give me help. Thank you in advance. Please forgive my bad English


    Button style is predefined according to me. Dark theme can be activated in the bar - descriptor.xml, but it is applied to the application on a global scale and affect all other controls as well.

    You can use a container with background image instead of a button. Example code:

  • How can I change the background color of browser window during playback of an animation of edge?

    Anyone know how I can change the background color in the window of the browser when my Edge animation plays? Is this possible?

    ADD to compositionReady Manager, replace the hex color code your desired color

    Force the body of the Web page to a specific color

    $("body").css ("background-color", "#5d5e61");


  • How can I change the background color of lines / odd in a panelCollection

    Hello world.

    I use a panelCollection and I need to change the color backgroung odd/even rows in the table,
    How can I do this using a style sheet, is there a special selector or property for that?

    globalResultCollection (object UIPanelCollection), is a collection of Our elements, and it works fine.
    I just want to change the background color by default for the lines.

    Thank you

    < af:panelCollection id = "GLOBAL_RESULT_COLLECTION".
    Binding = "#{admin." View.globalResultCollection}.
    styleClass = "globalResultCollectionRegion."
    clientComponent = "true" >

    < f: facet = 'menu' name >
    < af:menu id = "GLOBAL_OPERATION_MENU".
    Binding = "#{admin." View.globalOperationMenu}"/ >
    < / f: facet >

    < f: facet name = "toolbar" >
    < af:toolbar inlineStyle = "width: 100%".
    Binding = "#{admin." View.globalOperationToolbar}.
    < / f: facet >

    < / af:panelCollection >


    Use this:
    AF | : the table-row af data | : the column cell data {background-color: #CCCCFF ;}}
    AF | : the table-row af data | column: banded-data-cell {background-color: #FFCCCC ;}}

    Kind regards
    s o v i e t

  • How can I change the background color of the indicator


    I want to change the background color of an indicator. (Yellow in the image as an attachment).  I would like to know, what property node manages this value so that I can wire a box of color to it.

    Thank you


    Digital text > text colors > BG color

  • How can I change the background color of the container "bootstrap" - not the container of liquid?

    I would like to change the background color of a container. Can I change the color of a container of liquid, but I want to only change the color in the container inside the container of liquid.

    Thank you Jon 32137

    What is the name of the class to the container in the container of liquid?

    Use some css in a separate linked style sheet and make sure the css file just after the link to the bootstrap.css file in the page code.

    {name of .class

    background-color: yellow;


  • How can I change the background color of my document in Adobe DC?

    I have a PDF file with a dark background and I would like to change it to white. Any ideas on how to do this in Adobe DC?

    This is the bottom of my page of document that I need to change, not the background of the program.

    Thanks in advance!

    Hello CrisCris,

    Go on "Edition > Preferences > accessibility" and change the background color of the Page as you wish.

    Kind regards

    Ana Maria

  • How can I change the background color?


    I'm changing the background color - I want to be white compared to the white color stop is now. Can I change this?

    do a great place in your computer, then fill it with a long

    SSave to your device or CC

    Can use it as your base in sketch layer

  • How can I change the background color on the main toolbar, for example file edit etc.

    I just downloaded 4.0.1 and the top toolbar is now black and the file, change etc. are black on a grey background and it is difficult to read, how I can change the color.

    Also, on the previous versions it always asked you to save passwords etc but rarely seems that ask for more. How can ensure you that this feature still works?
    Thank you

    Try a solid character.

    Personas for Firefox | Gallery:

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