How can I change my profile picture

Dear all,

The modern Skype with features of the touch screen looks completely different from the old Skype that we used with Win 7 and earlier versions. For example, in the old Skype, we could go to the Skype button and easily scroll through the options 'change profile photo '. In the new Skype, there is no functionality to do. (That is, as far as I know). If you click on 'My account', it takes you to the Skype Web site. In this way, you can go to "My profile" and then "Edit", but the change has not only any button next to your picture to allow you to change. In short, I don't know what to do.

Help, please. Thank you very much in advance for your attention.

Dr. Taher


Hi all

I write the method to change the profile picture for the benefit of those who are still waiting to find out how.

Go to your homepage to Skype by clicking on the small round sticker in the upper right of the page. This will display a larger version of the image. Left click on this photo only once and the screen changes from a windows form that invites you with other photos you own. Choose how you want your new profile picture, and then left click on the button below, called "OPEN". The next screen will be your home screen Skype with the new image.



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    Hi airoane,

    Thank you for using Microsoft Windows forum.

    I need a better grasp on this:

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    Hope this has helped
    Aziz Nadeem - Microsoft Support

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    Hello Sue,.

    You can manage your own changes to the personal information in your Windows Live ID profile you connecting and going towards the Center of Windows Live profile.

    I deleted some of your personal information that was provided in your original post. Please be careful when posting personal information in a public forum from around the world. Evidence of too much caution isn't a bad thing in this regard.

    I hope you enjoy your time with Microsoft Answers.
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    If the OP creates a new user profile and copies of the content of the personal files of the former, there is practically no risk involved. Copy files and folders of files user A to user B records is a simple task of Windows base.

    As the OP's question seems to be an accidental use of lower case and as far as I understand the need to have the name of the username and profile folder, the same thing, the third in between the two is necessary.

    The scenario without risk in this case is:

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    • Create the profile of the end-user UPPERCASE_USERNAME
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    No matter how many Google hits of various scenarios of problem we can find, a simple copy / paste action will interrupt, at least not so often that it is notable.

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    Lawrence * Adobe Community Expert *.

    All Shopping Cart Application for

    Dreamweaver, available in ASP, PHP and CF

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    Basically, I want to only use JohDoFox when I choose explicitly.

    Launch Manager profile via the box "run".

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    You can install the ordinary office of Skype for Windows, where all options are available:

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    (the line at the bottom of the dialog box)

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    Thanks for posting in the Forum the Microsoft community.

    I understand from your description you want to change the name of the profile picture.

    Check the following site for the image:

    Control Panel > user account > manage user account > change account name

    Hope the above information is helpful. If you have any question back to us, we are happy to help you.

    Thank you.

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