How can I change the appearance of the right click Menu

I am running: Windows 7 Home Premium 64 Bit

I was messing around in the control panel and I changed a setting that has changed the right click menu and how it comes on the screen. Now when I right click on it slide in but before she fainted at now I cannot change back and can not find the option for her


I think this is where the control panel: System and security-> system: System Settings Advanced-> then watch while Visual effects.

Tags: Windows

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    Right-click on your table.  Then go to advanced-> DURATION Shortcut Menu-> Edit.

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    Open wordpad > look right > if your margin ends 5, there will be a pointer of less than 5 years > move the pointer (cursor) to the margin you want to implement.

    See screenshot...

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    I guess I downloaded automatically a NEW version of Firefox.
    Let me go back to the original version please.


    Thank you
    Wade Agnew

    To avoid any misunderstanding, Firefox is not a 'search engine', nor Firefox has its own search engine - its strictly a web browser. If you do a search in the address bar, the search engine that is selected in the search bar is used.

    In addition to the cookies and cache, as phillip mentioned, if you have a Google + or account Gmail are logged in Google when that happens?

    If so, have you tried logging in your Google account to see if it changes anything?

  • How can I change the appearance of the characters hidden in the code view?

    I'm talking about DW CC 2014.

    Use unicode characters

    U + 00 has 0 (nonbreaking space)
    U + 202F (narrow nonbreaking space)

    Well, I don't want to use entities for several good reasons. These reasons should not be the subject in this thread.

    When I turn on "Show hidden characters" U + 00 to 0 is shown as a "°" in light grey.

    U + 202F appears independent of "see hidden characters." It is presented as a small black square with a cross inside.

    The font that I use in the code view is 'Source Code Pro', but the choice has no effect on what I'm talking about.

    If you want to reproduce this, you can just choose the wikipedia unicode characters:

    In the big picture, fourth column.

    Two questions:


    How can I do DW to hide the U + 202F, when I disable "Show hidden characters"?

    What are the config files in DW 'hack' that, please?


    How can I change the layout of U + 00 a 0 and U + 202F?

    What are the config files in DW 'hack' that, please?

    Example: I would like to choose a different location for U + 202F because the "small square with the cross inside' is intrusive. It makes reading difficult.

    Thanks a lot for your help.

    If a developer or something from adobe reads this thread. Please take my question as a desire to feature for future versions of DW.

    This is a quality characteristic, when different types of spaces are supported.

    Some of these spaces are very important for a typography exzellent.

    I'm sure that someone knows how special characters are handled in Dreamweaver, but if it is controlled by an editable file or hidden deep in the bowels of the software, only an Adobe engineer is likely to know.

    Public information on the integration of media in Dreamweaver are in this blog post from Dreamweaver: next generation of Dreamweaver: Adobe Dreamweaver Team Blog.

    I feel that the idea is to combine the best features of media with Dreamweaver. As the blog post suggests, there will be a public beta. When that happens, people will have the opportunity to say what they do and don't like. If enough people make the compelling case for X or Y, there is a chance it could be implemented (or maybe not).

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    The look & feel for the app is handled through cards & Layouts - and those who are not separated by the platform.

    The look and feel of an article is managed either through the HTML code to the download package as you or pixelated design of InDesign - but these are not separated by the platform.

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    Hi Duncan,.

    In Adobe Acrobat / Reader, it is not possible to change the email address in the Digital Signature, but you can delete it and create a new digital signature.

    Let me know if you have additional questions, we will be happy to help you.

    Kind regards


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    Erase the Mac and reinstall OS X under your name.

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    Thanks for any help


    Where do you see a "black background" in iTunes?  You can include a screenshot?

    Command-shift-4 to take a screenshot of the portion of the screen showing the problem.  Then drag the files to screenshot (which appears on the desktop of your Mac) in your reply in the Safari window message.

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    Please see image attached. Responses from the eyes of local folders as responses to the discussion groups. No signature or formatting options. How can I change the local folders meets regularly, as they are in the Inbox?

    I don't think that the format of replies to the messages in the local folders are linked with focus groups or to individual account settings. As local folders can contain messages between several accounts or identities, it is more likely that formatting uses the setting of the account or identity appearing in the: field when you reply.

    This is how I think it should work. How this works in practice may be different.

  • When I have to click on a link to google search, it would automatically open in a new tab. How can I change the setting to that again?

    If I was looking for the lyrics of a song on google, a lot of different links to appear. I used to be able to click on the link and it will automatically open in a new tab. There is more to this. How can I change the settings so that the links will open in a new tab again?

    sign in to the google account,
    looking for something in the bezel,
    at the top right you will find the search parameters in which you must mark "open each result selected in a new browser window."

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    Your phone number come from your SIM, and when you open a session and activate FaceTime. It should appear automatically. If it is not, then I would say that your FaceTime does not complete the activation process. If you go to settings > FaceTime, you see something awaiting activation or waiting for activation under the switch to turn it on?

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    I just added the Oxford Dictionary to my list of search engines in the search bar. Only problem is that it does not say Oxford Dictionary. It says ONO.

    How can I change the list of search engines, I can change the more evocative name?

    Are there not such somewhere or an XML file that contains these entries?

    Firefox gathers information about the plugins of research from two sources - the default searchplugins folder that is shared by all profiles Firefox (C:\Program Files (x 86) \Mozilla Firefox\searchplugins) and the folder searchplugins in your active profile. They are combined into a data file named search.json.

    I read a few threads on the net about the modification of these search plugins, and it seems to require some trial and error. Assume that the ONO plugin is in your profile.

    Under help > troubleshooting information, you can click the open folder containing (pre-Fx12) or folder (Fx12) Show to open your folder of the currently active profile. Snap searchplugins. Here are the XML files you can edit in your favorite text editor. If you break one, you can probably just download again, but if you're a cautious type, go ahead and make a backup.

    After the change the short name and save and close the file, change your probably not will immediately appear in Firefox because some trigger event may be necessary to update search.json. If the restart of Firefox is not enough, you can try to rename search.json before restarting, but this can cause you to lose the keywords that you have assigned through the dialog box handle the search engines.

    In any case, it's all improvised that have not tried-TI-me-even, then I suggest to do some additional research.

    (If there is an Add on very practical to do this, I don't find it.)

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    If you want to open search results in a new window most often is a parameter of the search engine you use.

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    On each device, go to settings-> general->-> name around and change it there.

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